“Studies show that moslem terrorists are less prone to violence after they’ve been shot in the face” – unattributed.

Israeli Special Forces Disguised as Palestinian Refugees for Hostage Rescue

Israeli special forces were disguised as Palestinians looking for a place to live when they rescued hostages from Gaza during the weekend, two Israeli security sources told ABC News.

Special forces were already in position near the hostages before being given the “go” command, which was given at 11a.m. local time.

The helicopters carrying the hostages and wounded officers landed at Sheba Medical Center in Israel a bit later.

The hostages were in “good medical condition” when they were rescued, according to IDF officials.

“The EPP is just beginning to see the perils of mass immigration”: An Interview with Geoffrey van Orden

This is about 1/2 way down the article and applies to the U.S. just as much as to European nations.

Where does the greatest challenge for the West lie: abroad, or in domestic policies of open borders and green pacts?

The West faces multiple challenges, both internal and external. Mass uncontrolled immigration of people from entirely different cultures and habits is sheer madness. While the genuinely persecuted are rightly offered sanctuary, and small numbers of other people with particular skills or resources can be integrated into our societies, we are demonstrably incapable of properly integrating very large numbers of strangers. The effect is unwelcome changes to our own systems and loss of national cohesion at a time when this is more necessary than ever.

The vulnerabilities and fractures in our society are exploited by external enemies. While we had imagined that conflict between European states was a thing of the past, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the invasion of Ukraine has provided a salutary shock. The West needs to rearm and demonstrate the solidarity and resilience of its alliances, particularly NATO. EU involvement, through its autonomous defence ambition, is a dangerous distraction from this.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says ‘Why should he?’ when asked why Biden isn’t using executive powers to deal with border crisis

White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre brazenly fought back after being asked why Joe Biden hasn’t used his executive powers to deal with the border crisis.

The press secretary, 49, admitted on Wednesday that Biden does have the power to curtail the ever-growing migrant ordeal – but she snapped back: ‘Why should he?’

President Biden took 94 executive actions to reverse Donald Trump’s border policies after taking office – but has refused to issue any as migrant numbers have surged.

A deadlocked Congress has repeatedly failed to agree measures to cut illegal crossings at the southern border, which topped more than 2.5 million last year.

Despite this, Jean-Pierre seemed baffled at the suggestion that the president should take the initiative, when she was asked why he would not.

White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre seemed baffled at the suggestion that the President should take the initiative when quizzed by reporters on Wednesday

White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre seemed baffled at the suggestion that the President should take the initiative when quizzed by reporters on Wednesday

Asylum seekers walk for their interview appointment with US authorities at the El Chaparral crossing port in Tijuana, Baja California State, Mexico, on

Asylum seekers walk for their interview appointment with US authorities at the El Chaparral crossing port in Tijuana, Baja California State, Mexico, on

She demanded: ‘Why should he have to do it unilaterally?

‘Why shouldn’t we do it in a legislative way?’

Congress was given no say as executive orders flowed thick and fast in the early days of the administration to ditch Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy, halt construction of the border wall and increase job opportunities for those that got through.

White House sources have repeatedly hinted he would take executive action to curtail crossings, most recently last week when outlets reported plans to shut the border should migrant crossings reach 4,000 per day.

But the president has played down the prospect in public, in the face of opposition from progressives in his party.

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Ignore the Shocking Number of Rapes Committed by ‘Newcomers’ or You’ll Be Punished, You Bigot

As I’ve written before, the globalists have spent decades indoctrinating Westerners to believe that legitimate criticism of people with darker skin is a sign of racism, if not “proof” of so-called “white supremacy.” That includes speaking out against the epidemic of illegal immigrants, or asylum-seekers — call them what you will — committing unspeakable levels of sexual assault against Western women.

Most Americans have no idea what has been happening in Europe for two decades. But as I’ve warned in the past, the United States is only five to seven years behind the UK. Watch our Brit friends if you want to see what the pinkos have planned for “The Great Satan,” otherwise known as We the People.

Gang rapists in Britain, a vast majority of whom are/were Pakistani Muslims, had been sexually assaulting thousands of young girls and women with near impunity. How was such a heinous, nationwide calamity allowed to take place? Once the “woke” British cops realized most of the rapists were Muslims, they tucked their cowardly tails between their smooth, Ken-doll legs and said nothing for fear of being called “racists.”

When it comes to an alarming and fairly secret wave of crimes being committed by “diversity delegates,” England isn’t alone. Danish crime stats from 2010-2021 revealed the dirty little secret that “asylum seekers” committed far more crimes than citizens born in Denmark. Roughly 58% of the sexual assaults in Malmo, Sweden, considered the “rape capital” of Europe, were committed by minority “foreign-born” attackers.

