Democrats Trying To Sneak Illegal Alien Amnesty Into ‘Infrastructure’ Bill.

The “infrastructure” bill was already a dog’s breakfast of hard-left graft wish lists. But Democrats also want to use it as a Trojan horse for illegal alien amnesty as well:

What better time to push through amnesty for potentially millions of illegal immigrants than during the Biden border crisis? As tone-deaf as the plan is, that is exactly what Senate Democrats are planning to do in the $3.5T infrastructure bill. A decision has not been made on the numbers yet but Senator Dick Durbin, the Senate Democratic Whip, confirmed this week that it will happen. Democrats will try to push through immigration reform in the budget process.

With the news being reported today that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer wants to bring a trial vote on infrastructure to the floor of the Senate by Wednesday of next week, this is an interesting turn of events. Add that to the ruling by the federal judge who determined that DACA is “an illegally implemented program”, and immigration reform has come to the forefront of political discourse once again. In the past, it has been an issue that a bipartisan group gets together and comes up with a plan to move immigration reform through Congress but at the last minute it always falls apart and the issue gets kicked down the road. This plan will likely include those people designated as Dreamers, farmworkers, and possibly essential workers like those who worked as health care workers during the pandemic.

Politico reports that this plan is being hatched by leaders of the Progressive Caucus, the Hispanic Caucus, and the Black Caucus. The biggest cheerleaders for this move are Senators Durbin, Bob Menendez, and Bernie Sanders. Rep. Raul Ruiz of California is chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and he says, “This is currently our best effort.” Democrats privately admit that this is likely their only chance to ram through immigration reform.

And all this despite a crisis at the border and polls that show illegal alien amnesty is extremely unpopular.

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DACA Immigration Program Invalidated by Federal Judge
Judge blocked approval of new DACA applications, but postponed the effect of his ruling on current program recipients

A federal judge in Texas on Friday invalidated an Obama-era initiative that provided deportation protections and work permits to some young immigrants, a ruling that places the program in jeopardy.
U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen ruled the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was unlawful because Congress never gave the executive branch the power to grant mass reprieves to immigrants who are in the U.S. without authorization.
Judge Hanen’s ruling barred the Biden administration from approving new DACA applications, but the judge stayed the immediate effect of his ruling on current DACA recipients.

The program has offered temporary protections to any immigrants in the country without legal authorization who were 30 years old or younger when the program was announced. DACA recipients must have arrived in the U.S. by 2007, before they turned 16, and satisfied other conditions, including being a student or graduate and having no significant criminal record.

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“…outrage over the hypocrisy of allowing border crossers by land but not those who are seeking asylum for real reasons by sea.” ?

This is easy to understand. Mexicans in California tend to vote Demoncrap while Cubans in south Florida tend to vote Republican.

‘Outrageous:’ Mayorkas Blasted for Vowing to Reject Asylum-seeking Haitians, Cubans.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas vowed the United States will reject any Haitian or Cuban attempting to enter the country by boat, even if they have demonstrated a credible fear of being persecuted in their home countries.

“Allow me to be clear: if you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States,” Mayorkas said.

The warning comes as Cuban authorities are cracking down on demonstrators after massive protests erupted in the country over the weekend. At least 100 people are missing or have been arrested so far. In Haiti, the nation has been rocked by turmoil after President Jovenel Moise was assassinated last week.

Mayorkas fled Cuba with his parents in 1960 after Fidel Castro’s communist takeover of the country, a point he spoke about when President Biden nominated him to lead DHS.

“When I was very young, the United States provided my family and me a place of refuge,” Mayorkas tweeted. “Now, I have been nominated to be the DHS Secretary and oversee the protection of all Americans and those who flee persecution in search of a better life for themselves and their loved ones.”

But on Tuesday, Mayorkas said those attempting to make it to the U.S. by sea will be stopped by the Coast Guard and returned to their countries.

“If individuals make, establish a well-founded fear of persecution or torture, they are referred to third countries for resettlement,” Mayorkas said, reports CBS News. “They will not enter the United States.”

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Biden dumping illegal migrants around the nation without notice

The Biden administration is speeding up the placement of young illegal immigrants in cities around the nation with little or no notice to local officials, a “reckless” result of the president’s bid to erase the border legacy of former President Donald Trump, according to a leading GOP critic.

