Newsweek Caught Stealth Editing 2015 Article to Smear Tom Cotton on “Ranger” Issue

We’re getting into scary territory if the media will just edit or erase anything that contradicts the truth of a Republican’s past or make Democrats look bad.

National Review covered Salon’s hit piece on Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK), which tried to accuse him of lying about his military record.

But there’s a small part in the National Review article that should drive everyone mad.

At Salon, Roger Sollenberger claimed that completing Ranger School does not make one an actual Ranger. He also insisted that the military agrees with him. I emphasized the important part:

In his first run for Congress, Cotton leaned heavily on his military service, claiming to have been “a U.S. Army Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan,” and, in a campaign ad, to have “volunteered to be an Army Ranger.” In reality, Cotton was never part of the 75th Ranger Regiment, the elite unit that plans and conducts joint special military operations as part of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command.

Rather, Cotton attended the Ranger School, a two-month-long, small-unit tactical infantry course that literally anyone in the military is eligible to attend. Soldiers who complete the course earn the right to wear the Ranger tab — a small arch that reads “Ranger” — but in the eyes of the military, that does not make them an actual Army Ranger.

Newsweek jumped on Salon’s back with its own article about Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) telling Cotton that he wasn’t a Ranger if he didn’t wear the 75th Ranger Regiment beret.

Someone better put Crow in touch with retired Command Sergeant Major Rick Merritt because he said he knew of plenty of Rangers who served in other regiments.

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The Left Eats Itself: Petition Inside NPR Accuses Them of a ‘White Supremacist Culture.’

We’ve seen some of the nation’s largest liberal newspapers boil over in internal turmoil over race, so it’s only natural it would happen at National Public Radio. Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner cited a manifesto for an “antiracist future” and the “transformation of public media” published at Current, a website for public broadcasting employees and insiders.

Organizer Celeste Headlee boasted on Twitter on Friday that she has over 450 signatories to this “vision” statement, which declares, “White supremacist culture and anti-blackness shape the policies, norms, and standards of public radio.”

It added, “They determine whose opinions are valued, whose voices are heard, whose stories are told and taken seriously, who is promoted, and whose resume never gets a second glance. Historically, black on-air talent are told their dialect and speaking voices do not fit the public radio prototype. There is a strong bias against journalists who have a distinct ethnic or regional tone in their vocal delivery.”

NPR’s All Things Considered had black co-anchor Michelle Morris and then black co-anchor Audie Cornish. Weekend All Things Considered stars black anchor Michel Martin. NPR added a “Code Switch” project in 2013 to pacify the desire to talk endlessly about race, and that included a promotional interview in August with the author of the book In Defense of Looting. But go ahead, suggest NPR is hopelessly “white supremacist.”

“It’s time for a new kind of journalism: anti-racist journalism. We hope to tear down public radio in order to build it back up,” it said. The media coverage should “center the most marginalized” and serve those who “have been traditionally underserved by corporate media.”

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Collaboration Between Government and Big Tech Giving Rise to Totalitarianism, Experts Warn

The formation of a totalitarian state is just about complete in America as the most powerful public and private sector actors unify behind the idea that actions to stamp out dissent can be justified, according to several experts on modern totalitarian ideologies.

While many have warned about the rise of fascism or socialism in “the land of the free,” the ideas have largely been vague or fragmented, focusing on individual events or actors. Recent events, however, indicate that seemingly unconnected pieces of the oppression puzzle are fitting together to form a comprehensive system, according to Michael Rectenwald, a retired liberal arts professor at New York University.

But many Americans, it appears, have been caught off guard or aren’t even aware of the newly forming regime, as the idea of elected officials, government bureaucrats, large corporations, the establishment academia, think tanks and nonprofits, the legacy media, and even seemingly grassroot movements all working in concert toward some evil purpose seems preposterous. Is a large portion of the country in on a conspiracy?

The reality now emerges that no massive conspiracy was in fact needed—merely an ideological alignment and some informal coordination, Rectenwald argues.

