1, shot 15 times and the other 5 times. Talk to me about magazine size restrictions, and I’ll rub your nose in this one.

2 Suspects Fatally Shot During Home Invasion In South Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — An apparent home invasion turned deadly in South Philadelphia. Police say two men who were trying to break into a home on the 1600 block of South 10th Street were shot and killed by two men inside the house.

Officials were on the scene for hours as they worked to determine what exactly happened and why.

A home invasion turned deadly Monday afternoon, turning this residential street into a crime scene.

“At first, I thought it was a woman and there were two intruders that were going to rob her, but now, I have no idea what really happened,” a neighbor said.

As details emerged, police say it was two men who lived at the home who shot two others who tried to force their way in.

The brazen break-in unfolded on the 1600 block of South 10th Street around 1:30 p.m. Monday afternoon.

“I’m thinking maybe it’s time to move out. For something like this to happen in the middle of the afternoon, it’s like — I heard it was a robbery — if that’s the true story or not, I’m not sure but it’s tough to take,” Mary Grace McHale said.

The two suspects died at Jefferson University Hospital. A 33-year- old was shot 15 times while the other man — between 25 and 30 years old — was shot five times. Officers found both men unresponsive inside the home.

“Shocking. Like I was saying, you don’t expect something like this in your own neighborhood. You see it on the news all the time, unfortunately, and this is really something out of the ordinary for this area,” John Caruzzo said.

Caruzzo joined others in South Philadelphia peering down the street in disbelief. He watched as investigators went in and out of the house, blocking both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

“It makes you feel uneasy. Like you think that this can’t happen until you walk outside and hear about it and then you see up live and in person and you think, ‘my God, it’s a block from your house. How could this possibly happen?’ But it does,” Carrozza said.

The alleged intrusion prompted some to think about protecting themselves.

“Maybe I should go buy a gun,” McHale said.

Arizona homeowner fatally shoots 2 intruders

A Phoenix, Arizona homeowner shot and killed two men who were attempting to break into the home Saturday morning, police said, according to reports.

When police arrived before 8 a.m. in response to several 911 calls, officers found the two alleged intruders on the ground in front of the home.

“Witnesses told the officers the shooter was inside the home next to where the men were lying,” Sgt. Philip Krynsky told FOX 10 Phoenix.

“The officers were able to successfully carry the men to await paramedics. The officers were able to communicate with the three occupants of the home and they were detained peacefully.”

The two alleged intruders were transported to separate hospitals, where they succumbed to their injuries.

Police said the people detained in connection to the shooting gave consistent stories of self-defense over the alleged attempted break-in.
The men, believed to be in their 20s, have not yet been identified.

Krynsky explained that the people detained in connection to the shooting gave consistent stories of self-defense during the investigation into the incident.

“In consultation with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, the suspects [suspects? SUSPECTS?? VICTIMS!!] were released, and charges will be submitted for review,” Krynsky said.

Suspect shot, killed by employee after robbing gun shop in southwest Houston

HOUSTON – A suspect was shot and killed by an employee after attempting to rob two businesses, including a gun shop on Tuesday, according to the Houston Police Department.

The incident was reported around 3:17 p.m. at Carter’s Country, located in the 11800 block of South Wilcrestt Drive and Southwest Freeway.

Before the man entered the gun shop, witnesses told police he entered a Suit Mart next door and tried to steal some items.

“The guy looked like he was a homeless person,” said witness Marcus Fomby. “Basically, they told him to just let go of the jeans or we’ll call the police.”

Leaving the Suit Mart empty-handed, police said the man then entered the gun shop with a sharp object, opened the cash register and stole the money. The employee told officers he shot the suspect in self-defense as the suspect was leaving the business.

“Once he went there (the gun shop), he actually went behind the counter (and) started ruffling through the cash register,” HPD Lt. Larry Crowson said. “He was confronted by one of the employees, at that point, one of the employees felt in fear of their safety and fired two shots, at least one struck.”

Witnesses said the man stumbled into the parking lot where he collapsed. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition where he later died, HPD said.

