Gun rights advocate Dick Heller, left, and Kentucky U.S. representative, Thomas Massie, get the crowd fired up during a second amendment rally in Frankfort, Ky. on Friday. Jan. 31, 2020

Gun rights advocate Dick Heller, left, and Kentucky U.S. representative, Thomas Massie, get the crowd fired up during a second amendment rally  today at the state capitol in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Signs are raised high during the Second Amendment gun rally at the Capitol in Frankfort, Ky on Friday morning. Jan. 31, 2020

Castle Rock resident shoots wanted felon during break-in

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Deputies said they arrested a man who broke into a Castle Rock home and got into a violent fight with a person inside.

Authorities in Cowlitz County got a 911 call just before 9 p.m. on Thursday about a break-in on Toutle Park Road.

The caller said the suspect was fighting with her husband and shots had been fired.

Deputies and Castle Rock police responded and had to use a taser to take the suspect into custody. They identified him as 27-year-old Joseph Wiegert.

Authorities said he was armed with a piece of pipe with a hooked end when he forced his way into the home. The homeowner tried to block his entrance and told him he would shoot if he didn’t stop. Deputies said Wiegert overpowered the homeowner, knocked him to the ground and got inside. That’s when the homeowner fired.

The suspect was shot in the shoulder during the struggle but is expected to recover.

The resident suffered minor injuries, deputies said.

Wiegert was booked into the Cowlitz County Jail on charges of 1st-degree attempted murder, 1st-degree burglary and unlawful possession of a gun. He also had an outstanding felony warrant.

Suspected robber critically injured after being shot at Northland home, found on highway ramp

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One person has been critically injured Thursday afternoon in a Northland shooting that police say stemmed from an attempted robbery.

Police say victims of that attempted robbery, which took place near N.E. 119th and N. Campbell streets, defended themselves and shot the suspect.

Officers found the suspect who was shot on the ramp from southbound 169 Highway to westbound Highway 152. That person was taken to a nearby hospital with critical injuries.

Police said they don’t know if this was a random or targeted incident or if the suspect actually got into the Northland home. Officers said they believe there was more than one person involved in this incident. They are still investigating.

Dem leaders signal they won’t accept Trump acquittal as legitimate

So what? They never accepted the 2016 election results either. What are they going to do but shoot off their fat mouths as usual, declare war?
No matter how they feelz about it,  Trump will be acquitted.
You can disagree with the outcome, but either you respect the outcome of the Constitutional process where the Senate is the sole trier of an impeachment, and that means Senate rules apply, and that means the majority vote of the Senate is it, or you’re demanding violence.
When, not ‘if’ with their current rabble rousing, any violence occurs from the left, Pelousy and Chuck-U should be indicted for sedition.

Democrats signaled in the runup to the looming conclusion of President Trump’s impeachment proceedings that they’ll simply refuse to accept his all-but-certain acquittal because his “sham” trial lacked proper witnesses and evidence.

Signaling how they will message the saga in the coming months on the campaign trail, top Democratic leaders in the House and Senate argued Trump can never erase the stain of impeachment because the trial wasn’t legitimate.

“The president’s acquittal will be meaningless,” Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., declared Friday, “because it will be the result of a sham trial. If there are no witnesses, no documents in this trial, there will be a permanent asterisk next to the acquittal of President Trump written in permanent ink.”

Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif. said Republicans may get what they want — a speedy end to the trial — but it won’t have any value.


Novel Coronavirus(2019-nCoV)
Situation Report – 11

9826 confirmed
9720 confirmed
15238 suspected
1527 severe
213 deaths

Outside of China
106 confirmed
19 countries

Patients Under Investigation (PUI) in the United States*†

As of 1/31/2020

People under Investigation (PUI) in the United States
Positive 6
Negative 114
Pending§ 121
Total 241


Delta suspends all flights to China, as coronavirus reaches 9,600+ cases and growing fast

How about the flights from China?

Delta Airlines has suspended all flights to China amid reports of the worsening Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in the country.

