Just might be my cynical side, but I wouldn’t call it  “Biden Corruption” exclusively.
I think this is simply  an exposure of what we’ll find is the – legalized – corruption that goes right along with the .gov gravy train.

With Biden Corruption, Democrats Are Once Again Reaping The Consequences Of Their Gentle Primary
In a healthy Democratic Party, Joe Biden’s primary opponents would have cared about his family’s documented habit of trading on their powerful last name.

In a healthy Democratic Party, Joe Biden’s primary opponents would have cared about his family’s documented habit of trading on their powerful last name, almost certainly with the former vice president’s knowledge. People can disagree over the scale of the corruption, whether it reflects only on Hunter and James or on Joe as well, but it’s unequivocal that influence peddling has been a steady pursuit for the Bidens.

Even as the corporate media downplays recent revelations about Hunter, The New York Times reported new documents from Tony Bubulinski that “show that the countries that Hunter Biden, James Biden and their associates planned to target for deals overlapped with nations where Joe Biden had previously been involved as vice president.”

“The records make clear that Hunter Biden saw the family name as a valuable asset, angrily citing his ‘family’s brand’ as a reason he is valuable to the proposed venture,” the Times noted. That name trading seems to have been explicit in some cases, as even Ben Smith of the Times tweeted on Tuesday.

Here’s part of an NBC News report from last October:

[A]s he accompanied his father to China, Hunter Biden was forming a Chinese private equity fund that associates said at the time was planning to raise big money, including from China. Hunter Biden has acknowledged meeting with Jonathan Li, a Chinese banker and his partner in the fund during the trip, although his spokesman says it was a social visit.

The Chinese business license that brought the new fund into existence was issued by Shanghai authorities 10 days after the trip, with Hunter Biden a member of the board.

Hunter Biden took Air Force Two to meet with a Chinese banker who also happened to be his business partner, and 10 days later their fund’s license was approved, but we’re supposed to believe it was a “social visit”? And we’re supposed to believe the veep had no clue his son was meeting with business partners on their trip to China?

Crucially, we know Joe Biden lied about his knowledge of Hunter’s overseas business. There is, unfortunately, even some evidence he received financial benefits from it. The lie alone is reason for suspicion.

The point is that Democrats were negligent not to press this issue during the primaries. The evidence had been clearly reported by The New York Times, NBC, and other major outlets. Continue reading “”

Pennsylvania demoncrap gubbernor Wolf calls last night’s riots in Philadelphia. “Peaceful Protests”.

At Least 12 Philadelphia Officers Hospitalized As Violent Clashes Break Out Over Walter Wallace Shooting.

Philadelphia police say 1,000 looters targeting businesses on second night of protests.

Pa. National Guard being sent to Philadelphia in wake of police shooting

One of the great legacies of the Trump Administration is the extent to which it has revealed that huge swathes of our national establishment, in government, the media, and elsewhere, are both hopelessly partisan and frighteningly incompetent. Buckle up, because all the evidence is that the establishment hasn’t learned its lesson yet.

Mueller report: Donald Trump collusion conspiracy theories are now exposed. Will they end?
After two years of mass hysteria afflicting a huge portion of our political class, the cognitive dissonance after the Mueller report is painful.

“Donald Trump broke the brains of a lot of people.” That’s leftist journalist Glenn Greenwald, talking about the way conspiracy theories have occupied the media despite the absence of any actual evidence.

For over two years, the line among mainstream media, from The New York Times to Rachel Maddow, has been that President Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin’s stooge. It was suggested that the Russians “hacked” the election by penetrating voting machines. When that was exploded, we were told that they “hacked” the election by arranging for Wikileaks to release (truthful) emails about how the Democratic Party rigged its primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton to ensure that Bernie Sanders wouldn’t get the nomination. At some point, the narrative shifted to vaguer references to “collusion.”

It was all bogus. As Greenwald notes, Mueller’s report didn’t just reject the Trump-Russia conspiracy theories, it obliterated them. Not only was no one in Trump’s campaign charged with conspiring with the Russians, no American anywhere was so charged, nor did Mueller find evidence along those lines to support criminal charges.

That should put the whole collusion narrative to bed, but of course it hasn’t. After two years of what can fairly be described as mass hysteria afflicting a huge portion of our political class, the cognitive dissonance is painful. It would be amusing to watch, if the “broken brains” weren’t so widespread among the people who are supposed to be the sober managers and reporters of our society. It’s like a doomsday cult whose predicted apocalypse fails to appear on schedule: They just announce that they made a mathematical mistake, and doomsday will actually come next year. Then they ask for more donations. The trouble is, this time it’s a cult that’s running a significant part of our nation.

