Ted Cruz After Repeal Failure: “No Party Can Remain In Power By Lying To The American People”

“Hey, give us the Senate and we can do all this stuff”

“Uhm, actually we need the presidency too and then we can do all this stuff”

“Oh, you were serious.”

He’s not declaring defeat in saying that but rather promising that the effort to repeal ObamaCare will go on, and that they’ll get it done eventually. Maybe. Probably not with this GOP caucus, though. Once the party holds 75 Senate seats or whatever, then they’ll be ready to repeal and replace.

Since truth is paramount, here’s a truth-bomb for you: The “skinny repeal” bill that he and all the other tea-party heroes voted for last night was garbage, substantively and procedurally.

Had it passed, it would have left the GOP holding the bag for bailing out insurers once young healthy people started dropping their plans. And as a matter of pure process, it was a travesty.

Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, Ben Sasse — all the guys who got famous lecturing the right about civics and transparency and good government were prepared to vote for a bad bill written on the day of the vote, with a roll call held in the dead of night without committee mark-ups, hearings, nada. “Skinny repeal” was, as Philip Klein correctly says, an insult. And Cruz was a willing participant.