Indiana Sen. Todd Young told Secrets that there has been a 45% surge in children that entered the United States unaccompanied by an adult being sent to the Hoosier State. In one case, 19 were sent to Iowa and then put on a bus to other cities, including Fort Wayne, Indiana, to meet up with guardians.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds and Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee have asked Congress to investigate the moves. “These experiences sow seeds of mistrust in our communities, and work to intentionally subvert the will of the people for a secure border and a clear, lawful immigration process,” they said in a letter to a Senate committee.

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Supreme Court rules against immigrants in temporary status seeking green cards

In other words; Green Cards can’t be given to illegal aliens.

The Supreme Court held on Monday that the government can block non-citizens who are in the US under a program that temporarily protects them from deportation in certain situations from applying for a green card if they entered the country unlawfully.

Justice Elena Kagan wrote for a unanimous court.

“Today’s decision is not just a setback for those immigrants currently in Temporary Protected Status who did not enter the United States lawfully; it also reinforces the barriers that Dreamers would face until and unless Congress provides a statutory path to some kind of permanent lawful status,” said Steve Vladeck, CNN Supreme Court analyst and professor at the University of Texas School of Law.

“The Executive Branch may have some authority to confer forms of temporary legal status on those who crossed the border without permission, but the Supreme Court today reinforced, however indirectly, that only Congress can provide a permanent answer,” he added.

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In 2005, a U.S. Senator made a specific statement about what the U.S. policy should be with respect to the southern border: “We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked, and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently, and lawfully to become immigrants in this country.”

The senator was Barack Obama. He had a point that remains sharp. Tennessee elected officials are on solid ground with their questions.

Several years ago I was in a conversation about the border with a person who worked in government. This individual was critical of Trump policies to enforce U.S. border laws and tighten down the border, saying that people were trying to get to the U.S. to seek a better life.

Acknowledging that to be true, I then asked what local laws could be violated by someone seeking a better life?

The answer on that question? Silence. That’s likely to be some of the answers as well to questions down-on-Biden policy Tennessee elected officials are asking.

‘Every town is now a border town’ says Sen. Bill Hagerty.

The reaction of many Republican Tennessee officials to news that President Joe Biden’s administration is transporting unaccompanied migrant children into and out of Chattanooga is described by an old saying around Tennessee’s Capitol Hill: “If I ain’t up on it, I’m down on it.”

That can happen when elected officials find out that they’re not being kept up on a federal government policy that affects their constituents and communities. A Tennessee senator says current southern border policy means “every town is now a border town.”

A series of questions is being asked of the Biden administration by a trio of Tennessee elected officials following a WRCB-TV, Chattanooga, May 19 report that began, “Chattanooga’s Wilson Air Center is receiving planes carrying migrant children who are being bused to multiple Southeastern cities during overnight hours.”\

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Below the Radar: Illegal Alien NICS Alert Act

The National Instant Background Check System (NICS) has always been a flashpoint of contention among Second Amendment supporters. “No compromise” types viewed the push for NICS in 1993 as a sellout, while those who were of the incrementalist school of thought pointed out – justifiably – that NICS prevented a permanent waiting period.

In this light, we come to S 1261, the Illegal Alien NICS Alert Act, introduced by Senator Tom Cotton, a Second Amendment champion. This bill is a narrower version of the NICS Denial Notification Act, since it is strictly aimed at those in the country illegally. This falls under the “enforce existing laws” argument that some Second Amendment supporters have successfully wielded to halt anti-Second Amendment efforts in the past – see Project Exile.

Under 18 USC 922, illegal aliens are prohibited from possessing any type of firearm.

Regardless of your opinion on whether or not illegal immigration is a threat to the Second Amendment, this is a law that should be enforced, if for no other reason than a conviction for a federal felony charge serves as grounds for deportation. But on a more important factor, this legislation could be an opening for Second Amendment supporters in places where MS-13 runs rampant.

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Biden Administration Is Flying Illegal Aliens to American Cities in the Middle of the Night

As the illegal immigration crisis on the U.S. southern border with Mexico continues, the Biden Administration is flying unaccompanied minors and family units to cities around the country in the middle of the night. From local WRCBtv in Tennessee:

Chattanooga’s Wilson Air Center is receiving planes carrying migrant children who are being bused to multiple southeastern cities during overnight hours.

