Slugs For Thugs

Man in underwear shot, killed in northwest Harris County home invasion

Yeah, say that three times.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – An intruder was shot and killed Thursday during a home invasion in northwest Harris County, authorities said.

According to investigators, a family of seven, including small children, was asleep around 2 a.m. at a home in the 19200 block of Juergen Road, when a man, wearing only underwear, kicked in the glass front door and walked in the house.

According to the homeowner’s daughter, Naarai Olbera, who lives in Sugar Land and was not in the house at the time, the man walked down the hall and punched her father, Lorenzo Martinez, 53, in the face, then punched her 53-year-old mother. Her brother, 25, heard the scuffle, went to check and was also punched, she said.

Olbera said her brother and the man kept fighting, but her brother’s punches weren’t affecting the intruder. She said the intruder threw a TV at her brother during the fight.

Olbera said when the man ran toward a room where her sister, brother-in-law and their three sons, ages 5, 8 and 10, were sleeping, her brother-in-law was waiting with a gun.

“My brother was telling him, ‘Hey, he’s coming. Watch out,’” Olbera said. “He shot one in the air to scare him off.”

She said the man didn’t stop, and her brother-in-law shot the intruder twice in the chest.

Study: Brainwash the Next Generation to Promote Climate Action

Are you still sending your children to public brain washing school?

Greens have finally worked out how to promote climate action: Create more greens, by “ingraining” children with their worldview.

Study: inspiring action on climate change is more complex than you might think

People have to grasp how climate change impacts them, and we need to value environmentally sound behavior

John Abraham
Friday 19 May 2017 20.00 AEST

We know humans are causing climate change. That is a fact that has been known for well over 100 years. We also know that there will be significant social and economic costs from the effects. In fact, the effects are already appearing in the form of more extreme weather, rising sea levels, ocean acidification, and so on.

So why haven’t humans done much about the problem? Answering that question may be more challenging than the basic science of a changing climate. Fortunately, a new review just out in Science helps us with this question. Lead author, Dr. Elise Amel, a colleague of mine, completed the review with colleagues Drs. Christie Manning, Britain Scott, and Susan Koger. Rather than focusing solely on the problems with communicating the science of climate change, this work takes a wider view on the hurdles that get in the way of meaningful action.

The authors identify a variety of strategies for moving forward with human limitations in mind. Since they acknowledge humans tend not to protect those things they either don’t know or don’t value, ingraining a sense of value in the natural world may be critical. In fact, there is a strong relationship between an individual’s connection to nature and their ecological behavior. In today’s world of growing industrialization and severing of the nature/human connection, the challenge may be to find and create new connection opportunities.

More immediately, the authors encourage efforts to change the social norms surrounding environmentally sound behavior – making it cool again.

I think the summary of the paper does a great job encapsulating the work’s important lessons. The authors write:

Psychological research suggests that humans can move toward a sustainable society by creating conditions that motivate environmentally responsible collective action – conditions that help people surmount cognitive limits, create new situational drivers, foster need fulfillment, and support communities of social change. Individuals whose actions are informed by a deeper understanding of how the planet really works can galvanize collectives to change the larger systems that drive so much of human behavior. To radically alter the way humans think and live; educate the next generation; and design physical, governmental, and cultural systems, humans must experience and better understand their profound interdependence with the planet.

Illinois House Committee Moves Strict New Gun-Dealer Regulations Forward

This is what Springfield Armory and Rock River Arms “let slip”.
So, you Illinois residents, burn up the phone limes to your state congresscritters and cram this crap back down the throats of the tyrants who though it up.

The Illinois House Judiciary Committee voted in favor of a bill that would create strict new regulations for gun dealers on Tuesday.

Senate Bill 1657 passed through the committee on a 7-6 vote. It will now be sent to the House floor for final consideration.

The bill would require that anyone who sells more than nine guns per year to obtain a special state license. The Illinois system would duplicate much of the federal system that already exists to oversee gun dealers but would add a number of additional costly measures as well.

The proposed system would likely add thousands of dollars in fees for gun dealers and ensnare gun owners who would not otherwise be considered gun dealers under federal rules. The National Rifle Association (NRA) has come out in opposition to the bill warning it will put many local gun dealers out of business.

