Politics as usual doesn’t stop for mere riots


This morning, [yesterday .ed] the Senate Judiciary Committee called Rod Rosenstein to testify about operation “crossfire hurricane,” the Mueller investigation, and related matters. I watched as much of it as I could stomach — a little less than two hours.

Rosenstein is a snake. He recommended that James Comey be fired (albeit for a different reason than the one Trump mentioned in an interview about Comey’s termination) and then made the firing of Comey the grounds for bringing in a special counsel.

Moreover, he selected Robert Mueller for the job even though President Trump had just rejected Mueller for the position of FBI director. Mueller was thus a disappointed office seeker.

Rosenstein gave Mueller a ridiculously broad writ to investigate, and stood by as Mueller hired one Trump-hating Democrat after another to staff his project. And Rosenstein declined to recuse himself even though he was a player in the firing of Comey — an important element of what he asked Mueller to investigate.

Rosenstein was snake-like again this morning. Most of the questions directed at him by Republicans had to do with his rubber stamping of applications to spy on Carter Page — applications that contained lies the Democrats had paid to procure and that were based on Russian disinformation.

Rosenstein told the Committee that he is “accountable” for this outrage, but not “responsible.” Pressed as to what he means by “accountable,” he said, in effect, he means appearing before the Committee to say he’s not responsible.

The Committee Democrats were their usual nauseating selves. They used their time mostly to (1) complain about the fact that the hearing is taking place and (2) bray about how Russia threatens our democracy.

But our democracy is threatened when partisans in the FBI who want to defeat a presidential candidate, and then want to “resist” the elected president, repeatedly lie to a court so they can spy on that candidate’s campaign. And, for all the noise about Russia, it doesn’t matter to Committee Dems that disinformation from Russians was at the heart of the FBI’s lying to the court and to others.

Of course, it doesn’t matter to them. The Russian disinformation was accumulated in a project paid for by Democrats.

The threat to our democracy, if any, posed by (1) the release by Russia of emails that reveal what Democrat operatives really think and (2) some posts dropped into the vast cesspool that is social media, pales in comparison to an effort by the FBI, predicated on Russian disinformation, to spy on and slander a presidential campaign — and later the elected president.

Yet the Democrats say there’s nothing to see here.

There’s plenty to see. However, the Senate Judiciary Committee isn’t the best vehicle for dealing with it.

John Durham is.

George-Soros-Backed Leftwing Radical Attorney General Kim Gardner Has Released Every Single Rioter and Looter Arrested in St. Louis

Little background:

George Soros realized that it was very expensive and very hard to attempt to support so many leftwing legislators that they could change the law to make crime, well, not a crime.

So he settled on a new strategy. One that worked. He put a huge amount of money into the campaigns of leftwing, pro-crime prosecutors and attorney generals.

He wouldn’t bother to get laws changed — too difficult! No legislator wants to face a campaign ad against him pointing out, accurately, that he voted to decriminalize crime.

No, he’d just bankroll dozens (hundreds?) of leftwing DAs and AGs to ignore the laws entirely, claiming that prosecutorial discretion gives the absolute power to simply declare that The Law Is No Longer The Law.

Like I said: It worked.

St. Louis’ Kim Gardner is one of George Soros’ success stories.

She accepted several hundred thousand dollars in in-kind donations in the form of positive campaign ads in her favor — to allow her to beat other moderate Democrats who were not pro-criminal in the primary — which were paid for by Stalinesquely named “Safety & Justice Committee,” which is devoted to releasing hardened dangerous criminals from jail to kill citizens.

This committee is funded by George Soros.

Who also funded the Ferguson rioters.

Joe Steiger, president of the police union, said he believes that Soros also funded out-of-state activists to escalate protests into riots in Ferguson after the Aug. 9, 2014, police shooting of Michael Brown, 18.”It’s pretty insulting,” Steiger said Friday of the contribution to Gardner. “It’s more important for people to realize that calling for ‘black lives matter’ and ‘blue lives matter’ is not an opposite proposition.”

When Gardner faced ethical complaints and possibly worse due to her shady political witchhunt of former governor Greitens, who descended upon St. Louis but a bunch of Gardner’s classmates from the Soros Finishing School for Young Maoists.

The convergence of the prosecutors, all supported by the same patron, demonstrates the emergence of a national alliance united by shared goals of overhauling the U.S. criminal justice system with an eye toward reducing or eliminating sentences for drug offenders and others.Aramis Ayala, the state attorney for Orange and Osceola counties in Florida, was on hand to support Gardner. Ayala was backed by $1.4 million from Soros. Stephanie Morales, a Virginia commonwealth attorney, was also in attendance and received $100,000 from Soros’s Justice & Public Safety PAC. Diana Becton, a prosecutor in Contra Costa County in California, also benefited from $1.5 million the financier poured into the state to support progressive prosecutors.