FACT-O-RAMA! Gropey Joe Biden referred to Laken Riley’s murderer as an “illegal.” Realizing his faux pas, he apologized to the woke gods for his insolence, claiming he should have referred to the animal as “undocumented.”

Merely being quiet about the tens of thousands of Western women being raped seems not to be working anymore, so the globalists allowing the carnage have begun punishing those who speak out.

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Supreme Court Refuses to Block Texas From Arresting Illegal Immigrants.

The Supreme Court has acted. Texas is free to deal with illegal migrants in violation of immigration law by arresting them.

The Biden administration failed in its attempt to block a Texas law that allows the state to arrest those suspected of violating U.S. Immigration law. The Biden administration argued that the federal government may enforce or ignore immigration law as it sees fit. It said states like Texas have no say in the matter and no recourse to defend themselves.

The court majority said no to this overreaching, and some justices were not happy.

Liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor, joined by Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, wrote, “Today, the Court invites further chaos and crisis in immigration enforcement.” The court may still reopen the issue as a constitutional matter later, but for now, the Biden administration may not interfere with Texas.

Biden had wanted an administrative stay to halt any action by Texas as a way of shortcutting the process of appeals.

The Texas migration law makes unauthorized entry into the state, except at a port of entry, a state felony. While such entry is already a federal crime, the Biden administration has turned a blind eye to the law. Texas now has a free hand to defend its state borders.

A federal judge attempted to stay the law’s implementation, but the 5th Circuit overturned that ruling. The Biden administration hoped the Supreme Court would overrule the 5th Circuit. It did not.

The state argued, “Plaintiffs urge the Court to rush straight to the merits of their claims. But these cases do not belong in federal court at all—even apart from the fact that no state court has yet had an opportunity to construe any provision of S.B.4.”

The Supreme Court majority agreed.

“So far as I know, this Court has never reviewed the decision of a court of appeals to enter—or not enter—an administrative stay,” wrote Justices Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh in ruling against the federal government. “I would not get into the business. When entered, an administrative stay is supposed to be a short-lived prelude to the main event: a ruling on the motion for a stay pending appeal. I think it unwise to invite emergency litigation in this Court about whether a court of appeals abused its discretion at this preliminary step.”

Further legal action is expected, but in the meantime, the state of Texas has been given the green light to proceed with enforcing its border.

Noem is first governor to declare invasion before state legislature

(The Center Square) – When South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem declared an invasion before the state legislature, she became the first governor in modern history to do so.

Texas Gov. Sam Houston referred to an invasion being fought on two fronts before the Texas legislature in 1860, The Center Square first reported.

While Gov. Greg Abbott has invoked constitutional clauses, he has not declared an invasion or laid out the constitutional authority of Texas’ right to self-defense before the Texas legislature. As he’s issued executive orders and sent letters to President Joe Biden citing Texas’ constitutional right to self-defense, 55 Texas counties have passed invasion resolutions and 60 have issued disaster declarations, citing the border crisis.

Last month, Noem spoke before the South Dakota legislature to specifically address the southern border crisis. She said, “Nearly 10 million foreign nationals have broken federal law and they’ve infiltrated our country within the past three years bringing with them drugs, trafficking, crime, and violence,” creating a national security crisis. While American history is “proudly built on the stories of our ancestors who came to this country for opportunity and for a new beginning,” she said, “today, many of those who are entering our country under the current policies of the Biden administration are known terrorists. They’re criminals, they’re human traffickers, and they’re drug cartel members.”

Because of Biden’s policies, “people from over a hundred different countries have heard the story of our open border,” she said. “Countries such as Venezuela are known to be emptying out their prisons and their mental institutions, and they’re sending them to America.

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Illegal Alien from Lebanon Caught at Border Admits He is Hezbollah, Hoped to Make a Bomb.

An illegal alien from Lebanon was apprehended illegally crossing the southern border near El Paso, Texas by Border Patrol agents on March 9.

Basel Bassel Ebbadi, 22, was asked what he was doing in the United States. He said he was going to New York and hoped to make a bomb. “I’m going to make a bomb.” He admitted he is a member of Hezbollah.

During a sworn interview, Ebbadi said he trained with Hezbollah for seven years. He said he was an active member guarding weapons locations for another four years.

Thanks, Joe Biden.

Ebbadi’s trained to be a jihadi to kill people “that was not Muslim,” according to ICE documents.

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Yes, that’s exactly what he’s saying. He’s admitting the truth about unchecked immigration. It’s importing a slave class but this time they fully count for deciding how the House of Representatives is divvied up as well as somehow getting to vote.

The goobermint isn’t letting all these foreigners in for the good of the nation

Biden Convinced Media He Was ‘Powerless’ To Fix Border Crisis. Then He Changed His Mind.

