Journos From Prominent News Publications Found To Have Working Relationships With Antifa

After mapping the social interactions of 58,254 Antifa accounts on the social network Twitter, Dr. Eoin Lenihan found that many journalists from major publications such as The Guardian, Vox, and more had a direct working relationship with the Antifa members.

Lenihan posted his findings to Twitter where he put up a chart showing Antifa area accounts with their related members.

Smoke bomb attack fails to silence black pro-life speaker at University of Texas.

State lawmakers pass campus free speech bill the same day

AUSTIN – Ryan Bomberger knows what it’s like to face opposition on campus.

The black pro-life activist was shouted down at Harvard Law School and called a “fucking piece of shit.” Student government leaders at an elite Christian college accused Bomberger, who was conceived in rape and adopted, of making people of color on campus feel “unsafe.”

And now he knows what it’s like to be smoked out of his own speaking engagement.

Rather than ignore the event, attend and ask pointed questions, or stage a peaceful protest, an unknown protester set off a smoke bomb during Bomberger’s appearance at the University of Texas-Austin Monday night.

The smoke bomb triggered the fire alarm in the building where the Young Conservatives of Texas were hosting the event. After the attendees were evacuated, the event went forward with no issue in another building.

The FBI is investigating anti-fascist activists for an alleged plot to buy guns from a Mexican cartel in order to “stage an armed rebellion” at the southern border, according to an unclassified document obtained by The Chicago Tribune.

The FBI document, from December of 2018, warns of militant antifa activists planning to “disrupt security operations” at the U.S.-Mexico border. The group allegedly planned to buy guns from a Mexican cartel associate known as Cobra Commander, in order to “stage an armed rebellion at the border.”

The source who provided it to the San Diego Tribune asked the outlet not to publish the six-page document because the investigation is ongoing, and the outlet cited two additional law enforcement officials who confirmed the news. The FBI has warned dozens of law enforcement agencies in both Mexico and the United States of the alleged plot.

Two of the men named in the report told the San Diego Tribune the allegations are absurd.

“It doesn’t make any sense that someone from the United States would purchase guns in Mexico,” Ivan Reibeling, the man known as Cobra Commander, told the outlet. “And the Hondurans certainly didn’t bring money to buy guns. It doesn’t make any sense; in fact it’s extremely absurd to say the Hondurans wanted to attack the United States at the border.

The FBI sent the report marked “priority” to agencies including the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the CIA and the National Security Administration.

Antifa is known for using violent means, including in protests against peaceful conservative speakers, free speech advocates and even journalists. The well-documented instances of violence include a protester repeatedly punching a man in the facethrowing water bottles and launching fireworks at police officers and starting fires on a college campus with Molotov cocktails. The Daily Caller News Foundation’s reporting led to the arrest of an Antifa leader who stands accused of accosting and assaulting two Marines in Philadelphia.

Former Vice President Joe Biden launched his campaign for president by praising the group. He referred to a group of protesters who gathered in Charlottesville, VA, and violently confronted white nationalists “a courageous group of Americans.”

An Open Letter to My Fellow Americans

By Rabbi Yehoshua S. Hecht

We are living in a new era, a time when added security is needed in places where it was previously not considered essential. We need to ask how society got to this point. I believe too many observers are addressing symptoms and not the root of the caustic violence occurring across this country.

On the one hand, we see violent and deadly acts from extremists on all sides of the political spectrum. However, from my perspective and experience, I have come to the conclusion that American society is on the wrong path.

While hate emerges from both sides of the aisle, a feeling of acute helplessness causes violence. The rancor of the left – pundits and politicians – the bullying and demonizing, the denunciations of alternate political views as immoral and untenable, has pushed many buttons on unstable haters all over country.

We should not point fingers. However, the identity politics being pushed constantly by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Forward newspaper and website, the ACLU, the NY Times, and similar organizations, create an environment in which hatred has become the dominant cultural theme of our day. By denouncing political opponents as haters, they isolate and demonize whole swaths of this country, whose fringes are driven further

Those trafficking in the narrative of identity politics are the fascists of the left, ironically and inadvertently partnering with the hateful alt-right nationalists leading our commonwealth to a roiling state of discomfiture and enmity.

