Does the term “climate change” need a makeover? Some think so — here’s why.

Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old [mentally defective puppet] who [believes the lie that she] leads a global climate movement, asked in a recent tweet, “Can we all now please stop saying ‘climate change’ and instead call it what it is: climate breakdown, climate crisis, climate emergency, ecological breakdown, ecological crisis and ecological emergency?”

[No dear idjit child, the intellgent ones here aren’t going to be driven by emotion, but rather by logic, facts and real science, not your handler’s hyperbolic horse$#!+]

She’s not alone in her sentiment. Many of those engaged in environmental advocacy feel the termclimate changefails to convey the specificity or urgency needed to address the gravity of the climate challenge.

A new recent study shows they may be right.

New York City-based SPARK Neuro, a neuroanalytics company that measures emotion and attention, studied how participants responded to six terms — “climate crisis,” “environmental destruction,” “environmental collapse,” “weather destabilization,” “global warming” and “climate change.”

A total of 120 people — 40 Republicans, 40 Democrats and 40 independents — participated in the study, which measured the “emotional intensity” of responses to audio recordings of various controversial phrases, with each term inserted, like this example below:

“Sea levels will rise dramatically, to the point that many coastal cities will be submerged, as a result of [INSERT TERM].” 

The electrical activity of the participants’ brains and skin was rated on a scale of zero to five — five being the strongest. Those results were then compared to a traditional survey for reference.

Two terms stood out from the pack: climate crisis and environmental destruction.

Among Democrats, the study found a 60% greater emotional response to the term “climate crisis” than to “climate change,” and a tripling in emotional response among Republicans.

Spencer Gerrol, CEO of SPARK Neuro, said evoking emotion is vital to getting people to act. Because terms like climate change and global warming do not imply good or bad, they don’t spark passion, he said.


Stanley Black & Decker announced on Wednesday that it was investing $90 million in a plant in Texas – a move aimed at continuing its effort to shift production of a range of Craftsman products back to the U.S.

The new 425,000-square-foot facility will be located in Fort Worth, where tools ranging from sockets, ratchets, wrenches to general sets will be produced

Journos From Prominent News Publications Found To Have Working Relationships With Antifa

After mapping the social interactions of 58,254 Antifa accounts on the social network Twitter, Dr. Eoin Lenihan found that many journalists from major publications such as The Guardian, Vox, and more had a direct working relationship with the Antifa members.

Lenihan posted his findings to Twitter where he put up a chart showing Antifa area accounts with their related members.

In the United States, Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in May.

That’s today.

First observed on 20 May 1950, Armed Forces Day was created on 31 August 1949, to honor Americans serving in the five U.S. military branches following the consolidation of the military services in the U.S. Department of Defense. It was intended to replace the separate Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard Days, but the separate days are still observed, especially within the respective services.

The Green New Deal is a path to a more militarized and authoritarian society.

“Until you do it, I’m the boss,” said Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the socialist congresswoman from the Bronx, responding to critics of her Green New Deal in February. Later that night, the freshman congresswoman doubled down on her comment, tweeting that people who “don’t like the #GreenNewDeal” should “come up with your own ambitious, on-scale proposal to address the global climate crisis. Until then, we’re in charge—and you’re just shouting from the cheap seats.”

Much has rightly been made of the Green New Deal’s fuzzy-headed utopianism and its impossible goal of reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero in 10 years. But we should also pay close attention to the plan’s authoritarian impulses, particularly in light of its historical inspirations: Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and the command economy he established during the Second World War.

If proponents of the Green New Deal are serious—and there’s no reason to doubt them—then they’re proposing a return to a militaristic America where Uncle Sam’s heavy hand intervenes in all aspects of life, curtailing individual freedom in pursuit of their collectivist goals. And like the planners of the Roosevelt years, their intentions are clear and grandiose: They want the power to regiment a society of nearly 330 million people in pursuit of a pipe dream they liken to a war for survival…….

When she says “I’m the boss,” pay attention. She’s describing America under a Green New Deal: a place where you’ll do as you’re told.

Japan ends longstanding trade restrictions on American beef, setting stage for exports to grow.

Japan has agreed to lift longstanding restrictions on American beef exports, clearing the way for U.S. products to enter the market regardless of age, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced Friday.

