Arkansas Senate panel advances ‘Stand Your Ground’ bill

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas Senate panel on Wednesday advanced legislation loosening restrictions on the use of deadly force in self defense, two years after failing before the same committee.

By a 5-2 vote, the Senate Judiciary Committee endorsed the proposal that remove would the state’s duty to retreat in certain circumstances. The measure now heads to the majority-Republican Senate.

A similar proposal failed before the same committee two years ago but was widely expected to win approval Wednesday, with five of the bill’s sponsors holding seats on the eight-person panel.

Montana House Weighs Elimination of Many State-Mandated Gun Free Zones

The Montana House will soon vote on legislation to defend self-defense rights by eliminating state government-mandated gun free zones at Montana university campuses and other schools on public property.

The self-defense legislation, House Bill 102, is sponsored by Rep. Seth Berglee (R-Dist. 58).

HB 102 is presented as an Act “to enhance the safety of people by expanding their legal ability to provide for their own defense by reducing or eliminating government-mandated places were only criminals are armed and where citizens are prevented from exercising their fundamental right to defend themselves and others.”

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Gun show attendance breaks records amid record-breaking gun sales
Organizers and sellers are attributing this year’s success to the cancellations of other gun shows due to COVID, among other factors.

BLOOMFIELD — At the Bloomfield Gun Show, the aisles were packed and the hardware was basically flying off the tables.

“Extremely busy yesterday,” said Garret Kuhl “I know I’ve talked to a few guys who put it on, they said it was record crowds, which wasn’t surprising.”

“The year 2020 set a record for the most guns purchased by US civilians.”

Organizers and sellers are attributing this year’s success to the cancellations of other gun shows due to COVID, among other factors.

“The civil unrest and stuff we saw in 2020 and some of the panic buying, and then getting closer to the election, gun sales were certainly picking up,”

2020 was a year filled with fear, uncertainty, discord, and outright violence – some of it trickling into the early moments of 2021.

Joe Biden is heading into the oval office this month, and one of his presidential promises for the new administration is zeroing in on Gun Control.

One of the tenets of that initiative is banning the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

While loosely defined, seven states have bans on what they consider to be assault weapons, with exact models being named and prohibited.

“They’re going to try and make it as restrictive as can be,” said Pheasants Forever Treasurer Steven Barney, “we have lots of regulations. We need to enforce what we got. Additional ones just hurt the law-abiding citizen.”

Nebraska does not currently have any assault weapon bans, but there is a need to have a license to purchase handguns and for concealed carrying. Private sales of pistols also require background checks.

Gun sales also soared under the Obama administration. With his then running mate now coming to be the head of state, the boom probably won’t be slowing down any time soon.

“A lot of stuff is really hard to find. Every dealer here is experiencing that,” Kuhl said. “Unfortunately, I don’t see it getting any better. A lot of people ask, hey, when’s ammo going to be back in stock? When can I order this gun, or this gun


Hundreds Of People Line Up Outside Gun Store In Orem

OREM, Utah — An amazing sight outside a Utah County gun store as hundreds lined up to buy ammo.

The line stretched around Gunnies, located at 396 South State Street in Orem, all throughout the day on Saturday.

Some traveled as far as Kamas to wait for hours in the cold.

KSL-TV spoke to a number of people — some said they came for the restocked ammo, others were more anxious. They mentioned current political events — the GA runoff, a soon-to-be transfer of power and Wednesday’s violence at the U.S. Capitol. Many in line also yelled out: “Biden is going to take our guns.”

“There were people down here, 200 lined up before the store opened,” said gun owner Mark Greer who drove from South Jordan.

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Unrest Driving Up Demand For Guns (Again)

Second verse, same as the first. Riots and unrest that broke out in many cities in the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis last may caused a surge in gun sales at a time in which demand was already through the roof, and the spike in sales never really abated. We just saw the busiest December on record for gun sales, and over the course of 2020 nearly 21-million firearms were sold to Americans.