After consulting with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, the case will be presented to a grand jury for review.

Two people fatally shot during alleged East Hartford home invasion were teens
Two people shot to death during an alleged home invasion on Thursday included a 16-year-old male from Hartford and a 15-year-old from Meriden, according to police on Friday [17th].

The two allegedly entered the home and physically attacked the resident who had a handgun and shot them both, police said Friday. The handgun is legally registered to the resident, police said.

The two people who died have not yet been identified, police said.

Police responded to 87 Graham Road just after midnight Thursday after a neighbor called 911 to report that they’d heard gunfire. Officers arrived at the home and found two people suffering from gunshot wounds. They were treated by paramedics from the East Hartford Fire Department and were taken to a local hospital where they were both pronounced dead, according to the East Hartford Police Department.

The man who lived in the home suffered minor injuries in the incident but did not need medical attention.

According to East Hartford Property Records, the shooting happened inside a white two-family duplex owned by Trieu Phuong of Southington.

Clearwater woman attacked in her bedroom, shoots intruder dead

CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — A Clearwater woman shot a man who attacked her in her bedroom Tuesday morning, according to police.

A CPD release said officers responded to the shooting on Flagler Drive at 8:49 a.m. after the woman called 911.

Officers said the woman woke up to find Justin William Wright, 26, in her bedroom before he attacked her. Police said he lived on the same road as the victim.

“She was able to reach out and call 911 during this attack, but the attack persisted,” CPD Chief Daniel Slaughter said. “At which time, she was able to retrieve a gun that she had lawfully.”

The victim managed to get a gun and fatally shot him in self-defense, according to police. Slaughter said the woman had injuries that were consistent with a self-defense situation.

“We’re going to avoid talking about too many of the details, but I can tell you she was asleep in the residence,” he said. “She was attacked. She does have injuries that are consistent with that attack.”

“We certainly don’t just chalk it up to self defense and move on,” he said. “There is an awful lot of work that has to occur. The crime scene is going to be investigated just like any other death or murder or homicide or as in this particular case, potentially a justified homicide.”

Legally armed Iowa woman shoots violent unprovoked attacker in grocery store

A legally armed woman in a Des Moine, Iowa, grocery store shot another woman who violently attacked her Sunday morning, police say.

“This was something spontaneous that unfortunately happened in that grocery store where a lot of people were grocery shopping this morning,” said Sgt. Paul Parizek of the Des Moines Police Department said of the Sunday incident, according to KCCI.

Police said suspect Kapri Lashawn Francis, 30, attacked the woman without provocation inside a Hy-Vee grocery store at about 10 a.m. local time. The unidentified woman was legally armed and fired one shot at Francis.

The suspect was shot in the leg, while a male customer was shot in the foot after the bullet ricocheted.

Francis was arrested and charged with assault causing bodily injury after receiving medical attention at a local hospital. Police said the victim fired her gun in self-defense after interviewing witnesses and reviewing store surveillance footage.

A business owner who works next to the grocery store described a chaotic scene after the gunshot was fired.

“I decided to come over here to the corner, and I was like, what’s going on?,” Michell Boyum, owner of Sun Seekers Tanning, told KCCI. “One of the employees was down here crying, and she ran to me. And she was like there was a shooting and I immediately grabbed her because she’s maybe 17 years old.”

“A lot of [staff and customers] said that they witnessed it. A couple of them said they had seen the gunshot go off. They had seen the person where they got shot at. They were shaken so bad and all I could do was be there and hold them.”

The incident sparked a strong police response, as many Americans are on edge following a series of mass shootings in recent weeks, including one at a Buffalo grocery store in May.

“We’ve certainly got a high level of awareness and preparedness for these things,” Sgt. Parizek said. “And when we hear something like this happen we treat it like it’s the real deal. And I think you saw that response up there today. There was a heavy police presence, responding with the thought that we need to save people.”

36-year-old shot, killed for intruding homeless man’s tent

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) – Police are investigating a homicide after a man was shot in north St. Louis City early Tuesday morning.