The news comes on the heels of other important trade developments on Friday, including the Trump administration’s plans to delay auto tariffs on the EU and Japan and lift steel tariffs on Canada and Mexico.

In 2005, Japan imposed restrictions on cattle over 30 months old for U.S. beef imports in response to the outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, sometimes known as mad cow disease.

According to the USDA announcement, Japan agreed to remove that age limit for U.S. beef imports. The new terms, which take effect immediately, allow U.S. products from all cattle, regardless of age, to enter Japan for the first time since 2003, the government said.

“This is great news for American ranchers and exporters who now have full access to the Japanese market for their high-quality, safe, wholesome, and delicious U.S. beef,” Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said in a statement. “We are hopeful that Japan’s decision will help lead other markets around the world toward science-based policies.”

American beef sales to Japan topped $2 billion last year, representing approximately one-fourth of all U.S. beef exports.


AG Barr on FBI “Spygate” Explanations: “Inadequate” and “Don’t Hang Together”…

Fox News correspondent Bill Hemmer interviewed U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr in El Salvador during a visit to address the crisis on the U.S-Mexico border, MS-13, drug trafficking and human trafficking.

During the interview Bill Hemmer asked about AG Barr’s ongoing review of DOJ and FBI activity during the 2016 election.

BARR: “I’ve been trying to get answers to the questions and I’ve found that a lot of the answers have been inadequate and some of the explanations I’ve gotten don’t hang together, in a sense I have more questions today than when I first started.”

HEMMER: “What doesn’t hang together?”

BARR: “Some of the explanations of what occurred.”

HEMMER: “Why does that matter?”

BARR: “People have to find out what the government was doing during that period. If we’re worried about foreign influence, for the very same reason we should be worried about whether government officials abuse their power and put their thumb on the scale.”

Listen people!
Target Acquisition!

Man shoots, injures suspected burglar at Thurston Co. home

THURSTON COUNTY, Wash. — Authorities say a homeowner in Thurston County shot a suspected burglar in the chest Friday.

It happened at a home along Tennis Court SW, off Fairview Road SW.  The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook that the man was attacked in his kitchen by the suspect, and ended up shooting him.

The suspect was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive, according to the sheriff’s office.

The homeowner was not injured, officials said.

Boise woman fires shot at man trying to break into her home

A Boise woman shot at a burglar she found on her porch, apparently trying to break into the front door of her home Thursday night.

In a press release Friday, Boise police said the woman heard a noise and then noticed that her front door was ajar. So she grabbed her gun before going to investigate.

She confronted the man on her front porch and fired the gun one time, police said. He fled the scene.

Police found evidence that the burglar was using a pry bar to try to get the door open. They searched for the suspect with a dog and drone but did not find him.

Homeowner Fires Shots at Would-Be Burglar

A homeowner in San Ysidro fired several shots at someone trying to break into a shed in the backyard, according to San Diego police.

Officers were called to Janse Way in a residential neighborhood east of Dairy Mart Road and west of Interstate 5, less than two miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Just before 4:30 a.m., the homeowner heard something in the backyard.He found the shed door partially opened. When he went to open the door, the suspect pushed the door and knocked the homeowner backwards, police said.

The homeowner had a gun and fired several rounds in the direction of the would-be burglar. It’s not known if anyone was struck by a bullet, police said. The suspect ran from the yard and has not been located.

One Cold Springs robber may have been shot

COLD SPRINGS, NV (KOLO) – Washoe County Sheriff’s deputies continue the search for three people involved in a residential armed robbery. They may be driving a black sedan last reported seen at the victim’s home in Cold Springs, in the area of Aquamarine and Jutewood, and they are believed to have left the Cold Springs area.

Deputies say evidence indicates one of the robbers may have been shot by the homeowner, though no injuries have been reported.

No descriptions of the robbers have been released.

The incident began about 4AM Thursday, May 16, 2019, when deputies responded to a robbery in progress.

Murder Rates in Brazil Drop

Hey! Maybe Bolsonaro’s reformation of  Brazil’s gun laws helped.

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The murder rates in Brazil for January and February this year were 25 percent lower compared to the same period last year, according to G1’s national homicide index. The index is based on official data from the 26 states and the Federal District.

