Home Intruder Killed After Breaking Into Trailer House

MIDLAND, TX – Roommates living in a trailer in the Midland Trailer Park were attacked by a home intruder last Tuesday. The man was shot and killed. Now the roommates are telling their side of the story.

According to CBS7, on Sept. 29, deputies with the Midland County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the 7100 block of Airline Road at the Airline & Mobile Home RV Park for the report of shots fired.

When the deputies arrived they found 26-year-old Ian Ramirez dead on the kitchen floor. After speaking with the three residents in the home the deputies decided the shooting was self defense. Now the shooter, Gunner Duffy, shares exactly what went down.

It all started with a Tuesday afternoon card game between Duffy and his roommate. The game was interrupted by an alarm from the security system on the front door.

“He had blue gloves on and a surgical mask, and he pointed at me and said you’re going to come with me. He was very matter-of-fact and very determined–it was stressful, it was scary.” said Duffy regarding seeing Ramirez for the first time. “You know I yelled to the intruder stay where you are, don’t move, stay where you’re at right now, don’t move, the cops are on their way,”

Duffy then bolted for the bedroom and grabbed his rifle. He proceeded to shoot Ramirez twice in the chest. He continued firing shots at Ramirez until he could get his girlfriend and roommate to safety. By the time authorities arrived Ramirez was already dead.

Duffy was shot in the shin and his roommate was shot in the shoulder. Neither of their injuries were life threatening.

“It’s a miracle! It’s a grace from whatever god or deity you believe in. That’s the way I see it. You know, something was there and gave me the ability to react the way I did; it gave me the ability to stand strong the way I did, and I think whatever did it, which I believe is GOD.” said Duffy.

Suspected Burglar Shot Breaking Into Home In Broken Arrow

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. – A man is in the hospital on Wednesday morning after he was shot by a homeowner during a break-in in Broken Arrow.
Broken Arrow Police said the homeowner confronted the man and shot him twice. Detectives said the men knew each other and had a dispute.

According to Broken Arrow police, they received a call about a possible burglary a little after 8 p.m. Tuesday night near the area of South Ash Place. Police said when they arrived at the home they found that the homeowner had shot the suspect that came into the house.

The suspect was shot in the upper torso and taken to the hospital for serious injuries, according to police.

“We do have a 41-year-old man in custody, he’s going to be charged when the paperwork is submitted to the DA with first-degree burglary. He does have two gunshot wounds but is in stable condition,” Chris Walker with Broken Arrow Police said.

According to Broken Arrow Police, the homeowner was not injured during the shooting.

Police have not yet released the name of the suspect.

3rd person captured after homeowner shoots suspect during attempted break-in

Anderson County deputies captured a third suspect Tuesday evening after a homeowner shot a suspected burglar trying to break into a home.

The shooting was reported about 9:30 a.m. when three people tried to break into a home on Walker Circle, deputies said. That is near Liberty Highway, north of the city of Anderson.

“There were three people [the homeowner] had caught and he believed were breaking in,” said JT Foster with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. “One of the suspects made a move towards him and he felt threatened, so he fired at least one time striking one of the suspects.”

The other two suspects ran from the scene, deputies said.

Deputies brought in a K-9 officers and ATV’ss to track the other suspects (see Sky 4 video above.)

“It’s absolutely one of the most difficult tasks around,” said Foster while discussing the hardships that come with tracking in heavily wooded areas. “Not only are you worried bout not being attacked by someone you may find in the woods but you gotta watch your step for poisonous plants and snakes.”

Deputies said they found and captured the second suspect, a woman shortly after the burglary, who is being detained.

The suspect who was shot by the homeowner was taken to AnMed Health, but his condition is still unknown.

The homeowner declined to go on camera and wished to remain anonymous, but did speak to reporters off camera.

“Bums and thieves who come on my property to steal, if I have to defend myself, if I have to disable your vehicle, if I have to disable you, I’ll do it,” said the Homeowner. “Stay off my property.”

No other information was immediately released.