Go Ahead Bloomberg, Name Hillary As Your Running Mate. We Dare You!

By mid-morning on Saturday my phone was blowing up with the text messages and voicemails, some claiming credit for predicting it, others incredulous at the news.

Some just forwarded the screengrab of the DRUDGE REPORT: “Exclusive: Bloomberg Considers Hillary Running Mate.”

Drudge went so far as to claim sources placed so close to the former NYC mayor he stated Bloomberg was admitting he was willing to move his residence to Florida or Colorado to escape the electoral college dilemma of the president and veep being from the same state.

The New York Post reporting breathlessly on the same story literally broke the internet with the amount of celebrity retweet/reactions it garnered. Actor James Woods parroting a well-timed (if not grossly overused) meme of “Death Wish…” (A not so subtle reminder that people die mysteriously around the Clintons—especially when standing between them and the ascension to power).

Curiously by mid-evening—after literally being the viral story of the weekend—stories appeared in Politico, the Associated Press, and elsewhere claiming the days’ events had “overblown” the case. Note: none of the stories outright disputed the basic facts.

My theory holds the entire sequence was a trial balloon to garner reaction before the Nevada debate and caucus to insert Bloomberg’s campaign into the equation. He is still not on the ballot for two more contests. Odds are also shaping up for increasing momentum to be garnered by Sanders ahead of Super Tuesday, where his lead in California and now Texas have expanded big time.

Reminder: Bernie has won the most votes (by close to 10,000 votes) but somehow still finds himself being robbed of delegates. In fact, he trails Pete Buttigieg who has yet to corner an outright win to date. That trend will be demolished with big Sanders’ wins in the next three primary contests.

If the bad punch lines Bloomberg continues to ham-handedly deliver (like the ones in Texas this week parroting “Texan” expressions that no one‘s heard of) it’s pretty obvious he’ll need more than his own (lack of) personality to assist his rise.