No charges to be filed after man claims self-defense in fatal Keene shooting
Attorney general’s office say prosecutors would be unable to disprove self-defense claim

Almost one year after a man shot and killed another man outside his Keene home, investigators said Wednesday that no charges will be filed.

Shane Frazier said he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed Kristopher Chagnon, 27, in May 2022. Officials with the attorney general’s office said there was insufficient evidence to disprove that.

Investigators said witnesses told them that before the shooting, Frazier found one of his children next door, which upset him. After Frazier and his child went home, a group of people followed them, standing outside his door, and one of them went into the house.

Investigators said Frazier told police he grabbed his gun at that point and got ready to fire. He said he told the group never to come inside his home again.

Frazier told investigators that’s when Chagnon ran up the stairs, pushed the door open and got in Frazier’s face. Frazier told police he warned Chagnon several times to get back or he would shoot and eventually fired the gun.

Investigators said that there was some evidence supporting Frazier’s self-defense claim, but there is also differing information police got from witnesses, as well as a lack of objective evidence for self-defense. But the attorney general’s office determined that prosecutors would be unable to meet their burden of disproving Frazier’s claim of self-defense at trial.

Sheriff Commends Store Clerk Who ‘Put a Swift End to Dirtbag’s Crime Spree’ by Shooting Him 8 Times

Flagler County, Florida, Sheriff Rick Staly commended a Georgia convenience store clerk who shot a robbery suspect eight times. Qwinntavus Kwame Jordan robbed a Flagler County Circle K Friday morning and fled toward Georgia on I-95.

Cops in Florida and Georgia chased Jordan causing him to abandon his vehicle. Jordan fled on foot and ran into a convenience store brandishing a gun. Big mistake.

Sheriff Staly said: “I commend our Real Time Crime Center team for quickly developing suspect information and his vehicle and thank all the agencies that assisted in apprehending this armed and dangerous fugitive.”

“I also commend the Georgia store clerk that put a swift end to this dirtbag’s crime spree. If he survives his injuries, he should spend a long time in prison.”

Flagler County Sheriff’s Office said on social media:

On April 28, 2023, at approximately 3:30 am, Flagler County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the Circle K Gas Station located at 6125 SR100 East in Pal Coast in reference to a commercial robbery. The reporting party, an employee of the gas station, stated that a black male entered the store and demanded to be given all the money in the register.

The suspect alluded to having a firearm during the robbery but never brandished the weapon. The suspect then left the store with approximately $90 in cash and other miscellaneous items.

Using investigative means, FCSO’s Real Time Crime Center determined the suspect’s vehicle had gotten onto I-95 NB from SR100 East with information provided by Community Policing Division deputies.

The suspect’s vehicle was located by the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office traveling northbound on I-95 in St. Johns County.

The vehicle was pursued by the Florida Highway Patrol, the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, and the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office on I-95 through the various counties until the suspect reached the Florida/Georgia line. Once in Georgia, the Camden County Sheriff’s Office took over pursuit of the suspect.

Once in Camden County, GA, the Kingsland Police Department achieved a positive Stop Stick hit on the vehicle on I-95. The vehicle later came to a stop and the suspect fled on foot.

The suspect then entered a nearby convenience store, brandished a firearm, and demanded the clerk’s car keys. The suspect then took the clerk’s vehicle and started to flee but then crashed the vehicle through the front of the convenience store.

The suspect then exited the vehicle and chased the clerk and a customer through the store and a struggle ensued.

The clerk, who was now armed, shot the suspect approximately 8 times according to Georgia authorities. The suspect was taken into custody and transported to a hospital for his injuries. The suspect, later identified as Qwinntavus Kwame Jordan, is currently in critical condition.

The investigation is active and ongoing with several law enforcement agencies involved including the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

At the time of the robbery, Jordan was also a fugitive wanted for Armed Robbery from Coffee County, Georgia.

The warrants had been issued on April 27th. At this time, it is unknown why the suspect was in Flagler County.

Burglars dressed as DoorDash drivers in Indiana home invasion

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WXIN) — Court documents reveal that two armed men pretended to be DoorDash delivery drivers in order to get inside an Indiana home during an attempted burglary — which officials say turned deadly for one of the would-be burglars.

Grayson Rhue, 18, of Roswell, Georgia, was shot and killed on April 6 at the Noblesville, Indiana, home. Rhue, along with 22-year-old Ruai Ngundeng Pal, are accused of an attempted home invasion that backfired when one of the occupants inside the home pulled a gun.