“SB 1657 has nothing to do with regulating gun stores and everything to do with putting them out of business,” Lars Dalsiede, an NRA spokesman, told the Washington Free Beacon. “Instead of going after law-abiding gun-store owners, Sen. Harmon should be more worried about Illinois’s low prosecution rates and the short sentences for repeat offenders. It’s time to start treating the criminals in Chicago like criminals and leave the already overregulated small business owners alone.”

Louisiana Legislature could outlaw letting children use fully automatic guns

but bill has failed before
So, you residents of Louisiana, call your state congresscritters and get this travesty of a law sunk back down into the slime it came from.

Louisiana could outlaw supplying kids 12 years old and younger with Uzi submachine guns and other fully automatic weapons under legislation that cleared a House committee Thursday.

House Bill 67, by Rep. Barbara Norton, D-Shreveport, would penalize adults who give, sell, lend and otherwise provide children with fully automatic weapons, which can shoot a stream of bullets with a single pull of the trigger.

Norton said her measure was inspired by a 9-year-old Arizona girl who was allowed to fire an Uzi submachine gun at a firing range and lost control of the weapon, killing her instructor in 2014. Norton’s original bill only outlawed the small Israeli-made machine guns, but it was amended to include all fully automatic weapons.

Federal and state laws prevent handgun ownership of people under 17 with exceptions built in for kids who are at gun ranges, or are taking hunter and gun safety classes. But there are no age prohibitions in Louisiana on ownership of long guns, which include rifles and shotguns.

Gun license fees will soon be more affordable in Texas

It will soon be a lot cheaper to legally carry guns in the state of Texas. Lawmakers in the Texas Senate and House approved legislation that will lower the first-time gun license fee from $140 to $40.  Renewal fees will also be lowered from $70 to $40.

The bill also waves fees, first time or renewal, for any Texas Justice Of the Peace. The bill won’t go into effect until September 1st when Wichita Falls-born Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, signs it into law.


And the ‘rest of the story’ about the Policewoman’s trial in Tulsa.

Oklahoma jury that acquitted Tulsa officer says she had non-deadly options

One thing I’ll add. Neither you, me, nor the jury were there when things were happening. I also believe the jury understood that point.

The Oklahoma jury that acquitted a white officer for fatally shooting an unarmed black man believed race was not a factor in the incident and the officer acted according to training but had non-deadly options available, according to court papers released on Friday.

Officer Betty Shelby, 43, was found not guilty on Wednesday of manslaughter by a Tulsa jury after a week-long trial for killing Terence Crutcher, 40, in September 2016. The roadside incident was captured on widely seen police video and stirred tensions over racial bias in policing.

“While Officer Shelby made a justifiable decision at the very moment she pulled the trigger according to her training, when reviewing the moments before she discharged her weapon, the jury wonders and some believe that she had other options available to subdue Mr. Crutcher before he reached his car,” the jury foreperson said in a letter to court.


Man arrested after trying to break cockpit door on AA flight

Turkish man? Hmm, see categories listed to left.

An off-duty police officer Friday subdued a Turkish man who attempted to break down the cockpit door aboard an American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii, police said.

There were no injuries and the man was arrested after the plane made its scheduled landing in Honolulu, though the disturbance prompted the Air Force to scramble two F-22 fighter jets from the Hawaiian Air National Guard to serve as a military escort for the flight as it passed over the open waters of the Pacific and the Hawaiian Islands.

Police at Los Angeles International Airport said the suspect had been detained at LAX after breaching a secure area of the airport. Police determined he was drunk, but allowed him to board his flight.


Trump-ordered tactics have left ISIS ‘no escape,’ Jim Mattis says

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is crediting changes in tactics ordered by President Trump for increasing the pressure on the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, and leaving the beleaguered fighters with no avenue of escape.

“He directed a tactical shift from shoving ISIS out of safe locations in an attrition fight to surrounding the enemy in their strongholds so we can annihilate ISIS,” Mattis said Friday during a Pentagon briefing on the counter-ISIS campaign.

