Vintage military rifle competitors and collectors alike will be excited to learn the Civilian Marksmanship Program has released a new book, entitled TARGET SHOOTING WITH VINTAGE MILITARY RIFLES, authored by Gary Anderson, Director of Civilian Marksmanship, Emeritus and two-time highpower rifle Olympic gold medalist. The 284-page, soft-bound, fully-illustrated first edition is likely the most comprehensive manuscript ever written about the methods of training and competing with popular American and foreign vintage military rifles. NLU 792 $29.95 plus S&H

“Anyone who knows Gary, and is a fan of vintage military rifle shooting, will find this book to be the most complete coverage of the topic, from a competitor’s and historian’s point of view,” said Christie Sewell, CMP Programs Chief.

Anderson, who stunned his Olympic rivals in Tokyo and Mexico City in the 1960s, is also a multiple U.S. and international record holder. He has poured countless hours into Target Shooting With Vintage Military Rifles for the benefit of both the serious and recreational competitor.

As the originator of the CMP’s wildly-popular competitive vintage rifle program, he set out to present a detailed manual covering all aspects of safely shooting rifles such as the 1903 Springfield, U.S. Krag, 1917 U.S. Enfield, M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, and many more, including rifles from “across the pond.”

Target Shooting With Vintage Military Rifles is comprised of 18 chapters covering:

    • Origins & Fundamental of Marksmanship
    • Firing Rifles in Competition
    • Operation, Cleaning, Loading & Unloading
    • Rifle and Range Safety
    • Sight Adjustment, Zeroing & Fine Tuning
    • Critical Value of the Sling
    • Prone, Sitting and Standing Position Building
    • Highpower Rifle Match Procedures
    • Using a Scorebook/Databook
    • Strategies for Improvement

Aero Precision Moves Out of Tacoma In Response to Gun and Ammo Tax

Aero Precision, one of the nation’s leading firearm parts and accessories manufacturers, warned Tacoma, Wash., city officials their proposed punitive gun and ammunition tax would have consequences. Officials passed the proposed increases and instituted the taxes and fees.

Aero Precision answered back. The company and its 800 employees announced plans to expand and grow their manufacturing base in nearby Lakewood, Wash. Instead of investing in more jobs, more infrastructure, and more taxes paid to the City of Tacoma, Aero is literally sending their business elsewhere.

Warning Shots

Despite a recent model of abject failure from nearby Seattle, Tacoma city officials went forward with a proposal in 2019 to implement a tax increase on all firearms and ammunition. The tax increase, including $25 on all firearms and between 2-5 cents on all ammunition, was sold by officials to the public as a windfall, predicted to generate an extra $30,000 a year to “provide public benefit to residents of Tacoma related to gun violence…”

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Although the X in the bullet is metallic and is part of the core, it works just like the polymer insert of the Winchester USA Ready Defense bullets to prevent the hollow point from getting clogged up and basically turning the bullet into  FMJ. Modern tech.

BXP Personal Defense is designed for superior personal defense performance in reliability, expansion and penetration. The X-Point is designed to shield the hollow point through intermediate barriers.

Guards hollow point for consistent expansion and penetration. Rapidly transfers energy to the target. Formed metallic hollow point for consistency, toughness and reliability.

Central Florida gun owners camping out for ammunition

LAKE MARY, Fla. – People started lining up in front of the door at Academy Sports + Outdoors in Lake Mary as early as 2 a.m. on Monday waiting for the doors to open at 9 a.m.

When FOX 35 News asked several of those in line what they were waiting for, they all answered “ammo.” Many voiced that they are afraid of what new gun laws could come under a new administration.

“I think we all believe Biden is going to take it away from us too,” David Godkin said.

It’s difficult to find ammunition, especially 9mm.  Stores across the country are sold out.  Some gun enthusiasts looking for it know when and where they have the best chances of finding it.

“I just come here on Monday. Tuesday, I go to Buena Vista. Wednesday, I go to East Colonial. Thursday, Buena Vista. Friday, East Colonial. Sunday, I go to Millenia,” Godkin said.

