If the White House was truly confident that Missouri’s law violated the U.S. Constitution, I don’t think Merrick Garland would have hesitated to bring suit against the state. The fact that he hasn’t done so says quite a bit, and the fact that U.S. Attorneys are instead looking for ways to workaround the new law is even more telling.

US Attorneys Trying “Workaround” With Mizzou’s New 2A Preservation Act

Shortly after Missouri’s Second Amendment Preservation Act was signed into law by Gov. Mike Parson, the Biden administration fired off an attack of the new measure in the form of a letter from the Department of Justice to Parson and Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt alleging that the SAPA violated the Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Since then, however, the administration has been mostly mum on the new law. A couple of counties in Missouri have launched legal challenges to SAPA in state court, but the DOJ hasn’t followed suit with federal litigation.

Instead, as the Kansas City Star reports, the Department of Justice is quietly trying to find ways to work around some of the provisions of the law, which forbid state and local law enforcement agents from cooperating with their federal counterparts in enforcing any federal gun control statutes that aren’t mirrored in Missouri law. On today’s Bearing Arms’ Cam & Co we’re taking a look at those efforts, as well as why the anti-gun Biden administration doesn’t appear eager to test the constitutionality of the Second Amendment Preservation Act in federal court.

According to emails obtained by the Star, one federal official is hoping to use prosecutors’ subpoena powers to compel local law enforcement to testify in federal gun cases.

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FBI Attempts to Do Damage Control After Initiating Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

The FBI is attempting to do damage control after it was revealed the law enforcement bureau initiated and carried out a significant portion of the kidnapping plot against Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer last year.

“Partnerships are key to disrupting violent plots. With the terror threat growing more insular, awareness and reporting are crucial,” the FBI posted on a their website this week. “This is especially true for domestic terrorism—defined as violent, criminal acts committed by individuals or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature. Because the FBI’s mission includes protecting the free speech rights of Americans, we need a clear reason to act or investigate. A person’s beliefs can never be the sole reason to open an investigation.”

FBI Director Christopher Wray is also weighing in and attempting to reassure Americans the FBI respects their rights.

“The FBI holds sacred the rights of individuals to peacefully exercise their First Amendment freedoms,” he said.

The FBI’s heavy involvement in the plot raises serious questions about how the agency conducts operations, for what purpose and to what extent agents were involved in the January 6 breach of the U.S. Capitol.


I keep coming back to the idea that concentrating on rounding up the worst of the worst gangbangers would be much more efficient. By anybody’s count there are far fewer violent gang members operating in this country than there are guns. Would this get rid of all gun crime? No, but it would make a heck of a dent in it.

Take care of the demand problem and the supply side will surely slow.

Seems to me, she’s come to the same conclusion Bill Whittle did
“Maybe it’s not the guns. Maybe it’s the people holding the guns.”

Are guns really the problem?

The White House is launching a new assault to bring down the crime rate. As you’ve likely heard, crime, especially homicide, has exploded in many major hotspot cities over the past year or so. President Joe Biden says he knows what to do, he’s been at this for years and he’s got a plan ready to launch that includes several definitive steps.

“The first of those that work is stemming the flow of firearms used to commit violent crimes,” Biden told a group of reporters as he was about to go into a closed-door meeting with visiting police chiefs and city officials. “It includes cracking down and holding rogue gun dealers accountable for violating federal law.”

The new plan includes five new federal strike forces, agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATFE), which will embed with local police departments in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Their mission is to disrupt gun trafficking coming into those major cities.

The president says he wants to “supercharge” the crime fighting effort, so he’s also urging communities to invest some of their portion of the $350 billion COVID-19 relief fund in policing and to establish more support programs, such as summer jobs for young people.

I wonder if during that closed-door White House meeting anyone broached the subject of the criminals holding those illegal guns the president wants rounded up.

The cold hard fact is this: There are some 470 million guns in civilian hands in the United States right now, with new ones — including untraceable, homemade ghost guns — being manufactured every day. Legal, registered gun sales are at record highs. If by some stretch of the imagination we could magically do away with all the guns belonging to criminals, what do you think might happen? Do you believe hardcore lawbreakers would simply shrug, walk away from their criminal life and go get a nine-to-five job? No. They would find other weapons with which to inflict their terror on innocent citizens. Knives, Molotov cocktails, scissors, an ax perhaps. Criminals aren’t just violent; they are deviously creative.

