SPLC’s New Attack on Gun Owners

The nonsense from the Southern Poverty Law Center continues. The SPLC, which doesn’t actually do poverty law because it’s too busy labeling everyone with insufficient melanin in their skin as racist, would like to turn back the clock on Stand Your Ground laws. In a new report, they claim with no real evidence or analysis, that the laws promote killings of blacks by whites. This is nonsense, and they know it. But it comes at the perfect time: with police running from constant assault and the rest of the country being told that only black lives matter. You almost have to admire their moxie.

To understand the situation with Stand Your Ground laws, it’s important to understand how these laws came about. As part of the backlash against the “anything goes” wild west, legislatures adopted laws regarding self-defense that had the admirable goal of reducing violence. They imposed on everyone a duty to retreat rather than engage in violence. At its core, it had good motives, but it amounted to a “shoot first” directive to criminals. Some states, like the state of Massachusetts with its antediluvian policies, still has not modernized its law with respect to self-defense. Continue reading “”

Help Us Safeguard the Second Amendment
You’re not paranoid: Democrats do want to take your guns away.

There are many great reasons to contribute to the National Review webathon, but I believe that none is more important than the publication’s steadfast defense of the Second Amendment.

After the outbreak of the coronavirus, millions of Americans, feeling helpless and besieged by forces outside their control, began purchasing firearms to protect their families, property, and community. Once the lawlessness and fanaticism of the Antifa protests began spreading across the country, the number of gun owners continued to climb. When Democrats began embracing the notion of “defunding the police,” even more citizens saw gun ownership as a necessity of contemporary life. Continue reading “”

Remember the ‘auto defensas’ in Minneapolis? They’re still up and running.

In Minneapolis, Armed Residents Set Up Patrols Amid Calls to Defund the Police
The city council approves its first permanent cuts to the police budget; crime has surged in the past two months

Minneapolis residents in some areas still recovering from rioting and unrest are forming community watch and security groups, some bearing firearms, to fight a surge of crime in the wake of the George Floyd killing in May. At least one neighborhood has put up barricades to keep away outsiders.
The moves come as the city council on Friday approved its first permanent cuts to the police budget, amid calls to defund the department and generally lower tax revenue due to the economic strain caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The $193 million police budget will be cut by $10 million, including making permanent some temporary spending measures—including a hiring freeze—put in place in June. Around $1 million from the police budget is being shifted to a program called Cure Violence that tries to prevent things such as retaliatory shootings through community engagement.

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The Back-Up Gun: 3 Reasons To Carry One

While perusing various online sources of gun-related news and information, I’ve noticed an old term cropping up that I haven’t seen in a long time: The New York Reload.

This term was brought into circulation by Massad Ayoob many years ago after learning that officers of the NYPD Stakeout Unit of the time, who were armed primarily with double-action revolvers, often moved to a second (or third) wheelgun when the ammunition was exhausted in their primary firearm.

Here are just a few of the arguments in favor of back-up guns for home defense and concealed carry:

1. The first gun goes click instead of bang.
Despite our best efforts to purchase firearms from reputable manufacturers, load them with quality ammunition, and keep them in proper working order, firearms can still fail to operate properly at the most inconvenient times.

2. A primary defensive gun is not accessible.
This is especially true in concealed-carry situations. By the time a defensive situation calls for a handgun to be drawn, the dominant shooting hand might be injured or occupied holding an attacker at bay. It’s also possible for a primary gun to be dropped, knocked away, or you may be in a wrestling match with an assailant to maintain control of your gun.

3. Additional guns can be used to arm other responsible adults.
I can’t help but roll my eyes when watching some silly movie in which a man pulls out a handgun as he goes to investigate a noise in the night leaving his poor, helpless wife all alone with nothing but a good set of vocal chords to defend herself. Those Hollywood writers obviously haven’t met the women I know.

