‘Tent Cities’ out in the field? Sounds like how we lived during FTX (Field Training eXercises) in the Army. (and it’s strange that so many of these loner illegals are what we called ‘Military Age Males’.)

Are National Parks the Next Destination for Illegal Immigrant Tent Cities?

As the endless illegal immigration crisis continues with upwards of 11,000 people crossing into the United States each day, Democrats are proposing National Parks as places to build tent cities and “temporary” housing for individuals breaking the law.

The plans were detailed during a House Natural Resources Committee hearing Wednesday.

During an interview with Fox News, Republican Congressman Michael Waltz pointed out the Biden administration’s policy discrepencies when it comes to how public lands can be used.

Meanwhile, a bipartisan lawsuit has been filed to prevent housing of illegal immigrants in New York parks and recreational areas.

“Today Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11) announced she’s joined Councilwoman Joann Ariola (R-Queens), Assemblywoman Jaime Williams (D-Brooklyn) and a bipartisan group of elected officials in filing a lawsuit to block New York City from using Brooklyn’s Floyd Bennett Field or any other park that’s part of the Gateway National Recreation Area (which includes all of Staten Island’s federal parks) to house migrants,” Malliotakis’ office released in a statement. “The lawsuit was filed in Staten Island Supreme Court along with eleven other members of the City Council and State Assembly and 24 Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island residents.”

It’s No Accident The Southern Border Is Collapsing, It’s Intentional.

A clip of comedian Louis C.K. on the Joe Rogan show has been circulating on X (formerly Twitter) this week in which he goes on and on about how opening up the southern border would be a good thing because Americans shouldn’t have such a high standard of living compared to the rest of the world, how poor people in other countries just want what Americans have, and how it’s not fair that we have so much. “It shouldn’t be so great here,” he says. So open the border and let them pour in.

It’s possible he’s joking, that it’s just a comedy bit he’s practicing. That’s what my friend Inez Stepman thinks. Get liberals to nod along in agreement and then expose the consequences of such an insane idea. You can judge for yourself:

I don’t think it comes off as a joke but as an almost perfect distillation of globalist liberalism. Louis C.K. cannot fathom why Americans should have a say about who comes into their country and who does not. He clearly has no real allegiance to his country or countrymen, and is actually embarrassed by their prosperity — and presumably his own as well.

There is nothing special about America, according to this view, and no reason the rest of the world should not enjoy her ill-gotten riches. Opening the border is the least we could do for the cause of justice.

Whether it’s a joke or not, the substance of what Louis C.K. articulates is the logical endpoint of leftist ideology. It’s what the mainstream left actually believes — and the Biden administration has been actively working to accomplish at the southern border.

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Now that the state has to really deal with illegals, instead of merely signaling their virtue……

NY Gov. Kathy Hochul’s migrant U-turn: Video reveals how Democrat welcomed asylum seekers ‘with open arms’ in 2021 — but today she tells them: ‘Go somewhere else.’

New York governor Kathy Hochul welcomed asylum seekers with ‘open arms’ and pledged to house them just three years before telling migrants to ‘go elsewhere’ because the city is at its limit.

The Democrat addressed the migrant crisis on Wednesday, warning that asylum seekers who arrive in New York City will not be housed in hotel rooms as they have been in the past.

‘We have to get the word out, that when you come to New York, you’re not going to have more hotel rooms, we don’t have capacity,’ Hochul said on CNN. ‘So we have to also message properly that we’re at a limit – if you’re going to leave your country, go somewhere else.’

It’s a stunning reversal from her statements in December 2021, when she promised to house and protect asylum seekers – before thousands of migrants began arriving every month from Sothern border states. More than 113,000 migrants have arrived in the city since last Spring.

‘As you know, the Statue of Liberty is inscribed. It says, give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to be free,’ Hochul previously said. ‘You’re welcome with open arms and we’ll work to keep you safe… We’ll not only house you, but we’ll protect you.’

