Best and Worst Drivers by State.

Just me, but from the drivers I dealt with on the Virginia coast “14th worst” seems a bit generous. Then again, I’ve never been to Maine, so if they’re that bad..yeeeeee.

Best and Worst Drivers by State 2018

If you’re constantly frustrated with the drivers you share the streets with, you’re not alone. And there may be some truth to your road rage. Car crashes are a leading cause of death in the US and were expected to cause around 40,000 deaths by the end of 2018.

To put it plainly, America’s roads are dangerous. Texting behind the wheel is a major reason for many traffic fatalities, and it’s only getting worse. In 2016, 3,450 people were killed by distracted driving. Plus, cheap gas and a strong economy means America’s 222 million licensed drivers are driving more than ever. More people on the road leads to more accidents and citations.

Regardless of the risks on the road, you have to get to around somehow! Every state has their share of bad drivers, but some are worse than others. See how your state stacks up against the rest.


We ranked all states from worst to best based on the methodology outlined at the end of the article. The top states on the list have the worst drivers, whereas the last states on the list have the best.

  1. Maine
  2. South Carolina
  3. Nebraska
  4. California
  5. North Dakota
  6. Minnesota
  7. Idaho
  8. Ohio
  9. Utah
  10. Washington
  11. Vermont
  12. Maryland
  13. Oregon
  14. Virginia
  15. Georgia
  16. Wyoming
  17. Wisconsin
  18. North Carolina
  19. New Hampshire
  20. Iowa
  21. Delaware
  22. Massachusetts
  23. Kansas
  24. New Jersey
  25. Alaska
  26. Colorado
  27. Tennessee
  28. Hawaii
  29. Connecticut
  30. Louisiana
  31. Montana
  32. Indiana
  33. New Mexico
  34. New York
  35. South Dakota
  36. Alabama
  37. Texas
  38. Pennsylvania
  39. Missouri
  40. Florida
  41. Kentucky
  42. Rhode Island
  43. West Virginia
  44. Arkansas
  45. Nevada
  46. Illinois
  47. Arizona
  48. Oklahoma
  49. Mississippi
  50. Michigan

How Long Have Dogs Been Helping us Hunt?

IN THE NEAR EAST, HUMANS may have domesticated dogs as many as 14,000 years ago, during the Epipaleolithic period. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, but it came at great cost to small prey including hare, according to a new study in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology.

The study, by archaeologists from the University of Copenhagen and University College London, looks at animal bones found in a Neolithic settlement known as Shubayqa 6, established 11,500 years ago, in the Black Desert of northeast Jordan. The bones suggest that the site’s residents were using their dogs to help them hunt, a finding that can help clarify the murky origins of dog domestication. It hasn’t been clear, the researchers write in a release, whether that process was deliberate or accidental, but this new evidence of canine-assisted hunting implies that these Stone Age humans were highly dependent indeed on their dogs.

Mike and Carol Brady Murdered Each Other’s Spouses and Married Each Other
And that’s the way they all became the Brady Bunch!

I always wondered why the previous spouses were never mentioned.

Another motive for murder occurred to me: How do you support six kids, two adults, and a housekeeper on one salary? You collect the insurance on two dead spouses, that’s how….

This time, I checked Google. A year before she died, Florence Henderson, who played Carol, was asked in an interview what happened to that lovely lady’s first spouse.
“I killed my husband,” she said. “I was the original Black Widow.”
The interviewer thought she was joking. I knew better. I’d known all along. It had been much more than a hunch.

1 dead, 1 injured in small passenger plane crash on Whidbey Island

This anywhere close to any of our Washington state readers?

WHIDBEY ISLAND, Wash. – A small passenger plane went down just off the Porter Field runway near Langley Saturday morning, according to South Whidbey Fire.

The Island County Sheriff Department has identified the pilot as Marc Drake, 63 of Everett.

Locals reported the sound of the crash at 11:16 a.m. Saturday. Crews responded to the scene, finding the plane off the runway in a wooded area.

South Whidbey Fire confirms that the pilot of the plane died in the crash and the woman was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition.

The plane was coming down for a landing when it crashed, according to Jon Gabelein with South Whidbey Fire.

Paul Tschetter was working on his property when ambulances pulled up onto his property.

He went with first responders to go look for the wreckage and help.