The airline announced it would suspend all flights between Feb. 6 and April 30, as a result of the coronavirus. In a statement Friday, Delta Airlines said it would continue to monitor the outbreak and make new adjustments to its flight suspensions as further details emerge.

Delta currently operates 42 flights to China weekly. The airline announced it would help customers reschedule their flights after April 30, or discuss refunds options.

Elizabeth Warren introduces sweeping gun safety bill with licensing, universal background checks, and an assault-weapons ban

‘…unlikely to even get a [committee] hearing in the Senate.’ 
Quite accurate assessment, and because of that being admitted by a noted proggie newspaper, this is just another “Hey! Looook AT MEEEEE!!” from Lieawatha and another indicator her internal polling must be dismal.

Senator Elizabeth Warren on Thursday introduced comprehensive and aggressive gun safety legislation, including a federal gun licensing system, universal background checks, and a ban on military-style assault weapons, to address what she called the “deadly crisis” of gun violence.

The Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act, with companion legislation to be introduced in the House by Representative by Hank Johnson of Georgia, incorporates several existing Senate bills that have gone nowhere in the Republican-controlled chamber.

Warren’s bill also is unlikely to even get a hearing in the Senate, but lays down a marker by the presidential candidate of the steps Democrats would try to take on gun safety if they win control of Congress and the White House in the November elections.

Warren’s pathetic treatment of Chief Justice John Roberts

Her private internal polling on her presidential campaign must put her numbers so rock-bottom that she figures the only thing she has left is to throw chicken$#!+ spitwads like this simply to try and garner more attention.

Elizabeth Warren’s challenge to Chief Justice John Roberts on Thursday had about as much value to the impeachment proceedings as Warren’s DNA has Native American ancestry.

Which is to say, not a lot.

Warren’s question to Chief Justice Roberts was truly ridiculous. “At a time when large majorities of Americans have lost faith in government,” Warren asked, “does the fact that the chief justice is presiding over an impeachment trial in which Republican senators have thus far refused to allow witnesses or evidence contribute to the loss of legitimacy of the chief justice, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution?”

It was Warren at her truest self: utterly populist, faux-intellectual, and totally obsessed with partisan pageantry.

The question, supposedly seeking a serious response from the House impeachment managers, got the treatment it deserved. Roberts’s calm response showed him for the far superior public servant he is. To his credit, Adam Schiff rebuked his fellow Democrat by answering her question with a defense of Roberts’s honest presiding.

Of course, Schiff has to take the opportunity to spout more of his BS.

Feds Back Off Jailing Michael Flynn After Stunning New Evidence That Gov’t ‘Lied’ And ‘Framed’ Him

gubbermint bureaucraps lied about a purported crime?!

The government lied, “framed,” hid favorable evidence, and showed “contempt for the law at every turn” in their treatment of Michael Flynn, the retired three-star Army general and former Trump White House national security adviser.

Those charges were contained in a new filing in the government’s case against Flynn. And his attorney, Sidney Powell, was just getting started.

In the 27-page-filing, an add-on to her previous motions, Powell demanded charges be dropped against Flynn based on previously withheld exculpatory documents by the government and the IG report on FISA abuse.

Democrats Demand YouTube Censor “Climate Misinformation” Videos

Tyrants gotta tyrant, you know

A Democrat Congressional committee is demanding YouTube censor videos that contain “climate misinformation” as part of a new purge that would basically eliminate skepticism about man-made global warming from the platform.

In a letter sent to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on the Climate Crisis claims that YouTube has “been driving millions of viewers to climate misinformation videos every single day.”

Elizabeth Warren Suggests Making it a Crime to Spread ‘Disinformation’ Online

From Lieawatha herownslef. BTW, this is the definition of ‘irony’.

Presidential candidate and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has declared her intentions to see the spread of ‘disinformation’ online become a crime if she is elected president, CNBC reports.

In a campaign statement, Warren said that she will “push for new laws that impose tough civil and criminal penalties for knowingly disseminating this kind of information,” which she claims “undermines the basic right to vote.”

