Only in the pea sized brains of idiots and tyrants.


By Elizabeth McGuigan

Amazingly, a new “study” is making headlines, despite the fact that it relies on obviously faulty assumptions, irrational methodology and has not been peer-reviewed.

The authors cite themselves as support for spurious statements like “Surges in firearm purchasing…have been well documented in association with mass shootings and significant political events and are followed by population-level increases in firearm violence.” Crime data for the most recent months isn’t available yet, but we know history proves otherwise.

Sure, Americans tend to buy more of something they think will soon be scarce. Just as there was an increase in toilet paper buying during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, adults are more likely to legally purchase a certain firearm they have been thinking about when there is a political discussion of banning that firearm. Does that mean those purchases are, as the author argues, “excess” firearms?

Any chef will tell you they require different types of knives for different kitchen tasks. Any hunter will tell you they would not rely on the same firearm for self-defense as they would in the field. All guns are not the same and do not meet the same needs for law-abiding citizens that choose to exercise their Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. The difference is, although there are more homicides each year committed with knives than with Modern Sporting Rifles, no one seems to argue seriously against owning any knives or for limiting the number that a home may possess because more than one is excessive.

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“At the end of the day, the real problem isn’t that the NICS wasn’t robust enough to handle the surge.
No, the problem was that millions of Americans decided to buy guns. They recognized that it was on them to protect themselves and now they wanted the means to do so.”

Progressives Think People Buying Guns Is A Loophole

Not too long before the entire nation shut down due to COVID-19, gun stores started seeing a surge in sales. Many people who had never considered buying a gun in the first place decided maybe they should rethink it. Some were concerned about crime increasing due to the virus. Still others, Asian-Americans, were concerned ignorant morons would blame them for the disease. Still others had different concerns.

Regardless, gun sales soared and have been consistently high ever since.

Now, we know that many of these gun buyers went to gun stores, which means they’re required to undergo a background check and have any required permits before buying.

For some, that’s not enough. The increase in gun sales is somehow evidence that our gun laws are too lax.

Almost immediately after governors began to issue orders in early March directing nonessential businesses to close and individuals to stay at home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, news stories began to emerge of increased traffic at gun stores. One photo of a line of buyers outside of a California gun shop is likely to become one of the most recognizable images from this moment in modern American history. Anecdotes emerged of individuals who had never considered buying guns before rushing to gun stores to make their first purchase, motivated by the fear and uncertainty of this unprecedented moment. Since this early reporting, data have confirmed a dramatic increase in the number of guns purchased during the pandemic. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the federal agency responsible for conducting background checks for gun sales, revealed that nearly 2 million guns were sold in March—the second highest monthly number since these data have been tracked. April gun sales were nearly as high, with an estimated 1.6 million guns sold—a 71 percent increase over April 2019. The trend in gun sales continued in May and June; June saw the biggest increase yet, with an estimated 2.3 million guns sold.

Just as the coronavirus pandemic has exposed gaps within the U.S. health care and economic systems, the surge in gun sales during this period brings to the forefront weaknesses in the current laws and systems governing the sale and ownership of firearms and ammunition. Far too many gun sales are allowed to proceed without background checks, and gun owners face minimal legal requirements to ensure that guns are handled and stored safely. These gaps in the law create risks for all U.S. communities vulnerable to gun violence, and both federal and state policymakers should take this opportunity to strengthen these laws to help reduce gun violence.

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With a still Senate controlled by the opposition party, this is merely more election year grandstanding for the home front. But it does show these anti-civil rights, wanna-be tyrants aren’t ignorant about technology.


Democrats on Capitol Hill have introduced a bill championed by anti-gun advocates to strictly regulate machines designed for the manufacturing of firearm frames or receivers.

The measure, titled the “Stop Home Manufacture of Ghost Guns Act of 2020,’’ would ban ownership of what the bill terms a “firearms manufacturing device” unless the tool is in the hands of a federally licensed firearm maker or of a business that produces such machines for use by FFLs.

Confusingly, the broad new definition to be added to federal code would place the regulation on “a device designed or redesigned, made or remade, and intended to be used primarily to make or convert a product into, a frame or receiver for a firearm, and any combination of parts designed or intended for use in making” such a device.

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Self-defense is not immoral, and neither is arming oneself

In his response to Jeff Jacoby’s recent column about rising gun ownership among Blacks (”Must self-preservation be the top priority?” Letters, June 29), Remy Trahant praises 1960s civil rights protesters for their willingness to die for a cause. He contrasts them with present-day gun owners, who selfishly indulge “the urge to protect [their] own life and family and property and to heck with everyone else.”

I wonder what Trahant believes “everyone else” loses when a person acts to protect their family or property. Other than the criminal, I can’t think of anyone who suffers when a crime is prevented.