According to this index, there were 6,856 homicides in the first two months of 2019, compared to the 9,094 murders in the same period last year. (The data does not include the state of Paraná.)

The decline is mainly led by states in the Northeast, which, together, recorded the most significant reduction in the number of deaths (34 percent). In Ceará alone, the murder rate dropped by 58 percent.

According to researcher Bruno Paes Manso, from the Center for the Study of Violence at USP, despite this downward trend, it is too early to celebrate a reduction of lethal violence in Brazil.

“The data is far from pointing to a widespread reduction throughout the year and only increases the responsibility of the new state and federal governments to maintain and improve these results,” he said.


Director of Brazilian Public Security Forum Samira Bueno believes that initiatives such as the creation of the Ministry of Public Security, the implementation of SUSP (Sistema Único de Segurança Pública, or Unified System of Public Security), and the application of federal funds can help explain the decline.

The index created by the G1 gathers data about victims of violent crimes in Brazil month to month. Victims of willful homicides, robberies, and bodily injuries followed by death are counted.

Massachusetts teacher accused of planting live ammo at school, then calling police.

A Southbridge teacher is accused of leaving ammunition in a school stairwell Thursday morning before calling police to report it.

Southbridge police said high school biology teacher Alfred Purcell III, 57, of Woodstock, Connecticut, reported to staff that he had just found one live round of 9 mm ammunition in the rear stairwell. The school was placed on lock down.

During the lockdown, police and Southbridge High School staff reviewed video footage and saw Purcell removing the live round of ammunition from his pocket, dropping it on the floor and quickly leaving the area, police said.

About 10 minutes later, the video shows Purcell standing over the ammunition and taking a picture of it with a cellphone, police said.

Police said Purcell then used a school-issued portable radio to request assistance in the stairwell from the school administration and school resource officer.

Purcell then returned to his class with his students during the lockdown, which lasted about an hour, police said.

“There was no kids that were injured, nobody was seriously impacted by this other than we went into a lockdown for an hour and we had to investigate a teacher who was doing things he shouldn’t be doing,” said Chief Shane Woodson of the Southbridge Police Department.

Purcell was arrested at the school. Police said he admitted to intentionally dropping the live round of ammunition in the stairwell to “prove to the school that they needed to get metal detectors.”

Police said officers detected the faint odor of an alcoholic beverage on Purcell’s breath, but he denied consuming any alcoholic beverages.

“This individual acted in a disgusting manner. I feel very badly for our students because it is an adult who failed them,” said Jeffrey Villar, the superintendent.

A search of Purcell’s vehicle yielded 102 live rounds of .20 gauge shot gun ammunition in the trunk, police said. It was later confirmed that Purcell’s license to carry a firearm was expired in Connecticut, police said.

Purcell was charged with two counts of the unlawful possession of ammunition, two counts of carrying ammunition on school grounds, disturbing a school assembly, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

Kirsten Gillibrand: The NRA’s greed leads to ‘dumb’ ideas like arming teachers

Demoncraps are a deathcult.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., voiced her opposition to the idea of having armed teachers during school hours during her interview with CNN on Wednesday. She blamed the idea being presented in the first place on the National Rifle Association’s “greed.”

“I’ve got three kids and I said very openly that I’m not particularly comfortable with teachers walking around with loaded weapons. I wonder what’s your response is to that,” CNN’s Jim Sciutto asked.

Gillibrand said, “I think it’s a dumb idea and I think it is something being pitched by the NRA because all they care about is gun sales. They are absolutely corrupted. They are focused on greed and they want to sell guns to people on the terror watch list, to people with grave mental illness, with violent backgrounds or people with criminal convictions for violent crimes, which is why they’re against the universal background check bill that people support across this country, and it’s also why they oppose the Violence Against Women’s Act.”…………..

Gillibrand has been struggling to reach the 65,000 unique donor minimum needed in order to qualify for the primary debates.

Trump Plans To Invoke Insurrection Act To Boot Illegal Immigrants.

Begin the countdown to proggie judges going ballistic!

President Donald Trump is planning on using the Insurrection Act to remove illegal immigrants from the United States, The Daily Caller has learned.

According to multiple senior administration officials, the president intends to invoke the “tremendous powers” of the act to remove illegal immigrants from the country.