2021: Hochul tells migrants ‘you are welcome here’

New York governor Kathy Hochul has warned that asylum seekers who arrive in New York City will not be housed in hotel rooms as they have been in the past

New York governor Hochul tells migrants to ‘go somewhere else’

The city has a legal obligation to give shelter to those who make their way there, and mayor Eric Adams has desperately turned to a variety of city landmarks such as hotels, makeshift shelters and temporary housing as short-term solutions.

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The ghost of Saul Alinsky smiles:
“Make opponents live up to their own book of rules”.

LA mayor ‘fearful’ that planes of illegal aliens might arrive in city that ‘welcomes immigrants.’

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass said she is “fearful that any day” planes filled with illegal immigrants will be flown into the city.<

During an event hosted by Axios on Thursday, Bass said, “We live in a city that welcomes immigrants, and so I think we have been able to handle it, but I am fearful that any day, planes could start coming.”
She added that the transportation of immigrants from border states and Florida to “sanctuary” jurisdictions “is just setting the stage for the presidential election next year.”

The liberal city mayor’s comments come as governors overrun by illegal immigration have sent busloads of migrants to cities like New York City, Chicago and Washington, D.C. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has already sent 13 busloads of migrants to Los Angeles — which touts itself as a sanctuary city — as part of Operation Lone Star.  Abbott continued to send buses as the city was hit by Tropical Storm Hilary, which Bass called “evil.”

“Our border communities are on the frontlines of President Biden’s border crisis, and Texas will continue providing this much-needed relief until he steps up to do his job and secure the border,” Abbott said in a statement.

In June, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis transported batches of migrants from border states to Sacramento. In the preceding fall, Florida also facilitated the travel of 49 Venezuelans to Martha’s Vineyard, a wealthy Massachusetts island.

Bass called the effort by Republican governors an attempt to “destabilize cities.”

“It’s the narrative that these are Democratic-run cities and that we don’t know how to govern and that everything is chaotic here,” Bass said during the event, Axios reported.

Illegal immigrants entering Los Angeles are reportedly coming from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras and Venezuela.

According to the Migration Policy Institute, in 2019, it was estimated that there were approximately 951,000 illegal immigrants residing in Los Angeles County, nearly 10% of the county’s total population, marking the highest concentration of migrants in any U.S. county.

“What’s maddening is the fact that in New York and Chicago, in D.C. and LA, and other places, they put out policies self-proclaiming that they’re sanctuary cities, and they love to promote these liberal ideologies until they have to actually live up and apply them,” Abbott said recently on Fox News’ Jesse Watters Primetime. “It was clear that the policies of sanctuary cities and letting everybody live for free simply do not work. This is a day of reckoning for all of the United States, realizing that the liberal policies of open borders will not work in this country.”

Other cities with incoming migrants include Chicago and New York. On Friday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and other Democrats were shouted down at a press conference in New York City regarding the illegal migrant crisis there.

The Democrats, who spoke outside the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan, which has become a relief center for more than 100,000 asylum seekers in the past year, were drowned out by shouting protesters chanting, “Send them back!” and “Close the border!”

Federal Judge Issues 42-Page Ruling on Floating Border Barriers

A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the state of Texas to remove barriers from the Rio Grande, which Gov. Greg Abbott had put in place to deter migrants from entering his state illegally.

The Biden administration filed a lawsuit against Abbott in July, arguing that he had failed to obtain the federal government’s permission to place the buoys on the border between the U.S. and Mexico, CBS News reported.

In his 42-page preliminary injunction order, Judge David Ezra, a Ronald Reagan appointee, directed the state to remove the barriers from the river by Sept. 15.

Ezra wrote that Abbott needed permission to place the floating barriers in the Rio Grande because they obstructed a U.S. navigable waterway in violation of federal law.

The judge also pointed out that the water barrier raised international relations issues with Mexico, which are in the purview of the federal government.