First responders said in the 10-foot high brush, they had to use chainsaws and followed the strong smell of aircraft fuel to find the crashed plane.

Tschetter said it took them about 20 minutes to find the wreckage.

“It looked like from the pattern and the trees that they just went straight into the ground,” said Paul Tschetter. “It was really mangled and kind of surprised that somebody could have survived it.”

Tschetter said pilots around the area have voiced concern about the airstrip being small

“This gentlemen was landing, he’s been here a bunch and is an experienced pilot,” said Tschetter. “And so perfect conditions. All the pilots I talked to today were just dumbfound that something like this would happen on a day like today.”

The FAA issued a ‘no fly zone’ order within a five-mile radius of the area, Gabelein said.

This remains an ongoing investigation.

Mecca’s Grand Mosque plagued by swarm of locusts

A massive swarm of locusts plagued Mecca, Saudi Arabia, earlier this week, prompting authorities at Islam’s holiest site to launch a cleaning operation to remove them.

Videos posted to social media showed the insects swarming around cleaners and worshipers in the city’s Grand Mosque, where millions of Muslim pilgrims congregate every year.

“Specialized teams have been directed to work in the fight to eliminate these insects,” authorities in Mecca said, according to the Al-Araby Al-Jadeed news site.

“We have harnessed all efforts available to speed up the eradication of the insects in the interest of the safety and comfort of guests of God’s house,” the authorities said.

According to CNN, officials identified the locusts as migratory “black grasshoppers” and said that 22 teams consisting of 138 people were dispatched to deal with the infestation.

Man Sentenced to Watch Disney’s ‘Bambi’ Monthly 

Four members of a southwest Missouri family have been caught in a multi-year poaching case where authorities say hundreds of deer were killed illegally.

“The deer were trophy bucks taken illegally, mostly at night, for their heads, leaving the bodies of the deer to waste,” said Lawrence County Prosecuting Attorney Don Trotter.

Conservation agents are calling it one of Missouri’s largest cases of deer poaching.

The case was so egregious that Lawrence County Judge Robert George ordered a special addition to the jail time one of the poachers received.

Court records show the defendant “is to view the Walt Disney movie Bambi, with the first viewing being on or before December 23, 2018, and at least one such viewing each month thereafter, during Defendants incarceration in the Lawrence County Jail.”

The southwest Missouri case involves David Berry Sr. of Springfield, David Berry Jr. of Brookline, and Kyle Berry of Everton. The trio were involved in a multi-year investigation by state, federal and Canadian law enforcement agencies and conservation officers involving suspects in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Canada.

David Berry Jr. is the defendant who was ordered to watch Bambi.

Talking Parrot Uses Amazon Alexa to Order Items While Owner Is Away

A parrot that was kicked out of the National Animal Welfare Trust sanctuary for swearing learned how to use Amazon’s Alexa and orders items online when the owner is away, according to the The Times of London.

Sanctuary worker Marion Wischnewski volunteered to take the parrot, named Rocco, in at her home in Blewbury, Oxfordshire.

None of the orders become purchases because she placed a parental lock on the device to prevent it from happening.

“He knows the telephone and can make different mobile ringtones,” Wischnewski told the Times. “He can do the microwave or the squeaking door on my fridge. He can do the ice cream van in the summer, and a truck reversing so loud you think it’s in your living room.”

Emergence of Lab-Grown Meat Poses New Questions for Religious Leaders
As Cell-Cultured Meat Gets Closer to Reality, Rabbis Ponder the Possibility of Kosher Pork

Lab-grown meat is becoming closer to a reality.

Several start-ups are already developing cell-cultured meat — meat based on animal cells grown in a Petri dish. Although no product is yet commercially available, companies have produced prototypes for chicken nuggets, burgers, and most-recently steak, that resemble conventional meat on the cellular level

But this new technology poses new questions for people who typically avoid meat for religious or ethical reasons. Lab-grown meat has sparked a debate among rabbis in Israel about whether cell-cultured is the same as conventional meat and should fall under the same guidelines for keeping kosher.

“There is a disagreement about it and there is a conversation. Also, definitely, there are new questions about lab-meat,” says Rabbi Yuval Cherlow, an expert on kosher tradition and bioethics.

Hear more from Rabbi Cherlow in the video above, and watch the episode from Moving Upstream below for an in-depth look at efforts to develop cell-cultured meat, and its potential impact.

Coffee could fight Parkinson’s disease, study says.

