With the 150 million that have died from ‘gun violence’ the U.S. has been completely depopulated!
What are we then;
Ghosts? Unreal? Without body? Illusions only? Shadows without substance?

Wait, What? Biden Just Said Something Absolutely Crazy About COVID Deaths

A day after the Biden campaign announced a lid at 8:30 a.m. and took the whole day off, a well-rested Biden stumbled out of his basement to say something that should truly sound the alarm over the state of Biden’s mental faculties, in case it wasn’t loud enough before.

“It’s estimated that 200 million people will die probably by the time I finish this talk,” claimed the 77-year-old career politician.


I understand the Democrats want to blame the global pandemic that started in China on President Trump, but how exactly are 200 million people going to die, more than half of all Americans, within the few minutes that Biden concluded his speech? Did the Biden team get the candidate’s medication right this morning? Continue reading “”

Markey always has been an idjit, but the new commie demoncrap reps, like AOC & Omar must have put the zap on his brain.
‘military weapons’ have been anything and everything you can think of, so he must mean that he wants Police to be completely unarmed.
I don’t think he has the intellectual capacity to conclude that the citizenry who, seeing the riots and Police inaction, can, will, and are forming self defense groups to provide for their own security.
And that they know all too well which political party is causing this.
But we will have to wait for the election results to see if this idiocy will influence them at the ballot box.

“I’ve been on the record. I support law-abiding citizens to be armed, but criminals?” the police chief asked, clearly confused. “And so it’s okay to attack police officers and then, everyone always says one thing: ‘these were peaceful protestors.’ So I guess when you’re throwing Molotov cocktails, railroad spikes, other projectiles, you’re using green lasers, I guess that constitutes being ‘peaceful.'”

We’re living in BLADERUNNER, but without space colonies and Darryl Hannah replicants.

10 a.m. Fran SanCisco, 09/09/2020, reality

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t even believe.
Gender reveals on fire off the shoulder of Nob Hill.
I watched stunguns glitter in the dark near the Golden Gate.
All those tech bros will be lost in time, like equity in a failed startup. Time to die.

Student’s Love Trump’s Second Term Agenda…
When They Think It’s Biden’s

This is what they really think about you.
It’s what they’ve always thought about you, but kept hidden.
Trump is going to go down in history as the one who pulled the curtain away to expose just who they really are.

Young voters love Trump’s COVID plan…when told it’s Biden’s

Americans Turn To 2nd Amendment For Protection From Radical Left

He can’t even read off a teleprompter, so you know his tweets and any other published speech have to be actually be done by his staff to support the narrative. You’ll know who won the real prize of being their hopeful next President when the final choice for his VP will be announced.

A Hispanic vendor in Tulsa uses Alinsky tactics against a BLM supporter.

One of the things conservatives notice whenever leftists flare up is that, subject to a few notable exceptions (Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Dan Crenshaw), our conservative politicians are cowardly. They never call out the leftists; instead, they simply try to soothe leftists’ destructiveness while accepting their premises.

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