“Mexico vigorously denounces the presence of the barrier, expressing its hope for expeditious removal of the barrier as the first topic at the August 10, 2023, meeting between Foreign Secretary Alicia Barcena and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken,” Ezra said.

Illegals Committed 430K+ Criminal Offenses in Texas Since 2011.

“[T]his massive new population of needy foreigners will burden and transform [Americans’] communities without their say-so.” Todd Bensman of Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) outlined the many harms illegal migration inflicts on Americans in his recent Congressional testimony. During that testimony, he noted that illegal aliens have committed over 430,000 criminal offenses just in Texas since 2011, and up to 6 million new illegals are likely to enter America before Biden’s presidential term ends.

Bensman discussed the financial burden on cities (and thus taxpayers), the drain on government resources, the overloading of the school system, and other issues caused by illegal immigration in his testimony (available on CIS). He specifically called out the Biden administration’s disastrous border policies, explaining how they exacerbate the illegal migration crisis (transcript from CIS):

The [Biden] administration put a freeze on required border enforcement measures and fast-tracked release of the majority of illegal crossers into the country where they and most experts know they will stay forever.

And on their cell phones, which every immigrant has, they sent word of this incredible bonanza down trail, to home villages and all along the migration trails. And in this way, those first tens of thousands who began crossing on inauguration day quickly became hundreds of thousands a month, and then millions a year. Counting an estimated 1.7 million never apprehended, probably more than 4 million have entered the country from the border in a mere 30-month span. Perhaps as many as six million largely uneducated and needy people will be in the country before the Biden policies might first be reversed in the 2024 national elections and the floodgates closed.

Those millions of policy-enticed entries in so short a time already are – and will have – transformative impacts in the form of unplanned-for demands on public welfare and assistance programs, health care systems, Social Security, housing, labor markets, schools, and the criminal justice system.

Then there’s the issue of criminal offenses committed by illegal aliens. As Bensman said, every single one of those crimes ought to be preventable; these illegals should not be in America to begin with. Certainly, the government should be attempting to lessen illegal migration and crime from illegals as much as possible. Instead, the government is obfuscating data and facts that could clearly illustrate how many crimes illegals commit.

It’s difficult to get honest statistics on illegal alien crime because it’s not something the government — either state or federal — really wants to be honest about, Bensman noted. Texas does have some statistics that can help illuminate the problem, however:

The Texas Department of Public Safety learns the immigration status of suspects booked into local jails through a program that submits fingerprints to the FBI for criminal history and warrant checks, and to DHS…

The glimpse is limited and not a reflection of much almost certain higher totals, but it is telling about the trend line ahead across America. Between June 1, 2011, and July 31, 2022, these 259,000 illegal aliens were charged with more than 433,000 unnecessary, preventable criminal offenses.

Those included 800 homicide charges (resulting in 374 convictions as of July 2022), 822 kidnapping charges (resulting in 265 convictions), 5,470 sexual assault charges (resulting in 2,593 convictions), 6,485 sexual offense charges (resulting in 3,065 sexual offense convictions), and 4,945 weapons charges (resulting in 1,723 weapons convictions).

That’s hundreds of thousands of preventable crimes over a decade’s time. It’s an ongoing problem, with Border Patrol arresting 12,000 criminal illegals in Fiscal Year 2022. Unfortunately, the Biden administration hardly makes catching and punishing criminals one of its priorities.

Thanks Joe!

Now a Disease from Biblical Times Is Likely Coming Over Our Unsecured Border.

Move over, COVID-19, and say hello to leprosy. Yes, that leprosy, the biblical plague from the Old and New Testaments.

That’s according to the CDC, which says that there is “rising evidence that leprosy has become endemic in the southeastern United States.”

Leprosy, also called Hanson’s Disease, is an infection caused by slow-growing bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae, according to the CDC. “It can affect the nerves, skin, eyes, and lining of the nose (nasal mucosa).” Up to 2 million people worldwide are permanently disabled from the disease, which can be transmitted by “prolonged, close contact with someone with untreated leprosy over many months.” It is thought to be spread via respiratory droplets—or even contact with armadillos. The CDC, which now apparently believes in natural immunity again, says, “more than 95% of all people have natural immunity to the disease.”