Her statement is largely directed at the Big Tech companies themselves, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google, but she did not differentiate between punishing the companies and punishing individual users as well. She also gave no specifics about what exactly would account for “disinformation” in her definition.

Virginia House passes 7 gun-control measures

RICHMOND, Va. — The Virginia House of Delegates has passed several pieces of gun-control legislation, but some of the measures face an uncertain future in the more conservative Senate.

The Democrat-led House approved seven gun measures Thursday, largely along party lines. The legislation will now go to the Senate for a vote, which has already passed its version of some of the measures but has shown signs that others may not survive. Both chambers are controlled by Democrats, but the Senate is the more conservative of the two chambers on gun issues.

Virginia has become ground zero in the nation’s raging debate over gun control and mass shootings as a new Democratic majority has pledged to put strict new limits in place………..

Democratic Sen. John Edwards, head of the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, said he wasn’t sure if those bills would pass the Senate, or if he supports them himself.

“I don’t know,” he said.

Several Senate Democrats have already said they are unlikely to back the governor’s ban on so-called assault weapons, such as the popular AR-15-style rifles – a key part of Northam’s gun-control package. The House version of the bill has also not advanced.

The assault weapons legislation has drawn the fiercest pushback, as gun-rights advocates accuse Democrats of wanting to confiscate such rifles from current gun owners. Northam has said he has no interest in doing so.

An estimated 8 million AR-style guns have been sold since they were introduced to the public in the 1960s. The weapons are known as easy to use, easy to clean and easy to modify with a variety of scopes, stocks and rails.

Guns were a key topic of last year’s legislative elections – particularly after a mass shooting in Virginia Beach claimed a dozen lives – and gun-control groups heavily funded Democratic candidates.

Gun owners, meanwhile, have descended on local government offices to demand they establish sanctuaries for gun rights. More than 100 counties, cities and towns have declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries and vowed to oppose any new “unconstitutional restrictions” on guns.

Florida bills would allow concealed weapons at school churches, armed city officials in meetings

TALLAHASSEE — With supporters pointing to attacks on churches and synagogues, a House panel Tuesday approved a measure that would allow people to carry concealed weapons at religious institutions that share properties with schools.

The House Criminal Justice Subcommittee also approved a separate bill that would allow county commissioners, school board members and elected city officials to be armed at their public meetings.

State law generally allows people to carry concealed weapons at religious institutions, but it bars being armed on school properties. That has effectively meant that people cannot carry guns to churches or synagogues that meet at places with schools.

The measure (HB 1437) approved Tuesday would allow religious institutions to authorize people with concealed-weapons licenses to carry guns at such locations.

“Right now, if a church was located on the same property as, say, a preschool, and that preschool met from Monday through Friday, people at that church would not be allowed to carry concealed on Sunday and Wednesday night during those services, and this bill would change that,” bill sponsor Jayer Williamson, R-Pace, said.

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey supported the proposal, saying he considers it a “property rights bill” instead of a gun bill.

Perjury charge filed against woman who tried to have CSU officer’s weapons confiscated

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — A perjury charge has been filed against Susan Holmes, the woman who recently tried to use Colorado’s new “red flag” law to have a Colorado State University officer’s weapons confiscated.

Earlier this month, Holmes filed an extreme risk protection order against Cpl. Phillip Morris. It was denied.

Morris shot and killed Holmes’ son in 2017. The district attorney found the shooting to be “clearly justified.”

A petition for an extreme risk protection order requires the petitioner to have a connection to the respondent, such as being a blood relative, a marriage or domestic partner, or having a child in common with the respondent.

Under penalty of perjury, Holmes claimed she had a child in common with Morris when in fact, she does not.

On Thursday, Colorado court records showed Holmes is charged with one count of perjury and one count of attempt to influence a public servant. The latter charge is for allegedly lying to a judge.

The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office said a warrant is out for Holmes and she is not in custody. The sheriff’s office confirmed the warrant is in relation to the ERPO case.

