Who Will Disarm Us Now?


Kamala Harris, STEP ON UP!

Kamala plans to disarm Americans because “assault weapons kill babies and police officers” (but she’s all in for killing them in the uterus with a pair of salad tongs or a shop vac) and will use her metaphorical “pen and phone” to infringe on our rights, because Congress – which is supposed to represent the American people – refuses to do so.

Harris has recently shuttered her offices and fired staff in New Hampshire, and questioned whether the American people are ready for a woman of color to be president (and by “people,” she means her own party, since this is the Democratic primary, thereby calling Democrats racists and misogynists).

I can’t lie. I’m amused at Harris’s free fall, but I will miss Beto’s awkward but entertaining attempts to pretend to be just a normal guy of the people, instead of a spoiled millionaire, threatening Americans with confiscation of their property and stumbling to correct himself to preserve the “illusion” that he and the Democrats somehow respect the Second Amendment.