Our country is in big trouble when irresponsible leaders, who refuse to take responsibility for their overheated rhetoric, lead national human rights organizations. They see hate everywhere and suspect every opinion that does not reflect their own. Their overactive defensiveness causes untold damage by vilifying those outside their political circles.

I do not mean to assign blame for shootings to leftist leaders. The blame lies only in those who undertake these heinous attacks. I refer to the climate that encourages hatred to blossom into full-fledged violence. The would-be defenders of freedom of the left cause the real purveyors of violence and hatred to gain many fellow travelers. As dialogue disappears and responsible figures refuse to lead, chaos and loathing bubble uncontrollably.

Being a mensch means adhering to standards, boundaries, goals, respect for oneself and respect for all of G-D’s creations. Western society, and particularly the United States, used to have a culture of faith, responsibility, respect and ethics.

The leftists have replaced this culture of faith, responsibility and boundaries with one lacking definitions of ethical human activity and morality to the point that “thou shalt not murder” bears little meaning for too many people in this society. Those who disagree are labeled haters, shouted down and forced out of the public square. Many who could act and lead with sound moral and logical strength have been weakened by this culture of leftist shaming and denouncing.

Strength of character comes from following a clear path in life based upon a “higher” reality called the Creator, G-D, or in Hebrew, Hashem.

Over the past decades, nearly every civil rights organization in America has acquired the cultural high ground by abandoning a strong foundation in G-D and faith. These civil rights organizations have failed, yes failed miserably, in creating a more just moral and tolerant society. The absolutist demands for diversity have caused a profound lack of diversity. As reverence for G-D has decreased, so has reverence for humanity. As abortions and cases of euthanasia increase, so do suicides. Without G-D, we cannot build a better society.

My fellow Americans of all ethnicities and communities let us all return to our divinely bestowed responsibilities as individuals and not put our faith in the many failed organizations that collect so ably our financial support and destroy the moral fabric and strength of our society.

The time for a paradigm shift for every American is now. We need to restore dignity, self-respect and faith in the Al-mighty.

May the Creator of us all allow us to regain the sense of brotherhood and sisterhood of all humanity, recognize that we are all children of One Creator, and direct our activities to wholesome and true unity with recognition of the One who has mercy on His Creations.

With love and respect and with sincere blessing rooted in the Source of all blessings,

Rabbi Yehoshua S. Hecht,

Presidium Chairman

Norwalk, CT

Political polarization sparks confrontation at Starbucks, triggering online fury
On social media, woman tries to ‘dox’ MAGA-hat-wearing man, becomes target of ‘doxing’ herself

It’s almost always the leftist who want to start something. Sounds like she’s the little fascist wanna-be tyrant. She’s lucky the  old guy was apparently kind hearted enough to tolerate her.  I know some people who would have knocked her on her posterior. Maybe that losing her job will be enungh of a wake-up call that it will replace a cluebat upside her head.

This Starbucks, on California Avenue in Palo Alto, was where a man wearing a red Make America Great Again cap was confronted on April 1, 2019, by a self-described progressive woman, who later took to social media to try to “dox” him. Photo by Veronica Weber.

In the latest example of social-media fueled extremism, a heated confrontation over politics in a Palo Alto Starbucks on Monday has gone viral nationwide, leading to reported death threats and also calls for greater dialogue and empathy.

It began when Palo Alto resident Rebecca Parker Mankey attempted to shame an elderly white man wearing a red Make America Great Again hat as he sat in the coffeehouse — an encounter she later wrote about on social media. Calling him a “hater of brown people,” Mankey said she yelled at him and addressed Starbucks customers and employees to join her in her effort. She said she left the store but soon returned and continued to yell at him. Mankey said she was “heartbroken” that other white people didn’t stand up against the man wearing what has become for some a symbol of hate. She followed him out of the store to the parking lot, where she continued to berate and swear at him.

She called the man “Nazi scum” and threatened to post pictures of him on social media, which she then did, along with her version of the incident on her Facebook page and on Twitter. She asked the public for help finding him — “I want him to have nowhere to hide,” she wrote — a practice called “doxing,” or posting personal contact information to encourage threats and harassment.

