Dem Lawmaker Unwittingly Makes Case for 2A With Bill Requiring Armed Guards at Chicago Banks, Retail Stores

An Illinois state representative this week introduced legislation that would mandate armed guards at businesses susceptible to armed robbery. The irony couldn’t be better, given that the proposed legislation flies in the face of several Democrat narratives and destroys many of their illogical claims.

The Armed Security Protection Act, if passed, would require banks, pawn shops, grocery stores, and gas stations in municipalities with populations greater than two million to employ and have on the premises at least one armed guard during business hours, as reported by Blaze Media. While the bill doesn’t mention Chicago, the Windy City is the only city in the state with a population greater than two million. How “clever.”


Irony abounds, here.

Congressional Democrats have long opposed arming school teachers, and the gun-grabber in chief, Joe Biden is steadfastly opposed to “hardening schools” against potential shooters. But here we have a Democrat state lawmaker, desperate to stop violent crime, proposing legislation requiring armed guards to protect money, obviously believing the adage that bad guys with guns are only stopped by good guys with guns. Yet, Democrats refuse to apply the same (correct) logic to protecting America’s school children, irrationally choosing instead to attempt to deny the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Totally logical, right? Uh-huh — about as logical as the ridiculous sign below.

Incidentally, the ridiculousness of “gun-free zones” has always amused the crap out of me. Imagine a really bad dude, armed to teeth and determined to rob a specific bank, maybe close to where he lives. So, our would-be bank robber gets jacked up to rob that bank, shows up with adrenaline flowing through his veins, and comes “face-to-face” with a “gun-free zone” sign. What now?

Does the dude look at the sign, the air escaping from his balloon as he reads it, and say “Damn. I really wanted to rob this bank,” then tuck his tail between his legs and dejectedly go home to sulk? Please.

On the contrary, if the dude has a brain at all, once he sees the sign, he gets even more jacked up, and it’s go-time. And the bank in our scenario could be a gas station, grocery store, pawn shop, or any other business, or a neighborhood plastered with similar idiotic signs. But I digress; let’s get back to the Illinois story.

The Irony Continues

While Illinois Democrat lawmakers generally support more gun control and fewer guns, rather than more guns to fight runaway violent crime, the primary sponsor of the Armed Security Protection Act, Democrat Rep. Thaddeus Jones, also voted for a ban on pretend “assault rifles” (AR-15 and various other semi-automatic firearms), which Illinois Democrat Gov. J. B. Pritzker signed into law earlier in January.

And embattled Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot notoriously and delusionally blames guns for the ever-skyrocketing number of murders and other violent crimes, vs. those who pull the triggers. Last time I checked, a total of zero guns have committed murder or other crimes.

Speaking of Lori Lightfoot, as I reported last Friday, the crack crime-stopper offered a brilliant tip to Chicagoans in fear of being robbed at gunpoint: Don’t carry money. No, really — how could you make that up?

The Bottom Line

While I applaud a Democrat lawmaker introducing legislation to place armed guards at businesses susceptible to robbery, I have a helluva problem with hypocritical Democrats refusing to apply that same logic to the protection of school children, and the rights of American citizens to protect their homes and their families with the legal weapon(s) of their choice. Why the difference?

We’ve heard Democrats, including Biden, preach about not “needing” AR-15s and other semi-auto firearms. But unfortunately for the left, the Second Amendment specifically speaks to “rights,” not “needs,” and the notion of the federal government (Democrat Party) as the arbiter of who “needs” what type of firearm and who doesn’t, is anathema to freedom-loving, Second-Amendment supporting Americans across the fruited plain — Democrat gun-grabbers be damned.

If the devil himself can quote scripture, his minions can too.
And I know which god Clyburn worships….

Pro-Abort Leader Clyburn: ‘Matthew 25:45 Warns That We Will Be Judged by How We Treat the Least Among Us’

( – Rep. James Clyburn (D.-S.C.), the majority whip and third-ranking Democrat in the House, whose 2020 voting record received a 100-percent rating from NARAL Pro-Choice Americaput out a statement last week quoting the Gospel of Matthew on how we should “treat the least among us.”

Clyburn serves as the chair of the Democratic Faith Working Group.

“I am pleased that Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries understands the significance of the Democratic Faith Working Group’s efforts to find common ground on the issues of faith and politics,” Clyburn said in his statement.

“I am honored to continue serving as Chair of the DFWG,” he said.