Continue reading “”

The owner is Nancy Wyden, wife of Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon (how’s that work?). I’d say it never dawned on them that even though they’re good little lib/proggies, they’d still get slammed by their own brand of politics.

Strand Book Store says it ‘cannot survive’ without more business

One of New York City’s legendary booksellers is on the cusp of closure as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Manhattan’s beloved Strand Book Store published a call for help this week, admitting that the business has seen a massive financial decline as a result of COVID-19 and is on the brink of shuttering.

“The Strand’s revenue has dropped nearly 70% compared to last year,” Strand owner Nancy Bass Wyden admitted in a letter posted to Twitter on Friday afternoon. “Because of the impact of COVID-19, we cannot survive the huge decline in foot-traffic, a near-complete loss of tourism, and zero in-store events (compared to 400 events pre-pandemic).”

The store was able to secure a loan that buoyed it through the past eight months, Wyden wrote, but “we are now at a turning point where our business is unsustainable.”

To help, Wyden hasn’t launched a fundraiser but is simply encouraging people to buy the Strand’s wares from its three brick-and-mortar locations and website and to encourage friends to do the same. She also asks that people use the hashtag #SaveTheStrand to help spread the word.

“We’ve survived just about everything for 93 years — the Great Depression, two World Wars, big ox bookstores, e-books and online behemoths. We are the last of the original 48 bookstores still standing from 4th Avenue’s famous Book Row,” wrote Wyden, who is the Strand’s third-generation owner and grew up among its iconic “18 Miles of Books.”

The famed bookstore, founded in 1927 by Wyden’s grandfather, temporarily laid off the majority of its staff shortly after the onset of the coronavirus in March.

“In order to preserve The Strand as a business, with no revenue coming in and no clear idea as to when we can reopen our doors, we have had to temporarily lay off the majority of our staff,” Wyden said on Twitter at the time.

This was when a bureaucrap could decide on their own, without adjudication that a person could be deprived of the exercise of a right.

Joe Biden Proposes Reviving Obama Social Security Gun Ban

Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden’s gun control proposals could mean reviving the Obama gun ban that barred certain Social Security recipients from buying firearms.

The Social Security gun ban was an Obama-era policy which targeted benefit recipients who needed help managing their finances. On July 18, 2015, the Los Angeles Times reported that the ban would be sweeping; that it would cover those who are unable to manage their own affairs for a multitude of reasons–from “subnormal intelligence or mental illness” to “incompetency,” an unspecified “condition,” or “disease.”

Breitbart News reported that the policy was finalized by the Obama Social Security Administration on December 19, 2016, weeks after Donald Trump won the presidential election, and just over a month before he was to be sworn into office.

Republicans focused on repealing the ban early in the Trump presidency. On February 12, 2017, Breitbart News reported that Duke University psychiatry and behavioral science professor Jeffrey Swanson believed Congress was right to repeal Barack Obama’s Social Security gun ban. Swanson suggested the ban targeted the “vulnerable” rather than the dangerous.

Swanson used a Washington Post column to explain the ban, saying, “Social Security beneficiaries with psychiatric disabilities who are assigned a money manager for their disability benefits would be reported to the FBI’s background check database as people ineligible to purchase firearms.” He noted that “the mental health conditions in question might range from moderate intellectual disabilities to depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia,” and then pointed to academic work showing that “the vast majority of mentally ill individuals” are not violent or suicidal.

On February 28, 2017, Trump signed legislation to do away with the ban.

Biden’s campaign website indicates that, if elected, he will revive the ban that targeted certain Social Security recipients.

The website says:

Reinstate the Obama-Biden policy to keep guns out of the hands of certain people unable to manage their affairs for mental reasons, which President Trump reversed. In 2016, the Obama-Biden Administration finalized a rule to make sure the Social Security Administration (SSA) sends to the background check system records that it holds of individuals who are prohibited from purchasing or possessing firearms because they have been adjudicated by the SSA as unable to manage their affairs for mental reasons. But one of the first actions Donald Trump took as president was to reverse this rule. President Biden will enact legislation to codify this policy.

