Biden launches first airstrike in Somalia targeting Al-Shabaab terrorists

  • The US military command for Africa (AFRICOM) conducted the airstrike in coordination with the Somali government
  • The airstrike was conducted n the vicinity of Galkayo, Somalia about 430 miles northeast of Mogadishu today against al-Shabaab
  • The strike is the first conducted by the U.S. military in Somalia since January 19, when AFRICOM announced it had killed three Shabaab jihadists in two strikes

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As Iran Schemes to Kidnap a Dissident Journalist On American Soil, Corrupt Joe Biden Reduces Sanctions on the Mullahs.

Biden announced he was dropping sanctions on Iran worth billions.

Iran says Biden has promised to drop more sanctions than he’s admitted so far.

Adam Kredo:

The Biden administration is prepared to lift American sanctions on Iran, including on its oil trade and banks, providing the hardline regime with a lifeline as its economy teeters on the brink of collapse, according to an Iranian government report outlining the status of negotiations with the United States.Sanctions are the key sticking point in talks between Iran and the United States in Vienna, as diplomats from both countries work to finalize an agreement that would see the Biden administration rejoin the 2015 nuclear accord.

Iran says it has extracted guarantees from the United States that a full range of sanctions will be lifted, including those impacting Iran’s illicit oil trade, financial sector, state-controlled banks, automotive industry, aviation sector, and mining industry. Iran also claims the United States will suspend the implementation of several laws that have targeted Iran’s regional support for terrorist groups, including those in Syria. Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif disclosed these concessions in a 264-page report sent to the country’s parliament this week, portions of which were translated from Farsi for the Washington Free Beacon.

While the extent of sanctions relief was widely reported in Iran’s state-controlled press, Zarif’s report has garnered little attention in the United States as the Biden administration attempts to sidestep questions about just how far the country will go in relieving pressure on Tehran’s economy. If the report is accurate, the number of new concessions goes even further than the original nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration.

What has Iran done to deserve such supplication?

Why, Iran just schemed to kidnap a dissident journalist — on American soil.

Her name is Masih Alinejad and she fled Iran back in 2009 after stories critical of the regime led to her press credentials being revoked. She now lives in Brooklyn and has continued to write critical articles about Iran. Today unsealed court documents reveal that she was the target of a kidnapping plot by four Iranian agents…

Is Puddinghead Joe an Iranian agent?

Should he be arrested by the Grand Marshall of the Supreme Court and put on trial for treason?

We’ll have to wait and see, but the answer is yes.


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On Fox News Thursday night, Tucker Carlson discussed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin who vowed to root extremism in the military. However, the Pentagon is partnering with Islamic activists to decide who those extremists are. Carlson also cited a US Army battalion commander at Fort Carson who reportedly told troops, “white people are part of the problem.”

Enemies Foreign….and domestic.
Targeting civilians in the U.S. to attack the Israelis. The core of this  terrorism is that since civilians support the government they consider the enemy it’s justified to attack civilians as well.

About AMW
Abolition Media Worldwide is an online news source for revolutionary movements, with information about militant actions, analysis, and features about local struggles from around the world. Abolition Media is here to draw a clear line that separates anti-state struggle from annihilation. AMW stands in stark contrast to corporate and capitalist media, which push the disastrous agendas of nation states.

Pratt & Whitney Van Set on Fire in Orange County, CA in Solidarity with Palestinian Resistance

The brutal bombardment of Gaza, the mass eviction of Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the attack on the Al-Aqsa Mosque; these can only described as acts of ethnic cleansing and extermination.

Last week, in an act of revolutionary solidarity with autonomous Palestinian resistance, we started a fire at the Pratt & Whitney engine facility in Orange County, CA, completely destroying a fleet van and damaging the exterior of the building. For us, revolutionary solidarity can’t mean mere words or symbolic gestures; it means putting our entire bodies into the struggle and causing material damage to the war machine.

Pratt & Whitney is a division of Raytheon Technologies, the fourth largest arms dealer in the world. Pratt & Whitney have deep ties to the Israeli defense industry. In 2015, Pratt & Whitney signed a 15 year contract with the Israeli Ministry of Defense, in support of the Israeli Air Force, designed to provide 100% daily propulsion readiness for the entire Israeli fleet of F-15 and F-16 aircraft. Pratt and Whitney also supplies the engines used in the Israeli Air Forces entire fleet of F-16 fighter jets. These same fighter jets are now being used to rain down all hell on Gaza.

