Comment O’ The Day:
“I definitely thought before watching the video, that he was talking about something like Nilla wafers, and tortilla/potato chips. The alarming part is, that it didn’t strike me as odd that Biden would be saying something that insane. What a time to be alive.” -StuAnon

Biden isn’t sending that message. Biden’s masters are.
Unless he’s hopped up on a cocktail of adderall, haldol, hydergine and who knows what else of a  combination of anti-dementia drugs, Biden probably doesn’t know what day of the week it is.


Every single one of Biden’s administration is this sort of shallow, performance proggie

“What a sad commentary on our times when we come to a point of crediting a “mainstream” media news anchor for experiencing a brief moment of honesty and telling us what we’ve known about him and his left-wing media comrades for years if not decades.”—Mike Miller

We had the wrong man as Trump’s VP.