Mattis said that by making sure foreign fighters can’t get away, or return to their home countries, “We don’t simply transplant this problem from one place to another.”

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford pointed to two other changes that came as result of the president’s direction to accelerate the defeat of ISIS, including allowing U.S. advisers to accompany partner forces closer to the front lines, and the decision to arm Syrian Kurds to facilitate the liberation of Raqqa, the Islamic State’s self-proclaimed capital in Syria.


Judge dismisses ‘clock boy’ lawsuit saying the school didn’t discriminate against Ahmed Mohamed

when the Muslim teen’s teacher called the police because she thought he made a bomb.

In my opinion, we’re dealing with spotlight seeking parents who though they could cash in with the then current pansy adminintration.
I can almost guarantee that no kid his age, that I know, would have had that much internal initiative.

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by Ahmed Mohamed’s father, saying the family will not get a payout from the city of Irving, Texas or the school district for the ‘clock boy’ scandal, has learned.
On September 14, 2015, 14-year-old Ahmed gained national attention when his high school teacher suspected he brought a bomb to school.
Ahmed was surprised and showed the teacher it was actually a homemade alarm clock. She told the Muslim teen she would keep it behind her desk for the rest of the day.
Later that day, the teacher called the police who arrested Ahmed at MacArthur High School



In secret recording, Venezuelan general pushes for snipers to control demonstrators


Claiming to be primed for civil war, a Venezuelan general issued orders to prepare for the future use of snipers against anti-government protesters, according to a secret recording of a regional command meeting held three weeks ago at a military base in the northwestern Venezuelan city of Barquisimeto.

On the recording, obtained from a Washington source that has provided el Nuevo Herald with information on Venezuela for previous stories, the generals discuss the legality and risks of using snipers during the massive demonstrations taking place almost daily against President Nicolás Maduro.

The military, however, insists publicly that it is not using lethal force against demonstrators, a claim that was repeated on Wednesday by Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez.

The meeting, chaired by Division General José Rafael Torrealba Pérez, took place in the last week of April as Venezuela’s socialist government continued to try to contain the unrest. Local news reports said at least four demonstrators were killed by gunfire this week, raising the death toll to at least 42, with more than 700 wounded.



Retired Generals to Lawmakers: Infantrymen Need a More Powerful Rifle

Their problem is, these two are retired and behind the power curve. And, as pointed out in the article, the new (well, I guess being fielded for the past 7 years might still be termed new) M855A1 and Mk318 projectiles have provided needed ‘solutions’ to lethality. And as much as I respect Senator Cotton, he’s behind the curve as well. How much of that is politics, or simple ignorance, I will not speculate on.

The ranging situation is endemic to Afghanistan and any solution for that should be a short term one, defined to that area’s unique problems. I’ve long said that an infantry squad deployed to Afghanistan would be well served by fielding one of any of the current bolt action sporting rifles marketed today as a Designated Marksman Rifle for that theater.

Medium barrel weight, synthetic stocked, detachable magazine, 3-12X variable power scope with mil recticle, chambered in 7mm Remington Magnum with 140gr fmj bullets. Issue two per squad.

Two retired Army generals recently told Congress that the Army and Marine Corps should adopt a new infantry rifle with a more powerful cartridge than the current 5.56mm ammunition used in the M4 carbine.

Retired Lt. Gen. John Bednarek and retired Maj. Gen. Robert Scales Jr. testified at a May 17 hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee’s Airland Subcommittee.

The hearing was held to look at the U.S. military’s future small-arms requirements.

Subcommittee Chairman Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Arkansas, opened the hearing by criticizing the M4 carbine’s 5.56mm round as underpowered.

“There are lots of reports of enemy combatants surviving being hit by multiple 5.56 rounds,” Cotton said. “Now we tried to improve the 5.56 round by developing different versions with greater range and firepower, but I’m not convinced this gives our troops the edge they need, especially if our enemies continue making advances in technology.”

Study: Teens With Access To Guns Are At Higher Risk For Mental Health Problems

What drivel. This crap – agenda politics disguised as ‘research’- is what passes for science these days. Wonder what the size of his research grant was?


