Man picking up his stolen car fatally shot an alleged street robber in Des Moines Washington.

Des Moines police last week investigated what appears to be a crime of opportunity that turned deadly when the victim of a street robbery returned fire and fatally shot his alleged assailant, according to a police spokesperson.
Randle Cody Jr., 45, died Wednesday from multiple gunshot wounds and his death was ruled a homicide, according to the King County Medical Examiner’s Office.
The medical examiner classifies deaths as natural, accidental, homicide, suicide or undetermined. A determination of homicide means only that a person was responsible for another person’s death and does not necessarily indicate criminal culpability.
Around 4 p.m. Wednesday, several people called 911 after hearing gunshots in the 22900 block of 30th Avenue South, said Des Moines police Sgt. Dave Mohr.
He said the police investigation found that a 31-year-old Renton man had reported his car stolen on Jan. 18 and two days later, the vehicle was located by Des Moines police officers, said Mohr. The owner asked that the car not be impounded and he went to his vehicle’s location on his motorcycle to await a tow truck.
While the 31-year-old was waiting, an SUV pulled up, driven by a 30-year-old Kent man with a 45-year-old Tukwila man as a passenger, said Mohr. The 45-year-old got out of the SUV and struck up a conversation with the Renton man about his motorcycle, he said.

The 45-year-old then pulled a gun and demanded the younger man’s backpack, pocketing his weapon as the Renton man handed over the bag, said Mohr. The 31-year-old then pulled out his own gun and the 45-year-old grabbed his gun and fired once, missing the 31-year-old; the 31-year-old returned fire, striking the 45-year-old multiple times, according to Mohr.
The 45-year-old was treated at the scene but died soon after arriving at Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center, Mohr said.
The 31-year-old Renton man and the SUV’s driver were both interviewed by officers and Des Moines police have since sent their case to King County prosecutors to be reviewed. The Renton man was not arrested or booked into jail.
“To my knowledge, it’s just an odd coincidence,” Mohr said of the encounter, adding there’s no evidence the 45-year-old was involved in stealing the Renton man’s car. “The 31-year-old was just a victim of opportunity for the two in the SUV.”
Mohr said the 31-year-old was legally in possession of a handgun and had a valid concealed pistol license at the time of the fatal shooting.

No duty to retreat and supposed racial disparities

The US Commission on Civil Rights contends they exist, but Commissioner Gail Heriot takes that apart.

“This report should not have been published in this form. When the results of an empirical study don’t come out the way Commission members hoped and expected that they would, the right thing to do is usually to publish those results anyway. Why hide useful information?

Instead, the Commission sat on the report for years. Then it decided to discard the draft written by our staff and publish instead a transcript of the witness testimony received at our briefing that took place on October 17, 2014 in Orlando, Florida (along with Commissioner Statements like this one). In that way, the staff’s empirical findings could be buried forever.
. . . . . .
Yes, it is true that a disproportionate number of those killed in Florida in cases in which, correctly or incorrectly, the “Stand Your Ground” law has been invoked were African American. But it is also true that a similarly disproportionate number of those for whom that law has been invoked were African American.

Suspected intruder shot, killed while breaking into Harrison Twp

A suspected intruder was shot and killed while allegedly breaking into a Harrison Township apartment complex early Monday afternoon, according to the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office.
The incident happened about 12:35 p.m. at Harrison Woods Condominiums on Harrison Woods Lane, in the area of Northpointe Parkway and Metropolitan Parkway.
“It was basically a home invasion, where the occupants were home and shot the individual who was coming in,” said Sheriff Anthony Wickersham.

According to a news release, sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the complex for a home invasion in progress. While deputies were on their way, dispatch notified them residents reported hearing gunshots.
Upon their arrival, deputies found a 26-year-old Redford Township man dead inside of the residence, said sheriff’s Sgt. David Crabtree.
“It was determined that the decedent forced his way into the home and was subsequently shot by one of the occupants,” Crabtree said in the release.
The occupants — a Harrison Township woman and a man from Inkster, both 27 — were taken to the sheriff’s office in Mount Clemens. They have since been released.