But in a Research Letter published in the August 2023 edition of the Emerging Infections Diseases journal, researchers from the Kansas City University–Graduate Medical Education/Advanced Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Consortium raised concerns about the rise in the number of cases in the U.S.:

Leprosy has been historically uncommon in the United States; incidence peaked around 1983, and a drastic reduction in the annual number of documented cases occurred from the 1980s through 2000. However, since then, reports demonstrate a gradual increase in the incidence of leprosy in the United States. The number of reported cases has more than doubled in the southeastern states over the last decade. According to the National Hansen’s Disease Program, 159 new cases were reported in the United States in 2020; Florida was among the top reporting states.

Central Florida accounted for 81% of cases in the Sunshine State—nearly 20% of cases reported nationally.

The letter in the journal described the case of a 54-year-old man who sought treatment in a Florida dermatology clinic. “He denied any domestic or foreign travel, exposure to armadillos, prolonged contact with immigrants from leprosy-endemic countries, or connections with someone known to have leprosy.” The man has been a central Florida resident for his entire life and “works in landscaping, and spends long periods of time outdoors” He was referred to an infectious disease program and was prescribed triple therapy with dapsone, rifampin, and clofazimine.

The Sun reports that a Texas man in his 20s was recently diagnosed with leprosy after months of battling a mysterious skin rash. “He was heavily tattooed and moved to the US from Samoa — where leprosy is still endemic — four years before he was diagnosed. After a course of antibiotics and surgery to repair damaged tendons in his hands, he is said to be improving.

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, there are “about 200-250 newly diagnosed cases reported to the national registry each year. The largest number of cases in the U.S. live in California, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, New York, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.”

Researchers said a high percentage of cases in the southern United States “were found to carry the same unique strain of M. leprae as nine-banded armadillos in the region, suggesting a strong likelihood of zoonotic transmission.” But while a recent systematic review “supports an increasing role of anthroponotic and zoonotic transmission of leprosy,” another study demonstrated that the cases in the eastern United States, including Georgia and central Florida, “lacked zoonotic exposure or recent residence outside of the United States.”

That led researchers to suspect “that international migration of persons with leprosy is a potential source of autochthonous transmission.” They noted that “The number of international migrants in North America increased from 27.6 million persons in 1990 to 58.7 million in 2020, so a link to migration may account for the increase in incidence of leprosy in historically nonendemic areas.”

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Federal judge blocks Biden’s controversial asylum policy in a major blow to administration.

A federal judge on Tuesday blocked President Joe Biden’s controversial asylum policy, delivering a major blow to the administration, which has leaned on the measure to drive down border crossings. The judge put the ruling on hold for 14 days for a possible appeal.

The ruling against the Biden administration could have major implications on the US-Mexico border, where crossings have plummeted since the rollout of the asylum policy, among other measures. A Justice Department spokesperson told CNN that the department plans to appeal.

“The Justice Department disagrees with the district court’s ruling today in the East Bay case and intends to appeal the decision and to seek a stay pending appeal. We remain confident in our position that the Circumvention of Lawful Pathways rule is a lawful exercise of the broad authority granted by the immigration laws,” the spokesperson said.

Judge Jon Tigar of the California Northern District Court previously ruled against a similar policy under the Trump administration and expressed skepticism that there was any daylight between Biden’s policy and the Trump-era one during a court hearing last week. Administration officials have rejected the comparison to Trump-era rules.

The Biden administration has rolled out a series of measures to try to stem the flow of migration and manage the situation along the US-Mexico border but is facing multiple lawsuits from Republican states as well as advocates, posing a risk to Biden’s border plans.