Study participants at higher risk for violent behavior are five times more likely to know where to get a gun than those not at risk. Auughh!

Youths who attempted suicide were more than twice as likely to have a friend with a handgun.   Double Auughh!

Adolescents and youths who self-report having a mental health issue are twice as likely to say that getting a gun would be easy. Triple Auughh!

Those participants whose parents own a firearm were three times more likely to say that it would be easy to get a gun if they wanted one. Quadruple  Auughh!

Dallas Sheriff Joins Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control Group, Comes Out Against Concealed Carry

Lupe Valdez the sheriff of Dallas County, Texas, is a member of Gabby Giffords’ gun control group, and a solidly against concealed carry for law-abiding citizens on a national basis.
Like Giffords, Michael Bloomberg, and Bloomberg-funded gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety, Valdez is calling for Congress to refuse to pass legislation that would make the concealed carry permit of one state valid in every state. Instead, Valdez likes the patchwork of concealed carry laws whereby a citizen is considered law-abiding in his home state but could face serious criminal charges for crossing a state border while carrying the very same handgun he carries every day as he goes about his business in his city or town of residence.

The Nightmares and the Realities of Never Trump

Four tenets? VDH demolishes them all.

Rarely in the last half-century have so many elite conservatives and intellectuals been so estranged both from a Republican administration and from those who voted for it—neither have they become so animated in their antipathy and disgust for a sitting president.

During the 2016 election, and the current Trump presidency, there have appeared four implicit tenets to the conservative “Never Trump” position that, we are supposed to understand, justified not voting for him, actively opposing him, or voting for Hillary Clinton:

1) The character flaws of the inexperienced and uncouth Trump would eventually nullify any positive agenda that he might enact; not opposing such a boorish character undermines one’s reputation as an empirical and fair-minded conservative;

2) Trump is a liberal wolf in conservative sheep’s clothing; at any given moment he will break his campaign promises and revert to his 1980s New York Democratic self. Or, Trump has no ideology and is an empty vessel willing to embrace almost any ideology he finds efficacious to his ambitions of the moment. Either way, he will do the conservative cause real damage;

3) Trump’s base supporters, while not irredeemables and deplorables, are prone to nationalist extremism and embrace certain prejudices that are antithetical to conservative values;

4) Clinton’s progressive agendas would not do as much damage to the nation as would Trump’s uncouth character. Thus the defeat of the Republicans in 2016, or the failure of an ensuing Trump presidency, would be cathartic. Only a Trump implosion would teach Republicans never again to allow such an untried and dangerous populist nationalist without political experience to highjack their party, while cleansing the movement of some odious figures and unpalatable ideas that have no business in it—or both.

This Is A Coup Against Our Right To Govern Ourselves

Not that the principles of freedom hasn’t been ‘problematic’ for the denizens of the halls of power since, well forever.

The blizzard of lies and distraction blowing through Washington is not just any routine stuffstorm, but a calculated attempt to bring down a president – our president, not the establishment’s president. And more than that, it’s an attempt to ensure that we never again have the ability to disrupt the bipartisan D.C. cabal’s permanent supremacy by inserting a chief executive who refuses to kiss their collective Reid.

This is a coup against us. It’s a coordinated campaign by liberals and their allies in the bureaucracy and media to once and for all ensure their perpetual rule over us. We need to fight it, here and now, so we don’t have to fight it down at the bottom of this slippery slope.


U.S. sanctions Venezuelan Supreme Court judges over National Assembly power grab

The Trump administration sanctioned eight Venezuelan Supreme Court judges Thursday, freezing their assets and banning them from travel to the U.S. as punishment for stripping the Venezuelan Congress of all powers earlier this year, a decision the court later reversed amid widespread international outcry.

The sanctions are the first unrelated to drug trafficking imposed by the Trump administration against high-ranking members of the Venezuelan government. They are intended to continue to isolate the embattled administration of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, which has been besieged by weeks of escalating protests following an economic collapse that has left Venezuelans tired, poor and hungry.