The shooting happened around 4:37 a.m. near O’Fallon Street and Lewis Street. Police said they found Steven Weinhardt, 36, shot and killed in a tent.

Reports say a homeless man shot Weinhardt because he entered his tent. After being questioned by police, the suspect was released.

No further information has been released.

4 charged in Salt Lake home invasion that left 1 intruder dead

SALT LAKE CITY — Four people have been charged in connection with a chaotic incident in which police say they attempted to commit a home invasion robbery that ended in an exchange of gunfire and one of the intruders being killed.

About 7 p.m. on June 6, police were called to the Seasons At Pebble Creek apartment complex, 1616 W. Snow Queen Place (1675 South) in the Glendale neighborhood, on a report of a shooting. Anthony Wheatley, 19, was found with multiple gunshot wounds inside one of the units and died at the scene. Two handguns and several bullet casings were found “scattered across the living room,” according to charging documents.

Three injured people also drove away from the scene in two vehicles. Two of those victims, an 18-year-old man and a 19-year-old man, had been shot. A third man, 21, was also treated at a local hospital after being hit with a gun.

Five people, including Wheatley, participated in a plan to rob and assault two brothers living at the apartment, according to newly released information in charging documents.

One of the brothers had been communicating with Malibu Rose Mawson, who “was adamant about seeing him,” charging documents state. Police later said they learned that Mawson was pretending to be romantically interested in the man so she could get in the door and then let the others in the apartment.

The brother told police he was at first hesitant, but later invited Mawson to come to his apartment. Shortly after she arrived, there was a knock at the door and three men wearing masks — later identified as Wheatley, Erik Virgen, and Preston Luke Olson, entered, the charges state. A fifth person, Jaron Andersen, waited outside the apartment in a car, police say. Wheatley and Virgen are accused of pulling guns out of their waistbands after they entered.

“At least two of the males pointed guns directly at (the brother) and began yelling at him,” according to the charging documents.

The man told police the intruders were “asking him for something and (he) did not know what they wanted.” The gunmen also said they were going to kill him and proceeded to punch, kick and pistol-whip him, the charges state. Police say Olson told them he looked around the apartment for items to steal while Wheatley and Virgen assaulted the man.

A short time later, the man’s brother arrived at the apartment. He recognized Mawson, who was his former girlfriend. He then saw the intruders pointing guns and recognized Virgen from a youth group home. The brother told police that he rushed at Virgen and tackled him, but not before being shot in the chest, according to the charges. Both brothers then fought with the group and were able to take a gun away from one of the intruders.

Shots were then exchanged, including the brothers firing at the intruders with the gun they had taken, according to court documents. Wheatley was killed in the exchange.

The two brothers ran from the apartment after the shooting and drove away. They got lost going to the hospital, however, and pulled over at 1150 S. Redwood Road to flag down another car.

A second car with Olson, who was also shot, was found at 60 S. Redwood before he was also taken to a local hospital. Mawson and Virgen fled to Cedar City, according to charging documents.

On Thursday, Andersen, 19, of Herriman; Olson, 18, of Washington; Virgen, 18, of Springville; and Mawson, 20, of Springville, were each charged with aggravated burglary, a first-degree felony; and aggravated assault, a second-degree felony.

No charges have been filed in connection with Wheatley’s death.

Leaving a garage door opener in the car and parking it outside ranks right up there among the most stupid things not to do for home security

Homeowner holds burglar at gunpoint after awakening to find him inside home in Ingleside

A homeowner held a burglary suspect at gunpoint after finding him inside their home next to their baby’s bedroom in Ingleside Thursday morning, police and prosecutors said.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office responded around 12:10 a.m. Thursday to the 25800 block of West Marquette Drive in Ingleside for a burglary in progress.

Lake County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chief Christopher Covelli said responding sheriff’s deputies were informed the victim was holding the burglar at gunpoint.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived and found James J. Rizzo, 34, of the 100 block of Windward Road in Lakemoor, being detained by the victim.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Rizzo.

Covelli said further investigation revealed Rizzo burglarized the victim’s car, which was parked in the driveway.

