Deadlier than the disease

The Panic Pandemic
Fearmongering from journalists, scientists, and politicians did more harm than the virus.

The United States suffered through two lethal waves of contagion in the past year and a half. The first was a viral pandemic that killed about one in 500 Americans—typically, a person over 75 suffering from other serious conditions. The second, and far more catastrophic, was a moral panic that swept the nation’s guiding institutions.

Instead of keeping calm and carrying on, the American elite flouted the norms of governance, journalism, academic freedom—and, worst of all, science. They misled the public about the origins of the virus and the true risk that it posed. Ignoring their own carefully prepared plans for a pandemic, they claimed unprecedented powers to impose untested strategies, with terrible collateral damage. As evidence of their mistakes mounted, they stifled debate by vilifying dissenters, censoring criticism, and suppressing scientific research.

If, as seems increasingly plausible, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 leaked out of a laboratory in Wuhan, it is the costliest blunder ever committed by scientists. Whatever the pandemic’s origin, the response to it is the worst mistake in the history of the public-health profession. We still have no convincing evidence that the lockdowns saved lives, but lots of evidence that they have already cost lives and will prove deadlier in the long run than the virus itself.

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Ohhh, this will play well with the econutz.
And just to put a fine point to it;
If the U.S. is going to stop using coal and natural gas to produce power, nuclear has to be used as there is no way that all other methods combined can produce what’s needed, that is, unless the plan is to move back to a pre 1880s life.

Biden Climate Advisor Says Nuclear Energy Is “Essential”

The environmental battle has always been a game of political ping pong. Republicans take office and open up the energy sector. Democrats take office and restrict it. Back and forth, election after election. The battle has always been painted as “socialist hippies” versus “greedy capitalist pigs” and even though the subject is much more nuanced, our media knows nothing of nuance these days.

The fact is that some companies will take advantage of weak pollution regulation. The fact is that solar and wind energy are ridiculously expensive and ineffective and harmful to the environment. There seems to be some ground in between to be found but our politicians won’t let us find it because actually solving a problem would mean no one can run on that problem anymore.

The truth is that the best compromise for meeting our energy and environmental needs is nuclear energy. It is clean, efficient, and extraordinarily safe in its most modern iterations. France has learned the value of nuclear energy and leads the way in clean energy production. It seems unthinkable that America is still arguing about solar panels when we have access to an energy source that could meet the demands of both those dirty hippies and capitalist pigs.

Unfortunately, the Democrat party has traditionally taken up a position against nuclear, most likely because wind and solar lobbies pour a lot of money into the party; and because media tends to glamorize wind and solar, making it difficult to sell alternative clean energy sources like nuclear to the general public. Public disasters like the failure at the Fukushima power plant in Japan after a devastating earthquake dried up private funding sources for nuclear over fears related to the incident.

However, in an unusual break from the party line, one of Biden’s climate advisors has gone public in saying that nuclear energy should be an important leg of Biden’s green energy plan.

White House climate adviser Gina McCarthy was attending a virtual event at the Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy when she told attendees that in order to meet the lofty climate goals of the current administration, more support for nuclear power would be necessary.

“In many areas continuation of the existing nuclear, as long as it’s environmentally sound and it’s permitted, is going to be absolutely essential” because it will provide time to develop renewable energy into a bigger part of the energy mix, McCarthy said at a Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy virtual event.

The White House signaled privately to lawmakers and stakeholders recently that it supports taxpayer subsidies to keep aging nuclear facilities from closing as shutdowns make it harder to meet U.S. climate goals.

The United States currently has the most power plants in the world, but no new plants have been constructed since 2012, even as the population and energy needs increase. In 2005, President George Bush signed the “Nuclear Power 2010” initiative which was meant to ease regulations enough to make the construction of new plants more viable. Unfortunately a lot of fear still surrounds nuclear energy and construction hopes were never met.

