The Aspects of the Sevastopol Attack You Need to Focus on
the Song Dynasty visits the Black Sea

The big navalist news over the weekend was unquestionably what appears to be a successful attack on the Russian Navy at Sevastopol by remotely piloted surface craft by the Ukrainians.

Some reports call them “drones” or other such descriptors, but really they appear to be an upscaled militarized remotely piloted surface vessel on a one way trip. There is a lot of expected hyperbole about the attack, and that is what I wanted to address today. I am concerned that the overhype by the ignorant, click hunting, or agenda driven people in the public space will cause us to miss the most important lesson here.

This attack was not historically significant in a larger sense, no more than the attack on the Moskva was. This is not a glimpse into the future of naval warfare. This was simply a continuation of sound naval tactics with a pedigree directly tracible thousands of years in to the past. Not to understand this is to dangerously not understand what happened.

First of all, let’s take a moment to state the obvious: the Russians should have been ready. They had about as clear of a warning as possible in September.

A MYSTERIOUS vessel widely believed to be a Ukrainian suicide drone has washed up near to a Russian naval base.

The vessel was found in Omega Bay, by the port of Sevastopol, which is home to Vladimir Putin’s Black Sea fleet.

We can safely assume – as the videos below seem to demonstrate – that the ones used in the attack are of the same design.

We will loop back to this point later, but just behold the simplicity of it via the article from The Sun linked above;

This is all COTS technology riding on either a canoe or ocean going kayak. If you have someone with an understanding of explosives and communications (the only part requiring military expertise +/-) and then any garden variety electrician, small engine pro, and fiberglass guy … you can run a production line of these on a shoestring budget at scale.

They look fragile, but … well … I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s finish setting the table.

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COVID has been the tool that the Elites™ have used to bully Americans into complying with the most absurd rules, beating us into submission. It would be ironic indeed if we could turn the tables and use the likelihood that the United States helped fund the development of the virus that has literally plagued us as a tool to dismantle the bipartisan transnational clique who have been driving the West into the ground.

The COVID coverup begins to unravel.

UPDATE: Vanity Fair has a detailed story on the investigation into the COVID virus’ origin:

COVID likely started circulating in China is late 2019–now 3 years ago–and its effects have dominated our lives for 2 1/2 years.

Yet for much of that time the Establishment™ has been gaslighting us about its likely origins. You know that. The Establishment™ knows that you know. And now the Senate Republicans on the health committee are laying the facts out on the table. COVID almost certainly was released accidentally from a Chinese research lab.

It was remarkable how quickly the Narrative™ settled on the zoonotic origin of the virus, since warning signs that the virus didn’t originate naturally were everywhere. Even scientists who confidently declared in private their belief that the virus was engineered publicly stated the opposite–after having been directed to by Anthony Fauci, the keeper of the keys to the kingdom’s treasury when it comes to research dollars. Fauci in recent months has been backtracking on whether or not the virus could have been engineered, but he sure expended enormous effort maintaining the fiction that an animal origin was certain.

There is a simple reason for Fauci’s reluctance to consider a lab leak hypothesis–if it came from the Wuhan Institute for Virology, the US government likely funded the research. Obviously nobody wants that on their record, and Fauci has quite the pension to protect, as well as an unearned reputation as The Science™.

From the Wall Street Journal:

WASHINGTON—The Covid-19 pandemic that has killed millions worldwide “was most likely the result of a research-related incident” in China, and not natural transmission of a virus from animal to human, a new report by Republicans on the Senate health committee concludes.

The study cites details about the early spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus, which causes Covid; the fact that no animal host has been identified nearly three years into the pandemic; and troubled biosafety procedures at labs in the Chinese city of Wuhan to buttress its conclusion.

The 35-page report by Republican committee staff acknowledges that definitive conclusions about the pandemic’s origins are impossible without more evidence. But, it says: “The hypothesis of a natural zoonotic origin no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt, or the presumption of accuracy.”

The report is largely based on information already publicly available but is likely to bolster calls in Washington for further investigations into the origins of the virus. Republicans have vowed to launch more aggressive Covid-19 probes if they regain control of one or both chambers of Congress in the midterm elections.