Channel 3 obtained video of one of those planes arriving Friday, May 14 shortly before 1:30 a.m.

A second video, shared with Channel 3, shows more children arriving late Saturday night. According to the source who provided the video, a third plane carrying children arrived Friday afternoon. Flight records confirm that a fourth plane arrived early Wednesday morning, May 19.

The video obtained by Channel 3, shows children who appear to be in their early teens carrying matching bags. The children then boarded buses, which were staged on the runway. Two of the four buses seen in the video are owned by Coast to Coast Tours of East Point, Georgia.

The flights are prompting questions from lawmakers on Capitol Hill as the Department of Homeland Security continues to hide how they are dealing with a historic influx of illegal immigration.

Biden Wants Strict Rules For Gun Owners, But Not Illegal Immigrants

President Biden has made no secret that he believes there should be universal, extended background checks for every single gun sale in the United States. But when it comes to releasing unaccompanied migrant children to sponsors, President Biden and his administration are all too happy to skip background checks and hand over the kids to whomever claims them.

Here’s what the Wall Street Journal reported last month, “The government is planning to begin … releasing children before sponsors’ background checks have been completed. … [C]hild welfare officials will conduct welfare checks after a minor is placed with a sponsor—typically a parent, relative or family friend.”

The fact that the Biden Administration would turn children over to adults without verifying their identity or criminal backgrounds is incredibly alarming. “Background checks for thee, but not for me,” seems to be President Biden’s refrain.

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MS-13, other gang members exploit migrant wave to cross into US

Members of MS-13 and other gangs are slipping across the southern border, hidden in the waves of thousands of Mexican and Central American migrants who continue to surge into the US.

Border Patrol officials detained five gang members in the last week near frontier crossings at Laredo, TX., said US Border Patrol Agent Chief Matthew Hudak in a tweet Friday.

“They attempt to evade arrest by exploiting the influx of migrants attempting to enter our country,” Hudak tweeted.

Among those caught was a member of MS-13 and two 18th Street gang members, he said.

Both gangs are extremely violent and have origins among Central American immigrant communities in Los Angeles. MS-13, also known as Mara Salvatrucha, tried to establish an east coast stronghold on Long Island, responsible for dozens of murders in Suffolk County beginning in 2016. After an intense crackdown, Suffolk County authorities said they had practically eradicated the gang in the region two years ago.

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Yes, they’re words and the words we use do matter.
The aliens that are here illegally are illegal aliens.
Why use ‘inclusive language?
Propaganda to cloud men’s minds.

Biden administration orders CBP, ICE to stop using the term ‘illegal alien’

​T​he Biden administration has ordered federal immigration enforcement agencies to nix the use of terms like “illegal alien” and “assimilation” when referring to illegal immigrants, in favor of more “inclusive language,” according to a report on Monday. ​

The new directive was included in a memo sent to the heads of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection as part of an effort by the Biden White House to build a more “humane” immigration system, the Washington Post reported, citing copies it obtained.​​

According to the document, “alien” will become “noncitizen or migrant,” “illegal” will be called “undocumented,” and “assimilation” will be referred to as “integration.”​​

“The words we use matter,” Troy Miller, a senior CBP official, said in his memo.

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‘Why Are They In Homeland Security Bags?’: Rep. Louie Gohmert Finds Signs Directing Illegal Immigrants To Asylum.

Republican Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert posted video Friday of signs directing illegal immigrants to a Border Patrol processing facility.

Gohmert mentioned some of the dangers of crossing the river in that area — namely snakes and tarantulas — and noted that in spite of the risks, large numbers of particularly women and children were crossing anyway.

“Who is putting up the signs pointing to asylum at the U.S. border in Texas and why are they in Homeland Security bags? #BidenBorderCrisis,” Gohmert tweeted along with a video of himself at the U.S.-Mexico border.


In the video, Gohmert pointed out a sign hung on a tree near where he said illegal immigrants were coming out of the river. That sign, he said, gave directions to a Border Patrol processing station a few kilometers away.

“It’s amazing how many women and children are coming right now, just because the president is promising them amnesty down the road,” Gohmert said. “But the great irony here is theses are on Homeland — they put these messages in Homeland Security bags so they’ll stay nice and dry and fresh for the thousands and thousands of people that are coming up from the river right over here.”

