Movement in the Federal Courts Regarding RKBA

Monday, the Supreme Court heard its FIRST major gun rights case in nearly a decade [brought by NRA & NYSRPA] — in which GOA submitted an amicus brief challenging New York City’s near-prohibition on possessing or transporting handguns.

Regarding the Supreme Court case, our brief argued that New York City limits the right to keep arms only to certain Americans who meet requirements set by the city.

These American citizens who wish to exercise their Second Amendment right to own a firearm are subjected to invasive government screening, arbitrary waiting periods, and substantial fees.

The few Americans who qualify cannot “bear arms” in the true sense of the phrase as recognized in Heller.

Instead, they can only “keep” arms in their home or place of business. And when carrying a handgun to an approved shooting range, honest citizens have to keep their handgun unloaded and locked away, rendering the firearm totally useless for self-defense.

We are using the PLAIN TEXT OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT to argue against these vicious assaults on innocent Americans’ rights.

As stated in our brief, no reasonable person could possibly argue that the people of New York City are free to exercise their God-given rights outlined in the Second Amendment.

But Monday’s Supreme Court hearing was only the beginning.

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals will next hear a case of ours on December 11 which challenges the federal bump stock ban as well as the dangerous precedent of allowing unelected bureaucrats to ban an item that had been completely legal for years.

The federal ban on bump stocks also has dangerous consequences for other firearms including AR-15s and other modern sporting rifles.

If a bump stock can turn an AR-15 into a machine gun, then ANYTHING can — even a rubber band or a belt loop.

This is why Gun Owners of America proudly holds a NO COMPROMISE stance on the Second Amendment because we know that when the anti-gunners are given even one inch, they come back for a foot.

But now more than ever before, we need your help as we go up against the anti-gunners and their army of swamp lawyers to defend Americans living behind enemy lines who simply want to exercise their God-given rights as outlined in the Second Amendment.

So please, make a tax-deductible contribution to the Gun Owners Foundation’s Legal Defense Fund to help offset the massive costs we will incur to fight the anti-gun lobby — and it will be MATCHED by a generous donor committed to saving the Second Amendment.

In Liberty,

Erich Pratt
Senior Vice President
Gun Owners Foundation