The incident has had repercussions not only for Mankey, who said on Tuesday she’s received death threats and was fired from her job as an accountant, but also for her former employer, Gryphon Stringed Instruments. Staff at the store said they were inundated with angry phone calls and emails Monday and Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the 74-year-old Palo Alto man in the MAGA hat, who is Jewish, told the Palo Alto Weekly that he is not afraid of the woman. Rather, he said, her actions are an example of the lack of discourse in the country over differing viewpoints. He said he has seen her description of the incident and that it was accurate. (The man’s name is being withheld as he did not harass anyone.)

Mankey, who is an appointed member of Palo Alto’s North Ventura Coordinated Area Plan Working Group and co-chairs the Bayshore Progressive Democrats, a relatively new progressive club addressing social-justice issues, exhorted people to confront the man if they see him wearing the red cap.

“You do not want to be the person who didn’t speak up as we slipped into fascism,” she posted.

Anti-gun activist: I’d ‘blow away’ CT lawmaker, NRA

She’s anti-gun, but apparently only for us. She wants a gun so she can kill us. Okaybee, that hypocrisy is standard for proggies, so I’m not surprised.

Emotions were running high Monday at the annual Judiciary Committee public hearing on a variety of gun bills.

An anti-gun activist was removed from the hearing by Capitol Police after Second Amendment supporters captured a photo of her texting that “If I had a gun, I’d blow away Sampson and a large group of NRA.”

Sen. Rob Sampson, R-Wolcott, is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment.

The incident was reported to Capitol Police.

Capitol Police Sgt. Jeffrey Barter said they determined there was no threat.

The woman was asked to leave, but was not arrested.

It was unclear if she was a member of any of the anti-gun groups present.

A perfect display of the lack of emotional self control inherent in the demoncrap left expressed in violence.
Mr Caputo just couldn’t let that slight to his elective dignity pass and the little wanna-be tyrant laying deep down inside his subconscious finally burst forth in all its glory.
No wonder they constantly call for gun control.
They apparently have enough understanding that they realize they have a problem with their own emotions.
Unfortunately, they psychologically project it onto everyone else.

Man accused of pulling gun on victim wearing MAGA hat

1st Degree Wanton Endangerment is a Class D Felony in Kentucky and a Class D Felony in Kentucky carries a penalty of one to five years imprisonment and fines of one thousand to ten thousand dollars.


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) — A Tennessee man is in jail after being accused of pulling a gun on a Sam’s Club customer Saturday.

According to the police report, officers were called to Sam’s Club due to a person with a gun.

According to the alleged victim Terry Pierce, a man pulled a gun on him because he was wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat.

“I have as much right to wear that hat and support my country and my president as he has not to,” said Pierce.

The police report confirms that the suspect, identified as James Phillips, admitted to flipping off Pierce and Pierce’s wife because of their hats.

Pierce tells 13 News that he was shopping with his wife when Phillips “Pulled a .40 caliber out and stuck it in my face, backed up and said, ‘It’s a good day for you to die.'”

Pierce went on to tell 13 News, “I said, ‘Then pull the trigger. Put the gun down and fight me or pull the trigger. Whichever one you want.’ And he backed up and he said it again, he said, ‘It’s a good day for you to die.'”

Pierce said the Phillips then took off. That’s when Pierce followed him out into the parking lot.

“I went out the front of the store to confront him again and that’s when I got him in his car. He couldn’t leave because his mother was still in the store. And we were having a verbal altercation outside,” said Pierce.

Pierce added, “He tried telling me I assaulted him and I said, ‘I never touched you.'”

According to the police report, surveillance video confirms Pierce’s story that he did not put his hands on Phillips.

The report does mention that witnesses and Pierce said Phillips pulled a gun on Pierce inside the store but this couldn’t be seen on surveillance video due to Phillips backing out of the view of the camera.

In the report, police say Phillips had a Glock .40 caliber with a round chambered in his back pocket and two additional magazines in another pocket. Police say Phillips has a current concealed carry permit in Tennessee, where he is from.