“We’re doing the Insurrection Act,” one official said.

Under the Insurrection Act of 1807, the president has the authority to use the National Guard and military in order to combat “unlawful obstruction or rebellion” within U.S. borders. The act was last invoked in 1992 by George H.W. Bush to quell the Los Angeles riots, and was also used by Eisenhower in 1957 to enforce school desegregation in the south.

An official expressed concerns that Trump’s use of the act’s powers would face legal challenges, pointing to the lawsuits against the president’s travel ban from majority-Muslim countries. However, as the official noted, the travel ban ultimately prevailed in the Supreme Court.

In addition to the Insurrection Act, the president is also considering declaring the country full and insisting that the U.S. can no longer handle the massive influx of illegal immigrants. 2019 is currently on pace to reach the highest levels of illegal immigration in a decade.

“If you take a ship and it holds 1,000 people maximum — one more person and the ship is going to collapse,” the official explained. “The country is full.”

“Our hospitals are full, our detention centers are full,” they added.

ICE facilities were forced to release 100,000 illegal immigrants in the first three months of 2019 because of overcrowding in detention centers.

Separately, the president unveiled a new immigration plan Thursday that focuses on border security and merit-based legal immigration. The plan, which was co-authored by top aides Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller, would increase the proportion of visas granted to highly-skilled immigrants and also establish a self-sustaining border security fund.

Accused of ‘Terrorism’ for Putting Legal Materials Online.

Of all publications; This is in the NY Times.

WASHINGTON — Carl Malamud believes in open access to government records, and he has spent more than a decade putting them online. You might think states would welcome the help.

But when Mr. Malamud’s group posted the Official Code of Georgia Annotatedthe state sued for copyright infringement. Providing public access to the state’s laws and related legal materials, Georgia’s lawyers said, was part of a “strategy of terrorism.”

A federal appeals court ruled against the state, which has asked the Supreme Court to step in. On Friday, in an unusual move, Mr. Malamud’s group, Public.Resource.Orgalso urged the court to hear the dispute, saying that the question of who owns the law is an urgent one, as about 20 other states have claimed that parts of similar annotated codes are copyrighted.

The issue, the group said, is whether citizens can have access to “the raw materials of our democracy.”

Colorado School Shooting Suspects Appear in Court to Face Murder Charges

Two students suspected of shooting nine classmates, one fatally, in their Colorado charter school appeared in court Wednesday to face dozens of criminal charges that include murder, attempted murder, theft and arson.

The parents of the teen who was killed in the attack looked on in court before heading to their son’s memorial service. Senior Kendrick Castillo was just days from graduating when he was slain while trying to stop one of the gunmen during the May 7 attack at the STEM School Highlands Ranch, which is not far from the scene of the 1999 Columbine massacre.

Investigators say Devon Erickson, 18, and Alec McKinney, 16, used handguns in the assault. Eight students were wounded.

Prosecutors said both would be tried as adults. McKinney’s attorney, Ara Ohanian, said she would seek to move his case back to juvenile court.

Court documents are sealed, but charges are listed in electronic court records. Judge Theresa Slade denied the prosecution’s request to make some of the documents public but said she would address the issue at the next hearing on June 7.

Federal judge orders parts of Mueller report unredacted, made public

Remember that Sullivan is the judge who is presiding over Flynn’s obstruction case and the one who will eventually sentence Flynn, so this is primarily affecting the judicial proceedings, not the congressional caterwauling.

A federal judge has ordered portions of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to be unredacted and made public in the criminal case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan issued the limited order Thursday. Portions of the report relating to Flynn are redacted and would be made public under the order.

It is the first time a federal judge has ordered the Justice Department to make public portions of the report the agency had kept secret.

Mueller officially concluded his investigation in March. Attorney General William Barr released a redacted version of Mueller’s report in April.

Flynn is awaiting sentence after admitting to lying to the FBI about his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the United States.



Political Correctness Is a Tool for Socialist Censorship and Thought Control

Nothing really new here, just a good reiteration.

In the novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four,” part of the dystopian government that George Orwell imagined was its use of the language of “Newspeak,” a simplification of the English language to serve the needs of the state. Newspeak altered thoughts, so that people were rendered incapable of thinking outside Party lines.