The morality of self-defense probably isn’t a hot topic in the cities still smoldering from riots, and the potential need for self-defense is obvious where city governments refused to protect their own citizens. No one should be surprised that people are arming themselves in this environment. Their logic is impeccable.


North Carolina: Gov. Cooper Vetoes Bipartisan Second Amendment Preservation Act

North Carolina: Second Amendment Preservation Act Up for Veto Override 

The House of Representatives will consider overriding Governor Roy Cooper’s veto of the Second Amendment Preservation Act. Gov. Cooper erroneously claimed that the bill will allow guns in schools and threatens the safety of students and teachers. Instead, it only applies to churches that operate schools and simply allows parishioners to carry when the schools are not in session, if the church wishes to opt-in. Please contact your representative and ask them to override Gov. Cooper’s veto of HB 652.

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Investigative Journalist: Here’s How Blue States Implemented a ‘De Facto’ Gun Ban on New Residents

Well, if there is one issue that transcends the blue state-red state divide, it’s the protection of one’s home and family. Ever since the coronavirus lockdowns, folks have been flocking to gun stores. It got another shot of adrenaline when the George Floyd riots erupted, and it was appallingly clear that the police could not protect law-abiding citizenry or local businesses. Minneapolis burned. New York City descended into mob rule for multiple nights, along with rampant looting, arson, and assault on police officers. In Seattle, armed leftists seized portions of the city. No wonder why June was a massive month for gun sales, 40 percent of which are estimated to be new gun owners.

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Gun-related online businesses bemoan growing Big Tech’s suppression of the Second Amendment

After Karl Kasarda’s YouTube channel, InRange TV, was wiped without warning in early 2018, the firearm enthusiast said he had little option but to turn to posting clips and reviews on a platform of a different kind: PornHub.

He said navigating the social media landscape when it comes to the Second Amendment is only becoming more frustrating and confusing.

“The issue of oligarchical control over the Internet and all the impact over the ability to use it for free speech is going to only get worse,” Kasarda told Fox News, alluding to the “big five” — YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“It is unclear what the rules are,” he added. “Specifically, with YouTube, they pretty much enforce whatever they feel based on their bias of the day. Regardless of your personal belief, firearms and their accessories are legal in the United States. So why are we seeing continuing restrictions and challenges towards content about something demonstrably legal yet not against that which is clearly illegal?”

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“Today, the ice-cold reality of self-reliance settles in when people observe professional protesters rioting with violence and destruction. That’s why they are buying guns.”

The Record-Breaking American Arms Race of 2020 Means One Thing: You Loot, We Shoot!

Florida – -( Record numbers of firearms have been purchased over the past couple of months in Florida and around our nation. Many of the firearms were – and are – purchased by people who never thought they would want or need a gun. Firearms training classes are full and booked for months ahead. Florida Tax Collectors are reporting huge increases in the number of Concealed Weapon or Firearm License applications being processed locally.

Around the country, professional rioters and violent protesters have been destroying private property. These acts of violence are soon followed by looters who help themselves to what’s left. These are not acts of civil disobedience; these are planned and orchestrated acts of domestic terrorism.

People around the nation are getting fed up and are buying guns, getting trained, and are preparing to protect what they have worked hard to achieve. We’ve seen people wake up and take responsibility for themselves and their property like never be before.

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The Gun Sales of June: When citizens conclude cops won’t protect them, they buy firearms.

Patricia and Mark McCloskey are the couple made instantly famous—or infamous—after a video showed them wielding firearms as they fended off protesters who had trespassed on private property outside their St. Louis home.

The Circuit Attorney for St. Louis, Kimberly Gardner, reacted by issuing a statement saying she planned an investigation, and that her office will not tolerate any effort to chill peaceful protest by the “threat of deadly force.” Never mind that Mr. McCloskey says he and his wife feared they’d be killed. As they told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “the only thing that kept those mobsters, that crowd, away from us is that we were standing there with guns.”

If soaring gun sales are a guide, millions of Americans are with the McCloskeys. This week the FBI announced a record 3.9 million background checks for June, the highest monthly total since the FBI began keeping the statistic in 1998. Adjusting to reflect checks only for gun purchases, the National Shooting Sports Foundation says this works out to 2.2 million, a 136% increase over June 2019. NSSF spokesman Mark Oliva says about 40% of these checks are for first-time gun buyers.

This is a warning to the Defund the Police movement about unintended consequences. The more progressives push policies that mean cops won’t be around when people need them, the more they are inviting Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves.

Seems logical.
Bureaucraps don’t like things they can’t regulate.
And it’s been lawful since before the U.S was the U.S for people to make their own guns.

