Why? Because Black people shooting other Black people in outbreaks of gang violence remains strictly “local news.” It’s not of interest to the national media because it doesn’t fit the narratives mentioned above. Nearly all gang shootings are done with illegal, unregistered handguns, so it doesn’t work for the gun control angle. And if it’s not a White person shooting people it doesn’t work for the rest of the current messaging plan. So down the memory hole it goes.

The Worst Mass Shooting You Never Heard About (This Year, Anyway)

In the early hours of the morning yesterday[Sunday], there was a massive party taking place on the 3300 block of Dubois Place in Southeast Washington, D.C. The good times came screeching to a halt when sustained gunfire broke out.

When the smoke cleared, one 17-year-old male was dead and another twenty people had been shot. Among them was an off-duty police officer who had responded to the violence and was left “fighting for her life.” No suspects have been identified.

Here’s the curious part about this horrible tale. Unless you happened to live in the District and were watching the local news, you probably didn’t hear about it. If we all put our heads together, we might be able to figure out why. (WJLA News, ABC7, Washington) Continue reading “”

Just more ‘Rules for Thee, but Not for Me‘ hypocrisy

Anti-gun “celebrity” raided by FBI and SWAT, guns found

From the LA Times:

A SWAT team was on hand Wednesday as the FBI served a search warrant at the Calabasas mansion of controversial YouTube influencer Jake Paul, sources confirmed to the Los Angeles Times.
“The FBI is executing a federal search warrant at a residence in Calabasas in connection with an ongoing investigation. The affidavit in support of the search warrant has been sealed by a judge and I am, therefore, prohibited from commenting as to the nature of the investigation. No arrests are planned,” an FBI representative said in a statement.
Details about the investigation were not released.
A SWAT team was used to make entry to Paul’s home, sources told The Times. Agents trained to make high-risk entries are used when intelligence suggests there are weapons or people who authorities believe could become violent on the premises.
Sources said multiple firearms were found on the property. Video showed Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies carrying at least five long guns to a cruiser parked in front of the mansion and securing the weapons inside the vehicle.

Oh Jake…….

Everytown for Gun Safety’s Stunning Hypocrisy

Evergreen State gun rights activists are stunned at what appears to be hypocrisy of anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety, which sent out a pair of emails in recent days, one complaining about the National Rifle Association’s ability to raise $1 million in June, and the other reminding recipients about the $60 million it plans to spend to help elect “gun sense candidates.” Continue reading “”

New York is not a coronavirus model for U.S.

If New York is going to be held up as the model, every officeholder in the country has a new road map for handling the virus:
See a significant percentage of residents of your largest city get infected,
barely prevent your hospital system from getting overwhelmed,
implement a policy that increases infections and deaths at nursing homes,
suffer more than 30,000 deaths and a higher per-capita death rate than any country in the world — and then, after all that, get hailed as a hero.


So if the protests haven’t been a problem, why the preferential treatment?
Of course, that’s a cynical question, as prejudice is the already known answer.

NYC Black Lives Matter marches can continue despite large-event ban, de Blasio says.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is permitting Black Lives Matter protesters to continue marching through city streets while the city is canceling all large events through September.

Speaking on CNN Thursday night, de Blasio said the demonstrators’ calls for social justice were too important to stop after more than a month of demonstrations have not led to an outbreak of coronavirus cases.

“This is a historic moment of change. We have to respect that but also say to people the kinds of gatherings we’re used to, the parades, the fairs — we just can’t have that while we’re focusing on health right now,” de Blasio told host Wolf Blitzer.

The exception came as New York’s rate of infections has remained consistent through the civil unrest over the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd.

NYC cancels large public gatherings through the end of September
A late-June study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found no evidence that coronavirus cases jumped in 315 cities in the weeks after the first protests. Researchers determined that protests may have been offset by an increase in social distancing among those who decided not to march.

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Susan Rice Accidentally Proved Barack Obama (Not Trump) Is Guilty of Dereliction of Duty.

Despite the fact that the allegation that Trump ignored intelligence on alleged Russian bounties on U.S. troops has been debunked, the left is still clinging to the story, hoping it will be their next Trump/Russia collusion hoax. Barack Obama’s former national security adviser Susan Rice recently penned an op-ed in the New York Times, essentially disputing the claims that Trump wasn’t aware of the intelligence. “As a former national security adviser, I find it exceedingly difficult to believe that no one told Mr. Trump about this intelligence,” she claimed……….


While the evidence is clear that President Trump didn’t ignore the uncorroborated and disputed intelligence about alleged Russian bounties on U.S. troops, we do know that President Obama was repeatedly briefed about the rise of ISIS, but failed to respond to this intelligence.