Culpeper County sheriff recruiting volunteers in support of pro-gun agenda

Culpeper Sheriff Scott Jenkins is advancing his vow from last year to swear in scores of auxiliary deputies to protect their gun rights in the face of potential new gun restrictions pending at the state level.

The county’s elected lawman is accepting applications through Sept. 30 for “volunteer background investigators” to screen any future reserve deputies, according to a post Monday at the Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page.

The volunteer investigators must be current sworn, retired or former law enforcement officers able to perform background investigations and vet any forthcoming applicants, the post stated. Continue reading “”

Well Regulated: Bear Both Arms and the Truth

The Second Amendment, at its core, is not just about guns. Firearms are merely ancillary to a greater fundamental truth, namely that an individual is not free without the ability to engage in a sufficient use of force when needed to defend life, liberty, or property. In order to properly advocate for the right to keep and bear arms, it is necessary to tell the truth. In the past several months of civil unrest and violence, it has become clear that there are forces trying to lead this country from the truth, especially as it pertains to that most basic of rights, the right to self-defense. Continue reading “”

I figure the noble Phat one already has his concealed carry license taken care of

Seattle Region Erupts in Violence; CPL Application Process Still ‘Suspended’

U.S.A. –-(AmmoLand.com)- For the first time in history, a police officer in Bothell, Washington—a suburb just northeast of Seattle—has been shot dead in the line of duty. The suspect is in custody.

The slain officer was identified as Jonathan Shoop, who had been with the department just over one year. The suspect was tentatively identified as Henry Eugene Washington, according to KIRO news, the CBS affiliate in Seattle.

That murder came on the heels of a shooting at a Renton shopping center immediately south of Seattle in which a 15-year-old was wounded, which happened about the same time six people were injured in a shooting at a bus stop in Kent, a community located south and east of Seattle.

Seattle is still recovering from the “CHOP” zone shootings that left two black teens dead in separate incidents and at least four others wounded before police moved in to reclaim the six-block area in the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Missouri’s Republican Governor Backs the McCloskeys’ Right to Defend Themselves.

St. Louis, MO has been the scene of violent protests over the past few weeks. In the most notorious case of violence related to the unrest, rioters murdered retired police captain David Dorn and ransacked his pawnshop. Dorn was black. His killers shot him multiple times.

As “defund the police” gained traction in St. Louis and other cities, and cities all over the country lost hard-won ground to violent crime, Americans purchased firearms in record numbers. They are preparing to have to defend themselves.

It was in this context, and the rising violence and abdication of public safety in St. Louis and many other cities around the country, that a St. Louis couple, Mike and Patricia McCloskey, suddenly found themselves facing a large number of protesters on their property last month. The moment was captured on video that went viral.

The McCloskeys were having dinner when the protesters showed up. The McCloskeys were not the protesters’ target — the city’s mayor was — but the protesters were on private property and had damaged a gate on their way in.

Protests have turned violent in an instant, and there is evidence some of the protesters in this instance may have been armed.

The couple retrieved their rifle and handgun and made sure the protesters were aware that they were armed. There was a brief, intense confrontation that thankfully did not turn deadly.

When they kick in the gate, when the first thing they do is destroy private property and they storm in angry and shouting and threatening. This isn’t a protest. It’s a revolution. It’s just an attempt to inflict terror.

Protesters have once returned to their property, chanting “If we don’t get no justice, then they don’t get no peace.”

The city’s circuit attorney, Kimberly Gardner, has had police confiscate the couple’s rifle, leaving them apparently undefended should anyone want to harm them. The McCloskeys believe Gardner will have them indicted as well.

But the state’s Republican governor has weighed in on the McCloskey’s side.

Republican Missouri Governor Mike Parson said during a Tuesday press briefing that Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who were captured on video brandishing firearms as Black Lives Matter protesters marched past their home in June, had “every right” to attempt to protect their private property.


Governor Parsons defended the McCloskey’s actions Tuesday. “That couple had every right to protect their property,” Parson said. “They have the ability to do that as private citizens like everyone else.”

