Well the voters of the left coast who elected the leftist politicians, sowed to the wind and they’re now reaping the whirlwind. A lesson to be learned from their painful, and expensive experience.

Abolitionist Philosophy Fuels Big City Violence On The West Coast

Beneath a trending avalanche of subterfuge and rhetoric, and shockwave after shockwave of violent uprisings deteriorate into chaos, the major population centers up and down the left coast are burning examples of misplaced empathy and cratering to special interests by elected officials resulting in Dystopia. Like a scene out of “A Clockwork Orange”, a swarm of ultraviolet clowns descended upon a swanky business district and feasted upon the spoils of a clothing store.

In the aftermath of a coordinated group of thugs crashing through the doors assaulting  employees, and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake at a Bay area Nordstrom retail outlet, the tiresome social experiment of failing to prosecute criminals is again rearing its ugly head, as a quarter century of prosecutors disguised as “abolitionists” exercising a soft stance on crime has finally reached a major tipping point. The dubious equation propagating a tediously dangerous environment for law-abiding citizens, includes the variables an overwhelming aversion to guns, the stigmatization of firearms owners as bigoted murders regardless of race, the defunding and ridicule of law enforcement, and the enablement of rioters incredulously referred to as “peaceful protestors”.

While Saturday night’s flash mob of violence and Viking style plundering did not fall under the pretense social justice, residents were exposed to a primetime preview of things to come, and in the fear-mongering milieu of a Covid-19 pandemic, the villainous league will become more daring, the extremists will temporarily seize chunks of real estate in proclaiming anarchy, while the depleted and beleaguered  police forces are ordered to stand down and act with forced compassion coursing through the bureaucratic channels.

The Nordstrom incident and the faux Summer of love CHAZ/CHOP perimeter of lawlessness allowed to fester in Seattle are bi-products of a complex and disheartening cavalcade of factors slathered in toxic ideology. However, the unwillingness of lawmakers, who cling to their apparent academic accomplishments, fail to grasp one of the fundamental concepts of effective leadership, the ability to process history and thus learn from the blatant mistakes. In the absence of basic logic, inane methodologies and philosophies are retrofitted from 100 years ago and the delusion that things somehow will turn out differently, is a symptom of ideological insanity, which does not excuse the tyrannical undertones of threatening basic liberties and freedoms through idealistic fantasies.

Amid the chaos and destruction of WWI, author and historian Robert Service describes in his book “Spies and Commissars- The History of the Russian Revolution”, how the jail system was liquidated, as the alleged leadership got caught in the trap of social harmony and loyalty warping the reality that certain individuals lack the capacity to function within the order of society. The subsequent disturbing parallel would fit the narrative of the contemporary decaying climate facilitated by apologists. “Levien and Levine were breathtakingly naive. Believing that common criminals were simply victims of the old imperial order, they released all convicts from prison. The subsequent wave of robberies and murders in Munich made it a terrible place to live. The economic emergency intensified as businesses shutdown.”

Unleashing aggressive and lethal people upon society in 1919 for the sake of politics can be swapped out for 2021, the only difference within the future shock era of the information age, is that a potential crises is allowed to emanate through the adoption of policy and indoctrination. The most nefarious and maddening element of the current political fabric radicalized by the bevy megalomaniacs who scoff at term limits, is the comprehensive understanding of the nuances, branding, and categorization of riots. As propaganda outlining “systemic racism” runs rampant, counter culture protesters are encouraged by extremist politicians to be a menacing force, and distract from the big picture pursuit of tearing down society for a complete rebuild with a foundation steeped in Socialism. These are the same herd of cretins who will exploit a mass shooting tragedy to forward an agenda, yet are indifferent to the daily rigors of an ascending crime rate.

What is egregiously frustrating is that certain elected officials and support staff are adept at the dynamics of mobs, and the layered snapshot of riot within a mob or vise versus facilitates an entire industry of political posturing. While strict mandates have passed through the legislature of the three states on the West coast, individuals are now banned from legally carrying firearms at public “protests”, while ironically there is no way to guarantee that the criminal element won’t be armed, and the corporate media falls right into line in spinning the script so that instigators of violence are pre-qualified for victim credit card of unrelenting sympathy. As if on-cue, the mainstream news outlets failed to emphasize that CHAZ/CHOP resulted in four murders, and that residents with the blocks surrendered to miscreants by the Seattle city council were prevented from emergency services as a result of the blockades.

Only exacerbating the intolerance for law and order, is gun retailers in San Francisco and Seattle shuttering and crossing the city borders to evade the heavy tax increases and restrictions. While tools for self-defense are demonized by the leadership, the commitment to pat criminals on the back and foster the homeless industrial complex in legalizing car camping has transformed the downtown corridors and neighborhoods into glaring warzones of paradise for felons and burglars in the pursuit of inflicting widespread havoc.

The only recourse in cities where citizens have yielded to the nobility of the elites, is to remain vigilant and keep informed of the legislative process. Thankfully, the legal system is yet to be tarnished by the anti-patriots, and battles can and will be won in the courtrooms still free from unhindered bias.