By the way: Soros also bribes “conservatives” online to accuse you of “anti-semitism” for accurately describing his efforts to fund the revolutionary left wing.

Despite the fact that he is not Jewish and in fact helped Nazis loot treasure from captive Jews.

But hey — his checks clear. So it’s antisemitic, now, to point out publicly available facts.

Well, with all this background established, you will not be much surprised to learn that Soros’ personal AG has set free every single fucking rioter and looter the police arrested.

Catch and Release: Rioters Jailed in St. Louis and New York Set Free by Local Prosecutors

Even as US police crack down on riots and looting, authorities from St. Louis to New York City are simply releasing everyone arrested in connection with the unrest, due to the reform championed by social justice activists.

Retired police captain David Dorn was gunned down by looters and four active duty police were shot in St. Louis, Missouri, as protests over last week’s death of George Floyd in Minnesota turned into violent riots on Monday. The 25 people arrested in connection with the unrest were released by circuit attorney Kim Gardner, however.

“It’s unfathomable that every single person arrested that night has been released,” state Attorney General Eric Schmitt told reporters on Wednesday. “It’s stunning.” Schmitt vowed to do everything he can to prosecute the rioters.

Gardner is the first African-American circuit attorney in St. Louis, elected in 2016 with substantial assistance of Democrat mega-donor George Soros, following the unrest in nearby Ferguson. In 2018, she led a probe against the Republican Governor Eric Greitens, eventually dropping the charges after he resigned from office.

Google faces $5 billion lawsuit in U.S. for tracking ‘private’ internet use

(Reuters) – Google was sued on Tuesday in a proposed class action accusing the internet search company of illegally invading the privacy of millions of users by pervasively tracking their internet use through browsers set in “private” mode.

The lawsuit seeks at least $5 billion, accusing the Alphabet Inc unit of surreptitiously collecting information about what people view online and where they browse, despite their using what Google calls Incognito mode.

According to the complaint filed in the federal court in San Jose, California, Google gathers data through Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and other applications and website plug-ins, including smartphone apps, regardless of whether users click on Google-supported ads.

This helps Google learn about users’ friends, hobbies, favorite foods, shopping habits, and even the “most intimate and potentially embarrassing things” they search for online, the complaint said.

Google “cannot continue to engage in the covert and unauthorized data collection from virtually every American with a computer or phone,” the complaint said.

Bob; Just to make it clear, I liked the scenery, but I don’t miss leaving.

Double Counting in Washington State

Public health officials in Washington state are counting people who were fatally injured with a firearm in the tally of COVID-19-related deaths. This decision – and it appears to have been made consciously – reinforces what we already know about public health officials.

In the best-case scenario, public health officials report data without regard for nuance. Perhaps that is the case in Washington state. As reported in the Seattle Times, “The rapid onslaught of this coronavirus forced officials to part from their normal process of counting deaths, [Health Statistics Manager Katie] Hutchinson said. Their goal was to get the data out as quickly as possible, “in near-real time so immediate decisions could be made to protect the health of Washingtonians,” Hutchinson said.

The data dashboard created by the Washington Department of Health includes people who tested positive for the virus and subsequently passed away from any cause – including gunshot wounds.

“About five cases involved COVID-positive people whose deaths involved gunshot wounds,” according to Hutchinson. The state epidemiologist for noninfectious conditions, Cathy Wasserman, claimed that “There’s a commitment to provide data as rapidly as possible and we have to balance that with our commitment to accuracy.”

Accuracy is critical in scientific analysis – and especially so when that analysis is used to guide policies that impact the people those policies are supposedly protecting. The inclusion of fatal gunshot wounds in this data raises some important questions.

Is there – or will there be – an effective double count of certain deaths in Washington state? Will these deaths – and the deaths of other COVID-positive people who were killed by some other cause – be counted once as the underlying cause of death and once as COVID-related? KOMO News reported that the counts will be adjusted, but why did the Department of Health put itself in position to need to make that sort of obvious adjustment.

Why are clear cases of non-COVID fatalities included at all? There is not likely to be disagreement among doctors or coroners about the cause of death, so these cases should not be attributed to anything but that cause. External causes – like gunshot wounds – are not as difficult to determine as internal causes, like a virus or the related effects.

This reflects a long-standing concern with fatality reporting as it relates to Second Amendment issues. Fatalities are tragic. Death certificates are produced for every death in the United States, meaning there is a record of every death and the cause of death. Every death can be counted and accurate counts are used for analysis. The CDC maintains two public databases that provide anyone access to this data (with certain limits to protect privacy) – WONDER and WISQARS.