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The demoncrap majority in the Colorado legislature rescinded state ‘preemption’ of gun laws. Now the cities run by democraps can pass ordinances that will return the state to the hodgepodge of multifarious, various and sundry law that will make the state a minefield for the law abiding citizen to travel through. Which is exactly what the demoncraps want so they can have another way to bash their political enemies.

Jefferson County [Colorado]  Sheriff won’t enforce Foothills concealed carry ban; says civil offense the district’s responsibility.

LITTLETON —Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader has sent a letter to the Foothills Parks and Recreation District (FPRD) clarifying any role his office would play in a possible future regulation to ban the concealed carry of a firearm by lawfully-permitted citizens on district-managed property.

“I have substantial concern in taking action against an individual who is otherwise acting in a legal and proper manner,” Shrader said in part in the letter.

Shrader’s office sent Complete Coloradowhich broke the story outlining the district’s plan, a copy of the letter.

At issue is Senate Bill 21-256, which allows local governments to enact gun control laws within their jurisdiction that are “not less restrictive than state laws governing the sale, purchase, transfer, or possession of the firearm, ammunition, or firearm component or accessory.”

In other words, local governments may enact gun regulations only if they are stricter than those at the state level.  A local government could not, for instance, expand gun rights or loosen existing restrictions under the new law, as one might expect under the traditional understanding of local control.

It was one of the many controversial measures aimed at restricting the rights of gun owners pushed through by majority Democrats in the 2021 session. What it also does, however, is allow local governments and special taxing districts to enact laws banning concealed carry.

Just three days after the governor signed the new law, FPRD staff asked its board to consider a ban on concealed carry of firearms on its facilities, which include three recreation centers, one 2-sheet ice arena, four indoor and four outdoor swimming pools and two indoor sports facilities, 68 park sites totaling more than 2,400 acres and including: four regional parks, 43 community and neighborhood parks, 21 greenbelts and two golf courses (totaling 54 holes).

Additionally, Foothills manages six regional trail corridors totaling 14.9 miles for public use, and nearly 18 miles park trails.

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DACA Immigration Program Invalidated by Federal Judge
Judge blocked approval of new DACA applications, but postponed the effect of his ruling on current program recipients

A federal judge in Texas on Friday invalidated an Obama-era initiative that provided deportation protections and work permits to some young immigrants, a ruling that places the program in jeopardy.
U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen ruled the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was unlawful because Congress never gave the executive branch the power to grant mass reprieves to immigrants who are in the U.S. without authorization.
Judge Hanen’s ruling barred the Biden administration from approving new DACA applications, but the judge stayed the immediate effect of his ruling on current DACA recipients.

The program has offered temporary protections to any immigrants in the country without legal authorization who were 30 years old or younger when the program was announced. DACA recipients must have arrived in the U.S. by 2007, before they turned 16, and satisfied other conditions, including being a student or graduate and having no significant criminal record.

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Do we really want a nationwide federal police force accountable solely to a small number of legislators, not subject to FOIA and other citizen protections applicable to the executive branch?  The Acting Chief of the U.S. Capitol Police has recently announced the expansion of their federal force into Florida and California.  Two new field offices will be opening in Tampa and San Francisco, due to claims from Acting Chief Yogananda Pittman that the number of threats against sitting Congressmen has doubled in the last year.

However, this isn’t D.C.’s first effort to implement a new national police force.  Just last June, House Democrats voted to pass H.R. 7120, an attempt to nationalize state and local police departments across the entire country, disguised as legislation for defunding the police.

Is it hypocritical that the same lawmakers who have been calling for a total overhaul of law enforcement since the death of George Floyd in police custody last May, now want their personal police force expanded nationwide? Absolutely, but that’s never stopped a politician before.

However, the USCP is a completely different beast.  Unlike any other law enforcement agencies, including federal ones like the FBI, the Capitol Police fall under the legislative branch and therefore remain exempt from being subjected to oversight like the Freedom of Information Act.

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Rochester activists skeptical about federal gun violence task force: ‘Not in our community’

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Community activists are speaking out about their thoughts on the newly announced federal task force to combat gun violence in Rochester.

The VIPER task force, which stands for the Violence Prevention and Elimination Response, promises an enhanced and proactive look at gun violence in the community. US Attorney James Kennedy announced the force Wednesday.