Police believe the subjects knew each other.
As of 6 p.m., investigators remained on the scene conducting their investigation.
Wickersham said the apartment occupants were being cooperative with the deputies.
“We’ll be conferring with the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office and they will be the ones who will make the determination as to whether this was a justifiable homicide,” the sheriff said.
There is no reason for the residents of Harrison Township to be alarmed, Wickersham added.
The suspect’s name was not released Monday night.
Monday’s incident marked the fourth fatal shooting this month in Macomb County.

Investigation underway after homeowner shoots, kills armed intruder Sunday evening in Moss Point

MOSS POINT, Miss. (WXXV) — Police are investigating after a homeowner shot and killed an armed intruder Sunday evening in Moss Point.

Police say they received a call at around 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Jan. 24, reporting, “shots fired” in the Mill Avenue area of East Moss Point.

Officers responded to the 911 calls and after arriving, found a man laying in the roadway. The male victim appeared to have been shot was pronounced dead on scene.

Police Chief Brandon Ashley says the deceased victim and another man had attempted to carry out an armed home invasion of a residence in the area.

The two men approached the door of their target residence and encountered the homeowner.

At least one of the two men fired a gun multiple times at the homeowner striking him at least once. The homeowner returned fire, striking at least one of the two intruders. That intruder was fatally wounded and collapsed in the roadway.

The homeowner was treated and released from the hospital for his gunshot wounds.

The two suspects have yet to be identified.

Authorities say the case will be presented to the next Grand Jury for review.

Lake Mathews property owner fatally shoots man in self-defense

LAKE MATHEWS (CA)— A property owner shot and killed a former resident in self-defense during an altercation in the unincorporated community of Lake Mathews, sheriff’s officials said Sunday.

It happened at 9:10 p.m. Thursday in the 21000 block of Harford Park Lane, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Sgt. Richard Carroll said the former resident physically threatened the property owner.

“During the confrontation, the property owner feared for their safety and their family’s safety and used a firearm against the assailant,” he said.

The former resident, Ned Cornish, 39, of Perris, was pronounced dead at the scene despite life-saving efforts from first responders.

Because the shooting appears to have been in self-defense, sheriff’s officials said no arrests have been made, though the investigation is ongoing.

Ruger .22.
1 Shot.

Home Intruder Fatally Shot

FAR MIDDLE FORK , KY– A home intruder was fatally shot after reportedly threatening the residents when they arrived home.

On Sunday, January 17, a 911 call came into Magoffin County dispatch reporting a shooting at a mobile home on KY Rt. 378 near the Magoffin/Breathitt county line.

Kentucky State Police investigators responded to the home and discovered a male had been shot. According to a press release from KSP, the initial investigation indicates Bradley Johnson, 28, of Olive Hill, was unlawfully inside the residence of Lyndon Holland, an altercation ensued and a firearm was discharged, resulting in Johnson suffering a fatal gunshot wound.

Johnson was pronounced deceased at the scene by Magoffin County Coroner’s Office.

Magoffin County Deputy Coroner Brian Parker told Mortimer Media, “After forcing entry, he demanded their belongings and money and there was an altercation. Mr. Holland was assaulted by Mr. Johnson.

He then walked around the corner of his SUV, grabbed a Ruger .22, and fired one time in the air. He asked Mr. Johnson to please leave the property, but Mr. Johnson then grabbed a hammer and came around the front of the vehicle, threatening his life. He then fired and shot Mr. Johnson in the chest, single shot, and killed Mr. Johnson.”

According to the coroner’s report, Johnson had punched Holland in the face during the altercation prior to Holland getting a gun out of his vehicle. Multiple shots were fired, but only one shot hit Johnson.

Johnson’s body was sent to the Kentucky Medical Examiner’s Office in Frankfort for an autopsy and toxicology report.