As we approach the one year anniversary of the burning of the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis following the police lynching of George Floyd, we can’t forget the role that arms dealers such as Raytheon play in the militarization of law enforcement. Raytheon supplies police departments across the country with surveillance technology and training software. We know that all liberation is tied together, and that the Israeli settler state is enlivened by the same racism and colonial ambitions that the United States is embodied by. The same multinational corporations arming the IDF to crush Palestinian resistance are also arming law enforcement agencies in the US to brutalize Black and Brown communities.

From the alleys of Gaza City, to mountains of Kurdistan, to streets of Minneapolis; solidarity with all who struggle against colonialism and state power

-Anarchist Cells of Abolitionist Fire


California: Imam Says Jews Use ‘Religious Texts to Justify Criminal Activities,’ in Islam ‘We Don’t Have This

Does the imam Salim Ammar Mohamed think his Muslim audience is stupid? Does he think that none of them have actually read the Qur’an?

He says Jews use their scriptures to justify criminal acts, but in Islam “we don’t have any of this.”


“Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah and your enemies…” (8:60)

“When your Lord was revealing to the angels, ‘I am with you; so confirm the believers. I shall cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers; so strike the necks, and strike every finger of them!” (Qur’an 8:12)

“We will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve for what they have associated with Allah of which He had not sent down authority. And their refuge will be the Fire, and wretched is the residence of the wrongdoers.” (Qur’an 3:151)

“And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from where they drove you out; persecution is worse than slaughter. But fight them not by the Holy Mosque until they should fight you there; then, if they fight you, kill them — such is the recompense of unbelievers, but if they give over, surely Allah is all-forgiving, all-compassionate. Fight them until there is no persecution and the religion is Allah’s; then if they give over, there shall be no enmity save for evildoers.” (Qur’an 2:191-193)

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…enemies foreign, and domestic.
Appears this family was both.

American killed fighting alongside Hamas during recent war.

An American citizen was reportedly killed fighting for Hamas in the recent conflict with Israel. Joe Truzman, a contributor to Foundation for Defense of Democracies Long War Journal (FDD), wrote on Saturday that “an American citizen known as Osama al-Zebda was fighting with the Hamas’ Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades during the recent conflict.

The report notes that al-Zebda was on a US terrorist watch list. His son was featured in videos with Hamas commander Yahya Sinwar on Monday, in which the Hamas commander puts a rifle in the toddler’s hand. His death and the death of his father, a well-known Hamas engineer, have been featured on Palestinian media.

He was allegedly killed by an Israeli air strike on May 12, according to the article.

“This fits a pattern of Americans who joined Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs), which is illegal pursuant to US law.” Over the last decades, numerous Americans have joined terrorist groups and some have been killed in fighting abroad. Most infamous is Adam Gadahn, killed in a US drone strike while working with Al Qaeda.

Truzman is a long-time expert on militant and terrorist groups, specifically covering Gaza. He notes that “Osama al-Zebda appears to have been the target of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) military campaign against leaders and commanders of militant factions in Gaza. Multiple commanders and mid-level Hamas militants were reportedly killed during the 10-day operation.”

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Terrorists have only one thing to offer. It’s right there in the name.

The business model of terrorism is killing people and then demanding a payoff. The game always works the same way. The terrorists attack, their targets fight back, and a third party sends in the diplomats to negotiate on behalf of the terrorists before they get hit too hard.

The Islamic terrorist war against Israel has worked exactly this way for generations.

Like a radio pop song that plays every time you go into a supermarket, you know the next verse and can feel the next beat before it even kicks in no matter how much you hate the music.

It’s the same way with the regular mini wars that begin with a manufactured political provocation that can be blamed on Israel, (this time a court ruling evicting illegal Muslim colonists occupying homes that were seized during the ‘48 ethnic cleansing of Jews from Jerusalem), followed by terrorist violence with the usual pattern of attack and escalation.

Hamas and a few of its allies shell Israeli towns and cities using the latest Iranian technology and some of their own cruder models. Israel responds by calculatedly taking out terrorist compounds which Hamas has, with equal calculation, filled with civilian human shields.

Especially children.

Politicians, the media, and social media (three distinctions without a difference) rush to attack Israel, vastly inflating the already inflated casualty figures put out by the terrorists, lying about the nature of the conflict, and doing their best to mainstream antisemitism a little more.

The Biden administration makes a few public statements vaguely supporting Israel’s right to defend itself, an absurd point, and sends in mediators to negotiate the payoff for the terrorists.

Israel had a brief break from America acting as the paymaster and bagman for the terrorists.