Rochester has seen more than 200 shootings this year and 38 homicides, and Kennedy said over the past three years, there has been a 150 percent increase in violent crimes in Rochester.

City activist Antonia Wynter was at Wednesday’s task force announcement. She says because of the spike in violence, she is ready to give the new task force a chance.

“It’s traumatic, it’s unsettling, it’s scary, so I understand that they want to bring these people in, but we just really need to work together because nobody wants to see shootings,” Wynter said.

Wynter said her and other city activists want to stress that they want to be part of the conversation. She said it’s important law enforcement officials converse with those who live in Rochester.

“You have a lot of people that come in with data and you have people that are, not necessarily bad, but they are out of touch,” Wynter said. “If you are not in our community, you may not understand the things that we understand, you don’t see the things that we see, so that’s just, like I said, giving you information that will assist the law enforcement in the reduction and solving some of the issues.”

Wynter also says she wants officials to know they don’t want to be over-policed because some of the community is struggling to maintain good relationships with local law enforcement agencies.

She also emphasized the important of proactive, community-based policing.

“Guns themselves are not the problem, it’s the mindset of the person who has the gun in their hand that is problematic,” Wynter said.

Free the People ROC, a local Black Lives Matter group, released the following statement denouncing the federal task force Wednesday:

“Federal law enforcement are using the same strategies that destroyed Black and brown communities, ruined lives, and created the largest prison population in the world. We can’t punish our way to safety. Public safety and an end to the violence demands real community investment, violence interruption, and mental health and substance use services. Stop-and-frisk, pretextual stops, and other forms of ‘proactive’ policing openly discriminate against Black men and open the door for more devastating police violence. 

We urge our city leaders to invest in actual solutions by bringing in Advance Peace, a proven community-based violence interruption program that doesn’t rely on policing and punishment to prevent violence. Unlike the proposed federal task force, Advance Peace has a track record of decreasing gun violence in communities like ours. It’s time to act.”

The VIPER task force is a 60-day program that will focus on reducing gun violence by enhancing proactive policing, while working with agencies like the ATF, FBI and US Marshalls to find gun offenders and those who buy and sell guns.

All local gun charges will also be subject to review by state and federal prosecutors on a daily basis.

Federal officials plan to hold an open meeting with the public that will be scheduled in the coming days. After 60 days, officials say they are going to look at the results of this task force and reassess.

Officials responsible for the release of thousands of violent prisoners are accessories before the fact of the additional crimes. State legislatures and governors who have canceled cash bail and released those accused of violent crimes into the public are accessories before the fact of the crimes that those released commit. The many Soros-funded radical district attorneys who refuse to charge violent offenders are accessories after the fact, and accessories before the fact of the crimes that those released go on to commit. 

All of these officials are guilty of reckless endangerment in the undermining of public safety. Most of these officials have immunity to protect them from being punished for their criminality, but, as far as I am concerned, they should all be in jail. These Democrat officials are the “domestic terrorists” that the Biden administration is so keen to find.

Democrat Officials Are the Real ‘Domestic Terrorists.’

Blood is flowing in the streets of American cities. Gang members and anyone in the vicinity are being shot by rivals. Random pedestrians are being shot and stabbed. Public transit customers are being stabbed on subway cars and thrown off the platform and onto the rails. Little children are being shot in their strollers, on their porches, and in their car seats.

In 2020, according to the Washington Post, murders rose 45% in New York over 2019; in Chicago murders increased 56%, while Seattle saw a murder spike of 74%. Shootings rose 97% in New York. Across 57 large jurisdictions, murder increased by nearly 37%. “In Minneapolis, homicides increased by 60% in 2020, with many of the crimes left unsolved because there are fewer police detectives and other resources to work the cases.”

As violent as 2020 was, 2021is seeing skyrocketing violence over 2020. Murders in New York in the first ten days of 2021 were double what they were in 2020. Murders in Chicago were up 46% from the previous January. Homicides in Philadelphia to date were up 55% over 2020.

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I’d say that’s a pretty good ‘cut’.

Some Missouri police cut ties with ATF as feds assess impact of new gun law

As Missouri officials argue with the Biden administration over the scope of the state’s new gun law, federal law enforcement agencies are quietly assessing whether police departments will cut ties with them in firearm investigations.

