Pamela Karlan lays an egg

This hag was on Hillary’s short list for the Supreme Court. That, if nothing else, should convince anyone with 1/2 a brain just how dangerous demoncraps are.

The impeachment hearings are on, with a spotlight on the three anti-Trump law professors who ranted before Rep. Jerry Nadler’s House Judiciary committee on Wednesday.

Their testimonies were a disaster for the Democrats. They proved they were anything but constitutionalists. It took the fourth “witness,” the eloquent Jonathan Turley, to drive that home. These other three were quite the opposite, fans of abrogating most of our founding document.

What will be remembered forever is the condescending arrogance of the professors — Pamela Karlan, Noah Feldman and Michael Gerhardt.
If there were ever an expose of the kind of people who inhabit the ivory towers of academia, this was it.
These three law professors were a flashing neon warning: Do not send your kids to prestigious law schools. People like this are not educating kids, they are numbing their brains with destructive Marxist nonsense.

Nadler did us all a favor, actually: He exposed for all to see just how far gone the American left is. Not one of those three extreme partisans has any knowledge of the actual Constitution nor do they have any respect for it.
That was made very clear on Wednesday. There are numerous constitutionalist scholars Nadler could have called upon — John Eastman, Mark Levin, Hugh Hewitt — for example. That Jonathan Turley was allowed to speak was a Christmas miracle. Like Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz, Turley is the real deal, a non-partisan legal scholar.

What would be hilarious if it were a SNL skit was the “testimony” of Pamela Karlan, a venomous anti-Trump law prof at Stanford, which does not speak well for Stanford.
She was on a short list of Hilllary’s picks for SCOTUS so it is a safe bet that she is angry that HRC lost. She has been onboard every anti-Trump campaign from the day he won the election.
The same goes for Feldman and Gerhardt; they are each on record in favor of impeachment long before President Trump’s conversation with the president of Ukraine.
Bottom line?
Each of them is a radical leftist plant and Nadler, House Intelligence committee chairman and impeachment master Adam Schiff and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi think the American people are so stupid they will be fooled by what they saw on Wednesday.
They are not that stupid. These impeachment junkies have guessed wrong.

Karlan was the most egregiously partisan and thus the most entertaining. Her arguments in favor of impeachment were laughable.
She was so annoying she made Elizabeth Warren seem warm and fuzzy.
She is on record in favor of impeachment from day one.
That Stanford employs this woman is not comforting.
That Harvard employs Feldman is distressing.
Karlan made what she clearly thought was a clever joke about Barron Trump’s name.
How low will they go? This low. Gutter low.
Karlan’s career should be over as of Wednesday for she is not a teacher, she is a propagandist.
Her students will not be taught to grasp the wisdom of the Constituion, they will learn to dismiss it as a document written by old white men. Karlan and her fellow travelers are a menace to society.

It calls to light that Nadler’s initial impeachment hearings were a disaster so Pelosi handed that off to Schiff’s intel committee for the deed, right there an abrogation of the Constituiton.
That turned out to be an even bigger disaster. Schiff called up people who don’t like President Trump because he did not listen to them, whose feelings were hurt!
Trump actually thinks for himself and acts on his best instincts, a no-no in Schiff’s world. So far, given all the economic and foreign policy successes, his instincts have served him well. This is very likely what has driven the left to madness, President Trump’s success on nearly every issue.
No matter how hard Pelosi and her colleagues try to sabotage him, he is making America greater and safer. This enrages the left; they are apoplectic that this outsider is exposing them as the saboteurs they are.
They hate all of us who voted for Trump and they mean to punish us for our crime of loving our country as founded.

Nadler may have assumed that bringing Pamela Karlan to speak was a stroke of brilliance but she was the nail in the coffin of impeachment. She, even more than the two men, is the epitome of the contempt the left has for the American people.
Her arrogance, her oh-so-planned but unwise and cruel joke about President Trump’s son as her punchline should be all anyone needs to hear to understand exactly who these people are.
These are not the people who should be entrusted with the education of our young people.
They are not teaching them to think; they are teaching them to capitulate unthinkingly to their progressive will.
If their students resist, they are pilloried, made outcasts on their campuses.

One only had to watch Schiff’s show trial to realize they will not allow an opposing witness to speak.
Schiff is a Stalinist; what is so frightening is that no one in his own party is standing up and screaming STOP!
That pretty much says all we need to know about the Democratic party today.
Like Obama promised, they mean to transform America into something it was never meant to be: fascist.
Our left is now officially, openly fascist. They mean to control how we live, what we eat, what we drive, how much of our money we can keep, what we can say, write, tweet, and think. Thought crimes are on their agenda.

That Donald Trump was elected was divine intervention. The miracle of his win was a stopgap, an interruption of the left’s takeover of our republic.
Unless all Americans become enlightened and involved, these enemies will win.
They will ruin this once great nation with their toxic progressivism, their stealth fascism.
If Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi think their pet law profs did them proud on Wednesday, they are sadly mistaken. They actually exposed the totalitarian underbelly of our vicious and intolerant anti-Trump left.
Karlan, Feldman and Gerhardt willingly exposed the intellectual vacuity of our professorial class.
In the end, the “hearing” on Wednesday was a grand failure for the anti-Trump left and an eye-opening education for all Americans who watched the grotesque pompousness of the left.
Pamela Karlan is their poster-girl. She must be so proud.
In fact, she will be a laughingstock for the rest of her life.

Ambrose Bierce, ever a brilliant observer of the human condition wrote: “They say that hens do cackle loudest when there is nothing vital in the eggs they have laid.”!
Pamela Karlan sure laid an egg today.