He is an avid hunter and marksman who uses about half of what he buys each week and stockpiles the rest.  Right now, he said Academy Sports will only sell three boxes of ammunition to each customer.  He was about 10th in line and wasn’t able to get exactly what he wanted.

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New bullet.


Hex-Vent™ Rigid Insert
Shields hollow point from obstruction while channeling material flow for positive bullet expansion
Match Grade Primer
Built to exacting specifications for trusted reliability
Lot Controlled
Ballistics data for each lot published online at
USA Ready Defense Features

Magpul Unveils Civilian Legal Version of FMG-9 – The FDP-9

Magpul FMG 9 01

U.S.A. -( In 2008, Magpul introduced a folding concept gun based on the Glock operating system. It deployed single-handedly from a compact, simple form factor into a short-barreled carbine that was easier to handle and easier to employ accurately than many typical handguns. It also provided its own safe storage method by folding into itself to form a case. At the time, this concept firearm was intended to be just that…a concept.

In 2019, ZEV Technologies released their OZ9 modular pistol, which is compatible with Glock-style operating systems, using a unique receiver block that’s independent of the pistol’s grip and allows users to change grip frames to suit their needs.

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And how many were made in the preceding 25, or 125 years that are still working? Kevin O’Brien of weaponsman may have been low when he swagged 600 million guns.

434 Million Firearms Manufactured for Private Ownership over Past 25 Years

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) indicates 434 million firearms were manufactured for private ownership over the last 25 years alone.

Breitbart News spoke with NSSF public affairs director Mark Oliva late Tuesday and he explained that the 434 million firearms were made for “civilian possession.” This means the whopping figure of 434 million includes firearms made in America for Americans and firearms made abroad then imported into America for Americans.

For those who might ask what percentage of firearms are domestically made versus imported, NSSF production figures show six million firearms were made in the U.S. in 2019 and 3.3. million were imported. The NSSF notes:

There are approximately 71.2 million pistol magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds, and 79.2 million rifle magazines capable of holding 30 or more rounds in circulation.

They also estimate there are 20 million firearms in private possession which Democrats label “assault weapons.”

The NSSF figures expose what a daunting task President-Elect Joe Biden faces as he takes office pledging to “defeat the NRA” and enact myriad gun controls, nearly all of which could impact every gun owner.


From enacting universal background checks, which criminalize private gun sales, to banning the sale and manufacture of “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines, while also taxing said weapons and magazines, where they are already privately owned, Biden’s plans are no respecter of persons.

Additionally, the NSSF estimates there were over 8.4 million first-time gun buyers in 2020 alone. Therefore, no matter who you slice it, plans to place new regulations on guns and gun owners will impact a large and ever-increasing portion of the American population.


Emerging from a federal bankruptcy sale, the nation’s oldest firearms company is setting the stage for a comeback in 2021.

The new RemArms Company has received its federal firearms license and is making offers to laid-off workers at Remington’s historic Ilion, New York facility, as reported by local media in upstate New York. Richmond Italia of Roundhill Group, LLC, the company that purchased the plant at auction last year, explained they have sent out offers to 200 former workers, of which most were accepted.

“Our hopes are to consolidate in Ilion and go back to an 800-employee facility,” said Italia. “That number is highly contingent on our negotiations with the county and the state of New York, and, of course, the union.”

The former Remington Outdoor Company, whose umbrella of brands included such household names as Marlin, DPMS, Bushmaster, NEF, and AAC, was broken apart during bankruptcy proceedings in an Alabama federal court last September. While most of the branches went to other bidders– Ruger bought Marlin while Vista Outdoors bought Remington’s ammunition line– Roundhill paid around $13 million for the gunmaker’s New York factory and Lenoir, Tennessee, handgun plant. However, as the deal required Roundhill to secure an FFL before they could resume production on such iconic products as Model 870 shotguns and Model 700 rifles, the plants were sidelined in October.

Cap and Ball Sixguns: Old Technology, New World

Ammunition is in short supply these last few months, and probably will be for the foreseeable future. RImfires and common defensive calibers like .380, 9mm and .45 went first, then .223/5.56. Since the election, even shotgun shells are scare as hens’ teeth. Leftist politicians may not have to gut the Second Amendment if shooters can’t find ammunition. When Mahbub Ali gave Kim a revolver, it was fully loaded. “Of what use,” the wily Afghan observed, “is a gun unfed?”