‘Broken Arrow’: Cities and police ready for election violence

More than most law enforcement officials around the country, Anoka County, Minnesota, Sheriff James Stuart has been up close to the tensions gripping the country this year.

His territory touches Minneapolis, where violence followed the death of George Floyd in May while in the custody of the city police. His deputies are bracing for protests targeting a new pipeline project. And now, he has to get ready for the likelihood of Election Day violence.

“I think 2020 has really defined what law enforcement has to be prepared for and is willing to respond to. Although everybody is tired of the unrest, it’s the reality of this year,” he told Secrets.

“The tragic reality is that we are prepared for any type of unrest situation on a much greater scale in 2020 than we have been in the past. The sad thing is we have to be. The good news is that we are prepared,” said the sheriff, who is planning to increase surveillance of polling areas on Election Day.

Exactly 1,600 miles away, Tampa, Florida, Mayor Jane Castor agreed that 2020 has rewritten rules, including preparing for the election.

Also the city’s former police chief, she said that law enforcement is “preparing for the worst” and that she hopes that President Trump or Democrat Joe Biden win big, “a definitive win,” or else there is “the possibility of some type of violent reaction throughout the country.”

Still, the mayor isn’t expecting violence. She said that elections supervisors have worked out a strong Election Day plan, and the mayor has wooed poll volunteers to help the expected voter crunch, even including staff from the Tampa Bay Rays, the team representing the American League in the World Series.

Team President Brian Auld, in discussing plans to help in the election with Castor on Facebook, said, “Nothing’s more important, we put the Rays World Series right underneath the election coming up.”

Unlike ever before, cities big and small are being warned about the potential of protests and violence from both sides of the aisle.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors has been urging members to prepare for a long period of protests if the election count takes extra days or weeks. “The 2020 election is shaping up to be like no other in our nation’s history. There is significant concern that we may see voter intimidation efforts and protests, some possibly violent, in the days leading up to November 3, on that day, and on the days following,” it said on a webpage dedicated to “election security and safety.”

The National Sheriffs’ Association, meanwhile, is encouraging Americans to accept the election outcome.

“There is no place for violence in our electoral process. And anyone encouraging violence because an/the election fails to meet their personal beliefs makes their action nothing more than mob rule or worse, terrorism. For 244 years, we accepted the will of the people, bending to violence or the threat is contrary to everything this nation was founded upon,” said Jonathan Thompson, NSA executive director and CEO.

Stuart said his office has a three-stage plan, depending on the violence. The most severe is called “’Broken Arrow’ … where everybody is paged out, we roll out all available equipment, [and] all days off are canceled.”

Stuart, who is on the executive board of the National Sheriffs’ Association, which is helping departments prepare for Election Day, added, “Across the nation, we’ve really been forced to re-look at how to prepare ourselves for what could be.”

It’s happening in small towns, too. Culpeper County, Virginia, Sheriff Scott Jenkins said the rural area’s officials have a plan to keep everybody safe.

Still, like his fellow sheriff in urban Minneapolis, Jenkins told us, “On election night, we will follow reporting and intelligence from many sources to prepare for what may come. But let me say this: We will deal swiftly and appropriately with unlawful activity from any individual or group, no matter where they place themselves on the political spectrum. No matter our disagreements, using violence to force another person to your own point of view is unacceptable.”

It’s a lot to ask of the police. “Everybody is just tired,” said Stuart, adding, “deputies and most of the public included.” But, he said, his team “will do what they’ve got to do.”

In Tampa, Castor is sticking with a glass-half-full approach to Election Day while readying for potential disaster. “I always try to find the silver lining in every situation, and with the division we’ve seen here and across our nation, I just hope it brings individuals out to the polls and that we see everyone exercising their right to vote,” she said.

Bottom line here, she’s holding her state hostage. No Biden, no end to lockdown. This is someone who ought to be impeached from office and swiftly thrown out.

Gretchen Whitmer admits it:
No release from lockdown without a vote for Joe Biden

For the past 200 days, Democratic governors have been commanding their states to go on lockdown, and ordering nursing homes to be seeded with COVID patients.

The result has been the twin disaster of broken economies and high COVID death tolls, way out of proportion to the rest of the country. And incredibly, they’re blaming President Trump for all of the bad consequences of their own acts, and reaping big political hay from it.

They do all the harm, Trump gets all the blame, they take all the glory.

What power-mad leftist wouldn’t want a heads-I-win, tails-you-lose setup like that? Torture your state, blame Trump, win big.