Still, some gun store owners say they’re anticipating another rush in the wake of violence in Washington, D.C. and the prospect of more unrest in the weeks ahead. Melissa Denny, who owns Pistol Annie’s Jewelry and Pawn in Washington State, says she expects another onslaught of customers concerned about their personal safety.

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And people wonder why I’m not going to take this stuff until there’s a lot more research into not just long term effects.

Help wanted translating article about coronavirus vaccines

A 2012 scientific study about mRNA vaccines for coronaviruses seems to suggest problems down the line that nobody is talking about now.

Someone sent me to this article, which seems to say that mRNA vaccines against coronaviruses can actually make you dangerously vulnerable to subsequent coronaviruses by triggering cytokine storms:

An early concern for application of a SARS-CoV vaccine was the experience with other coronavirus infections which induced enhanced disease and immunopathology in animals when challenged with infectious virus [31], a concern reinforced by the report that animals given an alum adjuvanted SARS vaccine and subsequently challenged with SARS-CoV exhibited an immunopathologic lung reaction reminiscent of that described for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in infants and in animal models given RSV vaccine and challenged naturally (infants) or artificially (animals) with RSV [32][33]. We and others described a similar immunopathologic reaction in mice vaccinated with a SARS-CoV vaccine and subsequently challenged with SARS-CoV [18][20][21][28]. It has been proposed that the nucleocapsid protein of SARS-CoV is the antigen to which the immunopathologic reaction is directed [18][21]. Thus, concern for proceeding to humans with candidate SARS-CoV vaccines emerged from these various observations.

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When you have the city leadership, for all intents in bed with the insurrectionists, people will provide for their own self defense and security. Basically Auto Defensas.

Downtown Portland Businesses Invest in Private Security to Combat Crime

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine signs ‘stand your ground’ bill

COLUMBUS, Ohio—Gov. Mike DeWine on Monday signed a controversial “stand your ground” bill that would eliminate Ohio’s “duty to retreat” before using force in self-defense.

Senate Bill 175, fast-tracked through the Ohio General Assembly last month by DeWine’s fellow Republicans, will make Ohio the 36th state to no longer require people to retreat before they can justifiably hurt or kill someone in self-defense.

The governor had previously hinted that he would veto SB175, saying he first wanted lawmakers to pass his package of gun reforms that they sat on for more than a year. But in a release sent Monday afternoon, the governor stated that the measure removes an “ambiguity in Ohio’s self-defense law.”

“I have always believed that it is vital that law-abiding citizens have the right to legally protect themselves when confronted with a life-threatening situation,” DeWine said in a statement. The governor added that he signed the bill in a “spirit of cooperation” with the newly seated 134th Ohio General Assembly.

Until now, under Ohio law, people have been justified in using deadly force in self-defense so long as they aren’t the aggressor, believe they are in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm, and are in their home or vehicle. The new law, which takes effect in 90 days, removes the “home or vehicle” requirement, and instead states that the defendant need only be in a place where they lawfully have the right to be.

Proponents of the measure say it gives law-abiding citizens the right to protect themselves. The Buckeye Firearms Association said in a release that DeWine promised them and other gun-rights groups multiple times that he would sign such a bill.

“While this bill changes one technicality in Ohio law, it does not change the near universal and well-established standard for use of lethal force, nor does it give criminals a free pass to commit violent crime,” Buckeye Firearms said in a statement.

“Crimes can happen quickly and without warning. Most victims have a split second to react with the best course of action for their survival,” said John Weber, Ohio state director for the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action, in a statement. “By signing SB 175, Gov. DeWine ensures the law favors victims and not criminals.”

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The good news about guns in America

Once upon a time, as a Democrat who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, I was such an anti-gun fanatic that I donated to the Brady Campaign. Thankfully, I saw the light after Hurricane Katrina (when seconds counted, the police were days away), and have made up for my past bad judgment by being an NRA member, using my writing abilities to promote the Second Amendment, and helping the bottom line at several local gun stores. That’s why it gladdens my heart to tell you one of the good things about 2020: It was a banner year for gun sales!