We now see this same principle at play in political correctness, in which concepts behind words are being altered to fit political narratives, and people are censoring their thoughts to not violate the artificial morals of the state.

The effects of political correctness can be found most clearly where the concept originates: under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as Mao Zedong created the concept in 1967 to control public dissent at the start of the Cultural Revolution. The idea was simple: support the regime’s policies and you are politically correct. Oppose them, and you can be targeted and destroyed.

In its details, the CCP’s use of political correctness is different from the way it’s used in the United States and Europe, yet underneath it has the same purpose. Under the Chinese regime, it’s used as an artificial moral system to guard the policies of the CCP. In the United States, it’s used as an artificial moral system to guard socialist policies.


Justice Department urges Supreme Court to overturn NYC gun law

Here’s the brief. It looks like the DOJ is working to help give the court some kind of cover to rule as narrowly as possible against the NYC ordnance and no further. It mentions ‘intermediate scrutiny’ several times and even though using a correct reading of the Heller decision and the 2nd amendment, finally makes it clear that’s what they’re suggesting.

CNN) – The Justice Department on Wednesday urged the Supreme Court to overturn a New York City gun law that regulates where licensed handgun owners can take their firearms.

The justices are poised to hear the Second Amendment case next term, and it will be the first substantive gun rights cases the court has heard since Justice Antonin Scalia’s landmark opinion in 2008 holding that the Constitution protects an individual’s right to keep a gun at home and a follow up case in 2010.

Since those opinions came down, the court has declined to take up several other follow up cases to the frustration of gun-rights supporters.

2A Attorney: 70% of N.J. gun laws could go away if SCOTUS takes up this case on May 23rd.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – There’s a major challenge to New Jersey’s gun control regime which could get taken up by the U.S. Supreme Court. A decision will be made on May 23rd.

The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club previously initiated Rogers v. Grewala challenge to New Jersey’s restriction on carry licenses, and the case has worked its way through the federal judiciary. Next week, the Supreme Court will finally hold a conference at which time the Justices will sit around a giant conference table, discuss the points of law implicated by cases awaiting action, and ultimately vote on any pending petitions of certiorari (a request for SCOTUS to review a lower court’s decision).

The stakes are potentially huge.

That’s because the circuits are split. The First, Second, Third, and Fourth Circuits have issued decision favorable to strong state gun controls concerning carry licenses; the Seventh and Ninth Circuits along with the influential D.C. Circuit went in the other direction. This is an opportunity for the Highest Court in the Land to resolve the dispute… if they take it up and grant cert.

If SCOTUS hears the case, how the High Court rules will likely turn on whether a majority believes “strict scrutiny” is the appropriate standard of judicial review for gun control carry laws.

Disturbing Bit Of Trivia: In 2003 Interview, Comey Admitted To Voting Communist In The 70s – Just Like Brennan

In a 2003 interview with New York Magazine, Comey said that before voting for Carter in 1980, he’d been a Communist. He admitted, “I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now.”

Former CIA Director John Brennan’s ties to communism are well known. Although I’ve never heard about James Comey being connected to communism, the words do come straight out of the horse’s mouth.

Just asking, does anyone else find it unnerving that America entrusted the CIA and the FBI to individuals who were, at one point, self-declared communists?
This disturbing bit of trivia comes to us from journalist Paul Sperry.

The author, Chris Smith, wrote that, “Comey has been savaged by William Safire and lauded by Chuck Schumer; just what kind of Republican is he, anyway?”

Comey apparently howled with laughter.

He explained, “In college, I was left of center, and through a gradual process I found myself more comfortable with a lot of the ideas and approaches the Republicans were using.” He voted for Carter in 1980, but in ’84, “I voted for Reagan—I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now. I’m not even sure how to characterize myself politically. Maybe at some point, I’ll have to figure it out.”

Perhaps his “gradual” move away from communism had something to do with his chosen career path. It may have dawned on him that communist leanings might be a serious disqualifier when one is hoping for a career in government law enforcement, especially during the Cold War.

