63 cars crash on icy Virginia bridge: 35 injured, some critically as I-64 is shut down

Over 60 vehicles involved in a pile up accident on I-64 in York County.

I have driven on that section of I-64 many many times. And that hospital is also quite familiar to me. It really doesn’t take bad weather to have a multiple car pile up on that stretch of highway. This time, it just enhanced things a bit. The usual crap-for-brains drivers I saw and had to drive among almost undoubtedly turned what would have been a 1-2 car wreck in most other places into the near disaster this one was.
You see the traffic backed up in the opposing lanes? That’s the crap-for-brains gawkers who have to slow down to a crawl to rubberneck any accident just in case they might miss some gore.

More than 60 vehicles were involved in chain-reaction crashes on an icy, foggy Virginia bridge Sunday, injuring 35 people and shutting down I-64 in both directions  on a busy holiday travel day.

Injuries ranged from minor to life-threatening at the Queen’s Creek bridge, about 50 miles east of Richmond just outside historic Williamsburg, state police said.

The chain-reaction crashes began at about 7:51 a.m., police said. The state transportation department said all eastbound lanes on I-64 reopened about three hours later. Westbound lanes remained closed until mid-afternoon.

The interstate is a major access road for Virginia Beach, a sprawling beach and military city of more than 440,000 people.

Peter Glagola, spokesman for Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News, said physicians there were treating 24 patients.