Downstate Democrat Senators sold us out on Dealer Licensing Vote last month

So everyone is asking what happened with the Illinois Senate passing the Gun Dealer Licensing bill. In short, we lost two votes that we thought we had locked up.

As you’ve read, Senator Harmon and friends made deals to lessen the opposition. His plan worked.

You can also add that since the election, our guys have gotten complacent. That same election has the other side simply apoplectic. Hillary’s loss has bent lots of leftists out of shape since November. On top of that, we’ve got a whole phalanx of Washington DC lobbyists pounding Illinois House and Senate members.

Downstate senate Democrats, worried about their left flank, tossed gun owners under the bus in an effort to prevent primary challenges. They figure they can smooth over hard feelings of gun owners if they get through the primary. They must think we’re stupid in addition to forgetful.

Already some of these Downstate Democrat Senators are trying to talk about voting for other pro-gun measures as a way of making up for the dealer bill. To them the dealer bill doesn’t effect gun owners. Its about those bad dealers in Cook County. They probably believe in unicorns too.

They refuse to believe that rules and regulations can be foisted upon dealers in a way to run them out of business.

In fact, the sponsor of the bill wants a way to give a rectal exam to the gun shops he doesn’t like so as to shut them down. Never mind that Chuck’s Gun Shop underwent an ATF inspection last November, where 10 ATF agents showed up unannounced and spent 3 weeks going over their books. What did they find? Nothing.