Radical Left’s Four-Prong Strategy For Destroying 2A: Step-One More Gun Bans

It isn’t bans on some semiautomatic weapons that the New Progressive Left is gunning for: It’s a ban on all semiautomatic weapons and all component parts of those weapons, and all accessories for those weapons.

The very fact that the Radical Left uses vague and scary expressions, ‘assault weapon’ and ‘high capacity magazine’ isn’t by accident, and this point must be pointed out, apart from the pejorative connotations of those expressions. The expressions are deliberately ‘scary’ to instill a feeling of repugnance in the minds of the target audience. And the phrases are vague and open-ended in meaning to allow Congress to place into these categories anything and everything they wish……….

Their goal is to destroy the Second Amendment because the citizenry’s exercise of the right to keep and bear arms, codified in the Second Amendment, operates as an existential threat to the ultimate goal they wish to achieve: absolute control of the population and subjugation of the citizenry.

To achieve the ultimate goal of expanding Government exponentially and controlling all thought and behavior of the American public through absolute control of the police, the military, the intelligence apparatuses, the media, and control of the policy-making arms of Government, the New Progressive Left antigun zealots realize they must disarm the citizenry. De facto repeal of the right of the Second Amendment is, then, their penultimate goal………….

In that effort, we find antigun groups, the Press, and antigun politicians of the New Progressive Left unfailingly and endlessly utilizing the fictions their public relations firms create for the specific purpose of manipulating the public into supporting policies antithetical to the preservation of the Second Amendment……..

The salient import of the Second Amendment is that the Nation is to be protected by a citizen army, no less so than by the Government’s own standing army; to help thwart a foreign aggressor; but also, and more particularly today, to protect the sovereignty, the integrity, and the autonomy of the American people from the visible and perverse threat posed by seditious insurgents within the Nation.

The threat that the antigun New Progressive Left poses to the American citizenry is manifest in the desire of the New Progressive Left’s intent on creating a massive, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent Federal Government: the antigun New Progressive Left’s God!

To that end, the antigun New Progressive Left has demonstrated an overt proclivity and, indeed, a marked, staunch, and, in their own words, ‘muscular’ desire to disarm the public, for the unmistakable, albeit unstated, purpose of controlling it. No better reason, then, for the civilian citizenry of the Nation to be well-armed, and well-armed, to the hilt.