“Coffee comes in five descending stages:
Coffee, Java, Jamoke, Joe, and Carbon Remover.” – Robert A. Heinlein

Two compounds found in coffee could fight Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia, a study says.

The findings, published this month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that fatty acid derivatives of the neurotransmitter serotonin that coats coffee beans, known as Eicosanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamide, or EHT, helped protect the brains of mice against abnormal protein accumulation linked to Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia.

Researchers from Rutgers University gave mice small amounts of both caffeine and EHT. Individually, each compound had no effect, but combined, they activated the portion of the rodents’ brains that fights the build-up of proteins that cause Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia.

Current Parkinson’s drugs only treat the disease’s symptoms and not its underlying cause.


Our New Atomic Clock Is So Precise That We Need a Better Understanding of Gravity To Use It.

The older cesium clocks were so accurate that scientists could calculate the altitudes of each one by the different rate of time each one indicated.  The knowledge that altitude affects gravity, which affects time is also why the satellite GPS system works.

With due consideration, one can think of all sorts of possibilities, including theological, concerning just what is the ‘correct’ age of the universe.

The scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Measurement have one big job: to measure things as accurately as possible. To do that, they build a lot of big and complicated machines, including precise tape measures and absolutely gigantic scales.

For the past few years, NIST has been building the world’s most accurate clock, and new research shows it’s actually too precise. How so? It turns out our understanding of the Earth’s gravity is not good enough to take full advantage of the clock.

NIST’s clock doesn’t use gears or springs or even quartz crystals like what’s inside a modern wristwatch. Their atomic clock, which occupies an entire table, works by hitting atoms with microwave radiation, which causes electrons inside those atoms to oscillate at a specific frequency.

That frequency is so precise, scientists can use it to tell time. In fact, that oscillation frequency is so precise that in 1967, scientists actually used it to define the second. That’s why it’s so important for NIST to build the most sensitive atomic clock in the world: the accuracy of this one clock will end up affecting every other clock.

There’s just one problem with this plan, and it’s Albert Einstein’s fault. In 1915, Einstein published his famous theory of general relativity, which says objects that have mass actually distort space, making it curve. General relativity also says that space and time are linked, which means that distorting space also distorts time. Specifically, the stronger the force of gravity in a place, the more time slows down.

Normally, this isn’t a problem for life on Earth. Gravity doesn’t change much as you move around the planet, and even going high into the atmosphere on a plane won’t speed up time by any noticeable amount. But for the most accurate atomic clock ever made, small changes in gravity matter a great deal.

In order for NIST’s scientists to accurately know what time it is, they have to know how strong the force of gravity is at the location of their clock. Because the Earth isn’t a perfect sphere, gravity can change by small amounts from inch to inch and foot to foot. Instruments on satellites have measured the force of gravity all over the Earth to an accuracy of a few feet, which has been enough for atomic clocks in the past. But NIST’s new clock is so accurate it needs to know the force of gravity every single centimeter, which is currently beyond the ability of science.

The good news is that by making more of these highly accurate atomic clocks, scientists can use them to provide that kind of resolution across the entire globe. It will take a while, but this kind of improvement can help scientists keep track of time even better than before, which will benefit countless experiments in the future.

Faculty trained to use hockey pucks to thwart shooters

Personally, I advise bullets fired from guns

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (AP) – Faculty at Oakland University in suburban Detroit have received hockey pucks and are being trained to use them to thwart active shooters.

WDIV-TV reports the American Association of University Professors has distributed pucks to its 800 members.

University Police Chief Mark Gordon says to fight effectively, faculty and students need to be prepared to throw heavy objects that will cause a distraction. He says pucks fit the bill and can conveniently be carried in brief cases or backpacks.

The faculty union also is working with student groups to distribute an additional 1,700 pucks to students.

Oldest Working Man In Texas Turns 101, Still Drinks Two Dr. Peppers A Day.

My dad is 94 and likes really cheap cookies and snacks. Past some minor skin cancers and arthritis, every time he goes in for his yearly check-up, his doctor says he’s in remarkably good health. I figure it’s the preservative chemicals that do the trick.

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Considered the oldest man still working in Texas, Chester Hollingsworth celebrated his 101st birthday today.

“Today is my birthday. October the 18th 1917,” he said with a smile.

The World War II veteran, Dallas entrepreneur and beloved friend and family man received a special birthday message from his company.