Rizzo allegedly used the car’s garage door opener to open the garage and enter the home.

Victim shoots robbery suspect at The Domain

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Austin police said a man shot someone trying to rob him Tuesday afternoon at a north Austin outdoor shopping center. The suspect then got in a car, which drove a short distance before someone called 911 to get him medical help.

Jaylyn Reed, 17, faces an aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon charge. According to the affidavit, he was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound that threatened his life. KXAN reached out to his attorney and will update this story when we receive a response.

UPDATE: Suspects in string of Austin robberies arrested after Domain shooting, APD says
According to the arrest affidavit, Reed has an “extensive criminal history of aggravated robbery” and is a suspect in robberies that happened in the last few weeks.

At 4:11 p.m. the suspect came up behind two people who were walking through a parking lot at 3400 Palm Way, which is in The Domain shopping center, according to an arrest affidavit. The victims told police he had a black shirt wrapped around his face and pointed a gun at the two as he took a shopping bag and a backpack from one of them.

The suspect started getting into a car and pointed a gun at one of the victims who was yelling and walking toward him, the other pulled out a concealed pistol and shot the suspect.

According to an affidavit related to one of the people accused of being in the car, Reed dropped the gun he had at the scene. Police later said it was stolen.

The suspect left in the car, but didn’t get far before a passenger called 911 for help and police responded. The victims’ property was found in the vehicle, the affidavit said.

“Reed had been ordered by a Travis County Judge to wear an ankle monitor, which has been removed from his person,” the affidavit said.

On Tuesday, a portion of Burnet Road near Esperanza Crossing closed after a shooting, Austin police said. A police spokesperson confirmed Wednesday afternoon this was a separate shooting investigation and not related to the robbery investigation, but an affidavit filed Thursday morning indicated detectives determined they were related.

That this took so long is near infuriating. It’s doesn’t take seven (7) months – unless you’re a room temperature IQ moron – to figure out if it is, or isn’t a case of self defense.

Muncie woman is found justified by prosecutors after killing intruder

MUNCIE — A prosecutor has determined that a Muncie woman will not face charges after ruling that she acted in self-defense during a home invasion in November 2021.

According to the Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office, the woman had called the police to report a home invasion. When the police arrived, they found a person who had been shot and killed along with the homeowner and her child, who were not harmed.

The prosecutor’s office released findings Wednesday that determined the homeowner was acting in defense of herself and her child when an unknown person had tried to enter her home.

In the findings, it was determined that the homeowner had called the police on two occasions, both being home invasions within six hours between Nov. 18 and Nov. 19.

After the first call, police arrived at the scene and found no one on the premises of the home.

In the second report, the homeowner reported hearing someone trying to get into her home through her kitchen window. The homeowner had an Indiana permit and legally possessed a Glock handgun, the findings said.

The homeowner raised her gun and fired one “warning shot” through the kitchen window. According to prosecutors, she immediately called 911 and reported what had happened.

After responding to the call, officers found Ke’yon Davis lying on the ground a few feet away from the kitchen window.

The Muncie Police Department conducted an investigation and found finger and/or handprints on four of the windows, a cinderblock under the window seemingly used as a stool to look inside the home and shoeprints by the window that matched Davis’ shoes.

Police found a stolen laptop and other various items in Davis’ backpack. Police do not know the motive behind Davis trying to break into the home.

If Davis had survived, police said he would have faced multiple charges including attempted burglary, attempted residential entry and theft.

Man killed in Germantown shooting; Police investigating as possible self-defense

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A man was killed and a woman was taken into custody following a shooting in the Germantown area of Nashville Tuesday evening.

The shooting happened around 7 p.m. in a parking lot near 3rd Avenue and Monroe Street.

Metro police reported Carlos Washington, 47, was shot and killed at a storage unit.

The woman told officers Washington put her in a chokehold during an argument in their car. She then retrieved her firearm and shot Washington once before getting out of the vehicle, according to Metro police.

Detectives are investigating the shooting as a domestic-related self-defense claim and findings will be presented to the District Attorney’s Office.

