Intruder shot, killed by homeowner

CORDELIA, Calif. — A home intruder was shot and killed by a homeowner in Solano County on Tuesday morning, according to a public official.

Police said Tuesday afternoon they had a spokesperson en route to the scene but did not release their account of the incident.

According to an account that Council member Catherine Moy posted to social media, a man “kicked a door off its hinges” at a home in the 600 block of Vintage Valley Drive in Cordelia after knocking and getting no answer at the residence. The intruder then entered the home.

“The homeowner was inside with his wife and had armed himself with his legally owned .357 Magnum after seeing the suspect on his Ring camera,” the account Moy provided went on to say.

The homeowner then fired two shots at the suspect, who fled the home and collapsed across the street.

The homeowner called 911, and police responded and found the shot suspect.

The suspect, who had been shot in the chest area, was pronounced dead, according to Moy’s post.

According to the account Moy provided, a gun was found on the ground next to the suspect. It’s unclear if the suspect brandished the weapon at any point.

“Horrible situation,” Moy wrote in her post.

No other information was provided.