In other words, SloJoe’s cabinet devised a fraudulent plan to invent an issue to give federal law enforcement a purported reason to come down on political enemies.
If that isn’t ‘Banana Republic’ style, IDK what is.

“Attorney General Merrick Garland unequivocally stated that he based his memo on the NSBA’s letter – which in turn, mobilized the FBI and US Attorneys,” Neily added. “If Secretary Cardona was truly involved in this ugly episode, it is a significant breach of public trust, and he should be held accountable.”

Education Secretary Cardona solicited NSBA letter comparing protesting parents to domestic terrorists: email

 Education Secretary Miguel Cardona solicited the much-criticized letter from the National School Boards Association that compared protesting parents to domestic terrorists, according to an email exchange reviewed by Fox News.

The email exchange indicates Cardona was more involved with the letter’s creation than previously known.

President Biden’s Department of Justice relied on the NSBA letter, which suggested using the Patriot Act against parents, in creating its own memo directing the FBI to mobilize in support of local education officials.

In the Oct. 5 email, NSBA Secretary-Treasurer Kristi Swett recounted that NSBA interim CEO Chip Slaven “told the officers he was writing a letter to provide information to the White House, from a request by Secretary Cardona.”

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Another one of the anti-american goobermint officials that George Soros donated millions to their election campaign. And the economic rule that you get more of what you subsidize – in this case violent crime – is going to kick New Yorkers in the seat of the pants, and I hope good and hard.

Manhattan DA to stop seeking prison sentences in slew of criminal cases

Who needs soft-on-crime judges when the district attorney doesn’t even want to lock up the bad guys?

Manhattan’s new DA has ordered his prosecutors to stop seeking prison sentences for hordes of criminals and to downgrade felony charges in cases including armed robberies and drug dealing, according to a set of progressive policies made public Tuesday.

In his first memo to staff on Monday, Alvin Bragg said his office “will not seek a carceral sentence” except with homicides and a handful of other cases, including domestic violence felonies, some sex crimes and public corruption.

Alvin Bragg.






“This rule may be excepted only in extraordinary circumstances based on a holistic analysis of the facts, criminal history, victim’s input (particularly in cases of violence or trauma), and any other information available,” the memo reads.

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It appears that West -By God- Virginia has a Second Amendment Protection Act law not unlike Missouri and a few other states.

AG offers guidance on handling gun law conflicts

CHARLESTON — A state law passed early in 2021 regarding federal gun laws now has related policy guidelines.

House Bill 2694 stipulates that state gun laws will trump federal gun laws and no West Virginia law enforcement agency on any level “shall participate in enforcement efforts focused on federal gun control measures when those laws conflict with state laws regarding firearms.”

“The right to keep and bear arms is enshrined in the Constitution,” Attorney General Morrisey said Thursday when announcing the guidelines. “Yet, there is a deep concern on the part of many Americans that the federal government will try to encroach on our Constitutional rights through presidential executive orders or through acts of Congress. The publication of this guidance will help our state’s law enforcement understand what they can and cannot do in this respect under West Virginia statute.”

Morrisey said enforcement of federal firearms laws is a federal responsibility, not the responsibility of West Virginia law enforcement agencies when federal gun laws are in conflict with state Code.

For example, he said, a West Virginia state or local law enforcement agency, department or officer “may not assist federal authorities in executing an arrest warrant just for violation of federal gun laws when the person to be arrested may lawfully possess such firearms, firearms accessories or ammunition under state law.”

The new law also provides that no member of state or local law enforcement may be required to act in a law enforcement capacity to enforce a federal statute, executive order, agency order, rule or regulation determined by the West Virginia Attorney General to infringe upon citizens’ Second Amendment rights, Morrisey said.

Law enforcement officers are also protected and cannot be terminated or decertified for refusing to enforce a “federal statute, executive order, agency order, rule or regulation determined by the West Virginia Attorney General to infringe upon citizens’ Second Amendment rights.”

“This guidance from the Attorney General on HB 2694 will help protect West Virginia from new federal gun control schemes, and ensure our law enforcement officers are immune from retaliation for defending the Second Amendment rights of all West Virginians,” Kevin Patrick, vice president of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League, said in the announcement.

West Virginia Sheriffs Association Executive Director Rodney Miller said the move is fully supported.

“Law enforcement across West Virginia wholeheartedly supports the Second Amendment and lawful possession of firearms by our citizens and are happy to have joined the Legislature, the Attorney General and concerned gun groups in this effort to ensure that responsible firearm ownership is defended without question,” he said. “We, as citizens of this state, are concerned with overreach that could deny all of us the ability to lawfully possess firearms and utilize them as proud Mountaineers have always done responsibly.”