Police Fatally Shoot Armed Man at Duncanville Field House; Campers Unharmed

No children were harmed, the city confirmed Monday morning.

Duncanville police said they were called to the field house at about 8:43 a.m. on reports that an armed man was inside the field house where approximately 250 children between ages 4 and 14 were inside at summer camp.

Duncanville Police Public Information Officer Michelle Arias said Monday morning that officers arrived at the field house within two minutes and entered the building looking for the gunman.

During a search of the area, police said officers found the man armed with a handgun in the gymnasium and exchanged gunfire. The man was shot by police and given medical aid before being transferred to a hospital where he later died.

Duncanville Assistant Chief of Police Matthew Stogner said Monday afternoon that the gunman entered through the lobby and had a discussion with a staff member. It was there, Stoger said, the gunman fired the first shot heard in the building.

Police have not revealed any information about the man or why he entered the building. A car in the parking lot was surrounded by crime scene tape Monday morning and was being investigated. It’s not clear if the car belongs to the gunman.

An 18-year-old camp counselor who was working with about 40 of the children told NBC 5 they were about to play a game when a gunshot boomed above the commotion in the room.

The counselor, Naomi Rodgers, said a staff member then ran into the room and closed the door saying, “We have an active shooter right now!”

“We had to move them all across the room because the building is glass and we had to find a safe space,” Rodgers said. “The shooter actually came to our door … and he said if we didn’t let him see who he wanted to see he was going to shoot the place up.”

Rodgers said the gunman then shot the glass door.

“The glass started to fall and I just started to pray then because that’s all I could do,” Rodgers said. “I know what happened at Uvalde … and I was like this cannot happen. Not today. Not today.”

Families rushed to the field house to pick up their children after shots rang out Monday morning. Parents waited anxiously to be reunited with their loved ones. Families were reunited at a nearby recreation center. NBC 5’s Katy Blakey has the story.

Police said the preliminary investigation indicates the gunman was in at least one other area where children were present but none of them were targeted or injured.

The only injury reported is the fatal shot fired by police that killed the gunman.

After the shooting, the children taking part in summer camps were moved to a nearby recreation center while the shooting was investigated.

Duncanville Police said the police shooting will be investigated by the Texas Rangers.

Bullard man cites self-defense in deadly shooting

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Texas (KLTV) – A Longview man was shot dead Sunday evening at the home of a Bullard man.

According to a report by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were dispatched to a residence in the 8000 block of Farm to Market Road 855 in response to a call that an individual died of apparent gunshot wounds. Upon arrival, deputies found that Tommy Peeler, 69, of Longview man dead from apparent gunshot wounds. Deputies then detained two individuals, Stephen Driskell, 54, of Bullard, and Sue Peeler, 64, of Bullard.

After interviewing the individuals, it was determined that Driskell fired his weapon in self-defense, resulting in the death on Tommy Peeler. Both individuals were then released.

The case is still under investigation and will be forwarded to the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office to be presented to a grand jury.

KCSO Investigating a Bly Mountain self-defense shooting

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. – At approximately 8:45 AM on Sunday, June 12, 2022, Klamath County Sheriff’s Office deputies along with personnel from Klamath County Fire District 5 and Bonanza Ambulance Service, were dispatched to the 5900 block of Flamingo Dr in the Bly Mountain area east of Bonanza, on a report from an individual that he’d shot someone in self-defense.

Fire personnel were first to reach the scene and began life-saving efforts on Kyle Alan Majestic Sr., 34, of the Bly Mountain area who succumbed to his injuries. Deputies questioned the responsible individual, who alleged that Majestic came at him swinging a dangerous weapon.

The incident remains under investigation and no arrests have been made. KCSO’s investigation is being assisted by the Klamath Falls Police Department, Oregon State Police, and the Klamath County District Attorney’s Office.

People intervene in attempted carjacking, suspect shot in Maryvale

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Police say an attempted carjacking was stopped by people nearby and the suspect got shot in Maryvale on Wednesday morning. It happened around 8 a.m. at a parking lot near 83th Avenue and Encanto Boulevard, which is north of McDowell Road.