What ammunition is still available is often at scalpers’ prices. Paying a dollar a shot for steel-cased Russian junk is not my idea of a sweet deal, but what else can you do? In many parts of the country components for shooting muzzle-loaders are still available. Front-loading long guns now rival the power, accuracy and dependability of conventional cartridge firearms.

But what about handguns? Are cap and ball revolvers equally practical in today’s world?

My answer is a qualified “yes”. They are less convenient, slower loading, and require more care, but good ones are more than acceptably accurate. Power? Colt’s 1847 Walker, firing 60 grains of black powder and a 143-grain lead ball produces 396 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. A heavier conical bullet and the same charge pushes energy over 450 foot-pounds. That compares with the .357 Magnum and .40 S&W. Smaller-framed .44s and .36s equate to the .44 Special and .38 Special cartridges.

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BREAKING: CZ In Late Stage Talks to Acquire Colt

Apparently struggling since emerging from bankruptcy in 2016, Colt has likely drawn the eye of potential buyers ever since. Now, thanks to CZ (Česká zbrojovka) parent company CZ Group’s public filings, we know it is attempting to purchase all of Colt’s Manufacturing Company‘s assets and is well along in this process.

Translated from an article in major German newspaper, Die Welt:

CZ is planning the complete takeover of the world-famous US company Colt – including its Canadian subsidiary. To this end, after research by WELT AM SONNTAG, a declaration of intent was signed. A spokeswoman for CZ Ceská Zbrojovka confirmed the plan in principle to the newspaper.

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Gun show attendance breaks records amid record-breaking gun sales
Organizers and sellers are attributing this year’s success to the cancellations of other gun shows due to COVID, among other factors.

BLOOMFIELD — At the Bloomfield Gun Show, the aisles were packed and the hardware was basically flying off the tables.

“Extremely busy yesterday,” said Garret Kuhl “I know I’ve talked to a few guys who put it on, they said it was record crowds, which wasn’t surprising.”

“The year 2020 set a record for the most guns purchased by US civilians.”

Organizers and sellers are attributing this year’s success to the cancellations of other gun shows due to COVID, among other factors.

“The civil unrest and stuff we saw in 2020 and some of the panic buying, and then getting closer to the election, gun sales were certainly picking up,”

2020 was a year filled with fear, uncertainty, discord, and outright violence – some of it trickling into the early moments of 2021.

Joe Biden is heading into the oval office this month, and one of his presidential promises for the new administration is zeroing in on Gun Control.

One of the tenets of that initiative is banning the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

While loosely defined, seven states have bans on what they consider to be assault weapons, with exact models being named and prohibited.

“They’re going to try and make it as restrictive as can be,” said Pheasants Forever Treasurer Steven Barney, “we have lots of regulations. We need to enforce what we got. Additional ones just hurt the law-abiding citizen.”

Nebraska does not currently have any assault weapon bans, but there is a need to have a license to purchase handguns and for concealed carrying. Private sales of pistols also require background checks.

Gun sales also soared under the Obama administration. With his then running mate now coming to be the head of state, the boom probably won’t be slowing down any time soon.

“A lot of stuff is really hard to find. Every dealer here is experiencing that,” Kuhl said. “Unfortunately, I don’t see it getting any better. A lot of people ask, hey, when’s ammo going to be back in stock? When can I order this gun, or this gun


Hundreds Of People Line Up Outside Gun Store In Orem

OREM, Utah — An amazing sight outside a Utah County gun store as hundreds lined up to buy ammo.

The line stretched around Gunnies, located at 396 South State Street in Orem, all throughout the day on Saturday.

Some traveled as far as Kamas to wait for hours in the cold.

KSL-TV spoke to a number of people — some said they came for the restocked ammo, others were more anxious. They mentioned current political events — the GA runoff, a soon-to-be transfer of power and Wednesday’s violence at the U.S. Capitol. Many in line also yelled out: “Biden is going to take our guns.”