The policy guidance is posted on the Attorney General’s website ( and is being sent to state and local law enforcement agencies.

Washington State Democrats  demoncraps! Push Bill Reducing Penalties for Drive-By Shootings

Washington state Reps. Tarra Simmons (D) and David Hackney (D) are pushing legislation to remove drive-by shootings from the list of crimes that elevate first degree to murder to a higher degree of murder carrying a mandatory life sentence.

FOX News reports that “drive-by shootings were added to the list of aggravating factors for murder charges in 1995.” At the time, drive-by shootings were one of a number of crimes that would elevate charges and Simmons and Hackney are now working to remove such shootings from the list.

The 1995 language that Simmons and Hackney want to specifically strike from the aggravating factors list says: “The murder was committed during the course of or as a result of a shooting where the discharge of the firearm… is either from a motor vehicle or from the immediate area of a motor vehicle that was used to transport the shooter or the firearm.”

Simmons says she believes the language surrounding drive-by shootings “was targeted at gangs that were predominantly young and Black.”

She added, “I believe in a society that believes in the power of redemption. Murder is murder no matter where the bullet comes from but locking young people up and throwing away the key is not the answer.”

Simmons points to Kimonti Carter as a example of why she wants to remove drive-by shootings from the aggravating factors list. Carter was convicted in a drive-by shooting that left two people dead in 1997. He received a 777-year sentence and Simmons said, “If he had been standing outside of the vehicle at the time, he would’ve faced 240-320 months in prison. Instead, he was sentenced to life in prison with no opportunity for parole because of this law.”

770 KTTH points out that Simmons and Hackney’s pushed to strike drive-by shootings from the aggravating factors list is posited as a pursuit of “racial equity in the criminal legal system.”

On July 22, 2021, KIRO 7 noted a surge of gun violence in Seattle and quoted Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diazwas saying, “We’ve seen more than a 100% increase in drive-by shootings this year alone.”

As Biden’s Border Crisis Rages, Armed Texans Arrive to Round Up Illegal Aliens

A new Texas law is attracting armed groups with body armor, long guns and high tech drones to the border.

Some local officials are welcoming them, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The new law allows migrants to be arrested for trespassing. The armed groups intend to find the illegals and deliver them to law enforcement officials for arrest.

The Kinney County sheriff has been working with these groups for months. Former Border Patrol Agent Brad Coe has been on the lookout for help in deterring illegal immigration. “The whole premise is if [migrants] know they’ll be arrested, they’ll go somewhere else,” Coe said.

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What you subsidize, you get more of……….
And to paraphrase Mencken, you’re apt to get it good and hard.

Brutal, brazen crimes shake L.A., leaving city at a crossroads.

rews of burglars publicly smashing their way into Los Angeles’ most exclusive stores. Robbers following their victims, including a star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and a BET host, to their residences. And this week, the fatal shooting of 81-year-old Jacqueline Avant, an admired philanthropist and wife of music legend Clarence Avant, in her Beverly Hills home.

After two years of rising violent crime in Los Angeles, these incidents have sparked a national conversation and led to local concern about both the crimes themselves and where the outrage over the violence will lead.

“The fact that this has happened, her being shot and killed in her own home, after giving, sharing, and caring for 81 years has shaken the laws of the Universe,” declared Oprah Winfrey, expressing her grief over Avant’s killing to her 43 million Twitter followers. “The world is upside down.”

While overall city crime rates remain far below records set during the notorious gang wars of the 1990s, violent crime has jumped sharply in L.A., as it has in other cities. Much of the violence has occurred in poor communities and among vulnerable populations, such as the homeless, and receives little attention.

However, since the start of the pandemic and more rapidly in recent months, crime has crept up in wealthier enclaves and thrust its way to the center of public discourse in L.A. — against a backdrop of COVID-19 angst, evolving political perceptions of what role police and prosecutors should play in society and, now, a holiday season upon which brick-and-mortar retailers are relying to stay afloat.

Some wonder if this could be a turning point for California, which for decades has been at the center of the movement for criminal justice reform, rolling back tough sentencing laws and reducing prison populations.

Polls in 2020 showed that California voters largely support many of these measures, and both San Francisco and Los Angeles have elected district attorneys with strong reform agendas. However, those concerned about crime and those who believe liberal policies have contributed to its rise have grown more vocal.

It is a discourse defined by glaring differences of opinion and, at times, a yawning disconnect between the perception of local crime and the reality on the ground.

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I don’t think it was ‘vague’ Wisconsin law on self defense as much as it was an unscrupulous prosecutor with a political agenda.