So it’s natural to expect that the worst of them might just keep holding their states on lockdown as a hostage act, at least until election day, to beat their citizens into submission. After that, the mask can come off.

Far-left Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, though, didn’t want to wait.

According to Red State:

Whitmer told host Chuck Todd that lockdowns and COVID restrictions can end, if Americans just vote for Joe Biden. The governor, who has become one of the faces of hypocritical lockdowns for the Left over the last few months, insinuated that Trump doesn’t care that 220,000 people have died so far from COVID, and that 8 million positive COVID tests have been logged so far.


She also insinuated that the real victims of the lockdowns are the heroes who are staying closed and staying home indefinitely, and that Trump and anyone who wants to get back to living their American lives are, in fact, inciting violence.

“Every moment that we are not focused on the fact that there are 220,000 Americans who have died from this virus is good for him. So in that sense, as he incites additional violence against people who are just trying to save one another’s lives. It’s good for him. And that’s why I don’t want to talk about him endangering public servants lives. I want to talk about what he hasn’t done and that’s his job. The Trump virus response is the worst in the globe. I mean in the world, it’s the worst 8 million people have been have contracted covid-19, 220000 dead. We’ve got people in food pantry line who never would have imagined that they be there and no light on the horizon because our numbers keep going up.”

The mask is off. The secret slips out. She’s been holding them hostage all along. Facts, or even taking care of her own tax base, don’t mean a thing to her. Who needs a tax base when you’ve got Joe Biden in a position of power? Continue reading “”

Victory for gun rights advocates challenging Seattle’s safe storage law

Gun rights advocates are celebrating after a lawsuit challenging Seattle’s safe storage law got new life in an state appeals court decision Monday.

It’s been over two years since Seattle passed its safe storage law requiring gun owners to safely store their firearms or face fines up to $10,000 should they fall into the wrong hands and be used in a crime, or hurt or kill someone intentionally or otherwise.

The new rules were nearly immediately challenged in court in a lawsuit filed by the Bellevue-based Second Amendment Foundation, the NRA and others who claim it violates the state’s pre-emption law. The law bars local municipalities from enacting gun restrictions that go beyond current state law.

A King County Superior Court judge tossed the lawsuit in Oct. 2018, citing a lack of standing on the part of plaintiffs. Because of that, the question of whether the safe gun storage law violates Washington state law remained undetermined in a court of law.

The plaintiffs appealed and the state appeals court heard arguments over a year ago. On Monday, the state appeals court reversed the lower court ruling, finding the plaintiffs did have standing. Continue reading “”

First I’d change ‘rather than ‘ to ‘as well as those suitable for‘ individual self-defense’.

Second, a point that can be made from that last sentence is that Tench Coxe’s  “...every terrible implement of the soldier are the birthright of an American” means exactly that.
The NFA’34 & GCA ’68 restrictions, regulations and bans on automatic and destructive device firearms, among others, are unconstitutional

The State’s Monopoly of Force and the Right to Bear Arms

In debates over the Second Amendment, the conventional view is that the government ought to possess a monopoly of legitimate force, subject to the right of individuals to act in emergency self-defense. Many treat the non-defensive circumstances in which our system decentralizes force as holdovers from days of nonprofessional police and soldiers. When it comes to the Second Amendment, many believe that the only legitimate reason individuals may bear arms today is for individual self-defense against isolated criminal violence (e.g., an occupied home invasion).

This symposium article attacks the monopoly of force account, justifying the continued relevance of American law’s decentralization of legitimate force. This article argues that decentralization of force remains important for three reasons. First, despite the rise of professional police, American law enforcement still enforces law below desirable levels. Underenforcement of core crimes is particularly a problem in disadvantaged and rural communities and during times of civil unrest. Decentralization of force helps mitigate the underenforcement problem. And decentralization may be a better solution than simply providing more police because many areas where law is underenforced also (paradoxically) suffer from the effects of overcriminalization. Increased police presence could make the overcriminalization problem worse without solving the underenforcement problem. Second, American law has a mismatch between public duties and private rights. While providing effective law enforcement is a public duty, it is not a private right. Individuals, thus, have no effective claim that the government adequately enforce the law or protect them against unlawful violence. And any attempt to create such a private right would create profound separation of powers concerns. Consequently, self-help and private law enforcement are the best remedies when governments undersupply needed levels of police protection. Third, even if the “government” has a monopoly of force, it does not follow that government officers are the only ones in whom the government’s monopoly may be vested. The “government” is an incorporeal entity whose power must be exercised by human agents. Agents do not perfectly carry out the tasks of their principals; some government officers commit malfeasance and nonfeasance. The decentralization of force provides a remedy for such abuses of office.