No one was injured, but police arrested Phillips for wanton endangerment first degree

Media following same script against MAGA as it did against Tea Party
From Bill Sparkman to Jussie Smollett, the media still creates false narratives that ordinary law-abiding Americans who oppose liberals are dangerous and prone to violence.


The Jussie Smollett claim of a racial and homophobic attack in late January in Chicago by two white men wearing MAGA hats is falling apart. (Miles Fortis translation – he’s a racist liar)

The story was suspicious from the start. While not impossible, it was improbable that two white guys were running around Chicago in the middle of the night during a sub-zero Polar Vortex wearing MAGA hats while carrying bleach and a noose and just happened to find a high-profile gay black actor to attack.

Democrat politicians ran with the story as a cudgel against Trump and Trump supporters.

Yet even more fervor was shown by the mainstream and entertainment media, who fell all over each other to amplify Smollett’s claims without critical analysis. The media out-hustled the politicians on this story to tell an anti-Trump narrative smearing Trump supporters, particularly those who wear MAGA hats, as racist, homophobic and violent.

Non-liberal media is pointing the finger at the media role. As Sean Davis noted:

News media hopped from the laughable Steele dossier, to CNN’s bogus Don Jr. emails scoop, to BuzzFeed’s bogus Michael Cohen scoop, to the vile Covington smears, to the obvious Jussie Smollett hoax, and yet journos wonder why people say “Learn to code” when they finally get fired.

While the current specific hoaxes and accusations are new, the media tactic is not.

I covered the media mistreatment of the Tea Party starting in 2009, and the same pattern took hold: An act or alleged act of violence immediately was blamed on Tea Party supporters in the absence of actual evidence that the alleged perpetrator was a Tea Party supporter, and in many cases where there was evidence the alleged perpetrator was liberal or leftist.

It all was for the purpose of portraying Tea Party supporters specifically and the “right-wing” more generally as “eliminationist,” people who were prone to political violence:

It started with Bill Sparkman, the part-time Census worker who went missing and then was found dead, setting off an avalanche of mainstream media and left-blogosphere accusations that he was the victim of anti-government “right-wing” hate.  It turned out that Sparkman killed himself, but there were few if any apologies coming.

The Sparkman accusations were based on nothing more than a desire to demonize the newly formed and rapidly growing Tea Party movement as terrorists and un-American.  It was as if they were hoping for an act of Tea Party violence.

The false eliminationist narrative directed at the Tea Party went on for years, aided and abetted by Democrat operative groups like Think Progress and by establishment Republicans who hated the Tea Party.

The prolonged — to this day — attempt to blame Sarah Palin for the shooting of Gabby Gifford by Jared Loughner was one of the worst examples, but just one of many that we covered.

In each of these cases, when the hoax or false narrative was exposed, the mainstream media no longer was around, they had moved on, leaving the false perception that Tea Party supporters were dangerous and violent.

Nothing has changed, other than the names and faces. The media still plays the role of creating false narratives that ordinary law-abiding Americans who oppose liberals are dangerous and prone to violence.

Watch how they will run from their complicity in the Jussie Smollett story, how they will try to blame Smollett and society as large for their own journalistic malfeasance and political bias.

Liberals — Not Safe for Kids

I live in Broward County Florida. The Bermuda Triangle of political scandals. About a year ago, Broward was shocked by the news of a school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School at Parkland. 17 people died, most of them children.

About everyone in Broward was affected by the tragedy, myself included.

I still remember clearly the day I saw a mutual acquaintance of mine whom personally knew Meadow Pollack (one of the victims) unable to hold back her tears when she thought about Meadow’s fate. Witnessing this image firsthand,with my own eyes concretized the event in a way I had never experienced. I started writing on Medium because of Parkland, because I needed to think about what happened and why it did.

For the “love” of children

It was a sort of sick unintended symbolism that the Parkland school shooting happened on Valentine’s Day. That an act so evil could occur on a day that is dedicated to the celebration of love. Horrified, I asked “How could this possibly happened?” Especially after multiple reports and investigations uncovered that the Parkland tragedy was fully preventable.

