Just in case there was any lingering doubt that these people are loons.

Co-Founder of BLM Vancouver Says That ‘Reliability’ And ‘Loyalty’ Are White Supremacist Concepts

A Vancouver-based leader of Black Lives Matter has taken to Twitter in an attempt to expose the concepts of “reliability” and “loyalty” as part of “capitalist white supremacy” that must be resisted and rejected.

Cicily Belle Blain, the co-founder of Black Lives Matter Vancouver, explained her theory to Twitter followers in a thread that takes on the hateful concept of doing a job “well.”

I want to problematize the concepts of “reliability” and “loyalty” as desirable qualities in an employee.

It’s part of capitalist white supremacy to believe that people should love their job or do it with enthusiasm, or even do it consistently “well” if their needs are not met

“‘Reliable’ is code for follows colonial notions of time, puts job above all else, is unhindered by factors like systemic racism, must work to a consistent high standard (set by white able bodied middle class ppl) with stoicism, ‘the customer is always right’…

“No average person is being paid enough for this to be a fair trade off / in an anti-capitalist alternative no amount of money should be traded for mental + physical health, community, family, morals, identity, sovereignty.”

TPM contributing editor Ian Miles Cheong highlighted the incoherence of Blain’s woke thesis by saying, “The colonial notion of not making people wait for your stupid, lazy ass to deliver on your deadlines. The white supremacist standard of not producing sub-par garbage. Amazing”