It Seems ATF Behind Ghost Gun Hysteria

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, also known as the ATF, is not exactly a favorite agency to gun owners. Of course, there’s a lot of reasons why, and not just because they’re in charge of enforcing gun control laws. It’s because they’ve been caught doing some pretty hinky stuff through the years and none of us appreciate it.

Their latest escapade may well be in trying to gin up hysteria regarding so-called “ghost guns,” or homemade firearms that are perfectly legal for law-abiding gun owners to build and use. However, these guns ultimately exist outside the ATF’s control, which makes them a problem.

Yet for months, we’ve heard over and over that these weapons were a major problem.

Over those same months, I’ve been questioning just how big the threat actually was. After all, without numbers from which we can judge things for ourselves, it’s hard to tell what they mean when they say “growing threat” or something similar. I mean, just one of these guns showing up at a crime scene last year but finding two and scenes this year is a 100 percent increase, but it doesn’t really constitute a crisis.

On Thursday, though, we got a glimpse at this “crisis”.

From what we saw, it’s not. Even the ATF’s numbers aren’t that alarming when you consider the areas involved. And yet, there’s reason to believe the ATF is behind the rhetoric.

From WAVY in Portsmouth, VA:

As gun demand hits record levels due to COVID-19, demand is also increasing for a new type of gun you build at home. It is untraceable with no serial number, no background check and no waiting period.

They are called ghost guns. Please note that a gun is no longer a ghost gun when a serial number is engraved in the gun. The number makes the gun traceable.

A ghost gun cannot legally be sold without the seller serializing the gun.

As part of WAVY’s investigation, we called local police. They don’t see a growing trend with ghost guns, but the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is seeing them pop up at crime scenes.

Here in Virginia, local police contacted by WAVY have no knowledge of any ghost gun trends.

In other words, while local law enforcement is seeing no such trends, the ATF is still screaming until they’re blue in the face about this supposedly growing threat.

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Gun Sales Continue to Soar, Texas Sets Another Record for Background Checks
Amidst the coronavirus lockdown and violence erupting in American streets, Texas saw the highest number of background checks for gun sales conducted in the month of June.

In a typical year, gun sales in Texas tend to slow down during the hot summer months. But this year, the Lone Star State set a record high for the number of firearm background checks conducted in the month of June.

According to data published by the FBI, there were a total of 227,232 NICS checks conducted in Texas throughout June, about 27 percent higher than the checks conducted last month.

That total is the fourth highest record for the state, just behind March’s high of 274,211 and approximately 240,000 checks conducted in the Decembers of 2012 and 2014. Continue reading “”

Facing Court Loss, Defendants in California Gun Show Lawsuit Settle With SAF

BELLEVUE, WA – Faced with certain loss in court, defendants in a California lawsuit challenging a gun show moratorium at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in San Diego County have settled with the plaintiffs, including the Second Amendment Foundation and California Rifle & Pistol Association.

In addition, plaintiffs included B&L Productions, Inc., Crossroads of the West, South Bay Rod and Gun Club, Maximum Wholesale/Ammo Brothers and five private citizens.

“This is a victory for the First Amendment as well as the Second,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “We’re delighted the 22nd District Agricultural Association and fairgrounds board decided against prolonging a legal action.”

SAF was represented by attorney Don Kilmer, who observed, “The gun culture belongs on Main Street and that is what this lawsuit was all about.”

A preliminary injunction against the fairgrounds moratorium was issued in June 2019.

“Gun shows are considered a First Amendment activity as well as a Second Amendment event,” Gottlieb stated. “Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we haven’t been able to see a show held at the fairgrounds, but we’re looking forward to hearing from the gun show promotor that a date is set for another gathering sometime this year, hopefully.”

Under the agreement, the defendant will pay SAF’s attorney fees and costs, Kilmer said.

Below The Radar: Freedom Financing Act

United States – We have discussed the threat that corporate gun control poses to our Second Amendment rights multiple times. One of the threats is when companies like Salesforce have attempted to leverage their products to force companies to go along with infringements on our right to keep and bear arms. In many ways, the fight for our Second Amendment rights has now expanded to the boardroom and cubicle.

That said, the biggest threat is the financial blacklist. If banks, credit card companies, and credit unions refuse to do business with Second Amendment supporters or the firearms industry, any legal battle won at the Supreme Court can be rendered meaningless.

The good news is that there is legislation that can shut off the financial blacklist. Representative Roger Williams (R-TX) has introduced HR 2079, the Freedom Financing Act. This legislation pretty much tells major banks, credit unions, and credit card companies that they cannot discriminate on the basis of “reputational risks.”

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Did you catch that?

“There’s no police there, our private security wasn’t there… oh my god, we’re absolutely alone, there is nobody coming to protect us.”