The passage of the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which blocks Missouri police from enforcing a variety of federal gun laws, has alarmed gun control advocates and sparked concern that it could hamper police efforts to arrest violent criminals or confiscate their guns.

Emails obtained by The Star show federal prosecutors in eastern Missouri have asked at least a dozen police departments whether they will stop participating in federal gun crime investigations. The FBI has also queried a southwest Missouri police department, and is assessing the responses of local police statewide.

At least two departments have pulled officers from assignments with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, spokesmen confirmed.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol has suspended its participation in an ATF task force, to which one trooper was assigned full-time and three part-time, Lt. Eric Brown said.

“With the passage of HB 85, Patrol members can continue to serve on federal task forces except where the task force’s primary focus is on weapons violations,” Brown said.

The O’Fallon Police Department has withdrawn two K9 officers “who were deputized to ATF on an as needed basis,” Operations Division Captain Derek Myers wrote in an email to other police officials.

An ATF spokesman did not return a call seeking comment.

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NY AG brags about year long sting on gun traffickers
….and got nine (9) guns off the streets plus an even more piddling amount of drugs

47 Indicted For Roles In Drug, Firearm Trafficking: NY AG
Prosecutors said the charges were based on activity in the Capital Region, which also reached into the Hudson Valley.

New York Attorney General Letitia James announced Thursday that 47 people were indicted for what police said were their roles in two major drug and firearm distribution networks in the Capital Region and mid-Hudson Valley.

Prosecutors said the year-long investigation seized nearly 1.2 kilograms of cocaine, 140 grams of heroin mixed with fentanyl, oxycodone, $40,000 in cash and nine firearms, including one “ghost gun.”

Best Suggestion Yet Of What’s Behind Surge In Violence

The surge in violence that started last summer has kept on and has even grown worse this year. While things were nice and quiet during the lockdown, everything kicked up during the riots, and while that particular brand of violence sort of settled down eventually, the rest didn’t. It just kept on and on, spilling over into 2021.

Now, violent crime is soaring and the usual suspects are screaming about how there’s no alternative to gun control.

Except, there is. There always is.

In fact, even if gun control worked (spoiler: it doesn’t), there would still be alternatives. To find them, you have to identify what the problem actually is, though.

A recent op-ed, however, does a better job of explaining what we’re seeing than most of what I’ve seen.

DURING the fourth weekend of May this year, America experienced a surge of gun violence. CNN reported 12 mass shootings from Friday to Sunday across eight states, from New Jersey to Illinois. In response to these violent events, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said ‘certainly there is a gun problem’ in the country. Psaki’s diagnosis is incorrect; the rise in violence is due to what Heather Mac Donald has called ‘the Ferguson effect’.

A black youth, 18-year-old Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, was  shot dead by a white police officer in 2014. This shooting led to an unsubstantiated charge of racism against the officer by everyone from the press to politicians. The ‘effect’ Mac Donald is referring to is law enforcement pulling back from proactive policing (also known as ‘broken windows policing’) to avoid being labelled racists by the court of public opinion and becoming a news story themselves. Criminals took advantage of this low police presence and have been wreaking havoc all over the country.

The Ferguson effect has also played out in George Floyd’s home city of Minneapolis. Whether or not Floyd’s arresting officer should have been charged with murder or manslaughter is debatable, but accusations of racism on the part of the police at the scene lack evidence. Nonetheless, these charges were slung and broadcast all over the media and, as a result, the Twin City is seeing a homicide rate twice what it was last year.

The author makes a good point.

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The federal goobermint desperately wants some new gun control law passed.  They’re doing everything they can to get something, anything and the only thing that is stopping them – right now – is the Senate filibuster.
However, any new law will only matter if someone enforces it, and for the most part, it’s been local LE doing the lion’s share of it since there really isn’t enough fed LE to do the job. Thusly…………..

Utah sheriff’s department enacts policy defending gun rights

ARMINGTON, Utah (AP) — Davis County sheriff’s deputies and other department employees are prohibited under a new office policy from enforcing certain measures that could infringe on the right to bear arms.

The Standard-Examiner reported Sheriff Kelly Sparks says the policy is meant as a preventive measure and counterweight to any possible governmental action to interfere with gun rights in the county.

The policy took effect Tuesday, the same day county commissioners expressed support for the move.