Despite the lack of formal overarching organization, the American socialist regime is indeed totalitarian, as the root of its ideology requires politically motivated coercion, he told The Epoch Times. The power of the regime is not yet absolute but it’s becoming increasingly effective as it erodes the values, checks, and balances against tyranny established by traditional beliefs and enshrined in the American founding.

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Washington Post Pushes Extreme Fear Porn Claiming Super Secret FBI Report of Mass QAnon Hordes Planning to Invade Washington DC

They have to come up with some ridiculous reason to justify their 25,000 military troops in Washington DC to install JoeBama, but the Qanon invasion is just, well, a little silly.

According to the Washington Post, the FBI has shared super-secret, non-specific, possible-threat assessments to include militant Qanon supporters posing as National Guard during the inauguration of JoeBama.  Abject silliness has now turned to the structurally absurd.   Of course the evidence is anonymous and denied in the middle of the article… but still, pushed by WaPo.

[Washington Post] – The FBI privately warned law enforcement agencies Monday that far-right extremists have discussed posing as National Guard members in Washington and others have reviewed maps of vulnerable spots in the city — signs of potential efforts to disrupt Wednesday’s inauguration, according to an intelligence report obtained by The Washington Post.

The document, a summary of threats that the FBI identified in a Monday intelligence briefing, warned that both “lone wolves” and adherents of the QAnon extremist ideology.

[…] The FBI on Monday declined to characterize the credibility or gravity of the threats it outlined for law enforcement in advance of the inauguration.

The agency instead pointed to remarks FBI Director Christopher A. Wray made last week, when he said the agents were monitoring a “extensive amount of concerning online chatter” and noted the challenge of “trying to distinguish what’s aspirational versus what’s intentional.”

Masked midgets running amok would be more believable than Qanon adherents planning a domestic invasion of Washington DC…. but, whatevs.

Facebook bans ads for gun accessories in run-up to inauguration

Facebook bans ads for gun accessories in run-up to inauguration
Edward Moyer 23 hrs ago

Facebook is temporarily prohibiting ads for military gear and gun accessories in the US until after the Jan. 20 presidential inauguration, the company said Saturday.

“We are banning ads that promote weapon accessories and protective equipment in the US at least through January 22, out of an abundance of caution,” the company said in an update to a Monday blog post about the social network’s preparations leading up to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.

“We already prohibit ads for weapons, ammunition and weapon enhancements like silencers,” the company said. “But we will now also prohibit ads for accessories such as gun safes, vests and gun holsters in the US.”

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Throughout history, censorship has occurred whenever government or private groups attempt to impose their political or moral values on others. One would imagine that this could never happen in the most free and prosperous country in the history of the world. This type of activity clearly seems incongruous with the founding principles – not to mention the Constitution.  In fact, our nation, our national ideals and our very democracy thrives on vigorous debate of strongly-held beliefs. The key element in this process is the debate. We, as Americans have always valued a spirited debate, whereafter the best ideas come to the fore, are refined, and people can support them because they are confident that they have had input into that process.

We, the members of the firearm industry, are certainly no stranger to the vigorous debate needed to defend our constitutionally-protected freedoms. Our industry is perennially targeted for encroachments to limit and chip away at Second Amendment rights. Those attacks come from all directions, including politicians, activists and even sitting and retired U.S. Supreme Court justices. This is familiar ground for us.

But, what’s happening now is different. De-platforming, canceling and outright censoring of speech by some in big tech is something entirely different. It’s Orwellian. It’s un-American, and it’s a dark omen for where we are headed as a nation.

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Quite open with their wanna-be tyranny aren’t they?

CNN Trying To Deplatform OAN and Newsmax

“We have to turn down the capability of these Conservative influencers to reach these huge audiences.”

Amazon Bans Parler for “Violence” But Allows Kill Trump Merchandise

Always Remember: The Left is projecting on you what they are doing in spades.

Last week the tech giants colluded together in an attempt to destroy social media alternative Parler.
The final straw came when far left Amazon banned Parler from using its cloud service.