Phoenix Police Sgt. Phillip Krynsky said a man was trying to steal a car when a group intervened and the man was shot. He was taken to the hospital with a life-threatening injury. No additional information has been released. Krynsky said the details are preliminary and subject to change as officers investigate the incident. No identities were released.

Iowa homeowner shoots would-be intruder

A homeowner near Casey, Iowa shot a would-be home invader multiple times early Thursday, according to the Adair County Sheriff’s office.

Investigators say their received a 911 call from the homeowner around 4:30 a.m. saying he had just shot someone who tried tried to break into his home. The homeowner awoke to unusual noises and then heard glass breaking before he found the person trying to enter the home through a broken window.

An Adair County deputy and officers from the Stuart, Iowa police department were already in the area, investigating the crash of a vehicle on Interstate 80 near the Adair rest area. The deputy found the vehicle abandoned around 3:18 a.m. in the median.

Investigators say the vehicle had been reported as stolen to the Omaha Police Department.

Officers responded to the rural home after the 911 call and administered first aid to the wounded person. That person was taken to a Des Moines hospital for treatment of multiple gun shot wounds.

Thursday afternoon. the Adair County Sheriff’s Office had not released the identity of the suspected intruder.

School resource officer shoots, kills ‘suspicious person’ outside Alabama school

GADSDEN, Ala. (AP) — Authorities say a person who was outside an Alabama elementary school was shot to death by police.

Etowah County Sheriff Jonathon Horton tells The Gadsden Times there was a report of someone trying to get into either Walnut Park Elementary School or vehicles outside the building on Thursday morning.

Other officers responded and the person was shot to death. One officer suffered minor injuries. All the children are safe.

Tony Reddick, Superintendent of Gadsden City Schools, said he received an urgent call from Walnut Park’s principal.

“I got a call from the principal who’s really distraught, and I really couldn’t make out what was happening,” he told News Channel 8 sister station WIAT. “But I knew it was something pretty bad.”

He told WIAT that the school system is vigilant in preparing for events like these. He and the school’s principal, he said, had just participated in a seminar that included school safety training on Monday.

Police investigate circumstances surrounding shooting death of man found near Detroit home

DETROIT – Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding an overnight shooting after a man was found dead near a Detroit home.

The discovery was made around 4:35 a.m. Tuesday in the 16500 block of Salem Street, according to authorities.

Officers said a man was found dead near a home in the area. His age is unknown.

They believe the man might have been an intruder who was shot during a home invasion. 

[ya think?]

The person inside the nearby home is cooperating, according to officials.

No additional information has been revealed.

The ‘Felony Murder Rule’ strikes again.

Tampa dating app meetup ends in robbery attempt and homicide
A woman has been arrested on a murder charge after deputies say she set up a meeting that ended with her brother being shot and killed.

A Tampa woman is facing a murder charge after a person she tried to lure into a robbery through a dating app shot and killed her brother in self defense, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s officials said.

Tat’yana Mekeva Gaston, 23, was arrested Friday and charged with second-degree murder in connection with the May 31 shooting, according to court documents. Gaston was released from the Hillsborough County jail the day of her arrest after she posted $15,000 bail, records show.

Police say Gaston matched with a person on the dating app BLK posing as a 22-year-old woman named “Jada.” She asked the person, who is not named in court records, to meet her at Kain Palms Apartments, where her brother, Jermon Kennard, 18, was waiting nearby to rob the person, the records state.

When a masked Kennard threatened the person with a knife, he shot Kennard with a gun that was concealed in his waistband. Kennard was taken to Tampa General Hospital, where he died of gunshot wounds to his head and chest, records state.

Gaston later told police she thought her brother was going outside to sell someone an iPhone 13. She said she went outside the apartment complex to check on him and saw a male she didn’t know walking away from a gray Nissan Altima parked near the building. She couldn’t find her brother and heard five gunshots. She identified the male as “the boy” who killed her brother.