Missouri respects the Castle Doctrine, which provides legal defense should a citizen use a firearm to defend their property.

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Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Detroit, plus Seattle and Portland.
Again, what is the common denominator? demoncrap administration

Amid spike in crime, a question of who owns the streets.
Atlanta and several other U.S. cities are seeing a spike in violent crime as police activity declines. In communities where trust in police has collapsed, how is public safety maintained?

The barricades were set up within sight of the Wendy’s where an Atlanta police officer killed Rayshard Brooks last month. According to local reports, they had been there before, set up by civilians armed with semiautomatic weapons, deciding who would be allowed to pass. Residents had asked the vigilantes to leave but were ignored. A member of the City Council had been trying for days to defuse the situation.

When Secoriea Turner’s mother encountered the blockade on her way home, she decided to do a U-turn. That’s when the men opened fire, fatally wounding the 8-year-old girl.

Thirty-one people were shot across the city over that July Fourth weekend, as the homicide rate doubled over the previous year. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp declared a state of emergency in the city. But similar spikes have been seen in New York City, Chicago, and Detroit.

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AAT is located in St Charles Missouri right down I-70 from St Louis.

Authorities Seize Rifle From Couple in Incident With BLM, Media Attacks Them, But They Do Get Some Surprise Help


But in a Facebook post, a local gun store, Alien Armory Tactical, put its money where its mouth is and offered the couple a free new AR-15 if they wanted it. The store scolded the police for going along with the warrant.

To the couple that had this warrant served, please come on by our shop and we will gladly rearm you with a brand new ar15 for (FREE) thats right if you see this post contact our page and we will gladly assist you with a replacement for you to protect your private property for FREE! Also we will assist you with some FREE firearms training so if anything were to happen you will be better prepared, we will take you with your brand new ar15 and show you how to be better prepared! Thank you from your friendly neighborhood watch

Nice move! Hopefully, the couple is able to take advantage of it.


As we reported earlier, in a very disturbing move, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who displayed guns on their property to defend themselves from a huge group of BLM protesters, had a warrant served on them and had the AR-15 Mark McCloskey displayed in that incident seized.

It’s not yet clear why the weapon was seized and there have been no charges lodged against the couple.

People who care about the Constitution were very troubled by the action against the McCloskeys.

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“Today, the ice-cold reality of self-reliance settles in when people observe professional protesters rioting with violence and destruction. That’s why they are buying guns.”

The Record-Breaking American Arms Race of 2020 Means One Thing: You Loot, We Shoot!

Florida – -(AmmoLand.com)- Record numbers of firearms have been purchased over the past couple of months in Florida and around our nation. Many of the firearms were – and are – purchased by people who never thought they would want or need a gun. Firearms training classes are full and booked for months ahead. Florida Tax Collectors are reporting huge increases in the number of Concealed Weapon or Firearm License applications being processed locally.

Around the country, professional rioters and violent protesters have been destroying private property. These acts of violence are soon followed by looters who help themselves to what’s left. These are not acts of civil disobedience; these are planned and orchestrated acts of domestic terrorism.

People around the nation are getting fed up and are buying guns, getting trained, and are preparing to protect what they have worked hard to achieve. We’ve seen people wake up and take responsibility for themselves and their property like never be before.

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The Gun Sales of June: When citizens conclude cops won’t protect them, they buy firearms.

Patricia and Mark McCloskey are the couple made instantly famous—or infamous—after a video showed them wielding firearms as they fended off protesters who had trespassed on private property outside their St. Louis home.

The Circuit Attorney for St. Louis, Kimberly Gardner, reacted by issuing a statement saying she planned an investigation, and that her office will not tolerate any effort to chill peaceful protest by the “threat of deadly force.” Never mind that Mr. McCloskey says he and his wife feared they’d be killed. As they told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “the only thing that kept those mobsters, that crowd, away from us is that we were standing there with guns.”