This shut down the popular app after millions of conservatives flocked to Parler after Twitter began purging top conservative thought leaders including the President of the United States.

Amazon said it was due to “violence” on the app which is an excuse and a lie.

Ryan Fournier later pointed out that Amazon is selling “Kill all Republicans” on its website.

Amazon has since taken this product down.

And as Newsbusters reported earlier this week they found 204 examples of products promoting violence against conservatives and President Trump.

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Email marketing service cuts ties with pro-2nd Amendment nonprofit in latest tech censorship
MailChimp cut off Virginia Citizens Defense League from its newsletter service

Mailchimp, the email marketing firm, has dropped a pro-Second Amendment nonprofit from using its platform to reach members, in a move critics see as another attempt in the tech industry to stifle conservative speech.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League has been using the Mailchimp service to send updates to its members.

The nonprofit’s president, Philip Van Cleave, told Fox Business on Friday that Mailchimp ended the service without warning.

“It just came out of the blue,” he said. “They said we just think it’s too big of a risk, and we’re just canceling your account. The timing was suspicious too, just a few days before our lobby day.”

VCDL’s annual Lobby Day calls on Second Amendment supporters to rally against gun control legislation at the state’s capital. Van Cleave said it has gone on peacefully for the past 25 years. This year, because of COVID-19, the group plans to drive through the city in separate caravans from different parts of the state, rather than gather together at the Capitol Square. And Van Cleave said they were coordinating to spread the drives out to try not to cause any traffic jams.

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Politico, which publishes a popular morning newsletter, yesterday had left-wing commentator Chris Hayes on as a “guest editor,” which appears to mean guest columnist. I doubt celebrities who are asked to contribute are made to do any actual editing.

Today, Politico featured Ben Shapiro in the same slot, and the staff had a meltdown. Hayes is unquestionably a controversialist on the left, and seems like a rough equivalent of Shapiro on the right, but the staff of this supposedly nonpartisan or bipartisan media outfit obviously leans well to the left.

Media reporters were on Twitter breathlessly reporting about the staff objections to Shapiro’s appearance, which culminated in an all-hands Zoom meeting that apparently drew a breathtaking 225 participants. According to New York Times columnist Ben Smith, Politico editor in chief Matt Kaminsky told staff that the outlet would not be issuing an apology for inviting Shapiro into their club. Many staffers complained on the Zoom call, according to Smith and others.

To its credit, Politico issued the kind of statement that is rare whenever the woke Left makes a fuss: It told the wokesters to stuff it. “We have taken great care to assemble a roster of guest authors who are prominent thinkers and writers and represent a range of perspectives,” read the statement.

“What sets Politico apart in this intense political and media moment is that we rise above partisanship and ideological warfare — even as many seek to drag us into it. It’s a core value of the publication that is unchangeable.” Politico has, perhaps, grokked something that those of us who have been through a few high-dudgeon cycles know very well: Outrage doesn’t last. It can be ignored. Really. A few tweets — even a few hundred tweets — mean nothing.

If you have any integrity, simply stick to your guns instead of cringing and begging forgiveness. In 48 hours, the mob will move on. It always does.

Shapiro had, as usual, a deft response to the hubbub: Owner Responds To Big Tech Attack On Site

Earlier this week the popular firearms message board was suddenly informed by the web services company GoDaddy that it would no longer be serving as the site’s registrar. While the move doesn’t impact the message board’s servers, it has had an impact on the website itself. More importantly, it appears to be another troubling part of a growing trend of Big Tech cracking down on disfavored speech.