Vague self-defense laws put people like Rittenhouse in lifelong debt

Last month, then-17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of murder charges in the deaths of two men and wounding of a third during last year’s riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The incident, and the subsequent trial, became the latest flashpoint in the cultural battle raging across the United States.

The incident exposed how painfully ambiguous many state’s self-defense laws are. Most states have laws allowing guns to be carried. Gun ownership is protected by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. But the law places an unreasonable burden on individuals in regards to when self-defense is legally justified and when it is not.

I believe, and I think most people would agree, that the best response to a personal safety threat is to call law enforcement. But what happens when police are unavailable or cannot arrive in the urgent timeframe required and an individual’s life is at imminent risk?

In the Rittenhouse case, civil order had broken down in the streets of Kenosha. Law enforcement could not be reasonably depended on to respond to threats to physical safety. Whether Mr. Rittenhouse exercised poor judgment in going into this scenario is a fair question. What is factual is it was his community, and he chose to help protect a business and provide medical attention to those in need. It was also factually determined Mr. Rittenhouse was in legal possession of the long-barreled rifle.

Under these circumstances raises the question of was Mr. Rittenhouse legally justified to shoot Joseph Rosenbaum after he had threatened to kill him earlier, chased him across the parking lot and attempted to take his firearm? The prosecution said no but watching the multiple video recordings of the incident made it very clear Mr. Rittenhouse’s attempt to flee Mr. Rosenbaum had failed and he had very limited options at the moment of the shooting.

This begs the question, if a person is legally allowed to be in possession of a firearm for defense how can an individual know when using deadly force is justifiable in incidents which unfold in only moments? I want to believe a person should know the difference if they choose to carry. Mr. Rittenhouse unquestionably initially attempted to flee from Mr. Rosenbaum rather than use deadly force. Yet, he was still arrested and charged with murder. If that is not the line, exactly where is it?

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Governor Parson can be as ‘open to adjustments’ as he wants, but that counts for little as the legislature passes changes to laws, not him.

Police Propose Changes To Missouri’s 2A Preservation Act

Even before Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act took effect, there were a lot of grumbles from some law enforcement in the state who felt that the new law was going to set them up to be sued if they cooperated with federal agents in taking down criminal suspects who might be armed with a gun. SAPA, as it’s commonly called, not only prohibits state and local law enforcement from cooperating with the feds in enforcing any unconstitutional gun control laws, but provides an avenue by which officers can be individually sued for doing so.

Since SAPA took effect back in September, a handful of agencies have suspended all cooperation with federal authorities for fear of running afoul of the law. The law was also the subject of litigation by the city of St. Louis and a couple of counties, but a judge rejected a request to block the law from taking force. And while I don’t believe that the law as written should stop police from working with their federal counterparts, and plenty of agencies continue to do so, the Missouri Police Chiefs Association is now officially asking lawmakers to make some changes.

In the letter, a copy of which was obtained by The Star, the MPCA proposes specifying that the law would only apply to new federal gun restrictions approved after this past August, and that it doesn’t apply to suspects whom police encounter committing a crime.

It also proposes clarifying which weapons-related federal crimes local police are allowed to help enforce. The current law allows them to help enforce gun restrictions that are similar to those in Missouri law, as long as those charges are “merely ancillary” to another criminal charge — wording that police groups have called vague.

“It is our desire to protect the rights of ALL Missourians while protecting officers from frivolous civil litigation related to the continued joint endeavors with our federal partners,” the association wrote. “We look forward to working with you and your fellow lawmakers to address some clarifications in the law and eliminate those unintended consequences without derailing the intent of SAPA.”

MPCA director Robert Shockey, who is Arnold police chief, declined to be interviewed about the requests.

I haven’t seen a copy of the letter, so I can only base my opinion off of the report by the Kansas City Star, but the first two requests don’t seem to be unreasonable. I do have some concerns about the MPCA wanting to “clarify” which gun-related federal crimes can be enforced by law enforcement, though. First, if SAPA is only going to apply to federal gun laws that were passed after August of 2021, then there’s no need to clarify anything. Beyond that, though, does the phrase “merely ancillary” really need clarification? If an agency is cooperating with, say, a federal drug task force and a gun is discovered in the course of that drug investigation, then the gun charge is an ancillary one. If the feds are going after someone specifically for violating a new federal gun control law or regulation that isn’t mirrored in Missouri state law, local police can’t help. It’s really not that complicated.

Even if some of these complaints by police are overstated, I expect that they’re finding some receptive ears among lawmakers. SAPA original sponsor Rep. Jared Taylor has said he’s not in favor of any changes, but Gov. Mike Parson has indicated that he’s open to “adjustments” if necessary.

