Observation O’ The Day

SloJoe’s puppet masters know this will cause even more problems in the supply chain. It’s being done on purpose, simply to cause more problems, that they hope people will cry out to goobermint to solve.

Comment O’ The Day

This conclusion is inescapable, it is impossible for them to be so wrong by accident.

What a bunch of us have been saying the whole time.

If the Biden Administration were merely incompetent, they’d do some things wrong, a few disastrously so, but they’d also do some things right, a few amazingly so. I envision a standard distribution (a bell curve); most complex issues they’d be mostly neutral or maybe a little off the median, with a few at the extremes where they either really do well or really screw up.
However, that has not been the case.

Instead, they have shown a striking propensity to always trend towards the wrong choice, and they choose the exact worst possible answer alarmingly often. The only exceptions have been cases in which their actions are predetermined by law (read: they MUST take a specific action and have no other option), and even then they try like hell to wriggle out of it. The bell curve is skewed WAY to the left, such that a middling/neutral solution is rare, and doing well is so unlikely as to be almost impossible.

That cannot be a coincidence, and is not adequately explained by random chance or incompetence. Statistically speaking, the only conclusion supported by the numbers is that they are TRYING to do everything wrong.