Nuclear power has zero carbon emission and a low environmental footprint. A nuclear reactor takes up 13 acres per megawatt. To put into perspective just how incredible that is – a wind farm takes up 77 acres per megawatt and a solar farm takes up 44 acres per megawatt. A hydroelectric plant takes up a whopping 315 acres of land per megawatt.

The benefits of nuclear energy are becoming more clear every day. It creates a rare point of cooperation among groups who are typically opposed to one another’s solutions. If even Joe Biden’s climate expert is touting nuclear, maybe we need to start thinking more seriously about clearing the way for nuclear and leaving behind environmentally damaging projects like wind and solar farms.

Just so it’s not lost in the shuffle:
The full name of the shooter is.
Ahmad Al Aliwi Al Issa

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) — The suspect in the mass shooting at a grocery store in Boulder on Monday has been identified as 21-year-old Ahmad Al-Issa from Arvada. Ten people, including one police officer, were killed at the King Soopers store at Table Mesa Drive and South Broadway.

Al-Issa was shot in the leg by a Boulder police officer and was taken into custody. He is in the hospital and officials said his condition is stable.


The Kyle Rittenhouse story is looking more and more like a rerun of George Zimmerman

Kyle Rittenhouse, like George Zimmerman before him, is turning out to be every bit as dreadful as his insta-critics assumed.

Rittenhouse is the teen from far north suburban Antioch, who in the course of allegedly taking the law into his own hands shot three men, two fatally, during street protests in Kenosha in August.

Zimmerman is the then 28-year-old neighborhood watch volunteer from Sanford, Florida, who in the course of taking the law into his own hands, shot and killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February 2012.

Both quickly became nationally known and both were thoroughly reviled, particularly by the political left, as irresponsible vigilantes who had no business being where they were. Both were hit with serious charges — Rittenhouse quickly, for first-degree intentional homicide, Zimmerman after an intense national pressure campaign, for second-degree murder. Both claimed they’d acted in self-defense when they discharged their weapons, and both were championed by gun rights activists.

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John Roberts Is a Freaking Coward, and It’s Time to Stop Pretending Otherwise

A few days ago, I wrote on the 5-4 decision by the Supreme Court to strike down Andrew Cuomo’s clearly unconstitutional COVID regulations. They were clearly unconstitutional because they specifically and unfairly targeted religious institutions. Cuomo didn’t even really attempt to make a salient case, as one simply doesn’t exist. His rules have been arbitrary and discriminatory, worrying more about Jewish kids going to school than mass protests in the street.

Neil Gorsuch eviscerated Cuomo in response (see Neil Gorsuch Murders Andrew Cuomo, Twitter Murders John Roberts)

Of course, this shouldn’t have been a 5-4 decision. A ruling so fundamental to individual rights should have been 9-0, but the liberal justices are going to do what they do. Yet, it was Chief Justice John Roberts, a Bush appointee, who truly showed his colors. Listen to his reasoning and try to come away with any other impression than he’s just a political coward.

Roberts essentially admits that what Cuomo is doing is unconstitutional. Instead of simply ruling that given that was the question at hand in the case, he decides it’s best to vote in favor of Cuomo. Does that make sense to anyone? His excuse is that Cuomo was no longer enforcing the guidelines, yet as Gorsuch explains, without striking them down, they could be reinstated at any time. Roberts knows this, but he’s such a coward that he can’t even be on record supporting the most basic of individual rights, i.e. the First Amendment.

None of this is surprising though. There’s a reason the Supreme Court has thus far refused to hear any difficult Second Amendment cases. Roberts does not want to have to make a tough decision. That’s why he rewrote Obamacare instead of rightly ruling it unconstitutional. It’s why he ruled for COVID restrictions back in January that were targeting churches while allowing other forms of gatherings to go on. Roberts is not a protector of the law. He’s a political actor trying to keep the back-slaps flowing on the D.C. cocktail circuit.