“There were people down here, 200 lined up before the store opened,” said gun owner Mark Greer who drove from South Jordan.

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Unrest Driving Up Demand For Guns (Again)

Second verse, same as the first. Riots and unrest that broke out in many cities in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis last may caused a surge in gun sales at a time in which demand was already through the roof, and the spike in sales never really abated. We just saw the busiest December on record for gun sales, and over the course of 2020 nearly 21-million firearms were sold to Americans.

Still, some gun store owners say they’re anticipating another rush in the wake of violence in Washington, D.C. and the prospect of more unrest in the weeks ahead. Melissa Denny, who owns Pistol Annie’s Jewelry and Pawn in Washington State, says she expects another onslaught of customers concerned about their personal safety.

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Taking Stock Of A Record-Setting Firearm Year

Twenty-one million. Let that number sink in for a moment.

That’s a very big number. If I told you at SHOT Show® last year that the industry would see 21 million background checks for the sale of a firearm in 2020, you would have thought I was crazy. One year later and with the benefit of hindsight, this was truly a remarkable year for the industry across the board.

The final figures for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) put all of this year’s hard work into perspective. Twenty-one million background checks were conducted for the sale of a firearm over the past 12 months. That topped 2019’s totals of 13.2 million by 60 percent. It also shattered the previous record from 2016, when 15.7 million background checks were conducted for the sale of firearms. This year’s 21 million total surpassed 2016 by 5.3 million, or 34 percent.

Here’s one more incredible number to witness. NSSF estimates that 8.4 million people bought a firearm for the first time in 2020. That’s 40 percent of all purchases. This year’s buyer is increasingly diverse too. Forty percent of 2020’s buyers were women and the biggest increase of any demographic category was among African Americans, who bought guns at a rate of 58 percent greater than in 2019.

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It may be expensive now, but it’s not going to get better. Heads up!

2021 Ammo Price Increases: Federal, CCI, Speer, Remington

International Sportsman obtained a letter to dealers from Vista Outdoor President Jason Vanderbrink, which announces a price increase on Federal, Remington, CCI, and Speer ammunition of 3-15 percent. We have reached out to Vista Outdoor to confirm. You can read the letter below:

Dear Customer:

Thank you for your business and for your continued support of American manufacturing. We have hired hundreds of people over the last 12 months and invested millions of dollars to produce more ammunition to meet our customer and consumer needs. During this year we have seen significant increases in raw material prices such as copper, zinc, and lead. Additionally, increases in labor and health care have exceeded our projections as the COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all.

Effective 4/1/2021 Federal, Remington, CCI, and SPEER ammunition will take a price increase of 3-15% across all products from our last price list. Unless you notify us to cancel an order, we will reprice all existing and future orders shipped on or after 4/1/2021 to the new 4/1 prices.

You will receive your finalized price list no later than February 19th.

Thank you for your continued support of our brands and our American workforce.

Jason R. Vanderbrink
President Ammunition

vista outdoors price increase

Vista Outdoors stock is up 170 percent as of the middle of December. Vanderbrink created a response video to rumors about ammo production in 2020.

The new version of the Horse Pistol


Other features include a bottom accessory rail, a top Picatinny rail for optics, and a 1/2x28TPI thread pitch barrel for suppressors and muzzle devices. Meanwhile, the trigger pull is listed as 5 pounds while height is given as 6.7 inches.

MSRP on the KelTec P50 is set at $995 with shipping to commence in the first quarter of 2021.

At that point, it will join other new 5.7mm pistols on the market such as the Ruger 57, a corresponding model of the CMMG Banshee, and the Diamondback DBX. To help meet the growing demand for the cartridge, which for years was virtually an FN-only impetus, Federal has recently introduced a 40-grain Speer Gold Dot load that probably cannot get here soon enough.

“The National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates over 8.4 million people legally purchased a firearm for the first time in 2020.”

December Was 12th Consecutive Month of Record Firearm Background Checks

December 2020 was the 12th consecutive month of record National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) background checks.

Figures from the FBI show there were 3,937,066 NICS checks in December, breaking the previous record of 3,314,594 checks, set in December 2015.

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