Watch: Former Brady Campaign President Stands up for Gun Owners

That’s rich. He was one of the ones relentlessly demonizing law abiding gun owners for years and out of nowhere he suddenly reverses course? Now I have read of conversions “on the road to Damascus”, but I need a lot more than a few words from him to welcome him to our side.
We need some specifics of what he’s refering to as “promoting firearm responsibility”. That’s a phrase I’ve heard floating about trying to foist off universal background checks and licensing.

Former Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence president Dan Gross spoke in defense of gun owners during the November 2, 2019, 2nd Amendment Rally.
Gross spent years as the president of the Brady Campaign, but he told pro-gun rally attendees that he is sick of seeing gun owners maligned.

Gross added, “I’ve seen firsthand how an ideological hatred of guns and the people who own them is more important to some people than the actual goal of saving lives.”

He added, “I can tell, when I was leading Brady, I had a lot of issues with a lot of people who thought they were on my side.”

Gross also discussed what he thinks “gun owners can do to reclaim the narrative in this country.” He spoke of gun owners as “decent” people who lament tragedy just as non-gun owners do and suggested much of the gun debate can be settled via gun owners promoting firearm responsibility as passionately as they promote the right to own a firearm.