“The United States is not going to allow those who impede democracy or violate human rights to go unpunished,” Sen. Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican who pushed for the sanctions, told the Miami Herald. He decried some of the judges by name Wednesday on the Senate floor, calling them “puppets who do [Maduro’s] bidding.”


ICE Arrests of Illegal Immigrants Up by 38%

U.S. immigration officials arrested more than 41,000 suspected illegal immigrants during the first 100 days of the Donald Trump presidency, an increase of nearly 38 percent over the same period the previous year, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials announced Wednesday.
The six New England states actually experienced a larger percentage increase during the benchmark period; 610 were detained, up 58 percent from the same period the previous year.
ICE announced the number of arrests that coincided with Trump’s first 100 days and noted they are following one of his first executive orders dealing with enforcement of immigration laws.

Social Security Administration: Gun Ban Officially Removed from Federal Code

On May 18 the Social Security Administration (SSA) announced that it officially removed the Social Security gun ban from the federal code.
The Social Security gun ban allowed the SSA to strip certain recipients of their Second Amendment rights without due process. It did this by allowing the SSA to investigate beneficiaries who required help managing finances and were subject to a broad mental health moniker. The moniker covered everything from treatable, sometimes temporary issues like anxiety and depression to major issues like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

In light of the breadth of the mental health moniker, Duke University psychiatry and behavioral science professor Jeffrey Swanson observed that Barack Obama’s Social Security gun ban targeted the “vulnerable” rather than the dangerous. The Washington Post quoted Swanson’s explanation that the ban “[takes] away the gun rights of a large category of individuals without any evidence that they pose a risk of harm to self or others.”


Downstate Democrat Senators sold us out on Dealer Licensing Vote last month

So everyone is asking what happened with the Illinois Senate passing the Gun Dealer Licensing bill. In short, we lost two votes that we thought we had locked up.

As you’ve read, Senator Harmon and friends made deals to lessen the opposition. His plan worked.

You can also add that since the election, our guys have gotten complacent. That same election has the other side simply apoplectic. Hillary’s loss has bent lots of leftists out of shape since November. On top of that, we’ve got a whole phalanx of Washington DC lobbyists pounding Illinois House and Senate members.

Downstate senate Democrats, worried about their left flank, tossed gun owners under the bus in an effort to prevent primary challenges. They figure they can smooth over hard feelings of gun owners if they get through the primary. They must think we’re stupid in addition to forgetful.

Already some of these Downstate Democrat Senators are trying to talk about voting for other pro-gun measures as a way of making up for the dealer bill. To them the dealer bill doesn’t effect gun owners. Its about those bad dealers in Cook County. They probably believe in unicorns too.

They refuse to believe that rules and regulations can be foisted upon dealers in a way to run them out of business.

In fact, the sponsor of the bill wants a way to give a rectal exam to the gun shops he doesn’t like so as to shut them down. Never mind that Chuck’s Gun Shop underwent an ATF inspection last November, where 10 ATF agents showed up unannounced and spent 3 weeks going over their books. What did they find? Nothing.

Is checking out visitors at home with gun behind your back ‘disorderly conduct’?

Asked and finally answered by the North Dakota Supreme court:
Not just ‘No’, but ‘Hell No!’
And that this had to make to their SUPREME COURT says something about how some law enforcment agencies, county prosecutors and lower courts need to have their headgear flushed out.

From yesterday’s North Dakota Supreme Court decision in Keller v. Keller:

Karen Keller is married to Chad Keller. Chad Keller previously was married to Nichole Keller and they had three children together.

According to Nichole Keller, she emailed Chad Keller on August 14, 2016, stating she would like to pick up the two youngest children. Chad Keller responded that the children did not want to go with her. Nichole Keller sent another email later in the day saying she would come at 5:00 p.m. to see the children.

On August 14, 2016 Nichole Keller, accompanied by Rachel Parker, went to Chad Keller’s home to see her youngest daughter. Nichole Keller arrived at Chad Keller’s rural property around 5:00 p.m., but stayed at the end of the property line.

According to Nichole Keller, when she arrived Karen Keller came outside with her hands behind her back. Nichole Keller and Karen Keller were about 200 feet away from each other. Rachel Parker asked Karen Keller to get Nichole Keller’s daughter.

