Vox correspondent Ian Millhiser’s proposed solution to vaccine hesitancy sounds great, if you dig fascism and racism


This is why demoncraps are pushing Delta Variant™ fear.

It’s a distraction.

They want people to fear the bug not the increase in gas, lumber and groceries

If SloJoe and his bunch of idjits in the accomplice media don’t divert attention away from this they will get trounced in the next election.


Biden accuses everyone who owns firearms with standard capacity magazines of obtained them “illegally” Calls for ban on 9mm handguns

Gun and ammo sales started going through the roof in mid 2020 and are just in the last month beginning to look like they’re slowing…a little.

Hrmmmm, summer 2020? Where we had riots and building being in looted and burned while the media called it “mostly peaceful protests.”?

The bug was the excuse given by goobermint to release thousands of prisoners back into the populace ?

Police come under attack, were defunded by city goobermintss and a significant number of officers decided to take early retirement and leave the city’s residents to their own devices ?

You can’t turn on the news and not hear about weekends in major metro cities where 50 or more people are shot.

A lot of eyes have been opened.  When the police have been defunded and the ‘woke’ prosecutors refuse to prosecute for reasons of “equity,”  it becomes crystal clear that nobody is coming to save you and you better be ready to protect yourself.

But Chipman has nothing but contempt for law abiding Americans who want to be able to defend themselves. Of course he’s like that, he’s a career bureaucrap at the ATF and they simply hate law abiding American gun owners.

Biden is senile, or he considers his Treasury Secretary not a ‘serious’ economist.

I know, I know; Acknowledge the mighty power of ‘And‘.

Gun control fail.

D.C. Has Universal Background Checks, Gun Registration, and Shootings Outside Nationals’ Park

Democrat-run Washington, DC, has stringent gun controls including universal background checks and gun registration, yet three people were shot outside Nationals’ Park on Saturday night in a game against the Padres.

Giffords reports D.C. has universal background checks, gun registration requirements, microstamping, a ban on the sale or possession of ammunition magazines holding more than ten rounds, a ban on possessing “assault weapons,” and strict regulations on the sale and possession of ammunition, among controls.

Yet the sounds of gunfire filled the air about 9:30 p.m. last night, sending fans and players scurrying for safety during the game between the Nationals and the Padres.

NBC Washington notes the shooting ended up being “an exchange of gunfire between people in two cars” outside the ballpark. Three people were injured in the incident.

Democrat-run New York also has stringent gun controls, including universal background checks, an “assault weapons” ban, a “high capacity” magazine ban, and a red flag law. Yet the Daily Mail points out shootings in NYC are up 29 percent compared to 2020.

Democrat-run Chicago, like all of Illinois, has a 72-hour waiting period for gun purchases, a red flag law, and a Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card requirement for would-be gun buyers. The process for getting a FOID card involves a background check.

Moreover, Cook County, Illinois, the county in which Chicago is located, has an “assault weapons” ban. Yet the Chicago Tribune explains that 2,021, people were shot in the city January 1, through July 7, 2021, alone. That is 164 more people than were shot during the same time-frame in 2020.

If my memory serves me, this  ‘Special Rapporteur’ investigated Israel and came to the predetermined conclusion that Israel was an apartheid nation that committed war crimes.

I’ll bet this Special Rapporteur investigating America will come to the same predetermined conclusion that America is the most racist, unequal, evil country on earth.

Then the Biden administration will be ‘forced’ to invite the UN to do something about it, which means handing over sovereignty to a bureaucratic cesspool that hates us.

H.R. 1 Was Always Doomed to Fail, and the Democrats Have Nothing Else

In the world of Congressional politics, there is a rule most people like to conveniently ignore every time a new Congress is seated: H.R. 1 is never meant to become law.

The first bill of each Congress is always a messaging bill put out by the party in power. It is a list of lofty goals meant to signal to the base that “We are fighting for you!” In truth, though, H.R. 1 is meant to be a platform, not an actual law.

So, while a lot of people have been very worried about Democrats like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema breaking their word and voting to obliterate the filibuster, keeping the history of prior H.R. 1 bills in mind and understanding that Manchin and Sinema are playing the long game certainly indicated the bill would die a proper death in the Senate.

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it’s still hard to undersell just how much of a smackdown this is. You have to admire Tucker’s wit and willingness to just say what he feels. The point he’s making also happens to be right – stop asking people about their vaccination status.

Why does Ben Smith or anyone besides Tucker’s family need to know his vaccination status? The answer is that they don’t. This creepy obsession with demanding private medical information from other people with no justification has to stop. I know some are hopelessly paranoid about COVID, even when it comes to those who have natural immunity, but that’s not an excuse.

Tucker Carlson Is Asked if He’s Vaccinated and His Answer Is All-Time

Tucker Carlson has ruffled a lot of feathers lately, including among the more establishment commentariat on the Right, over his questioning of the COVID vaccine. You see, Carlson had the unmitigated gall to report on some health problems that the government was looking into possibly related to vaccinations. That’s a no-no in the current environment, and the knee-jerking to rush and ensure nothing negative is ever said about the vaccine is often bone snapping.

That’s not me proposing an anti-vaccine position. Rather, I think hysteria that results from any discussion of possible side-effects is just silly and pointless. People who need the vaccine and want the vaccine will go and get it. I think everything else is just overblown.

Regardless, as part of the consternation about Tucker’s comments, the Fox News host got prodded by The New York Times’ Ben Smith on whether he himself was vaccinated.

Tucker’s response was all-time.