Suddenly it hit me like a brick. Liberals claim to love the young. “Think of the children!” is one of their favorite rallying cries.

“Think of how climate change will affect the future of the environment for your grandkids!”

“Young girls should be empowered in the field of science, engineering and tech!”

“Public education for our children is a right!”

“The state and federal government should provide childcare!”

“Do it for the children!”

And yet, it was a liberal School Board that failed to protect the children at Parkland.

It was a liberal Sheriff Office that failed to protect the children at Parkland.

It was an liberal (Obama appointed) Judge who ruled that the authorities didn’t have the obligation to protect the children at Parkland.

The kids at Parkland were simply not safe under the protection of Broward’s liberal district.

Liberals always claim to love and care about the young more than the conservatives, and yet liberals are the ones that are the most predatory against the young.

To illustrate this point, observe the incident where the American Left united in their call for violence against Nicholas Sandmann, a mere 16 year old child, for his “crime” of smiling while standing the Lincoln Memorial.

Consider carefully what was implied by this unprecedented low in our political history. Leftist are legitimately arguing that it is okay to punch a child you hate because he disagrees with you — “Forget trying to educate, convince and debate with this child. Just punch his face into submission”.

But the deeper underlying problem is epistemological. Leftist hate Nicholas Sandmann because he; unlike other children they’ve successfully brainwashed and destroyed through the machine of progressive education; did not fall in line under the authority of leftist dogma since he rejects leftist ideas. In order to obtain Nicholas Sandmann’s agreement with leftist causes, the leftist’s argument of persuading him is done from the position of force — “We will punch your face lest you follow suit and change your mind Mr. Sandmann dear”.

Who in good conscience, could hand over the custodian of their children to the Left knowing how liberals would actively advocate violence against children? Liberals are not safe for kids (NSFK).


I’m not speechless. This happened after an antifagoon was killed during an incident at a Eugene school earlier this month. Appears that antifa thinks they can up their game.

EUGENE, Ore. — Police in Eugene are searching for answers after explosives were found outside their headquarters on Country Club Road late Monday afternoon.

Lt. David Natt said incendiary devices were discovered by a crew who was mowing the front lawn.

“This is not a hoax device,” Natt said. “This is a very serious matter.”

The Eugene Metro Explosive Disposal Unit was called and defused the explosives. Natt would not go into details about the devices but said they are now in the hands of forensic experts.

“Our hope is that we get some physical evidence off it and that physical evidence leads us to somebody involved in the production and/or deployment of these devices,” Natt said.

While the Eugene Police Department is in charge of the investigation, Natt said they have reached out to federal agencies and plan to review security camera footage.

“We’re going to ask our neighbors for any footage, and we’re going to review all the footage that we have,” Natt said.

At this time police don’t know who planted the bombs or if anyone was being targeted. John Ward, who was dropping off expired medication at the police station, said he was shocked to hear what happened.

“I’m speechless when I find out that people are planting bombs and bad things around town,” Ward said. “I don’t know why they’d want to do that, why would they want to hurt innocent people?”

Natt said they are asking Eugene police employees to be aware of their surroundings as they go to and from work.


Washington, D.C. Antifa leader Joseph “Jose” Alcoff, also known as “Chepe,” was arrested and charged with multiple felonies in Philadelphia on Jan. 10 in connection to the Antifa mob attack against two Marines in November.

Alcoff faces 17 charges, including multiple counts of aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation, conspiracy and terroristic threats, and one count of robbery while inflicting serious bodily injury.

An affidavit filed in the case reveals that The Daily Caller News Foundation’s reporting on Alcoff’s connection to violent Antifa groups was an integral factor leading to his arrest.


One aspect of the Covington controversy has received very little coverage, let alone condemnation: the outright racism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism of the (very small) black-nationalist group confronting the teenagers. If you watch the nearly two-hour YouTube video, filmed by a man who seems to be a member of the Black Israelites, you will see the black men, all adult, hurling insult after insult at the students, for well over an hour. It seems accidental that the students and the black nationalists are at the same spot on the mall — the former waiting for their buses back to Kentucky and the latter staging a small demonstration.