I don’t think there’s any chance of the law being repealed outright, but whether or not the changes would make the law better or merely water it down is going to be the topic of much debate in Jefferson City in the months ahead, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see at least some minor revisions agreed to next session.

This has been known to be the case – nationwide – for several years. A very small percentage of a certain demographic commits the vast majority of crimes and murders. Black males in the 15 to 35 years of age range, involved in the illicit drug trade that already have long criminal records whether or not they’re a member of a gang.

Nearly half of Columbus’ homicides in a nine-month stretch of 2020 involved a very small number of very violent individuals

Whenever crime is in the headlines, we find anti-Second Amendment politicians directly responsible for addressing crime in their cities running to the microphone to blame the existence of firearms. The truth is, as gun owners already know, the problem is people, not the gun.

A team of researchers with the National Network for Safe Communities (NNSC) recently worked with the Columbus Division of Police to review 107 homicides between January and September of last year in an effort to pin down who is driving the city’s lethal violence.

The Columbus Dispatch gave details from the study:

They found that about 480 total members of 17 gangs — roughly 0.05% of the city’s population — were confirmed or suspected to be involved in 46% of the homicides, either as victims, perpetrators or both.

Dispatch writer Theodore Decker goes on to dispute Mayor Andrew J. Ginther’s assertion, upon the release of the report, that “the violence we’re seeing today is different.”

The mayor talked about this as though it were unplowed ground. He said that in response, the city is assessing existing anti-violence strategies and beefing up newer efforts to target that core group of individuals who are most at risk of being victims or perpetrators of violence.

That is a valid approach, but it is not a new one. Criminologists have recommended variations of this strategy for many years, and in Columbus, some of them were rebuffed by city leaders nearly 10 years ago.

Columbus, like other cities, has seen a sharp rise in homicidal violence both this year and last. But the trend is not entirely unprecedented.

If the current pace keeps up, we are certain to surpass last year’s record 175 homicides. Should we reach 200, which looks likely the way things are going, the per capita breakdown would come close to 22 homicides per every 100,000 people.

We hit that same rate in 1991. While 139 homicides occurred that year, the city was much smaller. In that sense, the current level of violence is not unheard of.

And to suggest the violence today is inherently different, as the mayor would have us believe, contradicts much of the report.

In addition to the information — it was not a revelation — that much of the violence is driven by a very limited pool of violent actors, the study found that homicides often were tangled up in petty beefs and interpersonal disputes.

That also is not new.

In more than half of the killings, the victim and suspect knew each other. They are overwhelmingly male.

Not new.

Also not new, Decker says, were many of the names on the list of 17 gangs, some of which have been known for decades:

“The violence we’re seeing today is different, and so we need a new plan,” the mayor said on Tuesday.

No, the violence isn’t different. But clearly we do need a new plan. And as for Step 1, perhaps we could be direct and honest about the history and nature of the problem.

The Columus Dispatch and Decker don’t have a stellar track record when it comes to accurate reporting on firearms legislation and Second Amendment issues, but this article calls a spade a spade, and I am thankful for it.

Question O’ The Day:
If the prosecutors had no qualms about being *this* unethical on a case they knew was going to be broadcast live nationwide, just how far have they gone in cases that have never had this amount of publicity?
And that brings up a question about all prosecutors.

How Unethical Were the Prosecutors Trying to Put Kyle Rittenhouse in Prison? Let Us Count the Ways…

There is so much misinformation about what happened the night Kyle Rittenhouse fired his weapon at four — yes, four — attackers that it’s hard to know where to begin. But let’s start with the prosecutors who promulgated and, indeed, created some of the slanders against the then-17-year-old. In the end, prosecutors Thomas Binger and Jim Kraus could not back up their lies with evidence in a courtroom and a jury saw right through them, thank God.

To put it succinctly, Thomas Binger and Jim Kraus left a skid mark on the robes of justice. They put a Kraus-sized turd on Lady Justice’s scale. And they almost put an 18-year-old in prison because he fought for his life and took out three of their “heroes,” as Binger called them.

Americans, already disgusted by the FBI, manufactured Trump Russia scandals, and counterintelligence investigations into concerned parents like they’re members of Al Qaeda, closely watched this case and were repulsed by the chicanery used to prosecute Rittenhouse.

They’re supposed to be the justice guys, right?

It’s a wonder that Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all counts.

You can blame Leftist propagandists or your laziness if you believed that Rittenhouse’s assailants were black, or that his gun was illegal, or that he brought it “across state lines,” or that he was a “chaos tourist” and a “vigilante.”

