Rules for Radicals #4 – “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

Woke Companies Must Provide Their Products, Services to POC for Free

American companies appear to have forgotten their role. Instead of providing products and services, they have appointed themselves to all manner of inappropriate roles. From attempting to directly influence individual state laws to indoctrinating their employees with the anti-American, inherently racist Critical Race Theory, many major corporations from Coke to Disney insist that America is racist, that we owe reparations to black people, and that we need discrimination now to address the discrimination of the past.

Okay, let’s go with that. Since major corporations have decided to enter the political arena and to engage in social engineering on behalf of People of Color (POC), let’s hold them to it. Why wait for the government to force taxpayers to foot the bill and to put things right? These companies need to start NOW, paying up and settling the debt they insist they owe to POC.

Remember Cloward-Piven? This is that, but aimed at the latest unelected, self-appointed government bodies: woke companies. We must insist that these companies begin providing–for free–any and all services and products to ALL POCs immediately. We must demand that no nonwhite person ever has to spend a penny on any Disney product, service, venue. Every POC must be welcomed at Disney hotels, where they eat and drink for free, and at Disney parks and venues, where they enjoy everything for free.

The same goes for Coke: all Coke products must be free to all POC all the time. Coke must ship their products (at their own expense of course) to every household with even one POC in residence. This must be done immediately. If the POC enjoy the product, they can sign-up for weekly or monthly deliveries of free Coke products. If a POC wants a Coke product immediately or doesn’t have a residence or can’t figure out to fill out the reorder form, they can go to their local store, and get whatever Coke product in whatever amount they want. The store will send the bill to Coke, who must pay it in full and in a timely manner.

Actually, no nonwhite person should be homeless because they can stay for free at any Disney hotel or resort. If there aren’t enough to house them, Disney will happily build more as they chip in their part for America’s racist past. Hollywood and legacy media elites can also vacate their mansions to house a few POC families.

This obviously applies to all woke companies pushing Critical Race Theory and/or attempting to use their economic muscle to advocate for woke laws / against common sense laws in states. No POC will pay to attend any NFL, MLB, or NBA game. And they get to sit in the best boxes and seats because white supremacy. No POC will pay for any Angie’s List service, for any Uber ride, for any woke streaming service (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.). ALL POC will receive, at Apple’s expense, the most recent and best iPhone because they deserve it because 1619. Woke Health insurers must cover, at that their own expense, all POC for free. On Cadillac plans, because reparations.

These companies (and the many thousands more engaged in this woke crap) must put their own profits where their big, fat lying mouths are. There will be no government bailouts for them; they must pay for their part in condoning and pushing white supremacy for the past bazillion years, and they must pay with their own wealth, wealth they say they accumulated on the backs of black and brown people.

Since we don’t actually buy Coke and have recently added Disney to our already lengthy boycott lists, we’re not going to be paying to offset their costs, either. We already don’t use woke products or services, so no loss to us. Woke whitey can foot some of the the cost when a single can of Coke costs $300. Woke whitey can’t complain because they are doing their part for racial equity and chipping in their portion of reparations.

It’s past time to make these companies live up to their own rules, abide by their own demands for racial justice. We can’t let them get away with their divisive, poisonous training policies and imposition of their will on state laws with virtue signalling alone. They need to provide their product or service to all POC for free. Period. Only then will we have justice and peace . . . because only then will they stop this madness that is putting our nation on a path to massive civil unrest and all that goes along with it.