If soaring gun sales are a guide, millions of Americans are with the McCloskeys. This week the FBI announced a record 3.9 million background checks for June, the highest monthly total since the FBI began keeping the statistic in 1998. Adjusting to reflect checks only for gun purchases, the National Shooting Sports Foundation says this works out to 2.2 million, a 136% increase over June 2019. NSSF spokesman Mark Oliva says about 40% of these checks are for first-time gun buyers.

This is a warning to the Defund the Police movement about unintended consequences. The more progressives push policies that mean cops won’t be around when people need them, the more they are inviting Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves.

Gun Sales Continue to Soar, Texas Sets Another Record for Background Checks
Amidst the coronavirus lockdown and violence erupting in American streets, Texas saw the highest number of background checks for gun sales conducted in the month of June.

In a typical year, gun sales in Texas tend to slow down during the hot summer months. But this year, the Lone Star State set a record high for the number of firearm background checks conducted in the month of June.

According to data published by the FBI, there were a total of 227,232 NICS checks conducted in Texas throughout June, about 27 percent higher than the checks conducted last month.

That total is the fourth highest record for the state, just behind March’s high of 274,211 and approximately 240,000 checks conducted in the Decembers of 2012 and 2014. Continue reading “”

Did you catch that?

“There’s no police there, our private security wasn’t there… oh my god, we’re absolutely alone, there is nobody coming to protect us.”

That’s why he grabbed his rifle. Nobody was coming when the mob smashed down his gate and marched onto his property.

Nobody is coming. You are on your own. Be prepared and act accordingly.

“Average people have no opportunity to prepare when there’s a bump in the night or a riot breaks out….”

“Americans who find themselves needing to defend themselves are unlikely to have spares on hand trained for the occasion. It’s these situations where they need a proven, reliable, and multi‐​purpose firearm—and yes, that includes ‘assault weapons.’ When innocent Americans can face multiple attackers, and it can take more than 10 shots to reliably stop a single one, is a 30‐​round magazine and a reliable firearm unreasonable? Definitely not.”

From “A Defense of ‘Assault Weapons'” published at Cato Institute in May 2019. I’m reading it today a propos of that last post. Last year, the question What law-abiding person needs an assault weapon? was asked as if it were self-answering and the answer was Obviously, no one.

Last year.

What the ‘Castle Doctrine’ means in Missouri
In 2017, Missouri expanded the state’s Castle Doctrine which created a stand-your-ground right


Understanding Missouri’s Castle Doctrine
On January 1, 2017, new rules for gun-owners in Missouri went into effect.

One of the changes was the expansion of the state’s Castle Doctrine which created a stand-your-ground right.

The Castle Doctrine is a common law doctrine that allows residents to use deadly force against anyone, based on the notion that their home is “their castle.” Basically, if an intruder violates the sanctity of your home, and you believe they intend to do you harm, you should be able to protect yourself or others against an attack…………

More specifically, a person does not have a duty to retreat:
(1) From a dwelling, residence, or vehicle where the person is not unlawfully entering or unlawfully remaining;

(2) From private property that is owned or leased by such individual; or

(3) If the person is in any other location such person has the right to be.


I wonder why…….

Report: Gun Sales Surging in Minnesota

The trifecta of coronavirus fears, George Floyd protests, and the push to defund the police has resulted in surging gun sales in Minnesota.

CBS 4 reports it all began with fears of virus-related civil unrest leading to record background checks for gun sales in March 2020.

The number of background checks conducted in Minnesota in March represented a 20-year high.

Then came the May 25 death of George Floyd and the subsequent riots, after which Frontiersman Sports owner Kory Krouse said the demand for guns went through the roof.

Krouse said, “People are really scared coming in here. We had a three, four hour wait just to get up to the counter during the height of … the rioting.”

As a result of the surge, gun store inventories are down and ammunition is scarce. Continue reading “”