When firearm-related fatality counts are not as high as anti-gun activists would like, they simply change the methodology. They rely on something other than death certificates. The Associated Press and the USA TODAY Network used the anti-gun “Gun Violence Archive” to claim that there were more fatal gunshot-related accidents among children than the CDC reported death certificates. These anti-gun “journalists” just could not believe that the number of such fatal accidents had hit record lows in recent years and so they turned to a notoriously biased web scraper to produce a different count.

A count that did not rely on actual data.

Data is essential to good policymaking and government agencies that manipulate data – either intentionally or inadvertently – undermine trust in government. The pro-gun community must always closely examine the details of any argument supposedly based on data because, time and again, anti-gun activists will do whatever it takes to push their agenda.

We already know that anti-gun politicians will regurgitate whatever talking points and skewed “data” they think will help their cause. Electing reliable defenders of the 2nd Amendment will ensure that our rights are secure.

We don’t need a dataset to tell us that.

Other schtuff doesn’t just stop because some people riot.

Joe Biden Tapes Emerge in Ukraine

The previous week telephone recordings of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden emerged in Ukraine. The recordings are said to be conversations between then-Vice President Biden and then Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. They involve an alleged attempt of American interference in Ukrainian domestic politics, as well as corruption.

The Accusations Against Biden

The latter is no new claim. President Donald Trump has repeatedly been attacking Biden for allegedly protecting his son Hunter Biden from investigations in Ukraine when Biden demanded the dismissal of then Ukrainian Prosecutor General Shokin.

A member of the Ukrainian Rada (parliament) called Andrii Derkach published the telephone recordings on YouTube last week in an apparent attempt to confirm team Trump’s allegations of corruption against Joe Biden.

The accusations against Biden have been a central strategy by the Trump campaign since Biden announced his candidacy. The allegations claim that Biden protected the Ukrainian energy company Burisma  — on whose supervisory board his son Hunter had been sitting at the time  — from investigations by the Ukrainian Prosecutor General Victor Shokin. At the time, Schokin had been considered highly corrupt not only by the United States but the European Union also. President Poroshenko subsequently fired Shokin after Biden had publicly demanded it during a visit to Ukraine. In return, Kyiv received US aid that had previously been withheld.

Assessing the Impact of the Recordings

It is also worth noting that Derkach has been collaborating with Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, who, despite his best efforts, has yet to present evidence on the Biden corruption claims. Moreover, Derkach claims to have received the recordings “from investigative journalists” – are bizarre at best. After all, journalists usually publish leaked material themselves and are not at the mercy of members of parliament to do so.

Nonetheless, everyone ought to be encouraged to have a listen, as despite the press conference and the pseudo-breaking-news-character Derkach attempted to utilize, at no point in the recordings are Derkach (nor Giuliani’s) claims against Biden confirmed. The term Burisma does not even appear in the recordings once, while a complete lack of context during the conversation, one can hear further disqualifies the recordings.

The recordings and the press conference are thus nothing more than a transparent attempt to provide team Trump with ammunition for new attacks against Biden in the election campaign. It is the latest attempt to frame Joe Biden after President Trump had previously asked current Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Biden himself in order to find incriminating material, and in exchange for military aid  — a move that initiated impeachment proceedings against Trump.

Biden’s Quid Pro Quo?

The truth is that the recordings only confirm what everyone with a sense of reality had already been cognizant of: Joe Biden was pushing the Ukrainian leadership to make efforts to fight corruption in exchange for US aid. He did so by arguably intervening more deeply in Kyiv politics than is customary between sovereign states, granted. However, nothing in the recordings contradicts Biden’s or the United States’ official stance on the issue. What it reveals is the difference in power between Washington and Kyiv and the diminutive status of a Ukrainian president on the world stage vis-à-vis an American Vice President.

Ukraine’s current President Zelensky was nonetheless satisfied with the press conference and the accusations against his predecessor Poroshenko. The “evidence” was sufficient to start an investigation into the former president on the grounds of treason, he confirmed.

As for Joe Biden, the story remains what Trump loyalists would otherwise call a “nothing burger”. Rudy Giuliani has been conducting his own “investigation” in Ukraine for months. However, his claims remain so outlandish that even Republicans are not inclined to go near these with a ten-foot pole. The whole saga remains a transparent and incoherent attempt to frame the man who is on course to prevent Trump’s reelection.