When Karen Keller turned to get the child they noticed Karen Keller was holding a handgun behind her back. Nichole Keller and Rachel Parker asked Karen Keller why she was carrying the handgun and Karen Keller responded she did not know the person Nichole Keller was with and did not trust her.

Nichole Keller testified that Karen Keller did not point the gun at her or make any threatening or violent statements. According to Nichole Keller, she is fearful for her life and the safety of her kids because of the August 14, 2016 incident. Nichole Keller and Rachel Parker left the residence and called the police. A deputy arrived and interviewed the parties.

This led to Nichole Keller getting a “disorderly conduct restraining order,” based on a finding that there was “reasonable grounds” to believe that Karen Keller’s actions were disorderly conduct. North Dakota law defines disorderly conduct as “intrusive or unwanted acts, words, or gestures that are intended to adversely affect the safety, security, or privacy of another person,” but expressly excluding “constitutionally protected activity.” The trial court concluded:

“[T]here was a gun. She brought it out on the property. And it’s obvious that Nichole was very scared. And she testified that she is still scared. And to me, that is the definition of gestures that are intended to adversely affect the safety, security, or privacy of another person. That’s the definition of disorderly conduct. Seems plain and simple to me….”

No, said the North Dakota Supreme Court, reversing the order:

The Second Amendment guarantees an individual’s right to keep and bear arms. In D.C. v. Heller, the Supreme Court of the United States held the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm for self-defense purposes, stating the Second Amendment “guarantee[s] the individual right to possess and carry weapons in case of confrontation.” Article I, Section 1 of the North Dakota Constitution provides an individual’s right to keep and bear arms, stating:

“All individuals are by nature equally free and independent and have certain inalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty; acquiring, possessing and protecting property and reputation; pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness; and to keep and bear arms for the defense of their person, family, property, and the state, and for lawful hunting, recreational, and other lawful purposes, which shall not be infringed.”

… North Dakota law restricting carrying loaded handguns expressly exempts an individual who carries a loaded handgun “on that person’s land, or in that individual’s permanent or temporary residence, or fixed place of business.”

Karen Keller’s conduct at the complained of time and place was constitutionally protected. Nothing in the record suggests her conduct violated the statutory limitations of possessing a firearm.

Adriana Cohen: The media has lost its marbles

as if this is actually news, but I digress.

Just five months in, 2017 is going down in history as the year that gave us the worst media bias America has ever witnessed.

It’s worse than slanted, it’s flat-out rigged against our president and he knows it. Yesterday at the Coast Guard Academy commencement ceremony, President Trump said, “Look at the way I have been treated lately, especially by the media. No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly.”

The days of honest, ethical journalism guided by facts, not political motives, have been replaced by agenda-driven activism by political operatives masquerading as mainstream media journalists.

Each and every week, they have manufactured a continual cycle of “fake news” crises about the Trump administration for the sole purpose of smearing the Republican leader so that Democrats can take back power in the midterms and 2020.

So, we all know by now – I should hope – that Former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been named Special Counsel to investigate if/how the Roosians interfered with the 2016 election.

Now, Congress should get off their lazy backsides and do what their job description tells them to do.

Special Counsel Means Congress Must Start Legislating

 It’s not earth-shattering news that Congress has been, on balance, the least respected branch of government for the last several decades. Reason: They don’t do their job. They bloviate, they posture, they investigate, they hold hearings, they appear on cable news, they raise funds from wealthy constituents and go on junkets, they threaten to turn out the lights if they don’t get their way, but only rarely do they pass laws for the betterment of our country. No wonder the people are fed up.

But now Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has done them a huge favor and given them the opportunity to recover their reputations. He has appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel in the matter of putative Russian meddling with our election. Even though some — with justification — wonder what precise crime has been committed to merit this appointment, given the unremitting nature of the opposition and the inordinate amount of our national attention this controversy is taking, plus a media so over-heated it’s causing global warming all by itself, we have no choice but to clear the air once and for all. Otherwise this may be with us into the next millennium.