Shortly before 10:20 p.m. on April 6, police were called to the home. The caller told 911 dispatch that her son had just shot at two suspects who had forced their way into the home.

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Man shoots at 2 suspects, wounds 1 after they allegedly attack him in his driveway

KELSO, Wash. — The Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting that happened Thursday afternoon.

Police say that at around 4:30 p.m. the Sheriff’s Office received the report that a man had been shot near Riverside Park in Kelso.

Law enforcement arrived at the scene and quickly located a man with a pistol. He was taken into custody by police, and acknowledged he has fired a shot at two people he claimed were assaulting him.

Deputies found a vehicle related to the incident near Rainbow Way and West Side Hwy, with the shooting victim inside.

The victim was taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries and the Sheriff’s Office closed West Side Highway for about an hour to account for everyone and process evidence.

During the investigation deputies interviewed multiple witnesses and obtained video of the altercation.

They learned that a man and a woman were sitting in their vehicle, in the driveway of their home, when they were approached by multiple suspects. Two men, identified by police as Asa McVay Keith Kelly, 21, of Longview, and Kamrin Alexander Kerr,19, of Longview, entered the driveway and confronted the man who was in the vehicle. Kelly and Kerr were seen opening the man’s door, and Kelly struck the man several times.

Kelly reportedly accused the man in the driver’s seat of being in a rival gang. As the man was being assaulted, he drew a pistol, exited the vehicle, and fired one shot, striking Kerr. The man stated he fired in self-defense.

The suspects involved in the assault fled the scene in the vehicle that was later located near Rainbow Way.

Based on witness statements and video corroborating the man’s statement, he was interviewed and released without charges.

Asa Kelly and Kamrin Kerr were booked into Cowlitz County Jail on charges of Assault 4th Degree and Criminal Trespass 2nd Degree.

Intruder rushed resident before being shot multiple times Monday night

BATON ROUGE – Police said an intruder was shot and killed while forcibly entering a home off North Acadian Thruway Monday night.

The Baton Rouge Police Department said someone was shot multiple times after forcing themselves into a home on Ontario Street near N. Acadian around 10 p.m. Monday. Officers later said that Lawrence Bajoie, 37, reportedly banged on the door multiple times before the resident opened the door.

Bajoie allegedly charged the resident and hit him before the resident shot him multiple times. Police did not specify whether there was a connection between Bajoie and the resident.

“They feared for their life, and I feel like it was what it was,” said Herbert Treece, who lives nearby.

Police are still investigating but say they think it was a justifiable shooting. Others disagree.

“It’s never a good time for someone to die. There’s always a better way to handle something,” Treece said.

Ontario street isn’t the only one littered with crime scene tape. Just a few streets over, two sisters were shot by their own brother on Sunday. One is in the hospital, the other died immediately.

“You know stuff is going on, but I never noticed anything bad about it until now,” Treece said.

Police say the shooting is justifiable.

New Mexico store owner shoots, kills burglar tunneling through wall

A would-be burglar tunneling into a smoke shop was shot dead by the store’s owner, who had taken to sleeping in the store to prevent break-ins, police said.

Albuquerque Police Department officers responded to a shooting call Saturday at around 4:30 a.m. and found the deceased burglar, KRQE News reported.

The owner of the store told KOB 4 News that there had been a previous break-in attempt before the store had even officially opened for business.

The owner said he was woken by a strange sound and found that the burglar had tunneled through the wall and began waving a large hammer and a chisel causing the owner to fear for his life, the outlet said.

According to the owner, he warned the burglar to leave the premises, or he would shoot, but he claimed the burglar walked toward him swinging causing him to open fire.

The suspected burglar was declared dead when police arrived at the scene.

Police said they are investigating the incident as a “justifiable homicide” and the owner was released after speaking with detectives.

The store owner told KOB 4 News that he has boarded up the hole and would soon be installing cameras.

The Albuquerque Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

Man Kills Gunman Who Tried to Rob Him

An armed man shot and killed a gunman who tried to rob him in Philadelphia on Tuesday, police said.

The 25-year-old man was walking along the intersection of 15th Street and 70th Avenue shortly before 7 p.m. when another man approached him and announced a robbery, police said.

The would-be robber then pulled out a gun and aimed it at the 25-year-old man, according to investigators.

The 25-year-old man, who police say has a permit to carry, then pulled out his own weapon and fired at least ten shots, according to investigators. The would-be robber was shot at least three times in the torso. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at 7:23 p.m. Police have not yet determined his identity.

