it’s still hard to undersell just how much of a smackdown this is. You have to admire Tucker’s wit and willingness to just say what he feels. The point he’s making also happens to be right – stop asking people about their vaccination status.

Why does Ben Smith or anyone besides Tucker’s family need to know his vaccination status? The answer is that they don’t. This creepy obsession with demanding private medical information from other people with no justification has to stop. I know some are hopelessly paranoid about COVID, even when it comes to those who have natural immunity, but that’s not an excuse.

Tucker Carlson Is Asked if He’s Vaccinated and His Answer Is All-Time

Tucker Carlson has ruffled a lot of feathers lately, including among the more establishment commentariat on the Right, over his questioning of the COVID vaccine. You see, Carlson had the unmitigated gall to report on some health problems that the government was looking into possibly related to vaccinations. That’s a no-no in the current environment, and the knee-jerking to rush and ensure nothing negative is ever said about the vaccine is often bone snapping.

That’s not me proposing an anti-vaccine position. Rather, I think hysteria that results from any discussion of possible side-effects is just silly and pointless. People who need the vaccine and want the vaccine will go and get it. I think everything else is just overblown.

Regardless, as part of the consternation about Tucker’s comments, the Fox News host got prodded by The New York Times’ Ben Smith on whether he himself was vaccinated.

Tucker’s response was all-time.