When the Supreme Court issued its ruling overturning Roe v. Wade last year, Clyburn sent out a tweet condemning the ruling.  “Outlawing abortion will increase the already heightened risk of death for the most vulnerable in our communities,” he said.

When he put out his statement about his chairing the Democratic Faith Working Group, Clyburn cited a passage from the Gospel of Matthew.

“Matthew 25:45 warns that we will be judged by how we treat the least among us,” said Clyburn. “I look forward to leading the House Democratic efforts to meet that expectation by using our faith-based perspectives to inform and guide our policies.”

As a senator, Joe Biden helped kill President Jimmy Carter’s CIA director nominee because he allegedly mishandled classified materials.

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN and his supporters have sought to downplay the significance of the improperly handled and stored classified documents discovered at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement, a think tank where Biden maintained an office. The documents are believed to relate to his time as vice president under Barack Obama. But then it emerged that another batch of classified documents was recovered from Biden’s personal garage at his home in Delaware. Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to investigate the matter.

Former President Donald Trump and his supporters have defended his transfer of classified materials to his resort at Mar-a-Lago, claiming that the president had authority to declassify the materials. That case is also the subject of a federal investigation.

It is a barely concealed secret in Washington, D.C., that for decades, elite politicians have engaged in some form of bending or breaking the rules on classified documents — in some cases for plausibly benign uses as writing memoirs. Bill Clinton’s former national security adviser Sandy Berger stole documents from the National Archives in 2003 by stuffing them inside his clothing and then destroyed some classified materials. He claimed he wanted to review the documents to prepare for his testimony before the 9/11 Commission. Gen. David Petraeus was forced to resign as CIA director in 2012 after it was revealed he had improperly handled classified materials, including taking some to his home and sharing them with his biographer with whom he was having an affair.

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Irony Alert, as Biden Preaches: ‘You Shouldn’t Make Money While You’re in Office’

“Joe Biden being Joe Biden.” It’s a thing. And that thing is not only getting more pathetic, such as clueless Joe’s Easter Bunny minder at Monday’s White House Easter Roll, but also more mind-blowingly ironic and devoid of self-awareness. The latter brings us to the latest example.

During his Tuesday remarks on the so-called “Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,” Biden did what he always does: embellished, took credit for things he didn’t do, outright lied, and in one ironic as hell admonishment, declared: “You shouldn’t make money while you’re in office.” (Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, and the majority of the members of Congress were last seen rushing for the exits.)

Despite the long history of Washington politicians of course making money while in office — and a hell of a lot of it — the 500-pound elephant in the room is Joe Biden himself, and his “The Big Guy” cuts of his grifter son Hunter’s shady business dealings in Ukraine and China.

Here’s Joe, as transcribed by Becker News:

When I was running for office, you heard it a thousand times from me, that we’re going build an economy me around you.  “I’m so tired of trickle-down economics. And I never found that that trickled down on top of my head very much.

I was listed… I had the great pleasure of being listed as the poorest man in Congress for 36 years. I still was making a hell of a lot more money than anybody else because I was getting a senator’s salary, no kidding.

Yeah, well, “no kidding,” or whatever. Regardless of Biden’s “poorest man in Congress” schtick, Joe and “Dr.” Jill have been able to amass an estimated net worth of $9 million since he left the vice presidency. Whether or not Joe owns “off-the-books” assets in excess of his net worth is another story. At issue, of course, is how much money Biden has made from the aforementioned shady business deals with the aforementioned grifter son.

But again, Biden’s ironic statement of ironic statements from yesterday’s remarks: “I didn’t think you should make money while you’re in office,” he claimed. Wait— let’s replay the tape one more time:

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That’s ironic.
“This doesn’t work, so we need more of it!”
California gun laws didn’t stop a shooting that happened in California.

Dianne Feinstein Calls for Federal Adoption of California Gun Laws in Wake of California Shooting

Federalizing California’s laws is the answer to preventing future mass shootings like the one that happened in California this weekend, according to one of the state’s senators.

Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.) called for a collection of new federal gun laws in response to a shootout in Sacramento, California, on Sunday morning, which left six dead and a dozen injured. She said Congress should adopt universal background checks, bans on “assault weapons” and “ghost guns,” as well as an ammunition magazine capacity limit to prevent similar future killings.

“Congress knows what steps must be taken to stop these mass shootings, we just have to act,” Feinstein said in a press release.

However, all of the policies Feinstein advocated for are already law in California. The state has among the strictest gun laws in the country. It has long required background checks on private sales of used guns, banned a continually expanding list of “assault weapons,” limited the capacity of ammunition magazines to ten rounds, and outlawed unserialized firearms.