The warrant has been active for about one week.

Holmes’ bond is currently set at $5,000.

Coronavirus spread now a global emergency declares World Health Organization

The rise in new coronavirus cases outside China, now constitutes a global health emergency, the World Health Organization’s Emergency Committee declared on Thursday, calling on all countries to take urgent measures to contain the respiratory disease.Latest WHO figures state there are more than 7,800 confirmed cases globally, with 7,736 confirmed in China, and a further 12,167 suspected cases inside the country where the outbreak began in Wuhan, a city of around 11 million which remains in lockdown.

Latest figures

So far, 170 people have died in China, and 1,370 cases there are officially described as severe. A total of 124 have recovered and been discharged from hospital.

Outside China, there are 82 confirmed cases, in 18 different countries, and only seven had no history of travel in China.

“There has been human-to-human transmission in three countries outside China”, according to a statement released by WHO’s Emergency Committee. “One of these cases is severe and there have been no deaths.”

“This is Only the Third Time in History a President Has Been Impeached, and the First Time That Absolutely No One Cares”

People are sick and tired of corrupt partisan hack politicians who will do anything but what they’re actually paid to do.

Podcaster Andrew Espitallier, who hosts a channel called The Right Latino with his friend Alex, took to the streets of Manhattan on Saturday to ask average New Yorkers their impressions and opinions on President Trump’s impeachment trial. He traipsed 30 blocks, from Times Square to Union Square, for over three hours, put a microphone in the face of hundreds of people, and couldn’t find a single one who was even remotely interested.

‘Here I am, in the middle of ultra-liberal New York City, and literally no one cares. I was shocked’, he told me.

When my pal Buck Sexton asked if I would come on his radio show to discuss impeachment, I apologized and told him he might want to ask someone else. ‘I haven’t watched one second of it and I don’t plan to now,’ I said. ‘That’s even better. You’re representative of an average American then. Let’s discuss that’, he said.

Same thing happened with RT International, who asked me to discuss the latest impeachment news. ‘I’m sorry. I’m not following a word of it’, I said. Even better, I was told. And same with this magazine, when asked if I could do an impeachment story for this week. ‘I took a vow to not pay it any attention,’ I told Dear Leader Freddy Gray.

‘Then that’s your column’, he said.

They’re all correct. Although I understand history and politics geeks being interested in the process of impeachment, I feel bad for my right-wing journalist friends who for two weeks now have had to feign outrage over the proceedings. This is only the third time in history a president has been impeached and the first time that absolutely no one cares. That’s the only interesting thing about it, how disinterested people are. Whereas most journalists run like cats with laser pointers wherever the Democratic party tells them to go, a good journalist ought to assess what is worthy of the public’s attention and everything about the Democrats’ behavior since day one of this presidency points to frivolity and insincerity. It is a historic moment any way you look at it, yet no one can be bothered to give a damn. What a wonderful ‘screw you’ to the establishment. If the media won’t starve the misbehaving, temper-tantrum throwing brats of the Democratic party of attention, then thank goodness the average American is.

Last week, each of the three networks barely managed to crack one million views for the Democrats’ opening remarks, and even that number sounds high. By comparison, daytime soap operas banked 11 million views the same week. While Slurrer of the House Nancy Pelosi was yammering on about Russia conspiracy theories (wait, I thought this was about Ukraine?) and Adam Schiff was doing whatever, many more Americans were more interested in what was happening on Days of Our Lives, where Sarah and Adrienne were in a car accident. Adrienne later died from the injuries, and after Sarah’s baby died, Xander passed off Kristen’s daughter as Sarah’s. Fans of General Hospital were irked that impeachment proceedings pre-empted the show, forcing antsy soap fan blogs to host discussions about whether or not Nina will take back Valentin.

The media is also very ticked off that Americans don’t care. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes appeared on the verge of tears that no one is paying attention. They can’t seem to wrap their minds around why all us hillbillies and rubes just don’t care. Senators were reported to be falling asleep during the proceedings last week and popping out to give media interviews.