George W. Bush made a lot of mistakes. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, to the extent they were justified, were ultimately waged inefficiently and without the will to win. Bush delivered essentially nothing for conservatism, instead embracing a Medicare expansion and the further federalizing of education. Yet, John Roberts may be his worst, most inexcusable fumble. He had a chance to place someone as Chief Justice who could be a conservative bulwark against tyranny for generations. Instead, he put Roberts in that position and the country has been paying the price ever since.

Powder keg: 61% say United States ‘on verge of civil war,’ 52% already preparing

A majority of Americans are bracing for the possibility of a politically-fired civil war, and more than half are already stockpiling food and other essential items to survive and fight back, according to a new survey shared with Secrets.

In the survey, 61% said that the United States is nearing a second civil war, including a shocking 41% who “strongly agree” with that assessment.

And 52% are so convinced that it is just around the corner, or after Election Day, that they are putting away food and other essentials, an historic expansion of the prepper movement that has been brewing for years, now driven by fear and coronavirus-induced shortages.

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 3.25.02 PM.png

“This is the single most frightening poll result I’ve ever been associated with,” said Rich Thau, president of Engagious, one of the three firms, along with the Sports and Leisure Research Group and ROKK Solutions, that conducted the “Back-to-Normal Barometer” survey. Continue reading “”

Joe Biden, a Moral Colossus

Norman Mailer used to say, when he was upright, that Americans tend to admire their politicians, if for nothing else, for getting older. That, I think, explains the nomination for president of the United States of former Vice President Joe Biden. He did not only get older; he got ancient. He is almost an antique.

If he is elected president this autumn, he will be the oldest man to ever be elected. He will come into the White House even older than Ronald Reagan was when Reagan left office. The American people watched Reagan struggle with colon cancer, skin cancer, a prostate operation and an intermittent hobbling in his right leg, to say nothing of an assassin’s bullet. I called the old cowboy one tough hombre. His Democratic opponents called him a boob. So did the mainstream media. Through Reagan’s economic revival of the country and victory in the Cold War, the Democrats still called him a boob. So did the media. Reagan’s enemies call the winner of the Cold War and the reviver of the American economy a boob. What do they call Joe Biden?

Well, the Democrats could call him a plagiarist. He has been caught plagiarizing many times. Most famously, he plagiarized from a speech given by the British politician Neil Kinnock. That instance of thievery forced him to pull out of the 1988 race for the White House. He also plagiarized from the work of Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy. More recently, Joe plagiarized, we are told by Reagan speechwriter Ken Khachigian, from a speech given by Reagan years ago. Joe has also been called gaff-prone. He is the most gaffe-prone politician in modern times. Finally, he has been called a cheat. Starting with his law schoolwork back the 1960s, and going right up to recent years in his dealings with the Russians, he has been called a cheat. Joe, a proven plagiarist and a cheat, is now running for president as a moral paragon. How is the thing possible?

Last week, the Democrats, in convention assembled — or should we say, in convention disassembled — nominated him to lead their ticket in the contest for the highest office in the land. As Norman used to say, the American people admire their politicians, if for nothing else, for getting older. Given his age alone, Joe might well be the most admired politician in America.

Yet I think he is going to lose. The country is wracked by protests. They are occurring, as President Donald Trump reminds us, mostly in blue-state municipalities: in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, Portland, Portland, night after night, Portland. The scenes we are seeing are of looting; the “protesters” bring rental trucks right up to the gutted stores. This has never been witnessed in America before. The “protestors” loot giant department stores, and they loot stores owned by the little fellows. This is presumably called looting for social justice. They burn churches. They topple statues — Frederick Douglass, George Washington, even the man who beat the Confederacy, Ulysses S. Grant.

One of their rallying calls is, “Defund the police.” The cities are overrun by rampant crime — looting, murder and violence — and their mayors claim that they will pacify the cities by cutting back on police forces. There is a whiff of 1920s Weimar, Germany, to this.