Tigar’s ruling stems from a lawsuit brought by the American Civil Liberties Union among other immigrant rights groups over a new asylum rule that largely bars migrants who passed through another country from seeking asylum in the United States, marking a departure from decades-long protocol.

The Biden policy, like the Trump-era one, garnered wide condemnation from Biden allies, including Democratic lawmakers and immigrant advocates when it was rolled out. “To be clear, this was not our first preference or even our second,” an administration official conceded at the time, adding that the onus is on Congress to pass reform.

The ACLU applauded the ruling in a statement.

“The ruling is a victory, but each day the Biden administration prolongs the fight over its illegal ban, many people fleeing persecution and seeking safe harbor for their families are instead left in grave danger,” said Katrina Eiland, deputy director of the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, who argued the case. “The promise of America is to serve as a beacon of freedom and hope, and the administration can and should do better to fulfill this promise, rather than perpetuate cruel and ineffective policies that betray it.”

The Justice Department is expected to appeal the ruling. If the Justice Department moves ahead with an appeal, the case will go to the Ninth Circuit, which twice affirmed Tigar’s rulings on similar policies under Trump.

During last week’s hearing, Justice Department lawyer Erez Reuveni argued that the rule has exemptions and that there are other lawful pathways that have been made available to migrants seeking to come to the United States.

Migrants who secure an appointment through the CBP One app to present at port of entry, for example, are exempt. While there are some exceptions, the rule generally applies to migrants who unlawfully cross the US-Mexico border. It doesn’t apply to unaccompanied migrant children.

Blocking the rule, Reuveni told Tigar, would “potentially undermine the ability to negotiate” with countries who have partnered with the US to manage the flow of migration.

Eiland, who argued on behalf of the plaintiffs, said the rule put migrants in harm’s way and that the regulation itself doesn’t provide any additional pathways. “There are no carrots that the rule itself actually offers,” she said.

Administration officials have pointed to a dramatic drop in border crossings since the end of a pandemic policy, known as Title 42, that allowed for the quick expulsion of migrants, as evidence that the administration’s approach, including increased deportations and tougher penalties.

In June, US Border Patrol arrested nearly 100,000 migrants along the US southern border, marking a decrease from May and marking the lowest monthly border encounters since February 2021, according to US Customs and Border Protection data.

But the Biden administration has continued to grapple with unprecedented mass movement of people in the Western hemisphere, which is the outcome of the coronavirus pandemic decimating conditions in the region.

The shifting migration patterns has put a strain on federal resources, as border authorities have encountered an increasing number of Cubans, Venezuelans and Nicaraguans. The US is largely barred from deporting migrants from those nationalities back to their home countries because of strained diplomatic relations.

Tigar concluded that the programs that provide migrants an avenue to apply to lawfully migrate to the US are specific to certain nationalities and not meaningful options for all asylum seekers.

“The Rule therefore assumes that these exceptions will, at the very least, present meaningful options to noncitizens subject to the Rule. Parole programs are not meaningfully available to many noncitizens subject to the Rule. Though other parole programs exist, the Rule generally relies on the parole programs for Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, Venezuelan, and Ukrainian nationals. These programs are country-specific and ‘are not universally available, even to the covered populations,’” he wrote.

He also said that the government violated a law known as the Administrative Procedures Act – which sets certain guidelines for how agencies can roll out policies – in its implementation of the asylum rule.

“To justify limiting eligibility for asylum based on the expansion of other means of entry or protection is to consider factors Congress did not intend to affect such eligibility,” Tigar wrote. “The Rule is therefore arbitrary and capricious.”

Almost like it’s a feature, not a bug

DHS admits that 40% of catch-and-release migrants disappeared.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement failed to deliver immigration court summonses to more than 80% of illegal immigrants caught and released under the Biden administration’s “parole” program just before the end of the Title 42 pandemic border policy, according to statistics that the government submitted to a federal judge.

The migrants were released on “parole” and given 60 days to check in with ICE.