Sparks says no specific measure or event prompted the change, and that the move is more “actionable” than declaring Second Amendment sanctuary status.


A 2020 NBC Bay Area investigation found that donors to Sheriff Laurie Smith’s political campaigns were about 14 times more likely to be issued a concealed carry weapons permit, according to analysis of sheriff’s office gun permit records and campaign finance reports.

Judge Dismisses Case Against Apple Executive Indicted in Campaign-Cash-for-Gun-Permits Scandal

A Santa Clara County judge dismissed the criminal case Tuesday against an Apple security executive accused of bribing sheriff’s office officials to secure coveted concealed gun permits for the company’s executive protection agents.

Thomas Moyer was indicted by a grand jury in November for allegedly agreeing to facilitate the donation of 200 iPads to the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office in exchange for those concealed carry weapons (CCW) permits, which are rarely issued by Sheriff Laurie Smith, according to an analysis of records by NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit.

Moyer’s attorneys sought to have the case dismissed back in March, and Superior Court Judge Eric Geffon agreed in Tuesday’s ruling.

“Based on the evidence, the grand jury could not have reasonably concluded that Moyer had corrupt intent with respect to the donation of iPads to affect the issuance of the CCWs because he did not act to wrongfully gain an advantage,” Judge Geffon wrote.

While Moyers attorneys have never disputed the iPad donation, which was later pulled back, or that Moyer was working to secure CCW permits for security staff, they’ve always maintained the two were not linked, and that the iPads were not given in exchange for the permits.

“This was a case where Apple was making a donation of iPads to support the Sheriff’s Office,” Moyer’s attorney Ed Swanson said. “They were also seeking concealed carry permits. Those two things were not related. It wasn’t one for the other. There was no quid pro quo here.”

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Did they fail to send in social workers?

U.S. cities that defunded their police are continuing to experience historic crime waves.


Cities That Pushed For Defunding The Police Reckon With Record-High Crime Rates

Liberal cities are facing a dramatic rise in violence which has forced city leaders to reevaluate their stance on defunding the police, a Sunday report says.

Here’s what has happened in a few cities that voted to slash police budgets:

  • Homicide grew by 44% in New York, which had 1,531 shootings and 462 murders in 2020.
  • Homicides also increased 36% in L.A. to 350, leading the police chief to say “a decade of progress” has been erased.
  • Minneapolis, the center of the “Defund the Police” movement, saw a 46% increase in murders.
  • Oakland, California has seen a staggering 314% increase in homicides.
  • Portland, Oregon has seen murders triple.
  • Austin, Texas has had a 26% increase in aggravated assault reports.
  • Chicago saw a 65% increase in homicides from June 2020 to February 2021, despite arrests dropping 53%.
  • Philadelphia hit a 30-year-high with homicides in 2020, with 499 people murdered.
  • Even smaller cities like Louisville, Kentucky had a record high of 173 murders and is on track to surpass that this year.

The New York Times reported that many such cities are now expanding their police budgets to try to deal with these outcomes that absolutely no one could have seen coming.

Great job, America!

This happens in California; which has the laundry list of every kind of gun control law the gun-grabbers in Washingtoon want for the rest of the country. Well, we can easily conclude that the gun control laws they say will decrease whatever, won’t, so, they want gun control for another reason. Of course we know what this is: People Control, because the old line about them wanting to do things that will wind up making it worthwhile to shoot them, just might be true.

8 killed in San Jose shooting, suspect also dead

A shooting at a rail yard in San Jose, California, early Wednesday left eight people dead, not including the suspect, who was also declared deceased after taking his own life, authorities confirmed.

The suspect was identified as Samuel Cassidy, who was an employee at the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), where the incident took place, according to authorities. No motive is known for the shooting at this time.

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s spokesman Deputy Russell Davis said several explosive devices were found inside a building at the VTA control center. A bomb squad is at the scene and there is no present danger to the community, he said.

An investigation is also underway of an arson fire at what is believed to be the nearby home of the suspect. FBI agents and the San Jose Fire Department were at the second scene. Authorities say the house caught fire before the shooting at the VTA.

In Washington, D.C., principal deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the White House will continue to stay in close contact with local officials in San Jose, before using the shooting as an opportunity to call for Congress to strengthen background checks.