Johnson’s mother, who lives in Morehead, told the coroner’s office her son had a history of drug addiction and has been in and out of jail for multiple reasons. She also stated that her other son, Nicholas Stephens, died of a gunshot wound, as well, a few years ago, in an incident that was listed as an accident.

While KSP had Johnson listed as living in Olive Hill, according to jail records, when Johnson was arrested for a reported DUI in Salyersville on January 2 this year, he had an Oakley Fork, Salyersville address. In 2017, when arrested for a probation violation and taken to the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center, he had a Salyersville address, and in 2016 in two different arrests, including one for manufacturing methamphetamine, he had addresses in West Liberty.

KSP Detective Kevin Newsome is leading the investigation and he was assisted on the scene by KSP personnel and Lifeguard Ambulance Service. Magoffin County Rescue Squad and Magoffin County Coroner’s Office also responded to the scene.

According to KSP, the investigation will be presented to the Magoffin County Grand Jury for consideration. No charges have been filed at this time and the incident is being handled as a self-defense case.

Johnson is survived by a son, Bentley Johnson, of Carter County, mom, Amanda Patrick, of Morehead, and brother, Zachery Stephens, of Elliot County.



Alleged intruder shot by mom left a trail of blood, making it easy for Sugar Land police to find him

SUGAR LAND, Texas — An attempted home invasion was stopped by an armed mother who opened fire on the intruder early Friday, Sugar Land police said.

The woman had her 8-year-old child with her in the home — neither was physically hurt.

The suspect, identified as Santana Anthony Hudson, 21, survived and was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital. He was arrested and charged with burglary of a habitation and unlawfully carrying a weapon.

The shooting was reported at about 4:30 a.m. in the 200 block of Shadow Wood, in the Sugar Mill subdivision, according to city officials.

According to Assistant Chief of Police Michelle Allen, the woman told police she was asleep when she heard a noise at her back door. She grabbed a gun and found a man had broken a window and was trying to get in. She opened fire on the suspect, shooting him in the chest.

The man fled the scene, going less than a block away through neighbors’ backyards, but responding officers managed to track him down because of the trail of blood he left behind, KHOU 11’s Michelle Choi reported.

Cleveland gas station clerk shoots man who opens fire on him

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – A gas station store clerk shot a gunman in the ankle early Wednesday morning.

Cleveland police said the suspect walked into the Marathon Gas Station in the 5300 block of Superior Avenue and fired several shots at the clerk.

The clerk, who was not injured, fired back and struck the suspect one time.

Officers said the suspect then drove off in a black Monte Carlo and crashed into a city salt truck at Superior Avenue and East Blvd.

The suspect did not stop, but police said the salt truck driver followed him to University Hospitals.

Police officers then arrived at the hospital and placed him under arrest.

The suspect’s name has not yet been released and police said the matter remains under investigation.

Gun Laws Don’t Stop the Killing

A recent report looks to see if laws restricting the right to keep and bear arms might have effects on homicides and suicides not caused by guns. They found no increase or decrease in non-gun homicides associated with changes in gun related homicides, and the data regarding suicides were too sparse to be useful. Their report was based on examining a series of earlier studies.

To the authors’ credit, they noted that some experts describe a substitution effect, that is, a person not killed by a firearm may instead be killed by some other form of violence. They cite several previous studies finding that those not suiciding by shooting are likely to do so by other means, and that homicides not committed by shooting will probably occur by other means.

There are however a number of problems with the publication.  The authors seem to see all homicides as bad, and never mention justifiable homicides. These often involve self-defense, or appropriate actions by police or bystanders to protect the innocent. The researchers seem to assume that any reduction in homicides is desirable, ignoring the injuries, arsons and assaults prevented by the appropriate use of force.