The 25-year-old man remained at the scene and is cooperating with the investigation, police said. The man told investigators he saw a woman inside a car with the would-be robber prior to the shooting. He also said the woman drove off in the car during the incident.

Responding police officers later found the vehicle the man described a few blocks away from the shooting at 17th Street and 67th Avenue. The vehicle was unattended and riddled with bullets.

Police continue to search for the woman who was inside the car and are looking for surveillance video.

Self-Defense Considered In Fatal Shooting At Aspen Village Apartments

TUSCALOOSA, AL — The Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit has provided further details, including the identity of a man killed in a fatal shooting Sunday at Aspen Village Apartment on Sunday.

Captain Jack Kennedy, commander of the multiagency unit, told local media that the Tuscaloosa Police Department was initially called to Aspen Village Apartments on a shooting, where officers located Namarcus Giles, Jr. dead from his injuries at the scene.

He then explained that the primary residents of the apartment, who were brother and sister, along with other witnesses, were still on scene and cooperative.

“Giles had been in a previous relationship with the sister,” Kennedy said. “It was reported that Giles had been physically abusive to her in the past … The residents reported that during the day Saturday Giles made threats to come to the apartment. Giles later arrived at the apartment, broke down the door, entered, and began physically assaulting the sister. As this was occurring, her brother armed himself. The brother fired his weapon and Giles was struck, and did not survive.”

Kennedy went on to say the physical evidence on scene, as well as witness accounts, were consistent with this course of events, considering law enforcement was immediately contacted and all persons present were cooperative.

“At this time no arrest has been made, as reported issues of self-defense are present,” Kennedy said. “At the conclusion of the investigation, the case will be presented to a grand jury for review of any potential charges.”

One person dead in shooting during attempted robbery, Chattanooga

A person is dead after a shooting during an attempted robbery on Saturday night in Chattanooga, according to police.

Officers were called at 8:58 p.m. and found a person dead from apparent gunshot wounds in the 100 block of West 41st Street, a news release states.

The man who reported the shooting told police that he responded in self-defense when the shooting victim was robbing him.

An investigation is ongoing.

Home intruder shot dead in Northeast Austin

A Northeast Austin homeowner shot and killed a suspected intruder during an attempted break-in early Tuesday morning.

According to the Austin Police Department, at around 5:31 a.m., officers responded to a call in the 7600 block of Bethune Avenue, where a female resident reported a man attempting to break into her home through the door and a window. The caller then stated that the male suspect had entered the home, followed by the sound of gunshots.

Upon arrival at the scene, the APD officers and EMS medics found the male suspect dead. APD says the preliminary investigation indicates that the suspect was shot by one of the residents in self-defense.

There is no indication that the residents knew the male suspect. He was later identified as 61-year-old Samuel Wolf. While further details about other occupants of the home have not been released, the police confirmed the residence is a duplex with side A and side B.

The investigation is ongoing, and the APD is urging anyone with information to call the homicide tip line at 512-472-TIPS. No charges are expected to be filed against the resident who shot the suspect at this time.

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Suspect Shot Seven Times In Botched Home Invasion In Bethlehem

BETHLEHEM, PA – Four suspects were charged with robbery and home invasion in Bethlehem Township early Thursday morning, according to District Attorney Terry Houck.

The suspects were identified as Millito Delgado, 45; Michael Matas, 29; Francis Ferrando, 23; and Anthony Santiago, 29. Delgado, Matas, and Ferrando. They are currently in police custody, while Santiago remains at large.

During the home invasion, which occurred at approximately 4 a.m. in the 2000 block of Willow Park Road, four men broke into the residence where three occupants were present.

In an act of self-defense, one of the occupants shot defendants Matas and Ferrando.

Matas suffered seven gunshot wounds to the back and is currently in critical but stable condition, with an expected recovery. Ferrando suffered a single gunshot wound to the leg.

All four defendants are facing charges of 3 counts of Robbery – Attempt Serious Bodily Injury, 2 counts of Possession of Instrument of a Crime, Burglary, Simple Assault, and related charges.

Authorities have stated that there is no danger to the public at this time, and the investigation is ongoing. The affidavit has been sealed to protect the integrity of the investigation.

District Attorney Houck commended the Bethlehem Township Police Department for their swift response to the situation.

“This was first-rate work by the Bethlehem Township Police Department. I want to thank Chief Gregory Gottschall and his officers for their immediate response and attention to detail in this case. Although there is still much to do, I am confident no stone will be unturned in our effort to apprehend the fourth male,” he said.