Yet, at the Democratic convention last week, not one word about the chaos in the streets was uttered. No word about the statues being destroyed. No word about the rioting in the streets. Nothing about the poor people who have lost their stores and, in some instances, their lives. This is amazing. I thought the Democrats were the party of compassion and caring. The Democrats opened their hearts to George Floyd. Why did they not also open their hearts to David Dorn, the retired police officer who was guarding a friend’s pawn shop from looters when he was shot dead, or any of the other victims of criminal violence?

Now the Democrats expect to elect the gaff-prone Joe Biden — a proven plagiarist, a cheat and, this comes with his profile, a liar — to the highest office in the land. I think not. Joe will be defeated Nov. 3. I expressed similar sentiments about Hillary Clinton in 2016. Was I wrong?

My only question is, Who will the Democrats blame their defeat on this time? They might as well blame the protesters in the street.

bumped…..just because I didn’t want anyone to miss it.

What do you do when the political opposition writes your campaign ads for you?
And it looks like 80 year old SanFranNan has gone to her dermatologist for a new Botox treatment …………or embalming.

No, an incipient economic collapse will determine when.
If people don’t start getting back to work, and soon, the definition of ‘safely reopen’ won’t be what some doctors think it means.
The cure must not be worse than the bug.

Dr. Fauci: ‘Virus Is Going To Determine’ When U.S. Can Safely Reopen

OAN Newsroom- According to Dr. Anthony Fauci of the coronavirus task force, the virus is ultimately going to determine when the nation can safely reopen.

In an interview Tuesday, he suggested the capability to efficiently carry out contact tracing and get people who are infected out of circulation has to be in place when the country reopens.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director also said assuming all infection curves are going to be down in two weeks from now is “overly optimistic.” The health official emphasized controlling the spread of the virus will be key to restarting the economy in communities like New York City.

“I think how you reopen, if you want to use that word, the economy in those communities is going to depend a lot on the ability to contain what we know will happen,” he stated. “I’ll guarantee you, once you start pulling back, there will be infections…it’s how you deal with the infection that’s gonna count.”

If someone living in one of those states with strict gun control laws is so far behind the 8-Ball that they’re trying to buy a gun now, well….stupid is not too mild a word to use about them.

No Cops to Save You, but Too Bad You Couldn’t Get a Gun to Protect Yourself

You might not have wanted a gun before, but now you do. You’ve seen the empty shelves in grocery stores. You read in the news that some police departments are taking longer to respond because of the outbreak of the Wuhan virus.

Some police departments are conserving their resources and only responding to critical incidents in progress. The whole situation sounds unbelievable until you read that unarmed shoppers in California were robbed of their groceries. That is why many people decided they suddenly needed a gun for self-protection. Some gun stores reported a five-fold increase in sales.

The Federal National Instant Background Check system reported processing three times the number of applications compared to a year ago.. if you could get a gun at all. Many citizens who wanted to buy a gun ran into our bizarre gun-control scheme and were disarmed. That wasn’t all they learned.

These gun buyers discovered that buying a gun legally wasn’t as easy as they thought. After you’ve passed your state and federal background checks, then the gun buyer must wait an additional ten days if you’re a resident of California. You’ll wait an additional 14 days if you live in Hawaii. In theory, there is only a six month wait to get a permit to purchase a gun in New Jersey, but New Jersey stopped processing applications. There, the good guys are disarmed by gun-control.

Lots of new gun buyers found out that the mainstream media lied to them. They discovered that you can’t buy a gun online. They found out that democrat politicians lied when they said it is easier to buy a gun than to buy a book. These new gun buyers crashed head-first into the 23 thousand firearms regulations we have in the US. That system isn’t easy for anyone.

In theory, these regulations prevent a known criminal from getting a gun. In practice, the bad guys get their guns the same way they get their drugs; the criminals get their guns illegally. These thousands of regulations disarmed the honest citizen who wants to obey the law.

How does disarming the honest citizens make us safer?
Millions of new gun owners and their families are now asking themselves that very question.
The practice and theory of gun-control are wildly different. Gun control laws are not designed to do what the politicians say they do. Gun-control laws are designed to put a politician in front of a camera while he reads a glowing press release. The politician slaps a wonderful sounding title on more regulations that don’t stop crime any better than the last ink-on-paper did. The news media nods with approval and refuses to ask for evidence that this charade really works. The media stays silent because their job depends on being invited to the next press release.