It shouldn’t really surprise that Obama would nominate former communists to two of the most important offices in the U.S. government. Underneath it all, Obama really is a socialist – who surrounded himself with other socialists like Bill Ayers and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Joe Biden: 2nd Amendment Doesn’t Say Americans are ‘Entitled’ to Own Guns

It’s nearly unbelievable just how stupid these politicians are and believe the people are as well.
You see, technically, he’s correct even though he doesn’t know it, and this is not his point.
The amendment simply states that the right shall not be infringed.
So, there’s nothing there that ensures you owning a gun and getting one given to you, say if you can’t afford one, kind of like the ‘entitlement’ to Social Security if you qualify, but, of course, we know what he actually means.
He believes that people really don’t have this right, even though it’s been adjudicated several times in the past that the people do have it as an individual right.

Former Vice President Joe Biden admitted that the “Second Amendment exists” but stressed during his speech in New Hampshire on Tuesday that it does not say everyone is “entitled” to own a gun.

Biden, who was taking questions at a small outdoor venue, then added, “By the way, if one of you left the keys in your car down the street, and a kid comes along and jumps in it and takes off, you could be held liable civilly for that. So if you own a gun, put a damn trigger lock on it. Put it in a case. You have an obligation.”

Biden also spoke about past gun bans he supported. He specifically referenced the 1994 “assault weapons” ban and noted that it also “limited the number of bullets in a clip.” Additionally, he spoke about being former President Barack Obama’s point man for gun control following the December 14, 2012, attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School.

He said, “There are so many other things we can do to make schools safer, other than arming teachers.” He did not specify, however, what those other things are. Rather, he pivoted to the next question.

Oregon Republicans and Democrats (surprise-surprise-surprise) Kill Sweeping Gun Control Bill

U.S.A. –-( Beaver State gun owners are breathing easier in the aftermath of a GOP legislative maneuver that saw state Senate Republicans return to the chamber floor this week to help pass a major education funding bill, because Democrats agreed to kill a sweeping gun control package in exchange, according to the Salem Statesman-Journal.

The newspaper said Republicans had staged a four-day walkout that ended “Monday after securing major Democratic concessions.” One of those concessions was stopping Senate Bill 978.

But the Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF), while congratulating state gun rights activists for their efforts, also cautioned against celebrating just yet.

“Anti-rights zealot Senator Ginny Burdick promised that gun grabbing bills would fail ‘over my dead body’ and the last time we checked Burdick was still with us,” OFF said in a prepared statement. “Rest assured she will be doing everything she can to revive and least some of the onerous elements of SB 978.”

In an email to AmmoLand News, OFF noted, “There are three other gun bills that are not dead…It’s not over till the last Prius leaves the building.” Those other bills are House Bill 2505, House Bill 3299 and House Bill 3329, OFF said.

Republicans had walked out a few days earlier, leaving Senate Democrats without the required number of votes. The Senate needs 20 votes present to take action. There are 18 Democrats in the Senate. When Republicans returned, the gun control bill, SB 978, immediately became a casualty of political warfare over constitutional rights versus anti-rights activism.

Under SB 978, Oregonians would have faced a variety of new regulations including safe storage, allowing gun dealers to raise the minimum age for purchasing firearms, accessories, and components, added prohibitions on where armed citizens could carry, mandatory theft or loss reporting within 72 hours, empowered the Oregon Health Authority to set minimum specifications for trigger and cable locks, and locked containers, and a raft of other requirements. The bill spanned 26 pages.

Google Announces a Security Flaw That Could Let an Attacker Access Your Device
Google is replacing some versions of its Titan Security Key because of a known issue with Bluetooth pairing that could leave your device and account vulnerable.

Advisory: Security Issue with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Titan Security Keys

We’ve become aware of an issue that affects the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) version of the Titan Security Key available in the U.S. and are providing users with the immediate steps they need to take to protect themselves and to receive a free replacement key. This bug affects Bluetooth pairing only, so non-Bluetooth security keys are not affected. Current users of Bluetooth Titan Security Keys should continue to use their existing keys while waiting for a replacement, since security keys provide the strongest protection against phishing.

What is the security issue?