On today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co I’m joined by Pete Brownell, co-chair of 2nd Adventure Group and the owner of, to talk about GoDaddy’s abrupt decision and why he believes every gun owner should be concerned about a Big Tech and online censorship.
As Brownell describes, the move by GoDaddy came without warning, and without any opportunity to appeal the decision or to correct any issues.
“It actually happened right in the middle of a call that we were having with Juan [Avila], who’s the traditional owner and now a great partner with us at,” Brownell relayed. “Juan was saying ‘hey, I’m hearing these words out there from GoDaddy about Parler. We’re with GoDaddy, so we better have our ducks in a row just in case. And as he was saying that they called and basically said ‘you’re out.’”
The reason for the removal of the website, according to what GoDaddy told Brownell and company, was “promoting and encouraging of violence.” As Brownell notes, the site’s policy specifically forbids promoting any illegal behavior, but he says the flood of comments coming in after the violence at the Capitol last Wednesday was hard for the site’s moderators to keep up with.
“We delete comments and threads when we see them that would connote that kind of violence that was proliferating on all social networks,” Brownell explains.
“We weren’t given the latitude to clean it up. It was such an explosion of concern about what was going on and some of the posters just got out of hand. And as we try to get them back in line and say ‘that doesn’t follow our policy, you can’t say that,’ it was such a volume we couldn’t keep up with it.”
I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen comments like that (and comments calling for violence against the Right by the Left) on pretty much every social media platform out there, even with Twitter’s purge of more than 70,000 accounts promoting QAnon. Brownell says that GoDaddy’s decision appears to them to be targeted at certain speech or certain platforms rather than a universal rule applied to all. has a new registrar now, so if users are still having any issues getting to the site they should soon be resolved, and you can also reach the site by using While the team at the site have done a great job of maintaining service through the sudden cancellation of their registrar, Brownell says that the issue is bigger than just one message board.
“When policies are made at a time like this, and companies react like this there are repercussions. And the reperscussions are they’ve just silenced and violated a voice that represents half of America. Not AR15, and not necessarily Parler, but they sent a signal that we’re targeting a group and we don’t want their voice on our platform,” Brownell declared.
“Now you can argue that they’re a private company and they can do what they want, but you can’t have this other protection that the government gives you in that case. You become a publisher in that case. When you start doing the things you’re doing you can’t have it both ways.”
Not only that, says Brownell, but it’s actually validating the idea that Big Tech is persecuting conservatives.
“It’s validating the tin foil hat theories.” he explained. “It’s no longer a fringe idea… When it’s a totalitarian approach and it only happens to one group and you see this other stuff still out there you start to go ‘Wow, wait a second. This is not good.’ And it’s not what America is about. Freedom of speech is fighting for the speech that you disagree with the most. That’s what freedom of speech is.”
Brownell says he’d like to see groups across the political spectrum step up and push back against an online crackdown of points of view that may disfavored by those in Big Tech, and we actually have seen some on the Left try to argue to their friends that it’s the wrong move to make. The problem right now is that not many in power in Big Tech appear to be listening.

The world’s biggest gun forum was booted off the Internet because they can be. is a forum with a robust community that serves as a clearinghouse of sorts for firearm dealers and suppliers.

In a statement provided to The Federalist they said in part,

On Monday, January 11, 2021, I received notice from our site registrar that had violated their terms of service and that would be shut down immediately. The registrar’s decision to de-platform was final and no method to appeal was offered.

Their registrar is

The fact that GoDaddy did not give a specific example of how violated their terms of service I’m going to hazard a guess and say it’s because they just discovered it’s a gun forum.

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Liberal Media Scream: CNN wants conservative media squelched in ‘national emergency.’

This week’s Liberal Media Scream features CNN’s senior media reporter demanding the targeting of conservative media outlets who ignored their anti-Trump bias in reporting on the president and his administration.

On Sunday’s Reliable Sources, Oliver Darcy demanded conservative news sources be “held accountable,” clearly suggesting that they must be squelched, an expansion of the so-called “cancel culture” imposed with glee by outlets such as Twitter and Facebook on conservatives and even President Trump.

He cited Fox News and “TV providers that beam OAN and Newsmax into homes, or Rush Limbaugh. There are a lot of people profiting off of lies and conspiracy theories.”

He insisted, “this informational environment” must be “cleaned up.”

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Who’s Promoting A Civil War? The Media.

We Need a New Media System
If you sell culture war all day, don’t be surprised by the real-world consequences

The moment a group of people stormed the Capitol building last Wednesday, news companies began the process of sorting and commoditizing information that long ago became standard in American media.

