BOTTOM LINE: Teachers who wish to carry guns and pass all requirements should be able to

WASHINGTON (SBG) – The State of Florida recently joined eight other states in allowing some teachers, staff, and coaches to carry guns in schools.

This effort in Florida is called the Guardian program. School districts can opt-out and teachers are not required to carry guns.

Those who do want to carry a gun have to apply, pass a background check, a psychological evaluation, and complete more than 140 hours of training.

Critics of the program worry about both how effective it will be and about its safety. I believe that school safety is an unsolved problem that requires bold solutions.

We have tried making schools gun-free zones and that clearly has not worked. The Guardian program makes sense. We trust teachers to care for our children.

And if some teachers who feel comfortable and satisfy extensive requirements want to step up and protect our kids, we should thank and celebrate them.

According to the FBI, in the five years between 2014 and 2018, there were at least 19 instances of citizens stopping or repelling active shooters.

That shows that responsible, armed Americans are able to stand up to the evil in our society.

Here’s the Bottom Line: For me as a parent school safety is not just an issue, it is the issue. Enlisting the help of properly trained and credentialed teachers in keeping our kids safe in school is good, common sense.