Remember the Bond movie reboot Casino Royale back in 2006?

Observation O’ The Day – Glenn Reynolds

Earlier today, Trump called for RFK to get Secret Service protection, and a friend messaged me: “Haha, when they do that, our crazy orange former president official becomes shadow chief executive. Making the common sense calls the Biden admin can’t quite manage.”

And later today, they did that, with Sec. Mayorkas announcing that RFK will get Secret Service protection. To which my friend comments: “Prediction: Here through Jan 20  will be the first six months of the second Trump admin.”

The dynamism is all on one side here.

Observation O’ The Day

If Joe Biden was that bad in front of tens of millions of people after a week off with 16 people preparing him…on a friendly network, with moderators who hate Trump, with every crutch he asked for…all rules favoring him…imagine how bad the Hur interview is they are desperately hiding…

Quote O’ The Day
The triumph of persuasion over force is the sign of a civilized society.
— Mark Skousen

Observation O’ The Day
However, as history teaches us, it sometimes does take downright force to ‘persuade’ those who want to exert control over others by using an authoritarian goobermint. Does that mean that that society isn’t civilized?

I also noticed it was a biased response, avoiding answering the actual question. This already is a major problem for society as the majority of these Ai systems are continuously giving biased social engineering responses in favor of a leftist political spectrum. (em mine)

To look a little deeper in the decision, Justice Alito’s concurrence is disturbing. He’s pretty much telling Congress to please pass a law banning them, which is strange coming from a justice well known for his pro-2nd amendment views. But even if he hadn’t signed onto the decision, it would still have been 5-4 majority.

I join the opinion of the Court because there is simply no other way to read the statutory language. There can be little doubt that the Congress that enacted 26 U. S. C. §5845(b) would not have seen any material difference between a machinegun and a semiautomatic rifle equipped with a bump stock. But the statutory text is clear, and we must follow it.

The horrible shooting spree in Las Vegas in 2017 did not change the statutory text or its meaning. That event demonstrated that a semiautomatic rifle with a bump stock can have the same lethal effect as a machinegun, and it thus strengthened the case for amending §5845(b).

But an event that highlights the need to amend a law does not itself change the law’s meaning. There is a simple remedy for the disparate treatment of bump stocks and machineguns.

Congress can amend the law—and perhaps would have done so already if ATF had stuck with its earlier interpretation.

Now that the situation is clear, Congress can act.


cargill v atf


Larry Correia

Guys, if there is one single lesson you can take from all of these arguments about mass killers it is this. What stops mass killers is a violent response. Period.

That response can either be immediate, from somebody who is already present, or it can come later from somebody who has to travel to the scene. But the longer it takes for that violent response, the longer the killer has to work unimpeded, the higher the body count.

That’s it. That’s the equation.

When these quislings and cowards try to claim the moral high ground by keeping good people disarmed, do not give them a ******* inch. We tried their way. It ends in more bodies. **** them. No more. Fight or get out of the way.

Highlights of the week.

Finally, the Arizona Supreme Court upheld the state’s ban on abortion, which dates to 1864 when it was a territory. Reversing Roe sent abortion back to the states, where it belongs. Kari Lake gasped, spun 180 degrees and called for reinstating abortion.

In doing so, she aborted her campaign. She is one of the many, many Republican hacks who for decades would just string pro-lifers along. Now she finds herself hated by both sides.

I get that losing the Arizona Senate race won’t help Republicans take back the Senate but until such time as Republican senators show they are something better than opportunists who prey on conservative hopes, I really cannot care. I should. I want to. But nyah. They didn’t build the wall. They saddled Trump with deep state backstabbers. They jailed J6 protesters. They are letting a grandmother go to prison for praying in the Capitol.

Lake can go jump in the, well, lake.

If it hasn’t become clear to you by now; This new ATF/DoJ rule isn’t to ‘tighten background check’ or somehow stop criminals from getting guns. They know those are futile dreams.

Neither the ATF nor the DOJ care one itty bit about getting more people to obtain FFLs. In fact they go out of their way to rescind FFLs for the piddliest of reasons.
This is merely another tactic to give them the power to prosecute whoever they have on their radar for “dealing without a license”.