A recent DRGO contributor noted the existence of many dozens of peer-reviewed academic studies conducted by a wide range of authors suggesting that widespread gun ownership deters crime. He pointed as well to a specific instance in which children died needlessly because security officers were unarmed. In this school shooting, in which many children lost their lives, the justifiable homicide of the shooter would have avoided heartbreak for families and  prevented the school career of many teenagers from ending in a mournful trip to a cemetery.

Academics have found evidence that Right-to-Carry laws deter violent crime, including rapes and murders, and also lower burglary rates, while restrictions on concealed carry laws may increase the number of people who are murdered. Having a firearm is especially important for women, who are typically smaller and not as strong as those who attack them—being armed can compensate for this difference. Reports of homeowners using guns to defend against intruders are reported daily. Since intruders are often young men, it’s common that the occupant of a household are less physically powerful, and thus a justifiable homicide by a firearm prevents death or injury at the hands of a criminal.

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City’s Carjacking Surge Shows No Sign Of Slowing, So Residents Are Buying Guns

HYDE PARK — Carjackings have been on the rise in Chicago for more than a year. After a 135 percent jump in 2020, the trend is continuing with 61 carjackings reported in the first 10 days of 2021.

As city officials and police scramble to address the issue with meetings, City Council hearings and community alerts, some Chicagoans are taking matters into their own hands against the advice of law enforcement: They’re applying for concealed carry permits.

Kelly Milan, a Northwestern graduate student, was carjacked Friday morning in Hyde Park in front of William H. Ray Elementary School.

About 8 a.m., the budding journalist drove her 2014 Jeep Cherokee to the school, 5631 S. Kimbark Ave., to interview students for the Hyde Park Herald.

“I got out of my car and locked my car and was in the middle of the street when I saw a running car in the middle of the street,” Milan said. “Immediately, I thought something bad was going to happen. Then, two guys got out of the car. One guy made eye contact with me and started running towards me. I just started saying ’No, no, no, no, no’ and I winced because he was running towards me and I thought he was going to take me down.

“Then I started saying, ‘Please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me.’ He said, ‘Where are your keys?’ and forcibly went through all my pockets. He grabbed my keys and my phone. The other guy was just leaning by the car, watching it.

“I was begging for my life. It was really, really terrifying. You never think you’re going to be a victim of a carjacking, let alone one outside an elementary school at 8 a.m., but here we are and it’s happening.”

Milan’s story is not unique. Carjackings shot up 135 percent in 2020, with 1,415 reported that year compared to 603 in 2019, according to the Chicago Police Department. So far in 2021, carjackings are on a pace to break last year’s record with 61 happening over the first 10 days of the year, up from 22 during the same period in 2020.

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Hesperia homeowner fends off intruder in gun battle caught on camera

HESPERIA, Calif. (KABC) — A Hesperia homeowner fended off an armed man who was trying to break into his home, exchanging gunfire until the man ran away.

The wild early-morning shootout was caught on camera – and the suspect turned out to be a neighbor who lived only a few doors down.

The incident happened early Monday morning, when the family heard someone trying to break into their home.

“I see him – he’s trying to kick the door in, demanding to come in. Then I see him pull out a gun.”

The homeowner ushered his wife and child into a closet for safety while he went to grab his own gun.

He came back to the front door and could see the man pointing his gun. At that point, they both started shooting at each other through the door.
The two exchanged gunfire through the door for less than a minute before the man ran away on foot, firing a shot at another home in the neighborhood as he fled.

A few minutes later, sheriff’s deputies showed up and eventually found and arrested the suspect in the neighborhood. The homeowner said the man turned out to be his neighbor, but they didn’t know each other or have any previous interaction.

The home was left with bullet holes in the walls and doors. The homeowner was armed with a 9 mm and says from the bullet casings it appears the intruder had a .22.

The sheriff’s department later identified the suspect as Erick Contreras, 39, a resident of Hesperia. Contreras was arrested and booked for attempted murder, shooting in an inhabited dwelling, attempted robbery and felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition.