They Screwed General Flynn For THIS? Read The Transcripts Of Flynn-Kislyak Calls (Embedded)

Brand new DNI Ratcliffe sent the transcripts of phone conversations between Flynn and Kislyak that were declassified by Rick Grenell to Sens. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Ron Johnson, R-Wis., on Friday. They released it to the public (see below). A reading of the transcripts is more evidence that the FBI, DOJ, and President Obama screwed General Flynn and started and advanced the Russia hoax for absolutely nothing.

The released phone calls include a Dec. 23, 2016 call between Flynn, Kislyak, and Russian diplomat Aleksandr Pchelyakov, a Dec. 29, 2016 call between Flynn and Kislyak; a Dec. 31, 2016 call between Flynn and Kislyak; a Jan. 12, 2017 call between Flynn and Kislyak; and a Jan. 19, 2017 voicemail from Kislyak to Flynn.

As for the most significant issue about the call, the Obama administration’s Russia sanctions because of election interference they were discussed but not in the way the liberal media described three years ago. Flynn tried to keep things from getting out of hand. Flynn urged the Russians that if they had to reciprocate, do not make it bigger than what the Obama administration did, otherwise it would force a cycle of escalating tit for tat responses.

The Dec. 23 call began with a discussion of the anti-Israel UN Security Council vote that happened later that day. The anti-Israel team of Barack Obama & John Kerry directed UN Ambassador Samantha Power to abstain when UNSC resolution 2334 came to a vote rather than veto the anti-Israel resolution in the UN Security Council. Since the abstention allowed the resolution to pass, the Obama action had the same effect as an anti-Israel UN Vote

True, Egypt wasn’t pressing for a vote, the U.S. was because Barack Obama wanted to smack the Jewish State one more time.  As the call continued, Flynn urged the Russians not to overreact to any penalties Obama may impose because of the Russian election interference.

On the Dec. 29 call, he reiterated that position in a more specific way and reminded the Ambassador that the two countries wanted to stay friends so they can solve their common Middle East problem (ISIS?).

Flynn did talk about the sanctions, but he didn’t say anything about removing them, he actually helped the Obama team by urging the Russkies not to overreact. For that, the FBI and DOJ tried to ruin his life.

The full document is below.

Flynn-Kislyak calls release… by Jeffrey Dunetz on Scribd

BAM: Trump Signs Executive Order to Strip Big Tech of ‘Liability Shield’ for Censoring Content

On Thursday, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to strip social media companies of their “liability shield” if they engage in censorship or political content. Trump’s order came two days after Twitter decided to issue an extremely biased “fact-check” on two of the president’s tweets, supporting vote-by-mail practices that are at the center of a lawsuit between the California Republican Party and Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.). Trump has condemned the “fact-check” as an attack on free speech.

“Today, I am signing an Executive Order to protect and uphold the free speech and rights of the American people,” Trump declared. “Currently, social media giants like Twitter receive an unprecedented liability shield based on the theory that they’re a neutral platform, which they are not, not an editor with a viewpoint.”

“My executive order calls for new regulations under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to make it so that social media companies that engage in censoring or any political conduct will not be able to keep their liability shield,” the president explained. “My executive order further instructs the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to prohibit social media companies from engaging in any deceptive acts or practices regarding commerce.”

The president also directed Attorney General William Barr to work with the states “to enforce their own laws against such deceptive business practices.”

Echoing other critics of Big Tech, Trump said, “What they’re doing is tantamount to monopoly, you could say. It’s tantamount to taking over the airwaves.”……………

Until the FBI, DOJ and any other gubbermint agency that corruptly used the power of this law for political purposes is completely exposed and all perpetrators brought to justice, even a more watered down version of this shouldn’t even be considered. Of course the President should have been making this case before the Senate got their hands on it as it can be passed in the House without one Republican representative voting for it.
And if it does pass, Trump should veto the bill.

Trump urges House Republicans to reject FISA renewal bill
House to vote on surveillance-powers bill on Wednesday; Senate has already approved it

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump called on House Republicans to reject pending legislation that would renew a set of domestic surveillance powers that lapsed two months ago, a move that could doom the bill less than 24 hours before lawmakers were set to begin consideration of it.

“I hope all Republican House Members vote NO on FISA until such time as our Country is able to determine how and why the greatest political, criminal, and subversive scandal in USA history took place!” Trump wrote on Twitter on Tuesday night, referring to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The president has said the intelligence community improperly used the law to surveil his presidential campaign for political reasons, an assertion disputed by former Obama administration officials.

Trump’s tweet follows months of uncertainty about whether or not he would support the legislation concerning aspects of FISA that both chambers of Congress have been debating since the start of the year. The Senate earlier this month voted 80-16 with large bipartisan support to renew the expired provisions with a host of changes intended to bolster privacy and transparency protections.