Police contradicted Gaston’s story with text messages they said they found showing she had asked her brother to come outside quickly before the person arrived.

Nearby motion sensor cameras captured the robbery and placed Kennard and Gaston at the scene, according to police. However, the knife was not visible in the footage, and the shooting was not captured on video.

Even though she didn’t pull the trigger, Gaston is still charged in her brother’s death because of a Florida statute that says when a person is killed in a felony or in an attempted felony, such as a robbery, anyone involved in the crime can be charged with murder.

Kennard was finishing his senior year of high school at Carver Exceptional Center, according to his obituary. He celebrated his 18th birthday in April.

Man Attacks Caretaker And Is Shot Dead In Stockton

STOCKTON [California] (CBS13) — Saturday evening, a fatal shooting occurred in a self-defense circumstance in Stockton, said the Stockton Police Department.

On Saturday, officers responded to a shooting around 6:30 p.m. near Allston Way.

When they arrived, they found a 38-year-old man who had been shot and was suffering from major injuries.

Medics transported the man to a local hospital, but unfortunately, the man succumbed to his injuries.

Due to the circumstances, detectives were called to investigate.

They found that the 38-year-old now-deceased man had tried to physically attack a caretaker in the backyard at a home.

The caretaker, a 43-year-old man, fearing for his life, shot the attacker.

After that, the caretaker dialed 911 for assistance. The shooting looked to be justified at the time, according to the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office.

Texas woman fatally shoots suspected stalker who kicked in front door

A Texas woman shot and killed her suspected stalker after he kicked in her front door, police say.

The shooting unfolded last Monday evening in Harris County at the Gateway at Ellington apartment complex. Houston Police responded to the apartments and found a male with a gunshot wound to the chest.

The unidentified man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said the unidentified woman shot the suspected stalker after he kicked in her front door. The woman told police she had recently moved to get away from the man, SBG San Antonio reported.

Police said they found damage to the woman’s door frame. Other people were inside the residence during the incident………

I don’t advise the use of warning shots. If the situation is bad enough that it’s time to go to guns, don’t waste ammo on something that’s not the problem. Take care of the problem.

Homeowner screamed and fired a warning shot before ultimately killing home intruder

A Mississippi homeowner shot and killed a man breaking into a residence Friday morning, police report.

Dispatchers received a 911 call just before 6 a.m. Friday morning about an unwanted person on Johnson Circle. As officers were on their way, the caller remained on the phone with 911 as the situation escalated, Adams County Sheriff TravisPatten said.

“He began to break windows around the residence and found an unlocked metal security door under the carport. He opened that door and then started trying to kick in the other door behind that. Once that door came open, the homeowner fired a warning shot first and then fired another shot which struck the suspect in the arm. The bullet proceeded on through his chest and he was pronounced dead on arrival.”

Patten added homeowners said they didn’t know Harris.

Adams County Coroner James Lee identified the man as 35-year-old Gari Harris.

“It’s another sad day in Natchez,” Lee said. “As always, my prayers go out to all of the families involved.”

The incident occurred on Johnson Circle, Patten said the man appears to have broken windows and tried to kick in the door of the residence before he was shot.

He was pronounced dead on arrival, he said

“At this time, we do not know why he was at that house,” he said. “He did the same thing at another residence up the street as well.”

He said the homeowners were taken to the sheriff’s office for questioning but it appears that they were acting defensively.

“Mississippi is a castle doctrine state,” he said. “While this subject was beating on the windows and doors, the homeowner screamed several times for him to leave making it clear that he was not wanted there. Even after he fired the warning shot, he continued trying to get into the residence.”

DeKalb homeowner shoots, kills man trying to break into his apartment

Police say a homeowner shot and killed a man who was trying to break into his DeKalb County [Georgia] apartment.

Police said the shooting happened around 1:45 a.m. Thursday on the 2800 block of Panthersville Court.

When police got to the scene, they found a man shot to death. The homeowner said the man was trying to break in.

Police are not charging the homeowner and he has not been identified.

The man who was killed has also not been identified.