It was a refreshing pause especially for all the children who didn’t get bombed, the homes that didn’t have rockets smash through their roofs, and the soldiers who didn’t get shot just so that State Department negotiators could tell Israel the current going rate for ending the attacks.

Islamic terrorists aren’t crazy or irrational. The average suicide bomber might be, but their leadership doesn’t do anything without a profit motive.

The profits for Islamic terrorism against Israel come in two ways.

First, the terrorists are backed by Iran, Qatar, Turkey, and the rest of the Islamist gang to carry out attacks on Israel. Second, the terrorists are rewarded by the United States, Europe, and Israel for ending the attacks.

This never leads to peace because if you keep rewarding terrorists for ending the violence, you’re also telling them that if they do it all over again, they’ll profit from the violence.

Paying the terrorists not to attack you is really the same thing as paying them to attack you.

But the essence of the peace game is obliviousness. That means believing that there are root causes that can resolve the underlying grievances. The root cause is the existence of Israel.

The terrorists want to destroy Israel: Israel doesn’t want to be destroyed.

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150,000+ Sign French Letter Warning Of Civil War, Demanding Major Anti-Islamist Changes To Society.

On April 21, thousands of French servicemen and women, including some 20 retired generals signed a letter warning political leaders that the country was heading for civil war as a result of the increasing threat of radical Islam. Now, after condemnations from France’s political establishment, thousands more have signed a new document doubling-down.

Government ministers condemned the original message, some likening it to a military putsch.

Marine Le Pen – French President Emmanuel Macron’s likely opponent in the 2022 French Presidential election – welcomed the letter and called on the generals to join her for a political solution to the situation. Polls showed that around 60 percent of French people support the original letter’s contents and message.

France’s Minister of Defense and the head of the French Army announced that they would sanction active duty soldiers who signed onto the letter which declared :”It is no longer the time to procrastinate, otherwise tomorrow civil war will put an end to this growing chaos…”

As a result, thousands of active duty members of the French armed forces published another letter supporting their compatriots.

More political fallout is to be expected as a result of this new publication.

Below is a translation of this second letter, which at the time of writing, had over a million signatures:

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We’ve warned them enough in the past. They should have been sunk.

12+ Iranian Gunboats Swarm 6 U.S. Warships, Dozens Of Warning Shots Fired

Iranian military gunboats with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, a designated terrorist organization, swarmed several U.S. warships on Monday that were escorting a U.S. submarine.

“Over a dozen Iranian gunboats harass formation of six U.S. warships including guided-missile submarine Georgia,” Fox News Pentagon correspondent Lucas Tomlinson said. “U.S. Coast Guard cutter fired warning shots in response in Strait of Hormuz.”

The 13 Iranian military vessels reportedly came within 150 yards of U.S. Forces, which fired 30 warning shots at the Iranian vessels. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby called the incident “significant” since previous incidents had involved fewer vessels.

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Miami Imam: If You Love Jesus, Islam Is the Religion for You

Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi, imam at the Masjid As-Sunnah An-Nabawiyyah in north Miami, struck a blow for interfaith harmony recently when he preached a sermon in which declared: “If you truly love Jesus, this [Islam] is the religion for you.” Kablawi’s sermon was an excellent illustration of why Muslim persecution of Christians continues unabated in Nigeria and elsewhere.

After declaring that Palestine is “the land of Islam – and we will take it back,” Kablawi began a lengthy expatiation on Islamic martyrdom. “Every true Muslim,” Kablawi asserted, “should talk to himself about dying as a martyr for the sake of Allah. The Prophet said whoever does not do that is a hypocrite. Can you imagine? There is nothing higher than to die for what you believe.”

Kablawi then struck the victimhood pose that is so very much in fashion nowadays among Islamic advocacy groups in the U.S.: “But they make people heroes because they die for what they believe. Only when it comes to Islam, our martyrs become terrorists. They come to talk to you about Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela didn’t die for that, but he fought his whole life, and he was imprisoned for years for his cause, for whatever he believed in… Even thought I have some reservations about what he believed… Gandhi, same story, [was considered] a hero because he died for what he believed in. The guy from Mexico [sic], Guevara, [Che] Guevara, or whatever, a big guy. Even Bob Marley died for his… You know what? [He is] a hero. Why do you praise these people? Because they died for what they believe in. So why is it forbidden for us, when we say that the greatest level that you can attain is to die for what you believe in – for Allah? Why? You have double standards, hypocrites, why?”