‘These peoples’ jobs is to do this. This is literally their job. If you find it too annoying or frustrating or uncomfortable to sit for eight hours and listen, you can resign tomorrow and go get another job’, Hayes whined about the distracted senators. Perhaps that’s better left up to their constituents and not Chris Hayes. It’s also, literally, my job to follow the news and I decided, nah, not this time. Don’t care! Even Dianne Feinstein can’t get canceled for reportedly suggesting this was all a bad idea and they should just get it over with and acquit the president.

Any way you slice it, the Democrats don’t come out looking good once the history books are written, and that’s putting it mildly. The people have spoken, they’ve impeached impeachment. As the crowning achievement of the Democrats’ last four years, that ought to greatly concern them. If there’s anything that points to a Trump mega-landslide in 2020, it is how Americans have turned their back on impeachment. What’s yet to be seen is whether this spectacle was the beginning of new, dark era in American politics, where attempted coups by the opposition party become the norm, or just more free comedy from our bumbling friends on the left.

Army Rangers Conducted the Most Successful Rescue Mission in U.S. History 75 Years Ago

After the end of the war when all the PW records could be correlated with the lists of the still missing in action, it was determined that a great uncle was one of those who had died on the Bataan Death March.

Seventy-five years ago a company of Army Rangers and Filipino guerrilla fighters conducted the most successful rescue mission in U.S. military history, freeing over 500 prisoners of war being held by the Japanese.

The raid took place at Cabanatuan prison camp, located about 65 miles north of Manila, in the Philippines.

Most of the POWs in the camp were survivors of the infamous Bataan Death March, which took place in the spring of 1942………

In early January 1945, U.S. forces landed on Luzon island and began the push toward Manila.

By this time, most of the American POWs had been transported back to Japan or Manchuria to work as slave laborers.

However, among those remaining were over 500 being held at Cabanatuan.

When one of MacArthur’s top generals, Sixth Army commander Gen. Walter Krueger, learned of the camp, he green-lit a mission to rescue the POWs, knowing they were in danger of being killed by the Japanese as American forces drew near……

Charlie Company of the 6th Ranger Battalion, beefed up with an extra platoon to be 120 strong, was chosen for the perilous mission to slip 30 miles behind enemy lines, undetected, liberate the camp and lead the POWs back to freedom.

They would be supported on the mission by 200 Philippine guerrilla fighters.

Opposing them would be approximately 250 Japanese guards and other troops housed at Cabanatuan, with nearly 1,000 Japanese soldiers positioned less than a mile from the camp.

Only four miles away, at Cabanatuan City, were an additional 9,000 Japanese forces……

Armed with intelligence provided by Filipino guerrillas and the 6th Army’s Alamo Scouts, Mucci and his men crossed into enemy-held territory on the morning of Jan. 28…….

The Rangers launched the raid of Cabanatuan on the evening of Jan. 30.

A P-61 Black Widow fighter plane flew low over the camp creating a diversion, so the U.S. troops could draw in close to the fence-line undetected.

Suddenly, at 7:44 p.m. local time, the night sky lit up with a fusillade of gunfire as Rangers took out the Japanese guards in their assigned sectors.

The Americans quickly broke through the front gate and fanned out into the camp.

The frenetic scene during the liberation was depicted in the 2005 film “The Great Raid.”

All the POWs were directed to go to the front gate if they could walk (or Rangers carried them). There, they were met and escorted to a nearby riverbed.

The most fragile among them were then loaded onto caraboa (ox) carts provided by the local Filipinos.

Meanwhile, less than a mile from Cabanatuan, 200 Philippine guerrillas under the leadership of Captain Juan Pajota held off nearly a thousand Japanese soldiers.

Pajota’s men managed to partially blow a bridge over the Cabu River, which ran between Cabanatuan and the Japanese forces, which prevented tanks and other heavy vehicles from crossing.

The liberated POWs, guarded by the Rangers and guerrillas, marched through the night toward the American lines, only encountering some light Japanese resistance along the way……..


Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding the President’s Coronavirus Task Force

Today, President Donald J. Trump announced the formation of the President’s Coronavirus Task Force.  Members of the Task Force have been meeting on a daily basis since Monday.  At today’s meeting, which the President chaired, he charged the Task Force with leading the United States Government response to the novel 2019 coronavirus and with keeping him apprised of developments.

The Task Force is led by Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, and is coordinated through the National Security Council.  It is composed of subject matter experts from the White House and several United States Government agencies, and it includes some of the Nation’s foremost experts on infectious diseases.

The Task Force will lead the Administration’s efforts to monitor, contain, and mitigate the spread of the virus, while ensuring that the American people have the most accurate and up-to-date health and travel information.

The President’s top priority is the health and welfare of the American people.  That is why, in 2018, President Trump signed the National Biodefense Strategy, which improves speed of action in situations such as this.  The Administration, led by the President’s Task Force, will continue to work to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

The risk of infection for Americans remains low, and all agencies are working aggressively to monitor this continuously evolving situation and to keep the public informed.  For more information, please visit

Members of the President’s Coronavirus Task Force:

Secretary Alex Azar, Department of Health and Human Services

Robert O’Brien, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs

Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health

Deputy Secretary Stephen Biegun, Department of State

Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Deputy Secretary, Department of Homeland Security

Joel Szabat, Acting Under Secretary for Policy, Department of Transportation

Matthew Pottinger, Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor

Rob Blair, Assistant to the President and Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff

Joseph Grogan, Assistant to the President and Director of the Domestic Policy Council

Christopher Liddell, Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy Coordination

Derek Kan, Executive Associate Director, Office of Management and Budget

You Can Now Stop Facebook From Tracking Your Activity on Other Websites. Here’s How
The ‘Off-Facebook Activity’ tool allows you to control what information about you is tracked and associated with your Facebook account.

As of Tuesday, you can now turn off the collection and sharing of data that sites and apps send to Facebook. You might have had some idea that Facebook was keeping tabs on what you do, but I’m willing to bet you’ll be surprised by the volume of information Facebook has about you. In fact, as I wrote earlier today, even your Ring doorbell app is sharing information with Facebook.

Websites and apps use Facebook’s Pixel and software development kit (SDK) to collect information about your device and your activity, and send that to Facebook. Facebook uses that information to then show you targeted ads.

It’s why people are convinced Facebook must be listening to their conversations since they see ads in their News Feed for the very products or items they were just talking about. Here’s a newsflash: Facebook doesn’t need to listen to your conversations. It already knows so much about you, it can practically read your thoughts.

If you don’t believe me, the “Off-Facebook Activity” tool that Facebook announced back in August is finally available. Go take a look at exactly what Facebook has collected about you. You might be surprised at all of the sites and apps you use on a regular basis who are sharing information about what you do.

Here’s how to find out what sites are sending information to Facebook about you. The “Off-Facebook-Activity” tool isn’t easy to find (though you can click that link to go directly to it). If you want to navigate there, click on the drop-down carrot in the top right of the desktop version of Facebook. Then select “Settings” and “Your Facebook Information.” There you’ll find an option for “Off-Facebook Activity.”


There you’ll find a list of all the sites that are sharing information with Facebook, and you can clear your history (removing this information from your account), turn off tracking for specific sites, or disable this tracking completely. To be clear, if you turn it off, Facebook will still receive information about your activity, it just won’t be associated with your account.

also, turning off this type of data sharing does mean that you won’t be able to use Facebook to log in to other apps or sites. Never mind that you shouldn’t be using it, for this very reason, but if you are, you’ll be logged out and have to create a new login for those accounts or apps.

I don’t often give Facebook credit for considering the privacy interests of its users, but this is a welcome step in the right direction. The company has often had a hard time balancing its need to know as much as it can about you so that it can monetize that information, with the ability for users to control what information is being collected and tracked. While there are still a lot of changes Facebook will have to make before it can really claim to be a “privacy-protective” platform, this is a good start.