Due to a misconfiguration in the Titan Security Keys’ Bluetooth pairing protocols, it is possible for an attacker who is physically close to you at the moment you use your security key — within approximately 30 feet — to (a) communicate with your security key, or (b) communicate with the device to which your key is paired. In order for the misconfiguration to be exploited, an attacker would have to align a series of events in close coordination:

  • When you’re trying to sign into an account on your device, you are normally asked to press the button on your BLE security key to activate it. An attacker in close physical proximity at that moment in time can potentially connect their own device to your affected security key before your own device connects. In this set of circumstances, the attacker could sign into your account using their own device if the attacker somehow already obtained your username and password and could time these events exactly.
  • Before you can use your security key, it must be paired to your device. Once paired, an attacker in close physical proximity to you could use their device to masquerade as your affected security key and connect to your device at the moment you are asked to press the button on your key. After that, they could attempt to change their device to appear as a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse and potentially take actions on your device.

This security issue does not affect the primary purpose of security keys, which is to protect you against phishing by a remote attacker. Security keys remain the strongest available protection against phishing; it is still safer to use a key that has this issue, rather than turning off security key-based two-step verification (2SV) on your Google Account or downgrading to less phishing-resistant methods (e.g. SMS codes or prompts sent to your device). This local proximity Bluetooth issue does not affect USB or NFC security keys.

Am I affected?

This issue affects the BLE version of Titan Security Keys. To determine if your key is affected, check the back of the key. If it has a “T1” or “T2” on the back of the key, your key is affected by the issue and is eligible for free replacement.

Steps to protect yourself

If you want to minimize the remaining risk until you receive your replacement keys, you can perform the following additional steps:

iOS devices:

On devices running iOS version 12.2 or earlier, we recommend using your affected security key in a private place where a potential attacker is not within close physical proximity (approximately 30 feet). After you’ve used your key to sign into your Google Account on your device, immediately unpair it. You can use your key in this manner again while waiting for your replacement, until you update to iOS 12.3.

Once you update to iOS 12.3, your affected security key will no longer work. You will not be able to use your affected key to sign into your Google Account, or any other account protected by the key, and you will need to order a replacement key. If you are already signed into your Google Account on your iOS device, do not sign out because you won’t be able to sign in again until you get a new key. If you are locked out of your Google Account on your iOS device before your replacement key arrives, see these instructionsfor getting back into your account. Note that you can continue to sign into your Google Account on non-iOS devices.

On Android and other devices:

We recommend using your affected security key in a private place where a potential attacker is not within close physical proximity (approximately 30 feet). After you’ve used your affected security key to sign into your Google Account, immediately unpair it. Android devices updated with the upcoming June 2019 Security Patch Level (SPL) and beyond will automatically unpair affected Bluetooth devices, so you won’t need to unpair manually. You can also continue to use your USB or NFC security keys, which are supported on Android and not affected by this issue.

How to get a replacement key

We recommend that everyone with an affected BLE Titan Security Key get a free replacement by visiting

Is it still safe to use my affected BLE Titan Security Key?

It is much safer to use the affected key instead of no key at all. Security keys are the strongest protection against phishing currently available

John Lott: Gun controls backed by Dem presidential candidates would hurt poor and minorities

As always, the Doctor plainly lays it out.

Name a gun control regulation, and you’ll find Democratic presidential candidates who enthusiastically support it.

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., promised Wednesday that if she becomes president she will use executive orders to mandate background checks on the private transfers of guns, revoke the licenses of gun makers and dealers whose guns are used in crimes, and ban the importation of many semi-automatic guns.

Her proposals follow Sen. Cory Booker’s push for licensing gun owners and an even longer list of gun regulations. Like Harris, Booker, D-N.J., is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination.

The regulations Harris and Booker are proposing would hit low-income Americans – many of whom live in high-crime neighborhoods – particularly hard, because the regulations would effectively prevent them from owning guns for protection by making gun ownership more expensive. Black Americans would be disproportionately affected because of their disproportionately high poverty rate.

Booker said that as president he would seek to remove the National Rifle Association’s tax-exempt status, license and fingerprint gun owners, impose universal background checks on the private transfers of guns, place microstamps on all firearms (even though this technology does not yet exist), and ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

Booker would also allow courts to confiscate firearms if a judge merely suspects that an individual is dangerous and use your tax dollars to fund gun control research.

Both Harris and Booker claim that background checks for gun purchasers stopped 3.5 million dangerous or prohibited people from buying guns. However, virtually all of those denials are the result of mistakes.