The biggest example of this hypocrisy, as far as Kablawi was concerned, was Christians’ reverence for Jesus: “All day long you are bugging us that Jesus died for us… We don’t believe that Jesus died for us, we don’t even believe that Jesus died, period. Yet. But here, you are praising Jesus because he died for what he believed in, to save you from your sins. Why is it forbidden for us to die for our belief, why has it become a big deal?”

Well, one reason is because Jesus didn’t take anyone with him. By contrast, the Qur’an states: “Surely Allah has purchased of the believers their lives and their belongings and in return has promised that they shall have Paradise. They fight in the way of Allah, and kill and are killed” (9:111).

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Akayed Ullah: Times Square Subway Pipe Bomber Jailed for Life

A man who set off a pipe bomb during rush hour in a New York subway station has been sentenced to life in prison.

Akayed Ullah, 31, detonated the bomb in Times Square station, which is the busiest in New York City, on 11 December 2017.

He later claimed he had only wanted to kill himself and was not acting on behalf of the Islamic State (IS) group.

US Circuit Judge Richard Sullivan described the attack as a “truly barbaric and heinous crime”………..


The Sinai has been a hotbed of jihadi activity and terrorism, particularly after the Egyptian army, in response to popular uprisings, ousted President Muhammad Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013.  Christians have especially been targeted for abduction, slaughter, immolation, and mass displacement.

Islamic State Executes Another Christian on Video
And warns all Western Christians of retribution.

In a video released last Saturday, April 17, Muslims connected to the Islamic State executed a Coptic Christian man in Sinai, Egypt.

The slain was identified as 62-year-old Nabil Habashi Salama.  In the video, Salama appears on his knees, with three masked men holding rifles stand behind him.  The one in the middle launches into a typical jihadi diatribe:

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Suicide bomb hits Palm Sunday Mass in Indonesia, 14 wounded
The bombing occurred as the first mass ended around 10:30 a.m.

MAKASSAR, Indonesia – Two attackers blew themselves up outside a packed Roman Catholic cathedral during a Palm Sunday Mass on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island, wounding at least 14 people, police said.

A video obtained by The Associated Press showed body parts scattered near a burning motorbike at the gates of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral in Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi province.

Rev. Wilhelmus Tulak, a priest at the church, said he had just finished celebrating Palm Sunday Mass when a loud bang shocked his congregation. He said the blast went off at about 10:30 a.m. as a first batch of churchgoers was walking out of the church and another group was coming in.

Just so it’s not lost in the shuffle:
The full name of the shooter is.
Ahmad Al Aliwi Al Issa

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) — The suspect in the mass shooting at a grocery store in Boulder on Monday has been identified as 21-year-old Ahmad Al-Issa from Arvada. Ten people, including one police officer, were killed at the King Soopers store at Table Mesa Drive and South Broadway.

Al-Issa was shot in the leg by a Boulder police officer and was taken into custody. He is in the hospital and officials said his condition is stable.


I call it the ‘reverse twinkie’ defense. Instead of blaming something he ingested, he blames not taking his prescriptions. Yeah, not buying it.

Wannabe ISIS terrorist suspect goes from ‘moderate Muslim’ to ‘Jihadist Muslim’ without medicine

A former Florida resident who reportedly told an investigator he turns into a “Jihadist Muslim” if he doesn’t take his medication was charged Tuesday in connection with attempting to join ISIS.

A federal grand jury in Gainesville formally charged Mohamed Fathy Suliman, 33, a U.S. citizen, with attempting to provide material support for a designated foreign terrorist organization, according to court records. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

Mohamed Fathy Suliman Alachua County Jail

Mohamed Fathy Suliman Alachua County Jail (Alachua County Jail)

“Protecting national security is a top priority of this office,” Lawrence Keefe, the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Florida, said in a statement. “We are absolutely committed to deterring, disrupting and dismantling the plans of anyone who seeks to support a designated foreign terrorist organization.”

According to the criminal complaint, Suliman booked a one-way flight in June 2014 from Orlando to Alexandria, Egypt, with stops in Chicago and Istanbul. Rather than traveling on to Egypt, Suliman paid cash for a one-way airline ticket to the Turkish-Syrian border town of Gaziantep, Turkey, officials said.

Suliman was arrested by Turkish authorities and accused of illegally crossing into Syria. He was eventually returned to the United States.

A search of Suliman’s emails revealed attachments that contained various audio files that consisted of messages calling for jihad, officials said.

Earlier this month, an investigator in the case testified that “Sulliman said when he does not take his medication, he becomes depressed and manic,” WCJB reported.

According to the outlet, Suliman told the agent he turns from a “moderate Muslim” to a “Jihadist Muslim, when he does not take his medication.