But there’s a special Mike Nifong-sized ring of hell for prosecutors who introduce these slanders into a courtroom, knowing that their subterfuge might put a kid away for the rest of his life.

Thomas Binger and Jim Kraus did this in many ways, by invoking lies — that they knew were lies — into pre-trial bail hearings, motions, and then ultimately into the courtroom itself in the trial. All of these lies were dutifully transcribed by friendly journalists. Indeed, as I reported at PJ Media, prosecutors never went back to revise or revisit the plethora of charges brought against Rittenhouse to test against the truth. If the mob believed ’em, they stayed in the charging documents.

Well, Binger and Kraus, you two are to blame for nearly black-pilling the rest of America who still had hope in the justice system after the FBI and the DOJ scandals.

You had a chance to do a clean trial.      You chose poorly.

Let’s go over just a few of the things these weasels did to Kyle Rittenhouse.

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Off-duty officer fatally shoots man kills suspect linked to 3 shootings in Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WBAL) – An off-duty police sergeant from Baltimore is being praised for his bravery after he fatally shot a gunman linked to three shootings that left two people dead and another hospitalized.

While an off-duty Baltimore City police sergeant was getting a haircut, a suspect opened fire in a barbershop on O’Donnell Street shortly after 3 p.m. Saturday. A barber was shot and killed, according to Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison.

The sergeant, who was in plain clothes but armed, pulled his gun out and shot the suspect, who died at the scene. Harrison praised the sergeant for showing “great bravery.”

Others, including Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, say the sergeant protected the others in the barbershop and could have saved even more lives.

“We don’t know what would have happened if he was not able to respond in that way and how many more incidents could’ve happened tonight in Baltimore City,” Scott said.

Police say the suspected gunman is connected to at least two other shootings earlier Saturday afternoon.

The first happened shortly after 2 p.m. Police say a 37-year-old man was hospitalized in critical condition after he was shot multiple times. He was reportedly involved in some sort of argument with the suspect.

Police say the suspect then got in his car and showed up 15 minutes later at a barbershop on Eastern Avenue, where he got into an argument with another man. That victim died after being shot multiple times.

“You hear us talk about this time and time again: petty, mindless, stupid disputes ending up with people losing their lives, and we have to be understanding of that and, again, grateful that our officer was here,” Scott said.

Harrison did not go into specifics on how detectives were able to determine the shootings are connected or a possible motive.

Fort Smith man fatally shot at Scott County home

State police are investigating after a Fort Smith man was fatally shot Thursday night inside a Scott County home, authorities said.

Deputies responded to an armed disturbance at 3220 Yearling Ridge Road, south of Boles, shortly after 11 p.m., according to a news release from Arkansas State Police.

James Simmons Jr., 34, was shot inside the residence, and transported to Mercy Hospital Waldron, where he was pronounced dead, authorities said.

Simmons had left the area of the residence when deputies arrived, state police spokesperson Bill Sadler said in an email.

No law enforcement were involved in the shooting, Sadler added.

State police special agents questioned the homeowner about the shooting, the release states. Authorities said no arrests in connection with the shooting have been made.

An investigative case file will be sent to the Scott County prosecuting attorney’s office to determine whether criminal charges should be filed, the release states.

This is what you get when corrupt politicians place other corrupt politicians in positions of power as federal bureaucraps. Politicized law enforcement, which is always a prelude to tyranny.

The FBI Raid of Project Veritas Turns Into a Massive Scandal After Privileged Communications Are Leaked.

As RedState reported, Project Veritas has found itself in the crosshairs of the FBI recently. That began with a raid on the homes of several of its journalists under the guise of looking for Ashley Biden’s diary. Apparently, a stolen diary is now in the purview of federal authorities. Will they be investigating bike thefts next?

But what was so disturbing, besides the raids happening in the first place, was how quickly The New York Times knew about them. While O’Keefe was asked by the FBI to keep quiet, the Times knew within hours, pointing to a leaker within the bureau.

But while the Department of Justice requested us to not disclose the existence of the subpoena, something very unusual happened. Within an hour of one of our reporters’ homes being secretly raided by the FBI, The New York Times, who we are currently suing for defamation, contacted the Project Veritas reporter for comment. We do not know how The New York Times was aware of the execution of a search warrant at our reporter’s home, or the subject matter of the search warrant, as a Grand Jury investigation is secret.

Days later, O’Keefe would have his home raided as well, and sure enough, the Times once again knew it about it before anyone else. Are you noticing a pattern? Because it’s about to become as obvious as a neon sign.