Feinstein admitted many of the details of the shooting were “still being investigated” when she issued her statement. Police hadn’t apprehended any suspects when she weighed in on a solution. Details remain limited on what happened during the shooting, but reports indicate shots were fired after an early-morning fight outside a nightclub in a crowded downtown area of the city. Three suspects with serious criminal records have now been apprehended, according to Sacramento Police,

Federal law precludes at least two of the men from possessing firearms due to their previous convictions. Additionally, one of the men has been charged with illegal possession of a machinegun, another federal crime.

Feinstein was not the only one to call for new federal gun laws in response to the shooting. President Joe Biden (D.) advocated for many of the same policies during his comments on the killings.

“We also continue to call on Congress to act,” Biden said on Sunday. “Ban ghost guns. Require background checks for all gun sales. Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

The refrain has become a common response from gun-control advocates in the wake of high-profile shootings. They often argue while California’s gun laws are strong, looser laws in neighboring states undermine those policies. Advocates say federal gun laws are required to ensure criminals cannot obtain banned guns or accessories across state lines and then illegally transport them back into California.

“Of course, this isn’t an isolated event,” Feinstein said. “It’s the latest in an epidemic of gun violence that continues to plague our country. Enough is enough. We can no longer ignore gun violence in our communities.”

However, there are no reports the suspects in Sacramento’s shooting obtained their guns from outside the state. They would have been breaking federal law by obtaining them regardless given their criminal histories.

Sacramento Police are asking anyone with more information on the shooting to contact them at (916) 808-5471 or the Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers at (916) 443-HELP (4357). They are offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information, and callers may remain anonymous.

Proggie state congresscritter believes he’s trolled conservative hypocrites, but gets his bubble popped by multiple repetitions of this:

Clueless proggie -actual hypocrite – state congresscritter backpedals furiously

Observation O’ The Day
Actually I think even if we did have the best education system on the planet, some people -like Travis Allen- are too stupid for it to make a difference.

Observation O’ The Day
Doesn’t seem too worried about the Omicron variant, either………

Comment O’ The Day
Not surprisingly…one would have to be a boozer to hang out with Joe all these years….


Biden Shocked by Price of Gas During Biden Administration: “Did You Ever Think You’d Be Paying This Much?”

Psaki on skyrocketing gas prices: “Our view is that the rise in gas prices over the long term makes an even stronger case for doubling down our investment and our focus on clean energy options.”

Joe Biden’s nominee for the Comptroller of the Currency Saule Omarova on oil, coal and gas industries: “We want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change.”

The goobermint you see is a bunch of clueless morons.
It’s the goobermint you don’t see that’s the problem.

Portland’s ‘Gun Violence Task Force‘, previously the ‘Gang Enforcement Team’ is shut down….. gang crime “skyrockets”


‘Where are we headed?’ Portland’s record-setting year for murder fuels search for answers

PORTLAND, Ore. – Pastor J.W. Matt Hennessee, a longtime local anti-gun violence advocate, never expected to lose his own child to the bullets he has tried to stop for almost four decades.

So when he got a call on May 13, letting him know that his stepson Jalon Yoakum, 33, was the latest victim in an onslaught of violent crime, Hennessee felt numb.

“This isn’t something where I’m new to the table,” said Hennessee, 62, who has battled gun violence in Portland for 40 years. “But I hadn’t worried about it, hadn’t thought about it, and when that call came …”

His voice trailed off.

“It’s not going away,” Hennessee said. “Jalon was victim No. 31 and there’s been (36) more from May to October. Where are we headed?”

Crime is up all over the country, and has been since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. But there is a a certain sad irony in Portland, long considered a safe, desirable place to live. Already, the city has tallied 67 homicides for 2021, breaking a 34-year-old record of 66. Last year, 55 homicides was a 26-year high in the city.

The numbers alone are troubling, but even more worrisome when compared with other similarly sized cities, where violent crime numbers are considerably less, including Seattle and Boston. In Portland, long considered a liberal stronghold in America, some community leaders and officers feel that police defunding efforts in summer 2020 may have backfired, at least somewhat. With fewer officers on the street, violence has escalated significantly.

City defunds shooting prevention team

Portland’s gun violence problems can be traced back, at least partially, to the killing of George Floyd in May 2020. Floyd’s murder, at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, sparked a nationwide racial reckoning as hundreds of thousands took to the streets.

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