When it comes to guns, the anti-gun crowd lacks imagination. To them, guns exist for one purpose: To murder people or, occasionally, to kill people accidentally. If you take away guns, they “reason,” you will take away murder and accidental deaths.

People with a deeper and more nuanced understanding support the Second Amendment because they understand that guns don’t commit murders or cause accidents. They are tools and lack agency. People who want to murder someone will commit murder with or without guns. And people who are careless can always kill someone else with everyday objects (e.g., cars, wine bottles, etc.).

While guns lack agency, they confer empowering agency on the people who hold them. Having a gun allows people to oppose oppressive government, as happened during the American Revolution. Guns give women the ability to fight back against predators bigger and stronger than they are. Guns allow people to defend themselves and their property when the civil government collapses, as happened after Hurricane Katrina. Guns allow ordinary people to make crime too costly for criminals. Guns allow good people to take down the bad guys quickly in what can otherwise become a mass shooting situation. Guns give those far from grocery stores the ability to feed themselves. And as sports enthusiasts know, guns are fun when used safely and appropriately.

Guns work in a society that has more good people than bad. And despite the “if it bleeds it leads” approach that has characterized the American media for more than 100 years, and that has escalated appallingly in the last 20 years, most Americans are good people. They are infinitely more likely to defend each other than to kill each other.

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And with that increase in sales, also goes an increase in ammo sales.

Americans Bought Approximately 21 Million Guns in 2020, Sales up 73%

At this point in December it is already apparent Americans bought approximately 21 million guns this year, an increase of 73 percent over the number purchased in 2019.

ABC News quotes figures from The Trace to report the estimated 21 million guns sold and claims the buying surge is the result of a “perfect storm” consisting of “the pandemic, economic recession, civil unrest and a divisive presidential election.”

They spoke to a mother of three named Trish Beaudet, who explained she has never owned a gun before but is now buying one for herself and one for her 25-year-old daughter.

Beaudet said, “I’ve never owned a gun. I’ve never wanted a gun. I’ve never had a gun in my home.”

She then pointed to the chaos in the streets and on the news, lamenting:

It really bothers me when I watched things on the news, when you talk about the riots, and the looting, and the violence that’s happening. Pulling a gun is the last thing I ever want to do, but I want to know that if I need to protect myself, my family, my, you know, my children, that I can do that.

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Gun Groups Take Concealed Carry to the Supreme Court

New York State doesn’t recognize a right to carry a handgun in public. To get a concealed-carry permit, applicants must show they have an unusually strong need for self-defense, not just a normal and healthy desire to keep themselves safe. The state also bans the open carry of handguns entirely. There’s a “circuit split” among the nation’s courts as to whether such strict restrictions are kosher.

The New York State Pistol and Rifle Association and the National Rifle Association are asking the Supreme Court to step in. And now would be a good time for the Court to better enforce the Second Amendment, a project it began with Heller and McDonald more than a decade ago.

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Ohio Legislature sends ‘Stand your ground’ gun law to Gov. Mike DeWine

COLUMBUS, Ohio (FOX19) – The Ohio House has passed a controversial change to the state’s current “stand your ground” law that eliminates “duty to retreat” before using force in self-defense.

House Republicans added the “stand your ground” language Thursday into a last-minute floor amendment to Senate Bill 175, which grants civil immunity to churches and other nonprofits where shootings occur.

The mostly-party line vote passed 52-31.

Under current law, Ohioans are permitted to use deadly force in self-defense as long as they aren’t the aggressor, believe they are in imminent danger of death or great bodily harm, and are in their home or vehicle.

The amendment also removes the “home or vehicle” requirement. Now, Ohioans only need to be where they are legally allowed.

The change must now be approved by the Senate before going to Gov. Mike DeWine for final approval.

DeWine’s spokesman responded “Under review” when we asked him Friday morning what the governor thought.