There have been several other incidents in recent years of homeowners in Hesperia shooting intruders

Attempted armed robber shot, killed inside Myrtle Beach home

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) – Myrtle Beach police revealed that an armed robber was shot and killed at a home on Monday night.

Officers were called to the shooting around 6 p.m. Monday in the 500 block of 34th Avenue North.

Responding officers found two people hurt inside the home. Both were taken to the hospital, but one person succumbed to their injuries while the second person is expected to be OK.

During the investigation, it was discovered that the person who died had gone into the residence with the intent to commit armed robbery, according to police.

“He and the other person knew each other previously, and there was no evidence of forced entry into the home. During the armed robbery attempt, the deceased suffered a gunshot wound,” according to a statement by Myrtle Beach police.

The name of the person who was shot and killed has not been released yet.

The investigation is ongoing.

Man dead after possible home invasion in Cuyahoga Falls
Cuyahoga Falls home invasion leads to deadly shooting

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – A Cuyahoga Falls resident called police Saturday morning and told them he had shot a home intruder.

The shooting occurred in the 2200 block of Richmond Road shortly before 5:45 a.m., according to a Cuyahoga Falls police press release.

Police say they found a 41-year-old man with gunshot wounds in the home. He was pronounced dead at 6 a.m., police said.

The man’s identity has not been released pending the notification of his family.

The incident is currently under investigation by the Cuyahoga Falls Police Department and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

The author takes a long time to observe that you can’t have a meaningful discussion with people who want to put you in a gulag.
Personally, I like talking this way:
See the source image
How To Talk to Someone Who Wants To Put You In A Gulag

A few months ago, I was having a few beers with TAC managing editor Matt Purple, and we ended up pondering the great question of our times: why did people vote for Trump?

After tossing around the usual answers (a reaction against Hillary’s hawkishness, his carefully curated aura of success, post-industrial blue collar angst), Matt told me about an acquaintance of his whose vote for Trump was pure belligerence. His justification for his vote, as relayed to me by Matt, was something like: “Look around you. These people want us gone” (“us,” presumably, being straight, white, conservative, religious people). He knew Trump was a cad and a moron, but he didn’t care because Trump would fight for him. He wasn’t concerned about losing his privilege; he was concerned about losing his freedom and even his life.

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CCW permit holder fatally shoots 18-year-old suspect during attempted robbery in Linden

COLUMBUS, Ohio — An 18-year-old man was shot and killed Tuesday night by a man who has a concealed carry license after the teenager tried to rob him, according to Columbus police.

Officers were called to the E&E Food Market in the 700 block of East Hudson Street in the Linden area around 7:25 p.m.

When officers arrived, they found 18-year-old Kiran Hill shot. He was taken to Riverside Methodist Hospital in critical condition, where he later died.

Police said Hill and 17-year-old Josiah Cocroft tried to rob a 33-year-old man at the market.

Police said Hill pulled a gun on the man and then the man, who has a CCW permit, pulled out his own gun.

Hill was shot when he and the man exchanged gunfire, police said.

The man who shot Hill stayed at the scene.

Police arrested Cocroft, who detectives said was with Hill, and charged him with murder.

Man Shoots Robber Who Was Holding Up Woman At Gunpoint In Calumet Heights

CHICAGO (CBS) — A man was holding up a woman at gunpoint in the Calumet Heights neighborhood late Tuesday when another man stepped in and shot the robber, police said.

At 5:59 p.m., the 39-year-old woman was on the street in the 9000 block of South East End Avenue when the robber walked up, took out a gun, and demanded her property, police said.

Then another man approached both the robber and the victim, took out his own gun, and shot the robber, police said.

The robber was wounded in the right leg and found his own way to Jackson Park Hospital, where his condition was stabilized, police said.

Area Two detectives were investigating late Tuesday.

Arkansas Senate panel advances ‘Stand Your Ground’ bill

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — An Arkansas Senate panel on Wednesday advanced legislation loosening restrictions on the use of deadly force in self defense, two years after failing before the same committee.