Man shot another on Barnett Street in self-defense

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office released more information Wednesday about a shooting death on Barnett Street last week.

Deputies were called to investigate vandalism in the 2100 block of Barnett Street and found a man suffering from a gunshot wound, KCSO reported Wednesday.

An investigation showed a man forced his way into a house on Barnett Street and another man shot him to defend the homeowner, KCSO said. A gun was recovered, and no one has been arrested.

The victim hasn’t been identified.

Observation O’ The Day
Neighbors say this really is a quiet neighborhood…they say crime is practically unheard of, and they are stunned there was a deadly shooting.

Quote O’ The Day
Arthur: Where hides evil in my kingdom, then?
Merlin: Always… where you never expect it. Always.

Smyrna homeowner shoots and kills man breaking into his home

Smyrna police say a homeowner shot and killed a man who was breaking into his house Sunday evening.

First responders raced to the home near the corner of Lochlomand Lane and Highland Drive. Detectives immediately went to work. Police tape was visible along a dirt path which leads to the backyard of the house.

Police have not released the name of the homeowner or the man who was shot and killed.

Neighbors are stunned.

“That’s very terrifying to hear in this type of neighborhood,” said Paige Nowacki, who lives nearby.

Neighbors say this really is a quiet neighborhood. Just a couple of miles from Truist Park, they say this is the kind of place where everybody waves to each other. They say crime is practically unheard of, and they are stunned there was a deadly shooting.

“People protecting their houses. It happens more times than not. I’m glad the homeowners are okay and protected themselves. Still, it’s terrifying,” said Nowacki.

“There’s going to be a million arguments on why it’s a good or bad thing or surprising or not,” said another neighbor, Dakota Jarrad.

Jarrad moved into the neighborhood last year. He says he works with firearms and is trained to know how to use them to protect himself.

“You get it for a sense of protection, but you don’t want to use it,” said Jarrad.

Police say the investigation is still underway. At this time, no charges have been filed against the homeowner.

Man shoots, kills intruder in Ohio home

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A man who reportedly was trespassing in a home Saturday was shot and killed by the homeowner.

WBNS Channel 10 reports the shooting occurred at about 6 p.m. in the Southern Orchards neighborhood of Columbus. Officers were called to the home for reports of a trespasser.

By the time officers arrived, the homeowner had shot and killed the intruder, police tell WCMH Channel 4. The accused trespasser, whose identity has not been released, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The homeowner has not been charged but the incident will be reviewed by the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office, WBNS reports.

Robbery suspect who was shot by witness at Chase ATM was wanted for murder

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A stranger stepped in to help a man he witnessed being pistol-whipped by a suspected robber in southwest Houston Saturday night, according to police.

On Sunday, ABC13 learned that the suspect was wanted for murder out of Louisiana.

Investigators said the stranger saw the robbery as it was happening at a Chase Bank in the 10400 block of Westheimer Road.

A man pulled into the bank to withdraw money from the ATM when the armed suspect came around the corner and ordered him to hand over money, according to police.

Detectives said the victim reportedly began to comply until the suspect began to pistol-whip him.

That’s when police say someone driving by saw the crime happening and pulled out a gun to defend the victim.

The man shot the suspect in the leg and foot after several shots were fired. The suspect was taken to the hospital in stable condition, according to Houston police.

Investigators interviewed the victim and passersby, who were not harmed.

According to ABC13’s Safety Tracker, in the zip code where the incident happened, 77042, there have been at least 103 robberies in the area in the last year.

3 suspects shot when customer opened fire during robbery at SE Houston gas station

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — A shopper at a southeast Houston convenience store opened fire when four masked robbers stormed inside, sending three suspects to the hospital.

Houston police said at least one of the robbery suspects was armed.

HPD officers were called to a Circle K convenience store at a Valero gas station located at 8040 South Loop East at 7:55 p.m. Thursday.

According to Asst. Chief Ernest Garcia, four suspects in masks entered the store and started robbing customers at gunpoint.

That’s when an armed customer pulled out their weapon and shot at the suspects, Garcia said. Three of the robbery suspects were shot.

One bystander was also hurt, though it was unclear if he was shot by one of the suspects or the customer, HPD said.

All four suspects ran out of the store and to a car outside, where a fifth suspect was waiting, investigators said.

Meanwhile, the bystander was taken to the hospital via ambulance in stable condition.