“The White House is monitoring the situation, and our hearts go out to the victims and their families,” Jean-Pierre said. “We still don’t have all the details, but what is clear, as the president has said, is that we are suffering from an epidemic of gun violence in this country, both in mass shootings and in the lives that are being taken in daily gun violence that doesn’t make national headlines.”

Deputies responded to multiple 911 calls around 6:30 a.m. local time about an “an active shooter” situation unfolding at a VTA facility in the area of 100 W. Younger Ave. and San Pedro Street in San Jose. VTA Chair Gel Hendricks confirmed that the shooting took place outside in the yard, not inside the control center. He said service would be suspended after the incident.

“It’s just very difficult for everyone to be able try to wrap their heads around and understand what has happened,” Hendricks said at a news conference………

The VTA provides bus, light rail and other transit services throughout Santa Clara County, the largest in the Bay Area and home to Silicon Valley.

The shooting took place at a light rail facility that is next door to the sheriff’s department headquarters and across a freeway from the airport. The facility is a transit control center that stores trains and has a maintenance yard. It’s also located just two blocks from county buildings, the main jail and a courthouse.

Below the Radar: Illegal Alien NICS Alert Act

The National Instant Background Check System (NICS) has always been a flashpoint of contention among Second Amendment supporters. “No compromise” types viewed the push for NICS in 1993 as a sellout, while those who were of the incrementalist school of thought pointed out – justifiably – that NICS prevented a permanent waiting period.

In this light, we come to S 1261, the Illegal Alien NICS Alert Act, introduced by Senator Tom Cotton, a Second Amendment champion. This bill is a narrower version of the NICS Denial Notification Act, since it is strictly aimed at those in the country illegally. This falls under the “enforce existing laws” argument that some Second Amendment supporters have successfully wielded to halt anti-Second Amendment efforts in the past – see Project Exile.

Under 18 USC 922, illegal aliens are prohibited from possessing any type of firearm.

Regardless of your opinion on whether or not illegal immigration is a threat to the Second Amendment, this is a law that should be enforced, if for no other reason than a conviction for a federal felony charge serves as grounds for deportation. But on a more important factor, this legislation could be an opening for Second Amendment supporters in places where MS-13 runs rampant.

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Charges against woman involved in gun-waving incident during George Floyd rally are amended

A special prosecutor said Tuesday he has amended the charges against a St. Louis woman who waved a gun at racial injustice protesters last summer, and he’ll decide soon if he’ll amend charges against her husband.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey were indicted by a grand jury in October on felony charges of unlawful use of a weapon and evidence tampering. Special Prosecutor Richard Callahan said in a statement that he filed a new indictment on Monday that would give jurors the alternative of convicting Patricia McCloskey of misdemeanor harassment instead of the weapons charge. Under that alternative, the evidence tampering count would be dropped.

The move essentially gives a jury the option of convicting Patricia McCloskey of the lesser misdemeanor charge if it sees evidence of a crime that doesn’t reach the level of the felony charges.

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Gun Control Police Chief’s AR-15s Are Missing

Miami police chief Art Acevedo has some explaining to do. The vocal advocate for enacting strict gun control on the rest of America can’t seem to control the firearms in his own police department.

Twenty five AR-15 rifles were reported “missing” from the Miami Police Department, in what some officials are saying is just a matter of administrative record keeping. Miami’s Police Chief Art Acevedo sent a memo to all 1,400 police officers on the force warning them if the rifles weren’t returned by May 17, they would be considered stolen.

Nothing To See Here

“I don’t think this is a theft issue. I think it’s an inadequate check and balance issue, and an inadequate records management and surveillance issue,” Chief Acevedo told media. Still he had a stern warning.

“If a gun is not found, it will be reported — anything in the system will be lost or stolen — and anyone who subsequently finds a gun must suffer from the consequences,” he explained.

By the time the deadline passed, six of the 25 rifles were recovered, leaving 19 rifles still missing.

This isn’t the first time firearms went missing in Miami’s police department. Five years ago, 11 firearms were reported missing from the training academy. They were never recovered.

Chief Acevedo is no stranger to the spotlight. He’s a perennial gun control witness in Congress, testifying for gun control while he served in his previous job as Houston’s police chief. It was during that tenure, he told a Texas publication he supported limiting gun rights of those who are law-abiding and of sound mind.

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