Media firms work backward. They first ask, “How does our target demographic want to understand what’s just unfolded?” Then they pick both the words and the facts they want to emphasize.

It’s why Fox News uses the term, “Pro-Trump protesters,” while New York and The Atlantic use “Insurrectionists.” It’s why conservative media today is stressing how Apple, Google, and Amazon shut down the “Free Speech” platform Parler over the weekend, while mainstream outlets are emphasizing a new round of potentially armed protests reportedly planned for January 19th or 20th.

What happened last Wednesday was the apotheosis of the Hate Incera, when this audience-first model became the primary means of communicating facts to the population. For a hundred reasons dating back to the mid-eighties, from the advent of the Internet to the development of the 24-hour news cycle to the end of the Fairness Doctrine and the Fox-led discovery that news can be sold as character-driven, episodic TV in the manner of soap operas, the concept of a “Just the facts” newscast designed to be consumed by everyone died out.

News companies now clean world events like whalers, using every part of the animal, funneling different facts to different consumers based upon calculations about what will bring back the biggest engagement kick. The Migrant Caravan? Fox slices off comments from a Homeland Security official describing most of the border-crossers as single adults coming for “economic reasons.” The New York Times counters by running a story about how the caravan was deployed as a political issue by a Trump White House staring at poor results in midterm elections.

Repeat this info-sifting process a few billion times and this is how we became, as none other than Mitch McConnell put it last week, a country:

Drifting apart into two separate tribes, with a separate set of facts and separate realities, with nothing in common except our hostility towards each other and mistrust for the few national institutions that we all still share.

The flaw in the system is that even the biggest news companies now operate under the assumption that at least half their potential audience isn’t listening. This leads to all sorts of problems, and the fact that the easiest way to keep your own demographic is to feed it negative stories about others is only the most obvious. On all sides, we now lean into inflammatory caricatures, because the financial incentives encourage it.

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Missouri Media Blaming Gun Laws For Violence

Everywhere you go, you tend to find violence exploding in this country, The violence surge isn’t isolated to one or two places; just about every major city has seen an increase. Almost no one is reporting a reduction in violence over the year, and that’s despite months of people being locked down in their homes. That suggests that when they got out, they made up for lost time.

In Missouri, they’re having the same problem as most everywhere else. That’s not surprising. St. Louis, for example, is a city that’s been plagued by violence in recent years.

Yet, it seems that once again, the media has to trip over themselves to lay at least some of the blame on gun rights.

To understand the full scope of gun violence across the state, The Kansas City Star interviewed experts, gathered information about dozens of shooting victims from families and obituaries, and analyzed data from police and the Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit that tracks gun incidents across the country. Because no complete official record exists, the numbers are preliminary, sourced from thousands of media outlets and public agencies.

The effort was undertaken as part of the Missouri Gun Violence Project, a two-year, statewide solutions journalism collaboration supported by the nonprofits Report for America and the Missouri Foundation for Health. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has also been a part of the collaboration.

In an extraordinary year, the people across the state grappling with violence — criminologists, health care professionals, violence interrupters, law enforcement officials — say the coronavirus pandemic’s disruptions aggravated gun violence, putting individuals more at risk and hampering prevention efforts.

But even before the pandemic, Missouri was primed to see worse violence after more than a decade of rolling back gun restrictions and a longstanding lack of trust between police and the most at-risk communities in the state’s largest cities.

Yet the publication acknowledges that the violence in Missouri is primarily driven by St. Louis and Kansas City, their two largest municipalities.

The problem I have is that if gun laws were the problem, then why wasn’t the problem more spread out? Why wasn’t it a problem for much smaller communities? These towns were under the authority of the exact same gun laws, after all. If the gun laws were responsible, then you’d think you’d see an uptick in violence across the board.

Before 2020, you didn’t.

In 2020, most people did acknowledge that the pandemic played some kind of role in the increased violence. It would be impossible not to acknowledge that fact simply because it’s right in front of our eyes.