When this political-theater is presented to us in the news, most of us didn’t ask how gun-control was supposed to keep us safe. For millions of us, that changed last week. Today, more of us are asking that question as the recent wave of want-to-be gun owners were disarmed.

Gun-control has never stopped crime. Gun prohibition was designed to stop you from protecting yourself while pretending to make you safe. Now that you’re threatened, you are supposed to go pay a politician for an exemption, or pay so the police will protect you after you were denied the tools of self-defense.

That scheme is tried and true. It is as old as politicians and prohibition. Many citizens didn’t believe that gun-control worked that way until they saw it with their own eyes.

Now they know.. and so do you.

Trump makes Palestine an offer too good to refuse.

Click for a larger image.

Today, President Trump followed through with a Middle East proposal that creates a Palestinian state, opens Temple Mount to all three Abrahamic religions, and invests $50 billion to create a million jobs for Palestinians…….

The plan states, “The sovereign capital of the State of Palestine should be in the section of East Jerusalem located in all areas east and north of the existing security barrier, including Kafr Aqab, the eastern part of Shuafat and Abu Dis, and could be named Al Quds or another name as determined by the State of Palestine.”

That’s a huge concession by Israel.

Palestinians angrily reject Trump Mideast peace plan.

They never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said “a thousand no’s” to the Mideast peace plan announced Tuesday by President Donald Trump, which strongly favors Israel.

The Palestinians remain committed to ending the Israeli occupation and establishing a state with its capital in east Jerusalem, Abbas said at a news conference in the West Bank city of Ramallah, where the Western-backed Palestinian Authority is headquartered.

“After the nonsense that we heard today we say a thousand no’s to the Deal of The Century,” he said.

The plan would create a Palestinian state in parts of the West Bank, but would allow Israel to annex its settlements in the occupied territory. The plan would allow the Palestinians to establish a capital on the outskirts of east Jerusalem but would leave most of the city under Israeli control.

“We will not kneel and we will not surrender,” Abbas said, adding that the Palestinians would resist the plan through “peaceful, popular means.”

The Islamic militant group Hamas rejected the “conspiracies” announced by the U.S. and Israel and said “all options are open” in responding to the Trump administration’s plan.

‘Ready To Move On’: David Axelrod Says Focus Group Of Democrats Didn’t Care About Impeachment

By November the demoncrap electorate will have nearly forgotten about this. I hope the Republican electorate hasn’t and thrashes the opposition hip and thigh.

Bloodthirsty Squirrel Leaves 2 Hospitalized, Neighbors Hiding Out During Daytime

Where’re Dads that strangle coyotes with bare hands when you need one?
Such sissies, suppressed .22 + SSS.

HOUSTON (CBSDFW.COM) – An unruly squirrel is defying Disney stereotypes by terrorizing one Houston neighborhood, according to KPRC-TV.

This is not a photo of the actual squirrel terrorizing an entire neighborhood in Houston. (credit: Getty Images)

“We usually don’t go outside in the daytime because he comes out in the daytime,” Sharlene French-Amezquita told the TV station.

The feral animal who’s anything but friendly has even attacked two people, leaving them bloodied, bruised and in need of stitches.

“When I stepped outside the door he leaped on me and bit my arm, I pulled him off, threw him to the ground, and tried to get in the house,” said French-Amezquita. “I couldn’t get in the house because he came back, he bit this leg.”

She has the stitches and bite marks to prove it. The squirrel also attacked Katie Herrera who lives in the Bridgeland Shores neighborhood.

“It’s scary,” Herrera said. “I’m just very grateful that it actually attacked me and not my children.”

Residents have contacted both animal control and Texas Parks & Wildlife. They were told until someone traps the squirrel, they can’t move it.