Hollingsworth helped start what’s now known as the Warehouse Superstore. He tried retiring twice before, but kept coming back and now spends two days a week working there.

“I just like to be with people. I don’t mind working,” said Hollingsworth affectionately.

Born and raised on a farm near Greenville, Hollingsworth helped his family raise cotton.

“We had a Model T Ford, and it was a terrible way to get around.”

As a young man Hollingsworth went on to sign up for the Navy a day after Pearl Harbor was attacked. He eventually wound up out west.

“About a month later I got a notice in the mail with a train ticket to go to San Diego, California.”

Hollingsworth has had a storied life… no doubt, and he said the secret for him is a simple one.

“Dr. Pepper,” he laughed.

That’s right, Hollingsworth drinks a Dr. Pepper twice a day.

But perhaps the real key for a long and healthy life and career is one he shared with all those at his birthday party.

“If you can get a job, where you love your job and love to go to work that’s what you want.”



Witches to ‘hex’ Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh; exorcists pray in response.

Cue ‘Tubular Bells’ 

A group of witches says they plan on placing a hex on newly-appointed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh this weekend.

A group of Catholics and exorcists has responded to the bookstore’s hex plans with plans of their own to “pray and fast, not just for the protection of Kavanaugh, but for those who wish him harm.”

According to the National Catholic Register, a manager at a Catholic apostolate was “inspired” to pray and fast the Rosary for three days straight to “grant spiritual protection” for Kavanaugh and that God have “mercy” on those involved in hexing him and others.

“Bring Your Rage”: Brooklyn Witches to Hex Kavanaugh, Rapists and Patriarchy in Occult Ritual

Like I mentioned earlier about Old Testament rules concerning false prophets, I think those rules concerning witches are good too.

To send a message about Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, a bookstore in Brooklyn, New York, is hosting a ritual to hex the newest justice.

Dakota Bracciale, the co-owner of Catland Books, a “metaphysical boutique and occult bookshop,” told Newsweek that the store had already hosted three hexes on President Donald Trump. When the idea to host one for Kavanaugh was proposed, Bracciale was all in.

Canada Legalizes Marijuana in 1 Week: 6 Things You Need to Know

The countdown is nearly over. Following months of debate in the Senate and the passage of the Cannabis Act on June 19, Canada is set to become the first industrialized country in the world to legalize recreational marijuana, and only the second overall behind Uruguay, exactly one week from today, on Oct. 17.

When legal, marijuana will be a big business. Although estimates vary wildly, as we’d expect to see with an industry that has very little legal precedence on an adult-use basis worldwide, Wall Street is looking for somewhere in the neighborhood of $5 billion in added annual sales. The “added” part comes from the fact that the legal pot industry in Canada is already selling medical cannabis domestically, as well as shipping it abroad.

Millennials Are Causing the U.S. Divorce Rate to Plummet.

“They’re waiting until all is secure before tying the knot.”

New data show younger couples are approaching relationships very differently from baby boomers, who married young, divorced, remarried and so on. Generation X and especially millennials are being pickier about who they marry, tying the knot at older ages when education, careers and finances are on track. The result is a U.S. divorce rate that dropped 18 percent from 2008 to 2016, according to an analysis by University of Maryland sociology professor Philip Cohen.

Bloomberg to run for President

Be still my beating heart.

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire founder of a business news empire, is preparing to run for president as a Democrat, The Times understands.

Mr Bloomberg, 76, a former mayor of New York with a personal fortune of more than $50 billion, has previously considered running as an independent but decided against it in 2012 for fear of splitting the Democratic vote.

He has told confidants that he is planning to join the presidential race, in which several leading business figures could follow the example of Donald Trump and throw their hats in the ring.

“Mike Bloomberg told me he is going to run in 2020,” a source said. “He has the money to see it through while other candidates knock themselves out.”



Sometimes I don’t miss being retired

Israeli company DSraider has developed a revolutionary personal off-road vehicle for armed forces, the unique EZ Raider HD 4, BreakingDefense reported.

The U.S armed forces have evaluated the EZ Raider and, after a successful set of tests, have purchased a number of them in order to continue the operational evaluation. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are also in the middle of an operational evaluation. Mistral, a U.S company, is working with the U.S armed forces to make the EZRaider HD 4 a standard item that can be purchased by the different fighting units.