Dystopian novels weren’t meant to be instruction manuals, but 1984 and Atlas Shrugged sure do seem to be.

Ayn Rand:
There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them.

One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed or enforced nor objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt.

From a friend:

Violent criminals and governments always keep and bear arms. Always.

They lose their ability to function if they do not retain the ability to project their will through the deliberate consolidation of the ability to administer violence.

Criminals, because they are lawless sociopaths, don’t fear their victims, the police, courts, or prison. – But they do fear armed prey.
Governments, because they must, through themselves, or through proxies, so that they can self-protect and ensure compliance with laws. – But they do fear an armed populace.

All disarmed / physically disadvantaged people – and nations – rely on others to project strength and the threat of violence to protect them. All of them, without exception.

The decentralized ability to administer violence at will is the coin of the realm. Without it, criminal savages ravage the defenseless. Governments oppress and subjugate the defenseless. The inarguable fact is, that when people do not have the civil right to protect themselves, they are subject to the whims of all those stronger than they are.

Whether or not this is done by criminals or the government is only a matter of scale. Knowing this, why would you allow yourself to be disarmed?

“African migrants & immigrants from Eritrea in Charlotte, N.C. are rioting & attacking police. The riot coincides with Eritreans in the Netherlands also setting fires and assaulting police. Warring Eritrean factions have taken their violence to the countries they claim asylum in.” – Andy Ngo

Police cars torched during rioting between rival groups of Eritreans in the Netherlands

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Rioting broke out between two rival groups of Eritreans in the Netherlands on Saturday night, police said. Officers used tear gas in an attempt to quell the unrest in The Hague as rioters torched police cars and a bus.

Images from the scene showed vehicles in flames and dozens of men in the street, some throwing rocks.

“It got seriously out of hand,” The Hague Municipality spokesman Robin Middel said.

Observation O’ The Day

On the morning of 9/11, the most insipid person that I ever had the misfortune to work around, said;
“We should just find out what those people want and give it to them.”

A WW2 combat veteran of the South Pacific, still employed in our workplace, said;
“We should just nuke Afghanistan”.

I thought he was extreme but now realize that we would likely be way ahead had we dropped tactical nukes on the training camps and Tora Bora, with no occupation or nation building.

I thought and said to my co-workers;
At least now everyone will realize the absolute necessity of affirming the identity of everyone who enters this country, making sure that they are someone we want here, and keeping track of them. If we can’t do at least that, we are done.

Yet; Here we are™

“Dark Possum”

Reynolds: New gun laws would not have prevented Perry school shooting

No new laws restricting gun access would have prevented a recent fatal shooting at Perry High School, Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds said Friday.

Reynolds was asked during the recording of this weekend’s episode of “Iowa Press” on Iowa PBS whether gun regulations should be a part of the discussion around how to prevent school shootings like the one on Jan. 4 in Perry, in which a sixth-grade student and the school’s principal were killed.

“No additional gun laws would have prevented what happened,” Reynolds said. “There’s just evil out there.”

Police said the 17-year-old shooter was armed with a shotgun and small handgun and had placed an explosive device, which did not detonate, in the school. Authorities have not yet said how the shooter acquired the weapons.

Reynolds said Iowans’ “thoughts, hearts and prayers” continue to go out to the Perry community.

“This is a horrible tragedy. It’s certainly nothing that any governor wants to wake up to in the morning and hear of what’s happened,” Reynolds said.

Like most Republicans, Reynolds said the focus should be on mental and behavioral health care.

She spoke about the actions she has taken as governor, including the creation of a children’s mental health care system — which advocates say is underfunded — and funding for mental health care providers, and spoke about her proposal to redesign and streamline the state’s regional delivery system for mental and behavioral health care.

Reynolds also spoke about school safety measures undertaken by her administration, including the School Safety Bureau, which received $100 million in state-assigned federal funding and provides schools with an assessment of their safety needs.

“I am proud of what we’ve done,” Reynolds said. “I have made behavioral health and mental health a key part of my priorities from the moment that I was sworn in as governor of this state.”

Reynolds also praised the response from local law enforcement and emergency responders to the Perry school shooting, which she called “incredible.”