Anita Bath, party of one, Ben Dover, party of two, your tables are ready.

Restaurants told to keep log of customer contact info after reopening in Phase 2.

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The state has given a glimpse into what eating at restaurants and taverns is going to look like once coronavirus restrictions are eased in your region.

Restaurants now have the set of requirements they will need to comply with the Gov. Inslee’s 4-phase plan to reopen the state.

While most of the state is in Phase 1, which still prohibits in-seating dining, eight rural counties have been granted variances to advance to Phase 2 — and test out the new restaurant model.
In-service dining will depend on meeting 13 criteria. Among the largest changes will be that staff must keep a daily log of customers with email and telephone numbers for 30 days so in the event of an outbreak, health officials can contact those who may have been exposed. Experts say such contact tracing will be key to containing further widespread outbreaks and allow the economy to slowly reopen.

In addition, hand sanitizer must be available for customers and workers. Tables must be spaced to allow 6-feet of distance between each patron and each table can have a maximum of 5 people, the guideline state.

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