The House is expected to vote as soon as Wednesday on the Senate-approved measure, but also had agreed to consider an amendment that would curtail when the Federal Bureau of Investigation can collect internet search records and browsing history from Americans when working on a national security investigation. A similar measure came one vote short of passing in the Senate but was expected to clear the House, along with the overall FISA bill.

“dangerous,” “disgusting,” and “malarkey.”?
I think the gubbernor was describing hisownslef.

‘Related to obvious other causes’: Gunshot victims included in Washington coronavirus death tally

Officials in Washington have admitted that gunshot victims are included in the coronavirus death count.

The state’s Department of Health reported about 100 cases of people with the coronavirus or “probable” cases of the COVID-19 virus who died and were included in the total tally of deaths attributed to the pandemic, but officials can’t trace how the patient contracted the virus.

“So our method that we use to give up to date counts related to COVID death is not our usual process for how we track data for deaths in Washington,” Dr. Katie Hutchison, health statistics manager for the Department of Health, said. “We had to modify what we normally do in order to quickly meet the data and informational needs of the pandemic. We’re aware that there is some confusion about how this works and whether or not this modified process is accurate.”

The Freedom Foundation found that of the 828 coronavirus deaths reported as of May 8:

  • 681 (82%) “list some variation of ‘COVID-19’ in one of the causes of death” on the death certificate.
  • 41 (5%) of the death certificates do not list COVID-19 as a cause of death but indicate it was a “significant condition contributing to death.”
  • 106 (13%) deaths involved people who had previously tested positive for COVID-19 but did not have the virus listed as a cause or contributing factor to their death on their death certificate.

“Our dashboard numbers do include any death to a person that has tested positive to COVID-9,” Hutchison said.

Local outlets in the area have reported the numbers then include people who tested positive for the virus but died from other causes, such as gunshot wounds.

“We currently do have some deaths that are being reported that are clearly from other causes,” Hutchison added. “We have about five deaths, less than five deaths, that we know of that are related to obvious other causes. In this case, they are from gunshot wounds.”

According to the Freedom Foundation, the state’s Department of Health said, “Ultimately … we suspect that we are actually more likely to be under-counting deaths than over-counting them. … It may take up to a year or more to get final counts on COVID-19 deaths.”

Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee has called the findings “dangerous,” “disgusting,” and “malarkey.”

‘Rules for Thee, but not for ME!’
Der GretchenFührer™ displays standard operational hypocrisy – again.

Embattled Michigan Governor in Hot Water Over Hubby’s Boat Request

The governor of Michigan — whose strict coronavirus lockdown policies have caused infamous revolts in the state — is taking heat after her husband appeared to have flouted some of her own advice about holiday travel.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer pushed some of the strictest regulations in the country as Michigan became engulfed in cases and deaths, prompting widespread protests by some residents, including those who stormed the state house last month bearing nooses, swastikas and guns screaming, “Lock her up!”

Last Monday, Whitmer announced that she was lifting some lockdown restrictions in areas before Memorial Day weekend.

But “if you don’t live in these regions … think long and hard before you take a trip into them,” she said.

“A small spike could put the hospital system in dire straits pretty quickly. That’s precisely why we’re asking everyone to continue doing their part. Don’t descend on [waterfront] Traverse City from all regions of the state.”

Three days later, a marina owner wrote on Facebook that the governor’s husband, Marc Mallory, had asked its workers to get their nearby boat in the water before Memorial Day, a report said Monday.

The vacation property that the governor and her husband own is about 25 minutes form Traverse City, the Detroit News said. The couple’s main residence is in Lansing.

“This morning, I was out working when the office called me, there was a gentleman on hold who wanted his boat in the water before the weekend,” NorthShore Dock LLC owner Tad Dowker wrote Thursday on Facebook, according to the Detroit News, which said the posting has since been made private.

“Being Memorial weekend and the fact that we started working three weeks late means there is no chance this is going to happen,’’ Dowker wrote, the paper said.

“Well our office personnel had explained this to the man and he replied, ‘I am the husband to the governor, will this make a difference?’ ”

The docking company later said on its Facebook page that Mallory was respectful when told it couldn’t accommodate him, according to the News.

Republican state Sen. Tom Barrett, R-Charlotte, noted to the News that Whitmer had urged state residents not to flock to Traverse City, and “Yet, what did her family try and do?

“In the Army, we have a tradition that the leaders get in line for chow last behind everyone else in the unit,” he said. “Here is the leader of our state. … Her family is trying to cut people in line.”

Whitmer’s spokeswoman, Tiffany Brown, did not deny the claims involving her boss’s husband to the News but said the governor’s office would not be responding to “every rumor that is spread online.”