More than 40% of the migrants never checked in at all. Of the rest, ICE failed to issue a notice to appear — the immigration summons — in more than two-thirds of the cases.

That works out to a success rate of just 18% for the test population.

District Judge T. Kent Wetherell said the poor rate confirmed his earlier ruling that parole was an ineffective way to enforce immigration laws.

“These statistics are troubling to say the least,” the judge said in a new order Tuesday. “But even more troubling is the fact that DHS apparently does not have a plan in place to track down the aliens who are in violation of the conditions of their ‘parole’ — and, thus, unlawfully in the country.”

In the court filings, officials said some of the migrants may still check in late. Officials also explained ICE’s failure to issue summonses as the result of “limited agency resources.”

The officials said they aren’t sure whether they will try to punish the rule breakers, though they suggested some interest in the idea.

“DHS maintains its commitment that individuals have an obligation to comply with requirements imposed by DHS, and ICE is prepared to take such actions as may be required to ensure that individuals who were released pending the initiation of their immigration court proceedings comply with the terms of their release,” Sarah B. Fabian, a Justice Department lawyer, told the judge in Florida.

That could include arrests, detention or attempts to deport the migrants, said Daniel A. Bible, deputy executive associate director at ICE.

That, too, was little comfort to Judge Wetherell, who said he was “skeptical that DHS is serious” about tracking them down.

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Question O’ The Day
However, what this REALLY is, is a national security issue. Again, we should be glad that at least ONE more terrorist was nabbed at our border. Yet the question remains, what about those who have slipped through??

Afghan On Terrorist Watch List Caught At Border.

National security? WHAT national security? Joe Biden and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas keep insisting our border is safe and secure. So I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that an Afghan national on the terrorist watch list was caught in San Diego last week?

It’s been confirmed that an Afghan national on the U.S. terror watch list was apprehended while illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in California on Wednesday, one day before Title 42 officially expired on May 11 at 11:59 p.m. ET time. The arrest was confirmed to Fox News by several sources in the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), who did not reveal the identity of the individual on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) terror watch list.

Ok, so it’s good news that this guy, a known or suspected terrorist (KSTs) decided to show up at the border and get caught. However, I have many questions about this. MANY. 

In fiscal 2022, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations agents apprehended 67 KSTs at ports of entry and 98 between ports of entry at the southern border, totaling 165. At northern border ports of entry, they apprehended 313. Combined, CBP OFO agents apprehended 478 KSTs in fiscal 2022.

Fiscal year to date, OFO agents have apprehended 45 KSTs at ports of entry and 80 between ports of entry at the southern border, totaling 125. At the northern border, the numbers are still higher: 205 at ports of entry and two between ports of entry. So far, that’s 332 this fiscal year who’ve been apprehended trying to enter the U.S.

Question number one: How many have we missed?? Because, reality check here, you can darned well bet others decided to cross the border illegally and are numbered among those 1.5 million or more who’ve slipped through CBP fingers because resources are so thin on the ground.

Yet Mayorkas went on the Sunday talk shows yesterday and bragged about the “successes” at the border. Fewer people are crossing! Well, there’s a reason for that.

Yes indeed. It isn’t because of Mayorkas that the CBP has seen fewer crossings since last Friday. Nope, it’s because Mexico stepped up their enforcement and Governor Abbott deployed TX National Guard to the border. Also, with more people showing up at the port of entries, those facilities are totally overcrowded.

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What Are All These Illegals Going to Do?

So, the gate to illegal entrance into America is now open wider than it was before.  Well, since Biden became President, there hasn’t been a gate.  By the time he leaves office, there will be…how many people illegally in the United States, having crossed our non-existent southern border, by far the greatest breakdown of the federal government whose first job is to protect Americans from invasion by those who are not legally allowed into the land. This will be Biden’s most horrendous legacy historically—the worst of all his failures.