The students are called “hyenas,” “dogs,” “white crackers,” and “faggot.” They are ridiculed for being lice-ridden and told to “to back to Europe where you come from.” One man says he can tell by looking in the students’ eyes that they will be “school shooters.” They are the “product of sodomy.” We hear that black Jesus is coming back to kick the “white crackers’ ass.” This black Christ is not like the image of Jesus the boys supposedly hold — that Jesus is a “faggot child molester.” “Your president is a homosexual!” one man yells. He urges the teenagers to look up a YouTube video of Rudy Giuliani in drag, kissing Donald Trump. (I imagine he is referring to the skit for a charity event in 2000 that featured Giuliani in, yes, a fetching blond wig, dress, and heels.) By “your president,” the black nationalist obviously means Trump, but one student hoists up a campaign poster of Obama, and only about 10 percent of the students are wearing MAGA hats. One boy says that most of the kids in the group aren’t old enough to vote yet.

The students for the most part keep their distance and respond only mildly to these insults, if at all. A few briefly try out a little dialogue. There is no violence or assault of any kind. This all happens before the now-famous Nathan Phillips approaches the student group, beating his drum.

To most in the media, the black nationalists’ words, and their role in the controversy, are apparently like wallpaper, barely worth a mention.

Twitter Allows ‘Verified’ Calls for Violence Against Conservative High School Kids.

Twitter has spent years assuring the public that it will crack down on trolling, harassment, and violent threats. It’s also pledged to tackle “misinformation” and “unhealthy conversation,” using these loaded terms as excuses to ban a wide range of anti-progressive dissidents from the platform.

But when innocent conservative high school kids are flooded with violent threats, targeted harassment and doxing on the basis of media-promoted misinformation, Jack Dorsey and his staff seem to do nothing — it even briefly promoted the smears.

Over the past 48 hours, an angry mob of Twitter users — many of them with blue checkmarks next to their name, signaling endorsement of their messages by the company — have flooded the platform with disgusting abuse, violent threats, and calls to harass innocent students of the Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky.

Most of the tweets remain on the platform, which has yet to ask the authors to take them down — much less deverify or ban them, something Twitter has done to conservative activists for far less.

Followers of Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez advocate murdering GOP Rep. Steve Scalise

This is the modern left. On Sunday, Twitchy informed us that Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., took issue with a 70 percent tax rate proposed by newly-elected Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to pay for her “Green New Deal,” a radical scheme designed to destroy the U.S. economy for a generation of Americans.

“Republicans: Let Americans keep more of their own hard-earned money. Democrats: Take away 70% of your income and give it to leftist fantasy programs,” he wrote on Twitter.

Ocasio-Cortez took issue with his tweet:

That prompted some of her radical followers to advocate murdering Scalise.


Where do these people come from?  That’s easy.  They’re leftists.  And as I’ve repeatedly said since February 2011, liberals prove on a daily basis that theirs is an ideology of insane, bloodthirsty rage and hate.

Keep in mind that a radical leftist already tried to kill Scalise back in July 2017 as he and other Republicans were practicing for a charity baseball game.  Leftists like Joy Reidcelebrated, saying he deserved to be shot because of his conservative political views.  Other sick leftists even hailed the shooter, James Hodgkinson, as a hero.

This is the modern left.  Let that sink in.

Antifa Aims to Create No-Go Zones For Conservatives In Nashville
“No Go Zones” were first popularized by radical Muslims.

A since-deleted Facebook post shows a Nashville, TN affiliate of the left-wing terrorist organization Antifa attempting to establish “Anti fascist zones” over the New Years holiday.

In the post, which mistakenly labels New Years as “January 31st,” they call for “free engagement” against who they consider “fascists” in areas of the city circled on a map.

Antifa, which considers President Donald Trump, and his supporters to be “fascists,” (or anyone one millimeter to the ‘right’ of them. ed.) have a long history of violence.

When they label an area as an Anti-Fascist Zone, they are attempting to instill fear to those who disagree with their far-left views.

The tactic of zoning areas to unwelcome those with disagreements is most known in Islamic communities across Europe.