Two days ago, a court ordered the FBI to stop extracting data from O’Keefe’s phones, which had apparently been seized. Again, all of this is being done under the allegation that…a diary was stolen. But then last night, things boiled over into outright scandal. The Times suddenly started publishing privileged communications between Project Veritas and its legal team. Those messages apparently came from one of O’Keefe’s phones.

Yes, you read that right. Project Veritas had recently sued The New York Times over an unrelated matter, and now the Times has Project Veritas’ privileged communications that reveal their legal strategies. Given the circumstances, there could only be one logical source for that information — the FBI.

This is absolutely scandalous, though nothing is really surprising anymore when dealing with the FBI. It appears that a major newspaper has colluded with the federal government to target an investigative reporting outlet. Of course, there are still more dots to connect, but if there’s some other explanation, I’m not seeing it. The pretense of the original raid simply made no sense (really, a diary?), and the Times has been getting leaks from the bureau every step of the way in order to target Project Veritas.

If this isn’t a coordinated political hit job on a journalistic organization, then what is it? So many lines have now been crossed that it’s hard to keep up with them all. Worse, what can Project Veritas even do about it? The Biden-run DOJ is not going to investigate these leaks, and the damage has already been done. The Times now has possession of these privileged communications even as they are being sued by Project Veritas. Think about how absurd that is.

Let this serve as another example of why the FBI doesn’t need to just be reprimanded, but that it needs to be disbanded. The organization simply can not be trusted to uphold the rights of American citizens any longer, a reality that is borne out by its own politicized actions.

Seems even Seattle libs can only stand so much from their antifagoons

One Year After ‘CHAZ’, Republican Ann Davison Wins Seattle City Attorney.

Republican Ann Davison was elected City Attorney of Seattle on Tuesday, a rare Republican win in the liberal city — just over a year after parts of it were taken over by left-wing activists in the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ).

The Seattle Times reported:

Republican Ann Davison held a strong 58% to 41% lead in the race for Seattle city attorney, with returns Tuesday showing voters rejecting the brash language of her police abolitionist opponent, Nicole Thomas-Kennedy, in favor of Davison’s law-and-order stance.

No race in Tuesday’s city election was more fraught with the potential for unpredictable consequences than the race for Seattle’s official lawyer, who traditionally has prosecuted minor crimes and provided legal advice and defense for the city and its employees, including police.

Local NBC affiliate King 5 reported Davison as saying that “the City Attorney’s Office is not for setting policy or a ‘place for radical agenda’,” but rather “a place to provide impartial advice to those elected to create policy and to maintain laws so there is public safety.”

Portland’s ‘Gun Violence Task Force‘, previously the ‘Gang Enforcement Team’ is shut down….. gang crime “skyrockets”


‘Where are we headed?’ Portland’s record-setting year for murder fuels search for answers

PORTLAND, Ore. – Pastor J.W. Matt Hennessee, a longtime local anti-gun violence advocate, never expected to lose his own child to the bullets he has tried to stop for almost four decades.

So when he got a call on May 13, letting him know that his stepson Jalon Yoakum, 33, was the latest victim in an onslaught of violent crime, Hennessee felt numb.

“This isn’t something where I’m new to the table,” said Hennessee, 62, who has battled gun violence in Portland for 40 years. “But I hadn’t worried about it, hadn’t thought about it, and when that call came …”

His voice trailed off.

“It’s not going away,” Hennessee said. “Jalon was victim No. 31 and there’s been (36) more from May to October. Where are we headed?”

Crime is up all over the country, and has been since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. But there is a a certain sad irony in Portland, long considered a safe, desirable place to live. Already, the city has tallied 67 homicides for 2021, breaking a 34-year-old record of 66. Last year, 55 homicides was a 26-year high in the city.

The numbers alone are troubling, but even more worrisome when compared with other similarly sized cities, where violent crime numbers are considerably less, including Seattle and Boston. In Portland, long considered a liberal stronghold in America, some community leaders and officers feel that police defunding efforts in summer 2020 may have backfired, at least somewhat. With fewer officers on the street, violence has escalated significantly.

City defunds shooting prevention team

Portland’s gun violence problems can be traced back, at least partially, to the killing of George Floyd in May 2020. Floyd’s murder, at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, sparked a nationwide racial reckoning as hundreds of thousands took to the streets.

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 Texas Gov. Greg Abbott makes good on border security threat, authorizes state National Guard to make arrests of illegal aliens in historic first.

Earlier this fall, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, frustrated and angry at the Biden regime’s purposeful inaction on securing the border, stepped up and issued a threat: He will use his authority and empower his own personnel to start arresting illegal aliens in the absence of federal enforcement.