What will the total figure end up being?  25 million?  30 million?  There is no way we will know, until they are all given amnesty, which will happen eventually.  That’s what the Democrats want and, well, what else can we do with them?  Ship them back across the Mexican border and let them die in the desert?  They are here to stay, folks, you know it, I know it, they know it, and Biden knows it.  And that’s been the plan all along.

But what will they do?  Well, a variety of things, none good because they are here illegally—at least for a while.  But here are some possibilities to keep them occupied.

1.  Pick crops.  Many of them are already doing that, and have been for years.  They shouldn’t be doing it, of course, not just because they shouldn’t be here in the first place, but because they are taking work from American citizens.  How about starting with the hundreds of thousands of homeless that are on the streets?  They need jobs.  Round ‘em up and send them to the fields.  But can’t do that because Democrats need them on the streets for—something.  Political gain surely.  Young people could start their careers by doing farm labor, but they are too lazy to work, period, so it would be hard to coax them to do it.  So, bottom line, lots of the newcomers will be in the fields as well.  At least they will be working.  They will have jobs that Americans don’t want to do, and that says something about the country.  And also about leadership, in all areas, which is not encouraging especially young people towards the virtues of hard work and diligence.  But people on welfare means votes for politicians.

2.  Some illegals will sell drugs.  That’s what many of them came to do—work for the cartels.  They can make pretty good money killing Americans.  Frankly, I place most of the blame here on the people who take drugs.  It is an utterly useless, dangerous, stupid thing to do.  Nobody forces anybody to take drugs, although I’ve heard a few fentanyl deaths were innocent.  But I really struggle to feel sorry for people who ruin their lives, or die, by voluntarily putting something into their body that doesn’t belong there and can only harm them.  The drug problem in America is completely the fault of the fools who take them.  I have never smoked one weed in my life or taken a single illegal drug, and that by choice.  I’m not very smart, but I’m not THAT stupid.  We could stop the drug problem tomorrow if every American would just have the sense to quit using them.  But that isn’t going to happen, and thus there is a tremendously lucrative market for drugs.  So many of the illegals will be in America getting rich off the recklessness of the millions who take drugs.

3.  Menial jobs, welfare, homelessness, crime.  Very few of the illegals are skilled laborers (except for picking Nancy’s crops), so they won’t be able to get high paying jobs.  They will live together in hovels, 8, 10, 12 to a house, or on the streets, and be in poverty.  Many will, of course, get on welfare and you and I will take care of them through our tax dollars.  There are a lot of other criminals crossing the border as well, and thus the Democrat-caused crime wave will escalate.  All this chaos is exactly what the Left wants because…

These people are a revolution waiting to happen.  The illegals are going to discover that Joe Biden’s America is not what it was advertised to be.  Most of them will exist in squalor and deep poverty, with no easy avenue of escape.  Many children will end up in some kind of child labor or maybe even sex slavery to help their families subsist.  It is a horrible situation Biden is creating.  Many of these people left their countries to get away from this, but they will find a concomitant situation in the United States.

If we think a revolution cannot happen in America, then we are only deluding ourselves.  Adolf Hitler actually came to power legally, but Mao Zedong required a civil war.  Lenin took advantage of mass discontent to take over Russia, and that appears to be the most likely scenario in America.  The Democrats are creating hatred of America in many groups, especially blacks and millennials.  Thus, they will have no qualms about rebelling against a country they despise, which they believe is unfair, unequal, and full of injustice.  This is a classic recipe for revolution.  And just what the Democrats crave.

And if the situation proves intolerable for the illegals, they, too, will become a discontented mass, angry, and ripe for Leftist propaganda.  In history, when this kind of brew is stirred into a national pot, it usually takes a strongman (dictator) to step forth and subdue it, taking away everyone’s liberties in order to create stability.  Once he gets power, he never gives it up.  It happened in many countries in the 20th century, and it can happen in the 21st, too.

Welcome to Joe Biden’s America, deliberately manufactured.  An increasingly seething, boiling cauldron of discontent.  I have no answers to this one.  I’ve seen it too many times in history.  Once the avalanche starts, there is no way to stop it.