Harris and Booker also seem content to stop law-abiding people from buying a gun simply because their name is similar to that of a criminal. Relying on birth dates and phonetic similarity of names just doesn’t allow for much accuracy.

Incidentally, people are more likely to share names with other members of their racial and ethnic groups. Hispanics often have names similar to other Hispanics, and certain names are relatively common among African-Americans. Law-abiding black people and Hispanics are particularly likely to have their names confused with people whose criminal records preclude them from having guns.

This problem of false positives requires only an easy fix. The government need only follow the same rules that it demands of private companies when they conduct criminal background checks on employees.

But instead of fixing the system and requiring the use of basic identifying information, Democrats reveal that they want to make it more difficult, unfair, and inconvenient for law-abiding people – particularly minorities – to buy a gun.

Democrats argue that requiring voters to shows free IDs discriminates against minorities. But the universal background checks that Harris and Booker want for gun purchases don’t come cheap. In Washington and New York City, checks on private transfers of guns start at $125.

The licensing laws Booker favors will only raise costs of legal gun ownership still further.

Booker’s home state of New Jersey has just proposed increasing the cost of its mandatory firearms purchaser identification card – which functions as a license to own a gun – to $100. On top of that, gun owners must obtain a permit, for which the proposed fee is $50.

So who do they think that all these costs will prevent from owning guns?

Booker believes that licensing gun owners will reduce crime, but licensing and registration hasn’t worked out that way in parts of the U.S. and other countries where it has been tried.

In theory, if guns are left at a crime scene, they can be traced back to the criminal. In real life, crime guns are only left at the scene of incidents when criminals have been seriously injured or killed.

Also, crime guns are very rarely registered. In the exceedingly rare instances that they are, they typically aren’t registered to the person who committed the crime.

That’s why police in Canada, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Chicago and Washington, D.C., can’t point to any crimes that have been solved as a result of gun registration. But there is a cost. In Honolulu, the licensing and registration operation takes 50,000 hours of police time each year to run.

Booker claims that Connecticut saw “a 40% drop in gun homicides” between 1995 and 2005, but he ignores that crime was falling nationally as well as in the Northeast during the period – not just in Connecticut.

Indeed, in the rest of the Northeast, the drop in gun homicides was greater than Connecticut’s in three of the next five years after licensing was enacted and eight of the next 15 years.

Harris and Booker want to close the “boyfriend loophole” to prevent dating partners convicted of domestic violence from purchasing guns, but this misstates existing regulations.

Under federal law, “domestic violence” already includes felony or misdemeanor crimes of violence committed by an “intimate partner.” Even a misdemeanor conviction involving a violent crime bans someone from owning a gun for life.

Booker’s promise to close the so-called “Charleston Loophole” is just as misleading. Supposedly, if the government would only have had more time to check Dylann Roof’s background, he would have been stopped from buying a gun.

But Roof, who pleaded guilty to murdering nine people at a church in Charleston, S.C., in 2015, had only been charged with misdemeanor drug possession prior to the church shooting, so would not have been barred from buying a firearm under Booker’s proposal.

Even if Roof had been convicted of misdemeanor drug possession, the federal background check system would not have red-flagged his gun purchase. So there’s no loophole to be closed, unless Booker will strip people of their right to self-defense when just arrested for misdemeanor drug possession.

As to banning high-capacity gun magazines, they are just a metal box with a spring. They are trivially easy to make and virtually impossible to stop criminals from obtaining. The 1994 legislation banning magazines holding more than 10 bullets had no effect on crime rates.

“Congress has not provided federal funds to research gun safety,” said Booker, in what is a flat-out lie. The federal government has generously funded firearms research, spending over $43 million between 2015 and 2018.

Nor has this been the only source of funding. Multibillionaire gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the effort.

Other regulations, such as microstamping firearms – where a gun’s firing pin imprints a microscopic set of characters that identify the gun’s make, model and serial number on each cartridge – have yet to be developed. Mandating this on guns effectively bans new guns.

Instead of adding more fees and inefficiencies, Democrats would be more honest with the American people if they simply acknowledged that they want to ban guns. This wouldn’t so unfairly and disproportionately affect poor Americans, many of whom are minorities.