The suspects left the scene and drove to a nearby hospital. One suspect who was shot is in critical condition, and the other two are stable, Garcia said.

In total, four suspects are in custody and one is still wanted, according to HPD.

Garcia said investigators believe the suspects are young males — possibly juveniles — though their exact ages are unknown.

LCSO investigating Easter homicide

BRONSON — The Levy County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating a homicide that occurred Sunday in Bronson.

According to a news release by LCSO Lt. Scott Tummond, the sheriff’s office 911 Center received a call at approximately 3 p.m. reporting that someone had been shot.

Deputies responded to a duplex located in the town and found 40-year-old James Young Jr. deceased on the floor inside. Tummond said Young suffered a single gun shot wound to the chest.

Tummond said detectives with the LCSO were sent to the scene and it was determined, through investigation, that Young had a previous “domestic relationship” with the female occupant of the duplex.

Young went to the duplex to confront the female and was armed with a handgun when he arrived. Tummond said the two began to struggle, and the woman managed to get her own gun and fired one shot, hitting Young in the chest.

Tummond said the female ran from the residence to a neighbor’s house close by for help.

Detectives are still in the early stages of this investigation. No charges have been filed and this investigation is currently on-going.

Athens man shoots, injures intruder in attempted burglary

An Athens man was shot early Monday after Athens-Clarke police said he burglarized a home and encountered a resident armed with a gun.

The shooting occurred at about 5:50 a.m. on the 1000 block of Tallassee Road in north Athens.

The suspect, James E. Hill, 41, of Broad Street, was treated for an arm wound, then booked into the Athens-Clarke County Jail, where he remained Tuesday without bond.

“I’m glad he’s alive and I didn’t have to be the one to take his life,” the 32-year-old resident said Tuesday when contacted.

The victim said the episode began when his girlfriend’s 16-year-old son went into the living room and saw a stranger sitting in the living room watching TV.

“He alerted us and she let me know somebody was in there. I grabbed my firearm and ran to the door,” he recalled.

The resident said he confronted the intruder, whom he had never seen before.

“He tried to reason with us, saying someone let him in and there were cops outside looking for him, but I knew no one let him in,” the man said.

The resident reported to police that the intruder had something in his hand and he was unsure at the time what it was. The suspect began running and the resident said he started shooting.

“I just wanted to scare him, but I ended up hitting him,” the resident said.

The man’s girlfriend called 911 and when police arrived, they located Hill across the street and took him into custody. Hill was carrying a Roku remote, according to the report.

Police officer Adam Sartain searched the area and collected seven 9mm shell casings. He also collected the resident’s Glock 45 9mm pistol.

Hill was subsequently charged with burglary and he provided a detective with a statement, although what Hill told the officer was not disclosed.

The resident said the intruder entered his house through a door.

“My dad had left for work and left the door unlocked,” he said.

“I never thought this would happen to me,” the resident said about using his gun. “I wanted to protect my family and my home.”

Police investigating fatal intruder shooting at Phoenix home

Phoenix police are investigating a home invasion that resulted in the fatal shooting of the intruder.

According to police, just before 6:30 p.m. Sunday, April 9, officers responded to the area of 7th and Portland streets for reports of a shooting at a home. Upon arrival, officers located a man suffering a gunshot wound in the third-story bedroom of the house. He did not survive.

Police say early information suggests that the man had unlawfully entered the residence, made threats and aggressively approached the homeowner. The homeowner then shot the man before calling police and remained on scene.

Phoenix police spokesperson Sgt. Melissa Soliz said that no arrests have been made as the investigation remained ongoing.

No other information had been released.

Businessman shoots burglar at Lincoln Square tobacco shop

CHICAGO — A smoke shop employee shot a would-be burglar who tried to break into the Lincoln Park businesses after closing time on Sunday evening, officials said.

Chicago police officers who responded to calls of a person shot in the 4700 block of North Talman around 11:45 p.m. found an 18-year-old man with gunshot wounds to his legs. The man initially told officers that someone shot at him from a black car.

But officers said the man clammed up after police received another 911 call about a burglary attempt at a business in the 2600 block of West Lawrence. Police determined that a 40-year-old man inside the business shot the 18-year-old, who was trying to enter through the back door, according to a CPD media statement.

A CWBChicago reporter saw a bicycle lying in the alley behind Big Lou’s Tobacco Shop, 2617 West Lawrence, as police spoke with someone outside the store.

The 18-year-old was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in fair condition with gunshot wounds to both legs. He is in police custody as detectives investigate the shooting, the CPD statement said.