Declassified Susan Rice Email Proves Joe Biden Not Only Knew — But Aided in Plotting Against Flynn

(TCP News) The [pdf copy] >Susan Rice email < [pdf copy] is simply more conformation of what is already known – the Obama Administration targeted General Flynn.

  1. Barack Obama knew about, and participated in the targeting of General Michael Flynn.
  2. Joe Biden lied – he not only did have knowledge of the Flynn affair, he actively participated in it.

While the liberal Left is quick to dismiss this as just another “nothingburger,” it is anything but.

As noted, Obama and Biden both knew about and participated in this sham operation against General Flynn.  Joe Biden has repeatedly claimed he knew nothing about Michael Flynn.  Sounds a lot like Hillary Clinton who knew nothing about 33,000 missing emails.

In a recent interview, Biden stated: “I knew nothing about those moves to investigate Michael Flynn…,” then Biden stammers and backtracks saying he did know that there was an investigation.  But don’t take my word for it, watch and listen:


That Obammy instigated this is no excuse, the FBI, DOJ et al. didn’t stand up and tell him where to go and how to get there when this came down the line, so they’re just as corrupt

Obamagate Gets Worse With DAMNING Declassified Memo

Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into alleged links between the Trump campaign and Russia, was based on such weak “evidence” that a former FBI executive says it should have never been opened up “in a million years.”

A newly declassified memo dated July 31, 2016, which launched the entire investigation, was based not on any evidence of wrongdoing by any members Trump campaign. As John Solomon at Just The News observes, the investigation was opened based on “a third-hand ‘suggestion’ of wrongdoing and the thinnest of suspicions that illegal foreign lobbying had occurred.”  The memo makes clear that the criminal basis for Operation Crossfire Hurricane was suspected violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, but the memo does not identify a single incident violating that law.

Rather [the memo] focused on a “suggestion” passed on by Australian ambassador Alexander Downer that Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos might be coordinating with Russia the release of damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

Downer had heard the information about the Russians during a bar conversation in May 2016 from Papadopoulos, who had heard it two months earlier from a European professor who had heard it from Russians allegedly.

The memo shows the case agent, Peter Strzok, expressed some doubts and reservations about the limitations of the evidence even as he opened the probe.

“There is nothing in the [electronic communication] that meets the traditional thresholds for opening up a [Foreign Agents Registration Act] or [counterintelligence] investigation,” Kevin Brock, the former chief of intelligence for the FBI, told Just the News. “It appears hastily constructed.”

According to Brock, there are other red flags contained in the memo, including Peter Strzok’s drafting and approving the opening of his own investigation and segregating the memo, preventing interagency oversight.

When asked by Just The News if he would have approved the opening of Crossfire Hurricane based on the memo, Brock said he would not have. “Not in a million years. I wouldn’t have approved it as a squad supervisor either. This would have set off alarm bells in any FBI field for not meeting our standards for a predicate.”

The memo was obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

The memo shows “there was no serious basis for the Obama administration to launch an unprecedented spy operation on the Trump campaign,” says Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Wach. “We now have more proof that Crossfire Hurricane was a scam, based on absurd gossip and innuendo. This document is Exhibit A to Obamagate, the worst corruption scandal in American history.”

Fitton added, “This document shows how Attorney General Barr and U.S. Attorney Durham are right to question the predicate of this spy operation.”

So why would FBI agents have opened up an investigation based on the weakest of evidence into a presidential candidate, who was also a major critic of the sitting president at the time? It is quite clear that Obama’s FBI wanted to surveil the Trump campaign and was fishing for any excuse to do so. This latest evidence helps explain why the Obama administration applied for a FISA warrant against the Trump campaign even though they knew the Steele dossier they were relying on was based on Russian disinformation. This explains why the investigation persisted despite the fact it never found any empirical evidence of collusion. This also helps explain why Obama’s CIA director suppressed intelligence that actually showed that Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win.

How does the FBI, which previously had a reputation for being unbiased and professional, launch such a poorly justified investigation of a presidential candidate? The answer, it seems, is obvious.According to Obama’s DNI James Clapper, Barack Obama is responsible for starting the Trump/Russia investigations, and text messages from Peter Strzok to his lover Lisa Page indicated that the investigation was being run out of the White House. In short, the once famously independent FBI became a politicized weapon of Barack Obama, who wanted “to know everything” about what going on with the investigation, and was aware of critical details of this investigation.

Barack Obama wanted to destroy Donald Trump, and he weaponized the federal government to make that happen, forcing a poorly-justified investigation that never would have passed muster under normal circumstances.

Only now?