By a 5-2 vote, the Senate Judiciary Committee endorsed the proposal that remove would the state’s duty to retreat in certain circumstances. The measure now heads to the majority-Republican Senate.

A similar proposal failed before the same committee two years ago but was widely expected to win approval Wednesday, with five of the bill’s sponsors holding seats on the eight-person panel.

Montana House Weighs Elimination of Many State-Mandated Gun Free Zones

The Montana House will soon vote on legislation to defend self-defense rights by eliminating state government-mandated gun free zones at Montana university campuses and other schools on public property.

The self-defense legislation, House Bill 102, is sponsored by Rep. Seth Berglee (R-Dist. 58).

HB 102 is presented as an Act “to enhance the safety of people by expanding their legal ability to provide for their own defense by reducing or eliminating government-mandated places were only criminals are armed and where citizens are prevented from exercising their fundamental right to defend themselves and others.”

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Suspect killed by employee during smoke shop robbery in Barstow
Unidentified man shot multiple times by store employee

A shooting at a smoke shop in Barstow this week left a robbery suspect dead after Barstow Police officials said he pointed a handgun at a store employee and demanded money and property.

The shooting occurred Wednesday afternoon at the So Cal Smoke Shop located at 1251 East Main Street. There, detectives learned through an investigation that the employee retrieved a handgun and shot the unidentified man as he was robbing the business, according to a Barstow Police statement.

The detectives interviewed multiple witnesses, reviewed surveillance video and processed the scene as part of the investigation, the statement said.

Officers were dispatched to So Cal Smoke Shop at about 2:37 p.m. Wednesday after receiving a report of a person shot during a robbery. At the scene, they found the alleged robber unresponsive, not breathing and suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

The officers administered CPR and paramedics from the Barstow Fire Protection District continued life-saving efforts once they arrived. Despite their efforts, the man was later pronounced dead at the scene.

A deputy coroner from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Coroner Division and a deputy district attorney from the San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office also responded to the scene and assisted Barstow Police with the ensuing investigation, the statement said.

Gun show attendance breaks records amid record-breaking gun sales
Organizers and sellers are attributing this year’s success to the cancellations of other gun shows due to COVID, among other factors.

BLOOMFIELD — At the Bloomfield Gun Show, the aisles were packed and the hardware was basically flying off the tables.

“Extremely busy yesterday,” said Garret Kuhl “I know I’ve talked to a few guys who put it on, they said it was record crowds, which wasn’t surprising.”

“The year 2020 set a record for the most guns purchased by US civilians.”

Organizers and sellers are attributing this year’s success to the cancellations of other gun shows due to COVID, among other factors.

“The civil unrest and stuff we saw in 2020 and some of the panic buying, and then getting closer to the election, gun sales were certainly picking up,”

2020 was a year filled with fear, uncertainty, discord, and outright violence – some of it trickling into the early moments of 2021.

Joe Biden is heading into the oval office this month, and one of his presidential promises for the new administration is zeroing in on Gun Control.

One of the tenets of that initiative is banning the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

While loosely defined, seven states have bans on what they consider to be assault weapons, with exact models being named and prohibited.

“They’re going to try and make it as restrictive as can be,” said Pheasants Forever Treasurer Steven Barney, “we have lots of regulations. We need to enforce what we got. Additional ones just hurt the law-abiding citizen.”

Nebraska does not currently have any assault weapon bans, but there is a need to have a license to purchase handguns and for concealed carrying. Private sales of pistols also require background checks.

Gun sales also soared under the Obama administration. With his then running mate now coming to be the head of state, the boom probably won’t be slowing down any time soon.

“A lot of stuff is really hard to find. Every dealer here is experiencing that,” Kuhl said. “Unfortunately, I don’t see it getting any better. A lot of people ask, hey, when’s ammo going to be back in stock? When can I order this gun, or this gun


Hundreds Of People Line Up Outside Gun Store In Orem

OREM, Utah — An amazing sight outside a Utah County gun store as hundreds lined up to buy ammo.