Is it possible Obama didn’t see the intel? It’s theoretically possible he missed multiple warnings. According to a former aide in the Obama administration, Obama got all his intelligence briefings in writing. “And it’s well-understood why,” explained the aide. “No one sits and watches him read them, and no one can come back later and tell Congress in a closed session that ‘I told the president this specific thing was likely to happen.’”

There are two possible explanations: (1) Obama saw the intelligence and did nothing, or (2) he never saw the intelligence.

Let’s consider the second option for a moment. While the Russian bounties intel only reached low levels at the NSC because it was disputed and uncorroborated, a former Pentagon official confirmed that detailed and specific intelligence about the rise of ISIS was included in Obama’s Presidential Daily Briefings. The intelligence on the rise of ISIS was also described as “highly accurate” and “actionable.”

According to Rice, any national security advisor in a previous administration would have gone to the president with unverified intel of such a serious nature, and would “not have waited until we had absolute certainty.” It stands to reason that any national security advisor in a previous administration would have gone to the president about “highly accurate” and “actionable” intelligence to make sure the president had been briefed on it. Yet, Obama once claimed that the White House was caught off guard about the rise of ISIS.

To channel Susan Rice: This raises myriad questions. If Obama was informed about intelligence about the rise of ISIS, why did he not respond? If he was not told, why not? Were his top advisors utterly incompetent? Were they too scared to deliver bad news to Obama, particularly about the Middle East? Was Obama running a rogue foreign policy utterly divorced from U.S. national interests? If so, why?

Obama’s national security advisor at the time of the rise of ISIS was Susan Rice’s predecessor, Tom Donilon, who served in that position from October 8, 2010 to July 1, 2013. By Susan Rice’s own explanation, Donilon would have “walked straight into the Oval Office to brief the president” on the intelligence. So, even if Obama failed on numerous occasions to read his PDBs on the rise of ISIS, he had to know about it, because he would have been told directly by his national security advisor.

So, according to Susan Rice, Obama knew about the rise of ISIS and did nothing about it. How many Americans and U.S. troops were killed by ISIS or ISIS-inspired individuals because Obama failed to act? Too many.

By Susan Rice’s own words, Barack Obama is guilty of dereliction of duty.

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Liberals: Then and Now

Liberals from November 2016 until June 2020: The Department of Justice enjoys independence, both legally as well as normatively, from the White House and President. The President should only supervise investigations and prosecutions at the broad policy-making level (via statutes and regulations) and by appointments in the normal course of rotation in office, through retirements and resignations. If the President wants to know the details of ongoing investigations and prosecutions, he can read about them in the newspapers like anyone else. The unitary executive theory is alien to our legal system—a phony doctrine made up by the Federalist Society.

Liberals after June 2020 Publication of the Strzok Memorandum in the Flynn MatterOf course, the President should be apprised of the details of all ongoing investigations—even if they involve the opposition party’s candidate and his confidantes. No one is above the law! The President is supposed to comment about how to staff those investigations. And the Vice President is supposed to put forward novel legal theories (e.g., the Logan Act) in order to help the investigation/prosecution (of his future opponent). These are not disqualifying conflicts: such conflicts are built into the Constitution. The Vice President is part of the Executive Branch and has a role in active Justice Department investigations—even if that involves the opposition. The unitary executive includes the Vice President. The Unitary Executive …

To put it another way … the active involvement of the Attorney General and Main Justice in overriding the decisions of subordinates and career civil servants is bad, particularly if all the facts are known and when it is done in public. But the Vice President’s putting forward novel legal theories to move an investigation of the opposition forward is … perfectly normal … especially when done in secret. Makes complete sense.


Security for me, but not for thee.

Shameless: Minneapolis City Council Votes To Disband Police — But Pays $4500 A Day For Private Security

Protection for we, social workers for thee? The Minneapolis city council seems determined to prove the hypocrisy of “defund the police,” all the way to the point of satire. Yesterday, the council voted unanimously to pursue a still-ambiguous plan to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department and replace it with a more politically correct “Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention.”

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Project Veritas Undercover Video: Facebook Content Moderator: ‘If Someone is Wearing a MAGA Hat, I Am Going to Delete Them For Terrorism’

A Hispanic vendor in Tulsa uses Alinsky tactics against a BLM supporter.

One of the things conservatives notice whenever leftists flare up is that, subject to a few notable exceptions (Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Dan Crenshaw), our conservative politicians are cowardly. They never call out the leftists; instead, they simply try to soothe leftists’ destructiveness while accepting their premises.