FBI Director Wray opens internal investigation into how bureau handled Michael Flynn case

The FBI announced Friday that Director Chris Wray has ordered an internal review of the handling of the bureau’s investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

“FBI Director Christopher Wray today ordered the Bureau’s Inspection Division to conduct an after-action review of the Michael Flynn investigation,” the bureau said in a statement.

The review will be handled by the bureau’s Inspection Division, the FBI said. That division is similar to an internal affairs office in a police department.

Scumbaggery is just barely able to describe this.

The Obamagate Scandal Just Got Even Dirtier
Obama’s FBI Offered To Pay Christopher Steele To Dig Up Dirt on Mike Flynn.

British spy Christopher Steele was offered money by Obama’s FBI to dig up dirt on Michael Flynn. The proposal came in the weeks before the 2016 election. This offer hasn’t received any press until now and was first reported by The Daily Caller. “The inspector general’s report, released on Dec. 9, 2019, said that FBI agents offered to pay Steele ‘significantly’ to collect intelligence from three separate ‘buckets’ that the bureau was pursuing as part of Crossfire Hurricane, its counterintelligence probe of four Trump campaign associates.”

BI agents also wanted contact with “any individuals or sub sources” whom Steele could provide to “serve as cooperating witnesses to assist in identifying persons involved in the Trump campaign-Russian relationship.”

The Obama administration never had any empirical evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to testimony from top Obama officials

The revelation adds a new layer of intrigue to the Obamagate scandal. Recently released documents show that Steele “peddled an unfounded rumor that Flynn had an extramarital affair with a Russian woman in the United Kingdom.” Prior to this revelation, it was not known that Steele had investigated Mike Flynn. Steele, who used to work for MI6, the United Kingdom’s foreign intelligence service, was previously only known to have focused on Donald Trump, Carter Page, Paul Manafort, and Michael Cohen.

No Big Deal, Just Mueller’s Main Prosecutor — Actually, The Guy Who Ran the Whole Show — Headlining a Fundraiser for Joe Biden

13 Angry Democrats.

And 13 politically active Democrats, too!

A friend suggests that Andrew Weissman is taking this breathtakingly inappropriate action because he fears possible prosecution and wants to let half the jury pool know he’s on their side.

All of this means nothing if the Attorney General decides not to prosecute for whatever political reason.

‘Well, Son of a *****: Ukrainian Judge Orders Court to Name Biden as Alleged Perpetrator In Firing of Prosecutor General

We’ve all seen the clip at least a hundred times. Speaking at a Council on Foreign Relations event in January 2018, former Vice President Joe Biden boasted that in the spring of 2016, he threatened to withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine unless then-President Petro Poroshenko fired the prosecutor who was investigating Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings in the next six hours.

“I said, ‘you’re not getting the billion’ … I looked at them and said, ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money.’ Well, son of a b****, he got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.”

Hunter Biden was appointed to Burisma’s board of directors in 2014 shortly after Joe Biden became President Obama’s point man for Ukraine and was paid $83,000 per month. In March 2016, Burisma and its owner/founder Mykola Zlochevsky were under investigation by Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin. Shokin was about to question Hunter Biden when his father delivered his now-famous ultimatum.

Unfortunately for Biden, Shokin refused to go quietly in the night.

French media outlet Les Crises reported in January that Shokin filed a federal complaint with Ukraine’s National Bureau of Investigation (NABU) which accuses Biden of abusing his power. At that time, Ukrainian District Court Judge S. V. Vovk ordered the Prosecutor General’s Office and the State Bureau of Investigations to review Shokin’s claim.

In April, Just the News’ John Solomon reported that Vovk ordered the country’s law enforcement services to formally list the fired prosecutor, Victor Shokin, as the victim of an alleged crime.

Still, Ukraine’s law enforcement agencies “refused to name Biden as the alleged perpetrator of the crime, instead listing the potential defendant as an unnamed American.”

All of that has recently changed. Vovk ruled that “anonymous listing was improper and ordered the law enforcement agencies to formally name Biden as the accused perpetrator.” Vovk’s ruling states:

A competent person of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine who conducts procedural management in criminal proceedings No. 62020000000000236 dated February 24, 2020 to enter information into the Unified register of pre-trial investigations … a summary of facts that may indicate the commission of a criminal offense under Paragraph 2 of Article 343 of the Criminal procedure code of Ukraine on criminal proceedings No. 62020000000000236 dated February 24, 2020, namely: information on interference in the activities of the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Shokin, Viktor Mykolaiovych performed by citizen of the United States of America Joseph Biden, former U.S. Vice President…

The order of the court may not be appealed.

