How “The Handmaid’s Tale” can come to pass.

Thirty-two years ago, Canadian poet Margaret Atwood, looked down upon Ronald Reagan’s America and decided it was theocratic.

After four years of Ronnie, the nation had not banned abortion, pornography, or homosexuality, but Atwood saw the specter of Americans believing in Christ again — and so she wrote “The Handmaid’s Tale,” a warning that women would be cloistered and become breeding cows to men.

Now liberals have dusted off this road apple, polished it up, and put it on Hulu as a warning of what The Donald will do.

Except it is true. All of this is happening. And on President Trump’s watch.

It just is not happening here, but rather in the Islamic State

Which turned Iran into an Islamic Hell for women (and men) 40 years ago when Carter was president. Over time, things have gotten worse.