The Biden administration let it be known on Thursday [the 22nd] that the president is considering taking executive action to address the crisis at the southern border. News outlets appeared impressed.

Axios called the leaked White House plan to limit asylum claims President Joe “Biden’s Bold and Risky Border Move.” Politico declared it a “sweeping new approach.” The New York Times put four reporters on the story.

It was an abrupt pivot for the mainstream media, which have long repeated Biden and his Democratic allies’ claims that he is all but powerless to slow the unprecedented flood of migrants into the United States.

FLASHBACK: After congressional Republicans earlier this month killed a Democrat-backed border bill, the White House denied GOP claims that the president already has the power to deal with the crisis.

“Every day between now and November, the American people are going to know that the only reason the border is not secure is Donald Trump and his MAGA Republican friends,” Biden said.

The media rushed to prove him right:

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Sen. Chris Murphy: the people we care about most

A gaffe is commonly defined as when a politician inadvertently tells the truth and/or reveals his true intentions. During this election season, we’re seeing a bumper crop of gaffes, and not all by Joe Biden. Sen. Chris Murphy, among the most rabid Democrat/socialist/communist (D/s/c) congress critters, dropped a classic:

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., said Wednesday that the Democratic Party’s push for a path to citizenship in border legislation has failed the people they “care about most” in this country, “undocumented Americans.”

MSNBC host Chris Hayes asked Murphy about the border security bill and said, rather than pushing for a path to citizenship in border legislation negotiations like the party has in the past, Democrats were using Ukraine funding. 

“Well, I mean, Chris, that’s been a failed play for 20 years. So you are right that that has been the Democratic strategy for 30 years, maybe, and it has failed to deliver for the people we care about most, the undocumented Americans that are in this country,” Murphy said.

Oooops. Murphy said the quiet part out loud.

“This is also not 2013 any longer, when we ran that play last. Back then, there were a couple hundred people showing up every day applying for asylum. Today, on some days, there are 8,000. And the reality is that the bulk of this country does not think that’s right or sustainable and wants us to change the reality at the border,” the Democratic senator added. 

Ah! That’s why the failed border bill allowed in a minimum of two million a year: Murphy and the other D/s/cs are honoring the will of the electorate! That would be the electorate they’re trying to import, not actual Americans.

Murphy said there was a temptation among Democrats to run the “same play” they always run, but added they had a responsibility to adjust to what the country wants, because the play has not worked.

Which “play?” Ignore the law and illegally allow millions upon millions into the country, or pass a bill that ignores the law and illegally allows millions upon millions into the country, but pretends they’re not doing that and blames Republicans?

“Now this bill still had in it some very important things for migrant rights, including a right to representation and earlier work permits, and the biggest expansion of visas in 30 years. It’s not a pathway to citizenship, but it is something substantial for people that actually care about migrants,” he continued.

Of course. “The people we care about most, the undocumented Americans that are in this country,” have rights, which trump the rights of American citizens because they’re “migrant rights.”  I think that’s the Ninety Third Amendment…or something.

Hayes asked Murphy if he was “proud” of the bill they put forward and wondered if he believed this would improve things at the southern border.

I think you are watching the issue of migration take down left and center-left governments all around the world right now. I think we’re at the point where if we didn’t bring some sense of order to the border, if we didn’t make a big down payment on reform to the asylum system, we were gonna have a really hard time holding on to a consensus in this country that we should keep legal immigration pathways alive,” Murphy responded during his media appearance.

Wait a minute. Didn’t Murphy just say: “the reality is that the bulk of this country does not think that’s right [illegal immigration] or sustainable and wants us to change the reality at the border?” And now we have to maintain “a consensus in this country that we should keep legal immigration pathways alive?!” I’m sure that’s Republican’s fault too.

“And so, I am of the belief that this is a moment where you had to show some big bipartisan momentum and progress on the border, or you would never, ever have the ability to try to rescue the undocumented Americans that desperately need to help,” he added.

“Undocumented Americans.” “Migrant rights.”  Americans don’t want illegal immigration, but they’re worried about losing their consensus to keep illegal immigration alive. We must “rescue the undocumented Americans that desperately need to help.”

Well, at least Murphy is consistent about one thing: the people about which he, and the D/s/c Party, most cares are illegal immigrants, including terrorists, people with communicable Third World diseases, members of the Chinese military, few of which intend to assimilate, and many of which wish us deadly harm. And aren’t “undocumented Americans” everybody in the world not an actual American? I wonder if Murphy is purposely saying that?

What’s truly disconcerting is how many Black and Hispanic Americans are going to vote for whoever the D/s/c candidate is in November. Count among them millions of illegals, and the dead, who virtually exclusively vote D/s/c. Maybe that’s why Murphy cares so much for those folks.