Previous zoonotic disease outbreaks—in which a pathogen jumps from animals to man—have occurred in multiple locations as a virus circulates in animal populations, while the Covid virus is known to have emerged only in Wuhan, home to laboratories conducting research on coronaviruses, the report notes. In addition, it says, no animal has been identified as infected with the virus before the December 2019 pandemic outbreak.

I have always suspected, based upon the balance of the evidence I have access to, that the virus was accidentally leaked from a lab. But I freely admit that biological research is not in my wheelhouse.

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Above all, some Nigerians are worried that while the country is experiencing unprecedented security problems of unimaginable and embarrassing proportion, the authorities appear not to be interested in taking the pains to remove these obvious barriers and educate the people about their right to bear arms self-defence from armed criminals who come to kill, maim, steal and destroy their properties.

Self-defence bombshell: Many Nigerians agree with Danjuma, differ on source of arms

This week, Nigeria’s fragile state of security once again became an issue on the front burner of public discourse, triggered by the frank call of a former Army Chief and Minister of Defence, Lt. Gen. Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma (rtd), wherein he advocated that his people of Taraba state adopt self-defence in the wake of serial massacres.

The elder statesman had spoken last weekend in the Wukari area of the state, where Governor Darius Ishaku, at a massive social gathering, presented the staff of office to His Royal Majesty Manu Ishaku Adda Ali, the 25th Aku Uka.

The occasion was not the first time TY Danjuma would unabashedly make a categorical statement on the weaknesses of the country’s security architecture.

In fact, in 2018, when he first came out to persuade Nigerians to embrace self-defense as an effective panacea to the nation’s security challenges, he even accused the military of not being a neutral force.

Though Danjuma, in Wukari, knocked the military afresh for living in denial over the country’s aggravating security challenges, what has really compelled urgent, but critical introspection was his advice for ordinary citizens to source for arms and ammunition in the same way and manner the criminals terrorising their communities were mobilising their own lethal weapons.

Danjuma’s words

The octogenarian said, “Our country is under siege by armed bandits, all over the country. Some few years ago, I warned that the Armed Forces are either not capable or unwilling to protect us and that we must defend ourselves.

“The first denial of what I said came from the Ministry of Defence. They said I was lying and they set up a kangaroo Board of Inquiry to investigate the truth or otherwise of what I said and they invited me to come and testify, I did not go.

“They wrote their report, which said that I was only speculating, that there was no evidence. And now there is evidence; the whole country now is being run and overrun.

“Right now, we are all sitting ducks, these people are armed to the teeth with all weapons of mass destruction and we don’t have them but we have the numbers and the land belongs to us. They are trying to recolonise us and take over our land. Can I allow you to defend yourselves?” he asked the crowd who chanted a loud ‘Yes!’ in unison.

Danjuma continued, “They said I told them to defend themselves, I didn’t give them arms. I will not give you arms, find out how these people got arms. Use the same means to defend yourselves.

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Bassitt, the farmer, said the conservative values of rural, small-town Brazil were now the driving force in national politics. Those beliefs “dovetail nicely with Bolsonarismo,” he said. “They don’t click with Lula and the PT’s socialism.”

Brazil’s rural boomtowns ensure Bolsonarismo’s future

CATANDUVA, Brazil (Reuters) – The small city of Catanduva in the rural farm belt of Sao Paulo state has been ahead of the political curve in Brazil.

In 1996, the city elected leftist Felix Sahao as its first Workers Party (PT) mayor – a full six years before Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva became president of Brazil, establishing nearly 14 years of PT rule.

But Sahao’s administration was marred by financial scandals, presaging the vast corruption probe that jailed Lula, destroyed the PT’s reputation, and paved the way for the scorched-earth politics of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro.

The residents of Catanduva, who have benefited from robust Chinese demand for Brazilian commodities, are now fully behind Bolsonaro. They are attracted to his unique mix of social conservatism, evangelical fervor and small government, sowed in the fertile soils of a booming agribusiness sector and watered with hatred of the “communist” PT.

So even if, as polls suggest, the president loses to Lula in Sunday’s presidential runoff, the whirring tractors and bulging wallets of conservative boomtowns like Catanduva suggest Bolsonarismo is here to stay.

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