“By virtue of the power and authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the State of Texas, I hereby order that the Texas National Guard assist DPS in enforcing Texas law by arresting lawbreakers at the border,” Abbott’s letter to  Texas Adjutant General Major Gen. Tracy Norris said in July, when he first issued the order.

USA Features News, which reported on the declaration at the time, added:

Last month, Abbott said during a summit to discuss border security that any migrants who criminally trespass into Texas or commit other offenses would be subject to arrest and jailed.

In addition, the GOP governor announced plans to build new sections of border wall so as to plug gaps left when President Joe Biden canceled federal wall construction begun under the Trump administration.

In arguing as to why National Guard members should be empowered to make arrests, Abbott noted in his letter that “more manpower is needed” to deal with the hundreds of thousands of migrants who have been crashing the Tex-Mex border since Joe Biden took the oath of office for a presidency that was stolen on his behalf.

In addition, Abbott explained that according to the Texas constitution, his powers as “Commander-in-Chief of the military forces” of the state grant him the authority to issue arrest powers to his Guard troops.

Abbott also “likewise recognizes that the governor can call on state military forces ‘to enforce state law’ and ‘to assist civil authorities in guarding [or] conveying prisoners,’” said the letter.

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Democrats to Cops in ’20: You’re Evil Racists And We Want To Defund You!
Democrats to Cops in ’21: We Need You To Enforce Vaccine Mandates.
Cops to Democrats: Get Stuffed!

After spending 2020 calling police “systematically racist” and trying to get them defunded (mainly so they could get their fingers on that money, suddenly it’s 2021 and Democrat-run cities and counties suddenly need police to be their vaccine enforcers. And police aren’t having any of it.

Take deep blue Chicago for example:

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has foolishly put herself—and the safety of the people of Chicago—in a game of chicken, with at least half the police force ready to defy her vaccine mandate and be sent home from work by City Hall without pay, rather than comply.

“She wants to play a game of chicken. Well, we’re in a semi. And she’s in a Smart Car. And she wants to play chicken?” said Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara told me on Thursday. “That’s her decision.”

I figure Chicago’s little Napoleon in pants suits caves by Friday. As I type this on Thursday evening, Chicago aldermen are calling, saying she’s already blinking on her threats of “no vaccine, you’ll be sent home without pay.”

FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE: She blinked. She did cave. After her repeated threats, she won’t withhold their pay and send them home if they don’t comply with her vaccine mandate. Lori, that’s no way to play chicken or poker. Her chicken little game has come home to roost. Cops have had enough. Now she’s pouting, driving up the ramp of the chicken coop in her little clown car.

If she didn’t cave, victims of weekend violence would blame Lightfoot because she put her ego ahead of public safety. The smart play was to cave and call it something else. Her media friends can spin it. She can even call it victory, if she wants. But she caved. And that weakens her even more.

(Hat tip: Rick Moran at PJ Media.)

Unions for police and corrections officers are suing over vaccine mandates in Allegheny County:

Across Allegheny County, public employees are fighting vaccine mandates but none as hard as those in law enforcement, which has suffered some of the highest losses from the disease.

The unions representing the county police and the corrections officers have gone to court to block the county’s order that all employees be vaccinated or be fired.

According to the National Fraternal Order of Police, 743 police officers have reportedly died of COVID-19, but while the FOP is encouraging officers to get vaccinated, the union opposes mandates, calling vaccines a personal health decision.

Seattle police are bailing as well:

The leader of the Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG), which represents over 1,300 officers of the Seattle Police Department (SPD), is calling the COVID-19 vaccine mandate the latest in a long list of betrayals by the city of Seattle.

SPOG President Mike Solan said city leaders could accommodate officers who don’t want the shot and keep the city safe, but they are choosing not to do that. With just days until the mandate takes effect, Solan said now is not the time to force a vaccine on officers as the police department already faces a staffing crisis.

“Crime is surging in this city. Our community is demanding more police officers to answer the 911 calls, and the fact we’ve already lost close to 350 police officers because of the politicians’ political betrayal,” said Solan.

Solan said that before George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers in May 2020, city officials called SPD a “model department” when it came to police reform. But he said the tables turned after Floyd’s death with some city leaders demanding massive cuts to the department.

Now, Solan wants Mayor Jenny Durkan to do what some other cities have done and allow officers who don’t want to get the shot the option to wear masks, get tested regularly for COVID-19, and not have their assignments changed.

“For some reason, this mayor is refusing that, which I think is unreasonable and is void of common sense,” said Solan.

It’s only illogical if you haven’t been paying attention. Every knee must bend to the holy demands of the Party and the State. Heresy against the narrative cannot be tolerated.