(Ukraine Court Ruling (English Translation): 4-21-20 Shokin Case)

Solomon later confirmed the story with Shokin’s attorney, Oleksandr Ivanovych Teleshetskyi. He told Solomon that Ukraine officials have not yet complied.

Teleshetskyi said, “Viktor Shokin publicly appealed to the president of Ukraine with a request to properly respond to illegal inaction in the investigation of criminal cases that are open against Joseph Biden. Let me remind you that they were discovered precisely as a result of the statement of Viktor Shokin.”

Biden freely admits he pressured Poroshenko to fire Shokin, however, he continues to deny the firing had anything to do with his son’s position on Burisma’s board. He claims that Shokin was corrupt.

Solomon reports:

Shokin, however, has alleged in a court affidavit he was told he was fired because he refused to stand down his investigation of alleged corruption by Burisma and after he planned to call Hunter Biden as a witness to question him about millions of dollars in payments his American firm received from the Ukraine gas company.

Shokin has also disputed Democrats’ claims he was fired because he was incompetent or corrupt, producing among other pieces of evidence a letter from the U.S. State Department in summer 2015 that praised his anti-corruption plan as Ukraine’s chief prosecutor.

While the Biden-Shokin factual dispute remains unresolved, the impeachment trial last year generated testimony from State Department witnesses who said they believed Hunter Biden’s role at Burisma while his father oversaw U.S.-Ukraine policy created an uncomfortable appearance of a conflict of interest.

Both Bidens have denied wrongdoing but acknowledged they wished they had handled the matter differently.

Shokin’s continued pursuit of a case in the Ukraine courts could prompt new disclosures this summer as Biden readies for the fall election against Trump.

Solomon interviewed Shokin who claims he has evidence that “Ukraine officials were satisfied with his performance” and that he was fired only because of Biden’s threat.

On Tuesday, an audio recording of an alleged telephone conversation between Biden and Poroshenko leaked by Ukraine Member of Parliament Andrii Derkach. No one has confirmed if the tapes are authentic at this point. My colleague, Streiff, posted on this story here.

On the recording, Poroshenko tells Biden he has fired Shokin. Biden is heard saying, “And I’m a man of my word. And now that the new Prosecutor General is in place, we’re ready to move forward to signing that one billion dollar loan guarantee.”

When even anti-Trumper George Will writes, and the anti-Trump Washington Post publishes an article that has problems with this, well…………

Our plea bargain system can make the innocent admit guilt. Enter Michael Flynn.

Michael Flynn, who was President Trump’s national security adviser for 24 days and who has been entangled in the criminal-justice system for 40 months, pleaded guilty of lying to FBI agents and now recants that plea. We shall return to Flynn below, but first consider Habeeb Audu, who is resisting extradition from Britain to the United States, where he is charged with various financial crimes.

The Cato Institute’s Clark Neily was asked by Audu’s lawyers to write, in accordance with British extradition practices, a Declaration — an “expert report” — about the risk that Audu would not have a meaningful right to a fair U.S. trial. Neily, a member of the American Bar Association’s Plea Bargaining Task Force and head of its subcommittee on impermissibly coercive plea bargains and plea practices, concludes that extradition would “guarantee” Audu’s subjection to a process that “routinely” coerces through plea bargaining. So Audu probably would experience “intolerable pressure designed to induce a waiver of his fundamental right to a fair trial.”

Plea bargaining is, Neily argues “pervasive and coercive” partly because of today’s “trial penalty” — the difference between the sentences offered to those who plead guilty and the much more severe sentences typically imposed after a trial. This penalty discourages exercising a constitutional right. A defendant in a computer hacking case, Neily says  committed suicide during plea bargaining in which prosecutors said he could avoid a trial conviction and sentence of up to 35 years by pleading guilty and accepting a six-month sentence.

Californian’s tax $$ at work.

California opens up coronavirus funding for immigrants in state illegally

Undocumented immigrants in California are now allowed to apply for the state’s coronavirus relief program that will pay $500 per person and up to $1,000 per household, according to reports Monday.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Sacramento has freed up $75 million for the fund, which could help about 150,000 who may be facing severe hardships during the pandemic. An earlier report in the paper said the Center for American Liberty is suing the state, claiming that the money is “not a slush fund for the governor to spend as he sees fit.” It hopes to block the package.

Opponents of the measure insist that any taxpayer funds should be directed to U.S. citizens who are also struggling amid the pandemic.

The LA Daily News reported that the state is home to about 2 million undocumented immigrants who are not eligible to receive any kind of federal stimulus. The report said the fund could hit $125 million,  which would include $50 million from donations. The money is expected to run out quickly.

The state website opened on Monday and there was so much traffic that the site crashed, the Fresno Bee reported.