That’s why he grabbed his rifle. Nobody was coming when the mob smashed down his gate and marched onto his property.

Nobody is coming. You are on your own. Be prepared and act accordingly.

Pro-Second Amendment Measures Take Effect Today in Indiana

Indiana residents will start enjoying expanded gun rights beginning July 1, as the new amendments to the concealed carry laws take place. Republican representatives Jim Lucas and Ben Smaltz sponsored House Bill 1284 during the last legislative session, which Gov. Eric Holcomb signed the bill in April.

The new legislation will allow residents of Indiana to carry firearms in a church compound even if it is located within a school ground. The only exemption is if the owner of the compound has a different firearm policy. Religious leaders will no longer be tied to the state’s restrictions in deciding whether people can carry in church.

CCW permits will also be free of charge. The free permit will last for five years. The lifetime permit however will still have a fee.

The same act gives gun owners the right to use their firearms in self-defense without fear of unnecessary lawsuits from justified cases of self-defense. Many victims are always victimized by gun control laws that persecute them for defending their lives.

The measure will award attorney fees for victims who are unfairly prosecuted for using their firearms in defense. When cleared, most individuals are unable to recover their costs despite having been the actual victims of the crime. Unnecessary lawsuits after self-defense cause the victims to suffer twice and be punished for stopping criminals.

CCW applicants will also register to vote while applying for their licenses at the police stations. This provision will ensure more participation in elections, thus ensuring more gun owners vote to protect their constitutional rights.

“Average people have no opportunity to prepare when there’s a bump in the night or a riot breaks out….”

“Americans who find themselves needing to defend themselves are unlikely to have spares on hand trained for the occasion. It’s these situations where they need a proven, reliable, and multi‐​purpose firearm—and yes, that includes ‘assault weapons.’ When innocent Americans can face multiple attackers, and it can take more than 10 shots to reliably stop a single one, is a 30‐​round magazine and a reliable firearm unreasonable? Definitely not.”

From “A Defense of ‘Assault Weapons'” published at Cato Institute in May 2019. I’m reading it today a propos of that last post. Last year, the question What law-abiding person needs an assault weapon? was asked as if it were self-answering and the answer was Obviously, no one.

Last year.

New Gun Owners Could Sway Future Elections

The record-breaking gun sales during the coronavirus pandemic could bolster candidates that support the Second Amendment in 2020 and alter the course of American gun politics for the foreseeable future.

Several of the country’s leading gun-rights groups are working to convert many more first-time owners into new gun-rights voters in the run-up to the 2020 election. Amy Hunter, a spokeswoman for the National Rifle Association, said that the group’s success could change the political landscape at the local, state, and national level.

“The NRA believes voters who recently purchased guns for self-defense will join other Second Amendment voters and be an even more formidable voting bloc,” Hunter told the Washington Free Beacon. “They’re educated, passionate, and they know anti-gun politicians are the biggest threat to their fundamental right to self-defense.”

New buyers are learning for the first time how public policy shapes their ability to exercise their rights. Larry Keane, spokesman for the industry’s National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), said that firsthand experience can change how voters look at gun control and Second Amendment legislation.

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I wonder why…….

Report: Gun Sales Surging in Minnesota

The trifecta of coronavirus fears, George Floyd protests, and the push to defund the police has resulted in surging gun sales in Minnesota.

CBS 4 reports it all began with fears of virus-related civil unrest leading to record background checks for gun sales in March 2020.

The number of background checks conducted in Minnesota in March represented a 20-year high.

Then came the May 25 death of George Floyd and the subsequent riots, after which Frontiersman Sports owner Kory Krouse said the demand for guns went through the roof.

Krouse said, “People are really scared coming in here. We had a three, four hour wait just to get up to the counter during the height of … the rioting.”

As a result of the surge, gun store inventories are down and ammunition is scarce. Continue reading “”

‘TL DR”, No.

But other research has found different outcomes. The state of California has had a comprehensive background check law on the books for 10 years. Researchers at UC Davis School of Medicine have studied gun violence in CA during that period and found there was no change in the number of gun homicides or gun suicides. The researchers use the term “comprehensive background check” instead of universal background check. And another study by the same authors found that the repeal of comprehensive background check laws in Tennessee and Indiana had no effect on gun homicides or suicide rates in either state.

Do Universal Background Checks Prevent Gun Violence?

Under current federal law, licensed dealers are required to run background checks on all gun purchases prior to making sales. But this law does not apply to private gun transactions between individuals either in person or online, potentially providing a “loophole” for prohibited persons to legally obtain firearms. While polls show widespread support for universal background checks, there is mixed evidence that requiring UBCs for all gun sales would prevent or reduce gun violence….

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