Los Angeles sheriff Alex Villanueva already announced that he was refusing to carry out the county’s mandate.

What happens to Democrat-run municipalities when the police refuse to carry out unconstitutional mandates?

Like many Democratic plans to immanentize the eschaton, they don’t seem to have thought a lot of the intermediate steps through…


Unvaxxed Seattle Police & Fire Dept Officers Fired, Several Go Feed the Poor

Be prepared to defend yourself and your family because it’s going to be a long time before a cop can get there. That’s not alarmist talk. That’s a reality.

~ Mike Solan, President, Seattle Police Guild

The enormous number of talented, experienced, dedicated workers who have been forced out of their jobs over a dictatorial president’s and some governor’s mandates is heartbreaking. It’s what this administration wants. It feeds into their ultimate goal. They want disobedient people gone.

According to the Seattle Times, 127 people have  “separated from employment” at the WSP, including 67 troopers, six sergeants, and one captain.

The Police department has already lost 300 officers, leaving 1000.

The city wants the police gone completely so this is probably fine with them. It will become a 3rd world hellhole.

Maybe BLM or Antifa can take the jobs.


That’s the equivalent of losing a whole 8 hour shift of police….in a city nicknamed ‘ChIraq’ because more people were being killed and wounded than in Iraq during the war there. ‘Spicy Times’ indeed and you can bet the chaos will be livestreamed

More than a third of Chicago police officers defy city vaccine mandate

About 4,500 Chicago police officers didn’t report their vaccination status by October 15 as mandated by the city, officials said Monday.

That means roughly 35 percent of the city’s 12,770 officers could be placed on no-pay status in the foreseeable future.
The Chicago Police Department had the lowest response rate of any department in the city, but of the about 64 percent who did report, the majority of officers say they are vaccinated, according to data released by the city. Specifically, 6,894 indicated being vaccinated while 1,333 reported they have not.
Those who said they are not vaccinated are required to opt into twice weekly testing for Covid-19 until the end of the year to remain in compliance with the city policy.
The city required employees to be either vaccinated or test two times a week by October 15, and then report their status by that same deadline. Those who did not report their status risk being put on unpaid leave.

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Very likely another Parkland Springs type shooting has been averted.
Maybe these fools in Florida will start treating these kids as the dangerous criminals they are instead of coddling them.

Teen killed by police while pointing ‘military-style rifle’ at drivers in Tarpon Springs

TARPON SPRINGS, Fla. – Police in Tarpon Springs say a suspect, killed Saturday [?] for waving a “military-style rifle” at cars and officers, was actually a high school student with an Airsoft pellet gun.

17-year-old Alexander King was shot and killed by officers at the intersection of Pinellas Avenue and Tarpon Avenue shortly before 9:30 p.m. Sunday.

Investigators say police responded after multiple 911 calls about a “white male wearing dark clothing pointing a military-style rifle” at passers-by.

According to Chief Jeff Young, when the officers arrived, the suspect lifted the weapon, charged it, and pointed at the officers.

Video of the incident recorded by a bystander appears to show King yelling “shoot me” toward officers.

Taking cover behind a nearby vehicle, officers said they were forced to open fire. King was hit multiple times and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

King, a junior at Tarpon Springs High School, had 22 prior run-ins with police, 11 with other Pinellas County law enforcement agencies and 11 with the Tarpon Springs Police Department, including a felony arrest for battery on a school board employee in 2017 and one for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon in 2018.

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We need common-sense control — of criminals
The laws are there to protect us, but laws don’t stop criminals.

Last weekend’s shooting in St. Paul was a terrible tragedy, predicted by Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher as he patrolled the area the night before. The knee-jerk reaction of Gov. Tim Walz, Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Democrats in the Legislature could also have been predicted: Calls for universal background checks and red flags laws.

These reactions ignore the reality of the situation: Criminals don’t follow laws.

Democrats largely overlooked the death of another woman, in Minneapolis last week, who was hit by one of two cars involved in a rolling gun battle. Five Minneapolis children have been shot by stray bullets this year alone and they didn’t roll out the news releases.

But this event — a mass shooting — finally warrants comment.

Even more predictable and laughable is blaming Republicans for gun violence because we stand with law-abiding citizens and their right to own a gun for self-defense.

Our Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committeeheld hearings to review the current laws on the booksaddressing gun crimes in 2020. Several citizens wearing  “Moms Demand Action” T-shirts told me after the hearing that they had no idea we already had so many laws to address gun violence.

Those laws weren’t passed on a whim, hoping they would be followed. We didn’t debate the criminal code at length so it can be ignored. We pass laws to support the work of law enforcement across the state and provide justice for victims.

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