Ultimately, the article concludes that the individual right to bear arms still has relevance for public defense and security. This fact should warrant consideration when determining the scope of the right, including that the arms protected by the Second Amendment should continue to include those arms whose primary value is public security rather than individual self-defense.

Poverty Won.
When government presumes to reshape society, the result is likely to be gory.

Reparations for slavery, you say? Well, we tried that experiment, in the $20-plus trillion spent on welfare, Medicaid, housing, and food stamps for the mostly minority poor since Lyndon Johnson declared his War on Poverty in 1964. As Amity Shlaes shows in her cautionary Great Society: A New History, those trillions only made matters worse. As the clamor swells to compound LBJ’s mistake, Shlaes provides a sobering postmortem, dissecting how and why, when government presumes to reshape society, the result is likely to be gory.

It took LBJ a lifetime to learn that lesson, and he learned it the hard way. He began his government career as an ardent New Dealer, first as a tireless functionary charged with pressing Texas farmers to limit their crops, on Franklin Roosevelt’s cockeyed theory that overproduction caused the Great Depression, and then as one of FDR’s most energetic congressional lieutenants, ramming through New Deal programs—many of doubtful constitutionality. He firmly believed that the New Deal had heroically wielded the power of the federal government to defeat the slump, though as Shlaes showed in her earlier best-selling book, The Forgotten Man (2007), it only prolonged it.

* * *

When vice president Johnson assumed the presidency upon John F. Kennedy’s assassination in November 1963, his sunny faith in the boundless power of government to do good shone undimmed. In his State of the Union Address at the start of the new year, he declared his aim to unleash that power in an “unconditional war on poverty” that would “cure” that scourge once and for all. In the spring, his vision expanded further still. With unemployment low and national prosperity high, he said, America could now afford to create a “Great Society,” abolishing the country’s remaining pockets of poverty and also stamping out racial injustice across the land. Those who mistakenly feared big government would see that “far from crushing the individual, government at its best liberates him from the enslaving forces of his environment.” Continue reading “”

This must make Der Gretchenführer apoplectic.

Michigan Supreme Court denies Gov. Whitmer’s request for ‘pandemic executive orders’ extensions
The court’s rulings reverse a lower court’s opinion that supported the governor’s use of executive powers amid the pandemic.

The Michigan Supreme Court on Monday denied Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s request to extend emergency powers that she invoked to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The conservative-majority court rejected the Democratic governor’s request to delay the effect of its decision striking down a law she had used to keep intact sweeping orders amid the pandemic.

The justices voted 6-1 against halting the precedential effect of its Oct. 2 opinion until Oct. 30. They reaffirmed their initial 4-3 ruling that declared unconstitutional her use of the 1945 emergency powers law.

Executive orders issued under the law “are of no continuing legal effect. This order is effective upon entry,” the court wrote.

Whitmer had asked the justices to give her administration, lawmakers and local health departments 28 days to transition in the wake of the major decision. Last week, her administration quickly reinstituted mask requirements, gathering limits and other restrictions with orders issued by the state health department under a different law.

Separately, legislators and Whitmer are negotiating legislation related to other orders negated by the decision, including an extension of unemployment benefits to 26 weeks from 20 weeks.

The ruling caused some confusion because it reached the Supreme Court in an unconventional way. A federal judge overseeing a lawsuit that makes state and federal claims about Whitmer’s powers asked for an opinion on the constitutionality of two laws related to gubernatorial emergency powers.

The Supreme Court ruled in a similar case brought by the GOP-controlled House and Senate and said in an order that the decision is effective immediately.

The. states with short, or no lockdowns (i.e. South Dakota and Nebraska) experienced the smallest amount of economic damage.

The Devastating Economic Impact of Covid-19 Shutdowns

To this point, the destruction caused by state and Federal Covid-19 lockdowns has largely been expressed in aggregates. Yet along the same line as a popular critique of Keynesianism, economic aggregates present a greatly truncated story by smoothing over minute but revealing evidence at lower levels. Looking at the policy impact on a smaller scale – regionally, and in terms of industries/sectors – exposes the impact of mandated shutdowns in greater detail.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, widespread lockdown restrictions were imposed, ostensibly to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed and medical resources from being consumed to exhaustion. Whether policymakers purposely or out of ignorance disregarded them, the tradeoffs of stay-at-home orders were immediate and severe: a massive spike in unemployment, rivaling the Great Depression; similarly historic drops in GDP, and others. By looking at disaggregated data, though, the devastation of lockdowns becomes all the more apparent.