These areas, which have even been acknowledged by German Chancellor Angela Merkel are known to be unwelcome to non-Muslims. Radical Muslims have been known to use violence to enforce those zones.

Socialist Venezuela on Track to be Latin America’s Most Violent Country in 2018

Socialist paradise.

 Venezuela is expected to become Latin America’s most violent country in 2018 after reports show the nation’s homicide rate surpassed that of Honduras and El Salvador, according to an organization’s report.

“We will clearly become the most violent country in Latin America and the one with the most homicides worldwide,” Roberto Briceno, director of the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence said in a report in the El Pais newspaper Friday.

This year, Venezuela has had a rate of 81.4 homicides per 100,000 people, he said.

“In 2017 we were second but this year our colleagues in Honduras told us the rate there will be about half that of Venezuela, while in El Salvador they will be close to 60 homicides per 100,000,” he added.

In 2018, Venezuela tallied 23,047 violent deaths, 10,422 of which were, without any doubt, homicides, he said.

What is more worrisome, Briceno said, is that of these deaths, 7,523 correspond to people killed “resisting authority.” That means that a third of the violent deaths in the country can be attributed to the country’s security forces, he said.

Grad student who doxxed Republicans had ‘terabytes’ of highly sensitive data.

Leftists are dangerous and crazy.

Jackson Cosko, who was arrested for “doxxing” the Republican senators at the height of the Kavanaugh hysteria, apparently had downloaded “terabytes of data” prior to his arrest, The Daily Caller reported this week.. Upon reviewing the material in a sealed courtroom, the judge overseeing the case expressed notable alarm, stating that there is “a sense of great risk to the public” over the possibility of Cosko being allowed access to computers.

Calling Cosko “malicious and hostile,” the judge said: “He downloaded more information that was originally understood. There is no combination of conditions that could ensure the safety of the community.”

“The judge took the unusual step of kicking reporters and even Cosko’s own mother out of the courtroom for more than a half hour while prosecutors and the defense discussed what they found with the judge,” The Caller revealed.



The progressive nonprofit organization that employs Antifa leader Joseph “Jose” Alcoff, who has advocated for the violent overthrow of the government, obscured references to the radical communist in its past press releases after Alcoff’s extreme ideology was exposed.

Alcoff, 36, has made significant efforts to separate his true identity from his fanatical personas, “Chepe” and “Jose Martin,” which he uses to lead Antifa groups and promote radical communist rhetoric, The Daily Caller News Foundation revealed Tuesday night. As Alcoff, he advocates for reforms of predatory loans before members of Congress as payday campaign manager for Americans for Financial Reform (AFR).

When speaking as Chepe and through his Twitter handle @sabokitty, Alcoff has called for the murder of the rich and encourages using violence to bring “a world without capitalism, without private property … that is socialist and communist.”

He’s used his Jose Martin persona to promote socialism on MSNBC and on BBC radio programs. (RELATED: Antifa Leader Relied On Anonymity To Push Radical, Violent Communist Agenda)

In July 2017, Alcoff urged his nonviolent followers on Twitter to “stop limiting yourself,” adding that “the left wins nothing w/ nonviolence.” He said it “feels good” to see Antifa’s “militant tactics” “mainstreamed” the following month.

Alcoff is also an organizer of Smash Racism DC, the Antifa group responsible for mobbing Fox News host and DCNF co-founder Tucker Carlson’s house in November and for chasing Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz from a D.C. restaurant in September.

Far-left extremists are raising money on Patreon to “inspire insurrection”.

I don’t think they have any idea what would await them if they ever ventured out of the comfy safe zone bubbles and tried anything ‘sporty’

Patreon is back in the news following another round of what appears to be an ideological purge from their platform. In the last few days the accounts for Milo Yiannopoulos, Carl Benjamin (Sargon of Akkad), and James Allsup were all terminated. These individuals all have different belief systems and principals and have been vocal critics of each other but their common denominator is a very vocal and effective critique of the far-left and their creeping authoritarianism.

Following the termination of these accounts, many people speculated that Patreon was selectively enforcing their Community Guidelines in order to target right-of-center influencers.  What better way to test this theory then to see if left-of-center Patreon users are being dinged for their “manifest observable behavior”.