Suliman’s arraignment hearing is scheduled next Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. EST. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in jail and a $250,000 fine.

Christian Science Monitor: If You Don’t Like Public Schools Proselytizing for Islam, You’re a Racist

The Christian Science Monitor did its bit Friday for the left’s propaganda barrage, reminding us all that America is a benighted, sinister land full of racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia, such that only Old Joe and his henchmen can save us. The Monitor painted a picture of an innocent World Cultures and Geography class in a New Jersey public school teaching about Islam and getting accused by racist redneck yahoos of proselytizing for Islam. As far as the Monitor is concerned, it’s a story of evil Trump followers hating the sainted Other; in reality, however, it reveals how Islamic indoctrination is becoming increasingly common and accepted in public schools.

At Chatham Middle School in New Jersey, students were shown “a five-minute video introduction to Islam that included statements like ‘Allah is the one God,’ The Quran is a ‘Perfect guide for Humanity,’ and ‘May God help us all find the true faith, Islam.’” Now just imagine what would have happened if a public school had been found to be teaching that “Jesus is the Son of God,” “the Bible is a perfect guide for humanity,” and “May God help us all find the true faith, Christianity.” But when it comes to the left’s favored religion, it’s a different situation altogether.

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Mozambique: Muslims murder 2,500 people, displace over 530,000 in jihad since 2017 to establish an Islamic state

“As Sky’s Africa John Sparks reports, the crisis has gone largely unnoticed by the rest of the world.”

Why? Because the perpetrators don’t fit the establishment narrative that Muslims are always victims. But you can see EU foreign minister Josep Borrell Fontalles below doing his best to shoehorn it in.

“Ansar al-Sunna want to establish an Islamic state in the region and claim the Islam practised in Mozambique has been corrupted and no longer follows Muhammad’s teachings. Its members, which have grown to the thousands, have tried preventing people from going to hospitals or schools as they consider them secular and anti-Islamic….The group has become increasingly violent since 2017 and is now calling for Sharia law across Mozambique.”

But, but, how do these fellows not understand that jihad violence has nothing to do with Islam, and that Sharia is entirely peaceful and benign, as well as compatible with Western-style democracy? Pope Francis or Joe Biden or Steve Harvey somebody who knows that Islam is a religion of peace should go over to Mozambique and explain to these good folks how they’re misunderstanding their religion.

Note the design on the wall behind the child

“Mozambique conflict: Why have 500,000 people been forced to flee their homes?,” by Alix Culbertson, Sky News, February 5, 2021:

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BLUF: “When your entire history is fake, you can believe anything.”

‘Palestinians’ Want London to Give Back ‘Big Ben.’

“The Jerusalem Clock is hidden in London today,” Fatah, the political movement behind the PLO and the Palestinian Authority, asserts in a post titled, “Jerusalem Stolen Clock”.

It goes on to claim that the British military ordered the clock tower dismantled. Then the “British moved the clock first to a new tower across from the municipality of Jerusalem, and transferred it to the British Museum in London, to become the famous British icon, ‘Big Ben’.”

How did Big Ben, which was built in 1859, become a Muslim clock tower from the 20th century?

There are some other slight differences between London’s Big Ben and the “stolen clock” such as the fact that Big Ben is 316 feet tall while the ‘Palestinian’ clock tower was only 42 feet.

But the story of the “Palestinian clock” is also the story of the entire myth of “Palestine”.

When you believe that the Jerusalem of King David and King Solomon was originally yours, you can just as easily believe that London’s Big Ben was originally the property of “Palestine”.

The “Palestinian clock” is as real as “Palestine”. The myth of a “Palestinian” people propounded by Fatah which has spent decades killing over it is also the story of the “Palestinian clock”.

There’s no more of a “Palestinian” people who were dispossessed by the Jews than Big Ben is a “Palestinian” clock stolen and passed off as London’s Big Ben. Both are fake history built out of resentments and garbled stories whose context has been lost, but whose hatreds remain real.

There were never any Palestinians. When the clock was built the region had been part of the Ottoman Empire, the last Caliphate until ISIS. The caliphates had settled it with Arab Muslim clans who dominated Christian refugees fleeing Muslim persecution, along with groups of other minorities from escaped slaves to gypsies, along with the indigenous Jewish population.

The Ottomans had become obsessed with clock towers as a symbol of their empire. But the Ottomans hadn’t invented them, they had adopted them from Europe, and planted them in major cities of the empire to create a common sense of time and belonging for their subjects.

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