“Tarantulas, snakes and all kinds of stuff around here,” Gohmert continued, adding, “This is no place people ought to be coming in.”

President Joe Biden’s administration has been criticized for removing former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, as critics say he is responsible for the surge of migrants that has only grown since his inauguration.

DHS Chief Gaslights: ‘The Border is Secure,’ and Any Current Problems Are Trump’s Fault, Not Biden’s

UPDATE – Byron York explains additional elements of why Mayorkas’ claims are unsupported by facts.

In an extraordinary series of answers to pointed questions from Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas insisted that America’s southern border is “secure,” and that the current crisis — which the White House still won’t explicitly acknowledge — is completely unrelated to the Biden administration’s policies and rhetoric.In fact, he repeatedly claimed, the present troubles are the fault of the Trump administration.  This is the same man who dangerously encouraged illegal immigration on national television last week, announcing that migrant children who arrive in the US will be allowed to stay.  That message, and others, have evidently been clearly received, and the inevitable results are now playing out.  Here’s the video, then let’s examine several of these claims in detail:(1) “The border is secure.”  This is preposterous.  Read this recent on-the-ground report from Julio, who witnessed hundreds of illegal immigrants entering the country in a matter of hours.  US officials apprehended more than 100,000 illegal immigrants in the month of February alone, and many others crossed into America without being caught.  The Washington Post and Fox News have reported that the Border Patrol has counted approximately 1,000 single-day “got-aways” entering US territory through the southern border within individual 24-hour periods — a figure that only entails known cases in which illegal immigrants were spotted but not detained.  The border is not secure, and illegal immigration is being actively incentivized by the new administration.

(2) Mayorkas told Wallace, with a straight face, that there is no connection between the Biden administration’s policies and the mushrooming crisis at the border.  This is ludicrous.  Illegal immigrants are openly telling journalists that Biden’s rhetoric and policies encouraged them to cross the border, some wearing Biden t-shirts.  Migrants chanted Biden’s name after he won the election.  It’s not subtle:

“The message is that this border’s open for business and you can come across and if you get across there will be no consequences, that’s the message we hear,” says a local Sheriff.

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House OKs Dems’ Immigration Bills for Dreamers, Farm Workers

The House voted Thursday to unlatch a gateway to citizenship for young Dreamers, migrant farm workers and immigrants who’ve fled war or natural disasters, giving Democrats wins in the year’s first votes on an issue that once again faces an uphill climb to make progress in the Senate.

On a near party-line 228-197 vote, lawmakers approved one bill offering legal status to around 2 million Dreamers, brought to the U.S. illegally as children, and hundreds of thousands of migrants admitted for humanitarian reasons from a dozen troubled countries.

They then voted 247-174 for a second measure creating similar protections for 1 million farm workers who have worked in the U.S. illegally; the government estimates they comprise half the nation’s agricultural laborers.

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Kevin McCarthy proven right after Dems, media accuse him of lying about suspected terrorists at border

Democrats and liberal media outlets questioned claims from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., about people on the “terrorist watch list” being detained while attempting to cross the southern border, but new information shows that McCarthy was right.

McCarthy delivered the warning about the “terrorist watch list” on Monday during an interview outside El Paso, Texas, shortly after speaking with border agents, who warned about foreign nationals on the terrorist watch list entering the United States.

McCarthy’s remarks were met with skepticisim from Democrats.
(Nothing unusual from demoncraps)
Three migrants from Yemen and one migrant from Serbia have been picked up by U.S. Border Patrol since last October while attempting to cross the southern border, Fox News reported Tuesday.

Four foreign nationals, whose names match those on the terror watch list, have been stopped trying to enter the U.S. via the southern border since October, a congressional aide familiar with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) information told Fox News.

CBS Reports DHS Has Detained 13,000+ Unaccompanied Kids at the Border, Calls it a ‘Crisis’

Now that the MSM has called it such, it’s official.

There’s a new sheriff in town

By Frank Liberato
There’s a new sheriff in town and he cares not a whit for you, your family, or your country. The rescinding of the “public charge” rule was the latest domino to fall in the Biden administration’s abandonment of all Trump-era measures to restrict immigration and protect the border.

People breaking into our country, now do so with impunity. They are still breaking the law but there is no enforcement in the wokeisphere.