But elsewhere, we didn’t see the problems being associated with gun laws anywhere else until the pandemic. If lax gun laws are the culprit, then we should see an increase across the board, and we simply don’t.

What that tells me is that it’s not the gun laws that are the problem. Again, if they were, the problems would be everywhere and they’re simply not. No, the problems reside somewhere in the cities themselves.

Yet the media prefers to scapegoat gun rights and gun ownership because it’s convenient and their readers lap it up. Heaven forbid they ever try to look a little deeper at the issue.

BLUF: Twitter [Jack Dorsey] is the enemy of freedom, the enemy of liberty, and the enemy of the American people. It [he] must be treated as such.

Twitter Is The Enemy Of The American People
Twitter is destroying American freedom to enrich itself.

On Oct. 18, 2020, Twitter banned the account of Dr. Scott Atlas for defending President Donald Trump’s position on mask mandates. In his tweet, he cited scientific studies, and the tweet contained absolutely no false information.

Also in October, Twitter banned the account of The New York Post for accurately reporting on a story about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Today we know these were just the first salvos in this evil company’s assault on American liberty.

For all its talk about safety, community, and the health of discourse, we see today that Twitter acts in favor of one interest and one interest alone: its own, even when it means destabilizing the American people. On Friday, the company permanently banned Trump from its platform and began a purge of conservative voices.

They claim this is needed to protect America from a coup. That is a farcical lie. They did it because their political enemies such as Trump and Sen. Josh Hawley are now out of power, and they mean to keep it way.

As a private company, Twitter is free to do as it pleases. And I am free to call them what they are: a shill for communist China that seeks the destruction of America.

Do you doubt that? Then explain why Iran can call for Jews to be killed on Twitter’s platform and China can spread propaganda about how rounding up Uyghur men and forced sterilization of Uyghur women is actually good, but Donald Trump can’t tweet. It is evil. And anyone defending Jack Dorsey’s death machine is complicit.

We live in two Americas right now. In Republican-led Florida and Texas, economies are open, people go to restaurants and movies, small businesses can prosper. In Democrat-led New York and California, lockdowns are crushing the people. They are not allowed to gather in person, only on big tech platforms. Guess which outcome Twitter prefers?

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Forbes Says It’s Targeting Trump Staffers and Their Future Employers

Corporate media and the Left aren’t satisfied with merely controlling the White House and both chambers of Congress in less than two weeks. They want revenge.

They also want to punish anyone who worked in the Trump administration and, to a lesser extent, the 45th president’s supporters.

On Thursday, in what was the most recent and possibly the most egregious example, Randall Lane, Forbes’ chief content officer, announced that Forbes Media was “holding those who lied for Trump accountable” in what he called “a truth reckoning.”

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Unfortunately, it’s 8 bucks a month if you want the ability to upload videos.

Gab Launches YouTube Alternative Gab TV

Gab, that is known as an alternative and free speech social network, has decided to make a foray into video sharing.

CEO Andrew Torba says the goal of the new platform is to represent new media that belongs to their independent creators and users, with free speech as the center.

The decision to launch GabTV comes amid what is referred to as the tyranny of Big Tech but also of legacy, corporate media whose censorship is aimed at promoting those behind them and suppressing all other voices.

This is not, I repeat, not an article from the satirical Babylon Bee.  An award dedicated to a man who was fired for being a liar. For manufacturing false documents and publicizing them on national news in an effort to smear President Bush during his 2004 reelection campaign

Disgraced fake newsman Dan Rather gets journalism awards named in his honor.

No one does more harm to journalism than people in journalism.

The Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas at Austin unveiled this week two awards honoring disgraced former CBS News anchor Dan Rather.

“The Dan Rather Medals for News and Guts honor the process of journalism as much as the end product,” the organization announced Wednesday. “They will be awarded to professional and collegiate journalists who go the extra yard — overcoming obstacles like stonewalling and harassment — to get the story that tells truth to power.”

A spokesperson for the Moody College of Communication confirmed in a response to the Washington Examiner that the awards are, in fact, real and that they are not part of an elaborate joke. Continue reading “”