The line stretched around Gunnies, located at 396 South State Street in Orem, all throughout the day on Saturday.

Some traveled as far as Kamas to wait for hours in the cold.

KSL-TV spoke to a number of people — some said they came for the restocked ammo, others were more anxious. They mentioned current political events — the GA runoff, a soon-to-be transfer of power and Wednesday’s violence at the U.S. Capitol. Many in line also yelled out: “Biden is going to take our guns.”

“There were people down here, 200 lined up before the store opened,” said gun owner Mark Greer who drove from South Jordan.

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Robbery suspect shot, killed by man in self-defense

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — A would-be thief was shot and killed in Durham Saturday evening, police say.

The incident was reported around 6 p.m. in the 3600 block of North Duke Street, according to Durham police.

A witness said she heard three gunshots and then saw a person lying on the ground.

“Initial report indicates a victim shot in self-defense when a suspect attempted to rob him,” a police statement on Twitter said.

The suspect was taken to a nearby hospital, but later died.

Joy Royster was shopping at a beauty supply store when said she heard the gunfire. When she went outside she saw a man lying on the ground.

“It’s heartbreaking just to know what’s going on in the society now, like every time you turn around something is going on,” Royster said. “You hear it on the news all the time and just to be experiencing it, it’s a whole different feeling.”

Saturday night, police had part of the parking lot blocked off at the North Duke Crossing shopping center.

This is the second deadly shooting in the city of Durham this year.

No other details were released by police.


Catch and release, catch and release etc, etc, etc, until one day –*BOOM!*; ‘release’ straight to the morgue.

Intruder killed by resident armed with shotgun at home in Miami, Oklahoma

MIAMI, Okla. — An Ottawa County man believed to be breaking into a private residence was fatally shot by the homeowner, Miami Police Chief Thomas Anderson said Friday.

Roger Nelums, 30, of Miami died around 1 a.m. Friday, according to Anderson. He had been released from the Ottawa County jail on Tuesday on charges of knowingly receiving or concealing stolen property and false declaration of ownership in pawn, according to online court records.

A burglary in progress was reported in the 900 block of B Street Northwest in Miami around 12:16 a.m. The resident told police he shot the person who broke into his house, according to Anderson’s statement.

The caller told police he was in his living room when the man began banging on the back door. He said he armed himself with a shotgun after he heard someone climb through the window of a back bedroom, according to the statement.

He told police he fired once at the man, later identified as Nelums, after the intruder approached the resident, according to Anderson.

Nelums was taken to Miami Integris Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to police.

Online court records show that 12 warrants had been issued for Nelums in Ottawa County in cases alleging child abuse, violating a protective order, domestic assault and battery, burglary of an automobile, larceny, drug violations, concealing stolen property and threatening acts of violence.

Dan Wos, Imagine An America Where All The Good Guys Had Guns

“An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.” ~ Robert A. Heinlein

Did you hear about the Indiana man who was shot and killed by a good guy with a gun after attempting to kill multiple people in broad daylight during a deranged rampage that started in Brownsburg Cemetery on Thursday July 16th, 2020? Probably not.

Joshua Hayes chased down Seth Robertson and killed him in the street. According to police, the motive was unknown. He then turned his attention to Robertson’s friend and chased him through a residential neighborhood while shooting at him. Hayes caught up with his victim and a physical altercation ensued. As Hayes had his gun pointed at the head of the second victim, a good guy with a gun reminded Hayes of his “manners” and ended his deadly rampage. How many more people would Hayes have killed that day had he not been stopped? The good news is, we will never know, because a good gun was close by.

“This tragic event could have been much more disastrous. So, victim three not only saved victim two’s life, but he saved potentially the lives of many others,” BPD Capt. Jennifer Barrett. “Victim three did exactly what anybody would have wanted him to do at that scene that day.”

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