Here is what we found.

There are several far-left users who appear to be blatantly violating Pareon’s Community Guidelines. These users are raising thousands of dollars each month and are actively using that money to organize and advocate for violent and often illegal criminal activity.

Revolutionary Left Radio:

This far-left podcast currently has  over 700 Patrons who donate monthly to their show, which is hosted by Brett Anderson aka “Breht Oshea”. Brett has a criminal record and is a vocal proponent of armed confrontation with the state and with people who he calls “reactionaries” (ie. people who oppose Communism).

The Guillotine Podcast:

This far-left podcast currently has over 350 Patrons who donate monthly to their show, which is hosted by an extremist who uses the moniker “Dr. Bones” as well as Brett Anderson. “Dr. Bones”, who is also a regular guest on Revolutionary Left Radio,  is a self described “Egoist-Communist, Insurrectionist, and an Illegalist”. He also has his own dedicated Patreon page with that he has been using in order to “inspire insurrection”. After we brought this to the attention of Patreon and Patreon support, “Dr. Bones” removed that language from his page as well as language where he discussed firing “massive .44 rounds at the heads of politicians and capitalists”.  Not to worry, we archived it before he made the changes.

VOX Co-Founder Matt Yglesias Gets Doxxed After Defending Harassment of Tucker Carlson

Quod severis metes comes to mind.
These pea brained proggie twits keep it up and what they might get will be much less to their liking.

Matt Yglesias is one of the co-founders of the progressive site Vox, which aims to explain the news to its readers.

After the Antifa mob harassment of Tucker Carlson this week, Yglesias took a less than sympathetic position on the issue and has now been doxxed himself.

After tweeting the message screen capped below, Yglesias deleted his entire Twitter history:


Will Oremus writes at Slate:

A Vox Co-Founder Got Doxed on Twitter by a Hate-Spewing Incel, and Twitter Allowed It

On Thursday, the liberal journalist Matthew Yglesias tweeted what appeared to be a defense of a Wednesday evening antifa protest that targeted the family home of conservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Yglesias said via Twitter that he couldn’t empathize with Carlson’s wife, who was home at the time of the protest and locked herself in the pantry, thinking it was a home invasion. (Tucker Carlson and his four children were not home.)

Yglesias, who co-founded Vox and is a senior correspondent there, was widely criticized for his tweets, including by me. (Disclosure: Yglesias was my colleague at Slate from 2011 to 2014.) By Thursday night he had deleted them.

Before he did, however, at least one Twitter user responded by posting Yglesias’ own home address in a reply thread. The implied threat was clear: Yglesias had failed to denounce the harassment by left-wingers of a conservative media personality at his home, so now he and his family deserved the same treatment.

That Yglesias would get doxed was perhaps predictable, even though it’s a direct violation of Twitter’s policies. (It shouldn’t matter whether Yglesias’ address is potentially findable elsewhere online; posting it on Twitter contravenes the platform’s stated rules, and the context makes it clear that the intent is to intimidate him.) What’s galling—and, by now, familiar—is Twitter’s response.

While doxxing is never cool, it’s not difficult to see how this happened.

It’s a point Ace of Spades has been making lately:

Either we have a two-way social compact or we have no social compact at all, and it’s just pure Street Power and vigilantism and vengeance raids.

I don’t know what these people are thinking: Do they think that when we find out who they are, we won’t publicize their names? And addresses?

They’re always claiming that Right Wingers are “threatening” and “violent.” Do they really believe that? They seem to know this is bullshit, because they are sowing the whirlwind — which makes no sense, unless you know your complaints about a Right Wing Whirlwind are propagandistic lies.

But the thing is, obviously there are some right-leaning people, some not entirely mentally sound, who will decide to take things to a nasty level.

Do these people think that their leftwing politics and favorable coverage from Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, and Brooke Baldwin protects them at their homes or when walking down the street alone?

If they’re willing to escalate this into threats and violence, how can they not realize that the same threats and violence will soon be visited upon them?

Unfortunately, this will probably get worse before it gets better.