Guide to Women’s Self Defense: Best Safety Tips, Weapons, and Tactics

19.3% of women have been stalked at some point in their lifetime, whether it’s been by someone they know or a stranger. This can make women increasingly worried about their surroundings and being able to protect themselves if something occurs.

It’s because of stalking incidents and the increased number of sexual assaults that take place every day that women’s self-defense has become more critical than ever. We’re going to provide you with a complete guide that has safety tips, weapons, and tactics in it that you need to know about.

Think of this as your complete introduction into the need to know women’s self-defense tactics. Let’s start with some women’s self-defense tips that everyone needs to know. Continue reading “”

News Media Fears Ammon Bundy May be Right

They’ve got the White House come January 21st, 2021.  They may pick up the United States Senate after a special election in Georgia.  They still hold the U.S. House of Representatives.  Then why do liberals still appear to be living in fear when it comes to their perceptions of people in fly over country?

One latest example comes out of a Nampa based newspaper.  You can click on a link here.  Political activist Ammon Bundy is recommending people prepare for rough times ahead.  He’s called a conservative activist by the writers of the story.  I’m not sure all of these labels are accurate.  He was more than willing to meet members of Black Lives Matter.  He was vilified by many old allies on the right.  Yet, he explained he wanted to know why they were taking to the streets.  It’s a fair question.  People who believe they’re aggrieved could solve at least some issues by having a dialogue.  Or it’s at least worth a try. Continue reading “”

Gun-control activists need to stop demonizing John Lott

The recent reaction of Griffin Dix to the appointment of John Lott as an adviser to the DOJ Office of Justice Program reflects the continued inability of the gun-control advocacy community to address the fundamental issues that prevent us from making an effective response to the problem of gun violence.

Lott’s book “More Guns, Less Crime” has become a flashpoint for arguments on both sides of the gun debate. On the one hand, the book is celebrated by the pro-gun lobby as a justification for ‘stand your ground’ laws and other legal rationales for armed self-defense. On the other hand, the book is condemned by gun-control activists as error-filled propaganda that promotes the false idea that guns are an effective response to fears about personal safety and threats of crime. As a long-time member of the Brady Campaign, Griffin Dix obviously belongs to the latter group. Continue reading “”

Confirmed: left leaning gun grabbers suffer from mental illness

“Believe the science” they always say. Ok.

It has been claimed that left-wingers or liberals (US sense) tend to more often suffer from mental illness than right-wingers or conservatives. This potential link was investigated using the General Social Survey cumulative cross-sectional dataset (1972-2018). A search of the available variables resulted in 5 items measuring one’s own mental illness (e.g., ”Do you have any emotional or mental disability?”). All of these items were weakly associated with left-wing political ideology as measured by self-report, with especially high rates seen for the “extremely liberal” group. These results mostly held up in regressions that adjusted for age, sex, and race. For the variable with the most data (n = 11,338), the difference in the mental illness measure between “extremely liberal” and “extremely conservative” was 0.39 d. Temporal analysis showed that the relationship between mental illness, happiness, and political ideology has existed in the GSS data since the 1970s and still existed in the 2010s. Within-study meta-analysis of all the results found that extreme liberals had a 150% increased rate of mental illness compared to moderates. The finding of increased mental illness among left-wingers is congruent with numerous findings based on related constructs, such as positive relationships between conservatism, religiousness and health in general.

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Ohio: No Duty to Retreat Legislation Heads to the Senate Floor

On Wednesday, the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee passed important No Duty to Retreat Legislation, Senate Bill 383. This self-defense measure now heads to the Senate for floor action.

Senate Bill 383 strengthens Ohio’s self-defense laws by stating that individuals have no duty to retreat from a place that they are lawfully present before using force in defense of themselves or others. Previously the law only applied to residences and vehicles, however SB 383 expands that to allow for law-abiding gun owners to be able to defend themselves without being required to retreat from any place they are allowed to be.