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Why Did the Roberts Court Punt on Ten Second Amendment Cases?
The most likely explanation is that neither of the Court’s ideological factions was confident enough of Roberts’s support to risk granting certiorari.

On Monday, the Supreme Court declined to review all ten of the Second Amendment cases it had pending on its docket. Though the cases presented different fact patterns and procedural postures, the Court simply refused to weigh in on any of them. There seems to be one likely reason: Chief Justice Roberts does not want the Court to take a stance on the Second Amendment. We know because it only takes four justices to agree to hear a case but five to reach a decision once a case is heard — and there are four justices on record as being in favor of the Court’s reviewing Second Amendment issues.

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Trump Should Call Rallies “PROTESTS” To Show COVID-Shaming Hypocrisy.

Liberal-progressive types were overjoyed that the Chinese Wuhan virus plague and fears of mass gatherings were keeping President Trump off the campaign trail where he couldn’t shout over the media filter and Joe Biden in the basement where his senior moments were relatively unseen.

Now that is about to end with a Trump rally in Tulsa that has garnered over a million ticket requests while Joe Biden would have trouble filling a VFW hall if he could even remember what “VFW” stood for. The prospect of a vigorous Trump rocking tens of thousands in venues that only he, rock stars, and professional sports teams could fill while Biden struggles to fill a bingo hall and speak in complete sentences, has Democrats panicked so they have decided to play the COVID-19 card.

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Standard operational demoncrap hypocrisy. Nothing unusual.

Top L.A. Democrat Pushed To Cut LAPD Funding While Having Private LAPD Detail At Her Home Since April

Nury Martinez
Journalist Natalie Brunell / Getty Images: Michael Kovac 

Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez, a Democrat, pushed to make drastic cuts to the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) funding amid a nationwide campaign by the far-left to defund police departments — a move she made while having an LAPD unit stationed outside her private home since April.

Spectrum News 1 journalist Natalie Brunell reported that the unit, which guards Martinez’s home, usually includes two police officers and has been in place for the last two months.

“The private security detail infuriated some members of the force when Martinez became one of the council members to spearhead a motion to cut $150 million in funding to the LAPD’s budget,” Brunell reported Monday. “Multiple LAPD sources confirmed the units were directed to provide 24/7 security beginning April 4 at Martinez’s home, almost always staffed by two officers. As of May 6, we’re told the detail decreased to 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. with roving patrol checks overnight.”


Gun Control advocates now patrolling neighborhoods while armed

My goodness it doesn’t get any more mind boggling and hilarious than this. We’ve all heard of Minneapolis City Council member Jeremiah Ellison and his spearheading of the dismantling of the Minneapolis PD. Well, he is helping take matters into his own hands (don’t mind the goofy “white supremacist“ BS spin, but whatever):

Citizen patrols organize across Minneapolis as confidence in the police force plummets

MINNEAPOLIS — It’s approaching 2 a.m., and City Council member Jeremiah Ellison is patrolling his neighborhood in a black sedan when the smell of smoke wafts through the open driver’s side window.

Several black-owned businesses had been destroyed in this area — considered the heart of the city’s black community — in recent fires that investigators have deemed “suspicious.” Neighbors suspect right-wing militias, and social media has been abuzz with purported — but unverified — sightings of masked white men in pickup trucks holding semiautomatic assault rifles.

The rumors have only fueled the unease that has spread through this community since the death of George Floyd, who lost consciousness under the knee of a police officer on Memorial Day. A video of Floyd’s gasps for air triggered massive protests and violent riots that started in this Midwestern city before spreading throughout the country.

Now Ellison — the son of former congressman Keith Ellison — is on patrol, hoping to catch the next fire before it destroys another business owner’s livelihood. He’s also ready to contend with danger of the more human sort, if needed.

As the car fills with the acrid scent of burning chemicals, Ellison tells his friend in the driver’s seat to pull over. Before they come to a stop, Ellison, 30, flings open the door and jumps out with a pistol in one hand and a small fire extinguisher in the other. He walks briskly down the street, scanning the block for the origin of the fumes.

“I was excited to fight over the budget. I don’t think anybody could have pictured this,” Ellison later said, noting that even as a city official, he can’t control how the police respond to the fires and other threats. “This was something I could do.”

So, no problem there, we support that (except he seems ready to fire when no immediate threat to life or property is present), but as we’ve seen over and over again over the past few weeks, these are the SAME PEOPLE that support gun control when it suites their needs:

YET ANOTHER do as I say, not as I do politician. Either way, as each day goes by it seems, more and more nails are put into the coffin of gun control and the activist groups that push for it (and that’s a good thing).