In the old America, if you wanted to become a citizen, you had to show proficiency in English, a basic understanding of American civics, and the ability to support yourself. Then you would get in line with all the other applicants.

The impact of those requirements would now appear to be negligible with most immigrants coming here illegally. The Biden administration sees only votes and will promote any law or take any executive action that makes it easier to enter the country.

Once they’re here, Biden wants to ease and shorten the path to citizenship. This will provide the left with an endless supply of Democrat voters and undermine the fabric of the American culture that they so loathe. Two birds with one stone. Welcome to wokeworld.

Illegal immigrants enjoy a special status that American citizens do not. They are largely ignored or protected in many states and municipalities, and they are eligible for benefits they have not paid for. The vast majority work hard and simply want a better life for themselves and their families, but the fact is that they broke our laws to come here. In Biden’s woke America, they will be rewarded for it.

This situation is not sustainable. With open borders and open benefits, the millions that are coming today will soon be tens of millions. With such an abrupt change in demographics, the American culture will likely start to dissolve under the pressure. When foreigners can come into the United States with little more than an obligation to attend a hearing two years down the road, and over ninety percent don’t show up, then we have no border. If we have no border, we have no country.

The last great migration to America ended around 1920. This was almost entirely legal immigration, so we knew who was coming and how many. It took a forty-year cooling-off period for the country to absorb the new immigrants and for those immigrants to assimilate into American culture. They’ll be no such luxury this time. The new numbers dwarf the last wave, and they will only be accelerating.

Even the “wokest” of western nations understands the necessity for a secure border. Most, despite the boatloads of refugees they take in each year, are quite strict in administering and protecting their borders. How is it that America has come to forsake its own security and that of its people?

The answer lies with America’s leftist elite. They are a caste of preening, narcissistic, would-be-aristocrats and they need an ever-burgeoning underclass to keep voting for Democrats to support their lifestyles and egos.

They import voters from third-world countries and tear down America’s middle class while claiming to be their champion. They build walls around their houses. They build walls around their communities and now they have built a wall around the capital. All this while fiercely opposing a wall at the southern border where all varieties of turpitude and criminality are imported into the United States.

The rank hypocrisy is hiding in plain sight. The new Marxist elites can live behind walls but average citizens are left to fend for themselves. The woke folk have armed guards and state of the art law enforcement while community policing is defunded and our Second Amendment rights are threatened with new restrictions and taxation. There is increasingly nowhere for the average person to turn to for justice and security.

The Cloward- Piven plan from the 1960s called for overwhelming America’s social welfare system to topple capitalism and usher in a new utopian, socialist government. With the backdrop of an overtaxed citizenry, massive illegal immigration, a rapid increase in violent crime, endless wars, endless crises, and an exploding national debt, the pieces are all in place for large-scale social unrest. Just the way they planned it.

U.S. Citizenship Act Next On Biden Agenda

[Thursday], Joe Biden signed into law the 1.9 trillion dollar slush fund being billed as a Covid relief package. Next on his agenda is the U.S. Citizenship Act. Biden broke the border. His next legislation isn’t going to do anything to fix it.

During the 2020 Presidential Campaign, Biden promised to reverse the cruel Trump Administration program of “ripping children from their parents’ arms” and putting them “in cages”. On December 16, the New York Post reported:

Well, that didn’t take long. A border crisis is brewing before President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

Migrant caravans are forming in Honduras, where residents were hit with a pair of devastating hurricanes last month, adding to the economic hardship caused by COVID-19. Faced with ruin, many Hondurans have ­decided to defy local travel bans and head north.

On his first full day in office, Biden ended Trump’s stay in Mexico policy. Three months later, there is a crisis at the border. Thank you very much, Mr. Biden. The Border Patrol personnel is overwhelmed:

The Department of Homeland Security documents show that more than 3,400 children were in custody as of earlier this week and that the number of children being referred to Health and Human Services is growing almost three times faster than social workers are able to find appropriate homes for the children.

Many children can’t even get transferred to more hospitable shelters that can have bunk beds, video games, classrooms, medical facilities and ball fields because those are already at 94% capacity. That backlog explains why kids are staying on average 107 hours in the sprawling and sometimes jail-like Border Patrol facilities — longer than the 72 hours allowed by law.

And, that doesn’t even speak of the drug smuggling:

Mexican President Lopez-Obrador is not well-pleased with Biden:

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