When their party’s political agenda starts biting them in the rear end
I laugh.

Chicago Residents Erupt Over Plan to Release Illegal Aliens in Their Community

Residents in South Shore, Chicago are not happy about plans to import countless illegal immigrants into their community. Their protest comes as President Joe Biden’s continues to promote open border policies, rampant asylum fraud and plans to release thousands of illegal immigrants in cities across the country.

During a city council meeting earlier this week, residents blasted the release proposal and demanded local officials work to stop the impending influx.

Further, residents are blasting illegal immigration advocates for promoting voting for non-citizens.

“This is an effort to destroy our neighborhoods and silence our voices,” one man warned.


The U.S. Constitution

Article I
Section 1
All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

Section 8
The Congress shall have Power To…

…provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

Biden DHS Coordinating Illegal Immigration In-Flows with Mexico
A striking level of collusion, as Biden’s officers use an encrypted online chat room to tell Mexico when to let migrants swim across

MATAMOROS, Mexico – In recent days, large crowds of immigrants have formed on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande fully prepared to swim over well-worn crossing spots to Brownsville – but seemingly held back by unarmed Mexican immigration officials.

Over the course of several recent days in this northeastern Mexican city when perhaps 3,000 immigrants a day swam over to Brownsville with no opposition on either side, a curious pattern became evident. At some sort of signal from the Mexican immigration officers, a group of about 100-150 from the crowd would suddenly stand in unison and rush down the riverbank, past the immigration officers, and swim over to America.

It turns out that this pattern was far from happenstance. The Center for Immigration Studies asked several of the Mexican immigration officers what was going on and learned that President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has been coordinating these mass swims with Mexico’s immigration service, INM, at high levels on an encrypted Whatsapp channel.

The officers explained that their senior officers were in touch with U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials about how many immigrants were gathered and were prepared to cross the river at any given time.

“We’re letting them know that there’s a group of people ready to cross,” one officer explained.

The Americans on the other side would ask the Mexicans to hold back the migrants – not because such crossings are illegal and should be blocked and obstructed, but only until the Americans had finished processing the last batch into the country through Brownsville. Once the Americans felt they could take in more, they message the Mexicans that “they are ready to receive them.” Then, senior officials would radio the on-ground immigration officers, all of whom are equipped with radios.

Next, the officers signal to the waiting crowd to go forward and, once they figure enough are in the water, they cut off the rest and push and cajole them back into line until the Americans signal they’re ready again.

The Mexican officers said the Americans initiated this system in late April but could only guess at why – perhaps to better manage the processing of very high recent numbers of crossings. But the collaboration explains why Mexican immigration officers are stationed at the river at all, and raises many questions.

CBP did not immediately respond to CIS’s telephoned and emailed messages for comment.

But the process, which has never been publicized, amounts to a “controlled-flow” system most often used, controversially, by Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica, to facilitate mass illegal migration to the U.S. border rather than incur the expense and trouble of blocking it in those countries.

Controlled-flow by the Biden administration’s DHS with Mexico also constitutes a highly unusual U.S. policy that demonstrates formal acquiescence to illegal immigration and an official willingness to accommodate mass illegal immigration rather than stopping, blocking, or deterring it, as required by law.

It remains unclear as the Title 42 expedited removal power comes to an end at midnight on 5/11, and is replaced by a new policy, if the controlled-flow scheme will continue working.

Numerous times in Matamoros, CIS witnessed migrants charge the Mexican immigration officers and pour into the river ahead of “schedule.”

Dozens of the migrants openly argued with the Mexican officers to let them through. But the officers argued back that they had to be patient, lest children or adults drown in uncontrolled crossings.

Mexico seemed to signal a willingness to use muscle if necessary to maintain the controlled-flow arrangement. Late Tuesday, as the crowd grew visibly restive, a squad of armed Mexican National Guard showed up and began patrolling the line.