We examined the US economy in the period leading up to the Covid-19 policy implementations in two ways: regionally and in terms of industries.

For our analysis, U.S. geographic regions are broken into the following areas: New England, Mideast (Midatlantic), Great Lakes, Plains, Southeast, Southwest, Rocky Mountain, and the Far West. These were compared using data on GDP, imports, exports, business formations, and unemployment. Continue reading “”

With how Der Gretchenführer has been running amok this year, this isn’t surprising.

13 charged in plots against Michigan governor

LANSING, Mich. — Agents foiled a stunning plot to kidnap Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, authorities said Thursday in announcing charges in an alleged scheme that involved months of planning and even rehearsals to snatch her from her vacation home.

Six men were charged in federal court with conspiring to kidnap the governor in reaction to what they viewed as her “uncontrolled power,” according to a federal complaint. Separately, seven others were charged in state court under Michigan’s anti-terrorism laws for allegedly targeting police and seeking a “civil war.” Continue reading “”

Out of their overweening need for being seen in the public eye, sometimes a political animal will wind up actually doing the right thing, even if it’s for the wrong reasons.

The IRS Is Being Investigated for Using Location Data Without a Warrant
The IRS used smartphone location data from a contractor to try and track Americans without a warrant.

The body tasked with oversight of the IRS announced in a letter that it will investigate the agency’s use of location data harvested from ordinary apps installed on peoples’ phones, according to a copy of the letter obtained by Motherboard.

The move comes after Senators Ron Wyden and Elizabeth Warren demanded a formal investigation into how the IRS used the location data to track Americans without a warrant.

The body tasked with oversight of the IRS announced in a letter that it will investigate the agency’s use of location data harvested from ordinary apps installed on peoples’ phones, according to a copy of the letter obtained by Motherboard.

The move comes after Senators Ron Wyden and Elizabeth Warren demanded a formal investigation into how the IRS used the location data to track Americans without a warrant.

“…district attorneys now have so much influence on grand juries that by and large they could get them to indict a ham sandwich.”
–Sol Wachtler, Chief Judge of the New York Court of Appeals, 1985

St. Louis grand jury indicts McCloskeys on gun charges, tampering with evidence

ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis grand jury has indicted Mark and Patricia McCloskey on two counts each: exhibiting a weapon and tampering with evidence.

The couple appeared before a judge Tuesday, who continued their hearing until Oct. 14, saying the grand jury needed more time to deliberate.

The couple’s attorney, Joel Schwartz, said he was told the grand jury reached a decision to indict his clients Tuesday afternoon. Their cases have been assigned to judges Michael Stelzer and Thomas Clark. Continue reading “”

BREAKING: DNI Declassifies Handwritten Notes From John Brennan, 2016 CIA Referral On Clinton Campaign’s Collusion Operation
On Tuesday, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe declassified and released to Congress handwritten notes from former CIA director John Brennan as well as a CIA investigative referral to James Comey and Peter Strzok requesting that they investigate Russian knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s anti-Trump collusion smear operation.

Top U.S. intelligence officials were so concerned heading into the 2016 election that the Russians were aware of and potentially manipulating Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s plans to smear Donald Trump as a Russian agent that they personally briefed President Barack Obama on the matter, newly declassified Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) documents show. CIA officials also requested that the FBI investigate Russian knowledge of the Clinton campaign’s collusion smear operation.

Newly declassified handwritten notes from former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director John Brennan show that the U.S. intelligence community knew in 2016 that Russian intelligence was actively monitoring, and potentially injecting disinformation into, Clinton’s anti-Trump collusion narrative. The intelligence concerning Russia’s knowledge of Clinton’s campaign plans was so concerning to Brennan and other national security officials that they personally informed Obama of the matter in the Oval Office in the summer of 2016. The handwritten notes from Brennan were declassified by Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe and provided to Congress on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the declassified notes, Brennan and the U.S. intelligence community knew months prior to the 2016 election that the collusion smear was the result of a campaign operation hatched by the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Continue reading “”