Hypocrite: After Rejecting Help From Trump, Lightfoot Asks Biden to Send Federal Troops to Chicago

In the wake of a deadly Independence Day weekend, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has asked Joe Biden to send federal troops to her city to help control the violence.

“At least 108 people were shot in Chicago over the long Independence Day weekend, including two police officers; children, including 5- and 6-year-old girls; and a group of six people early Monday in the Washington Park neighborhood — where a man was killed hours later in an unrelated shooting,” reports the Chicago Tribune.

But when President Trump offered to send federal troops to Chicago to do exactly what Lightfoot is requesting now, she flatly rejected it.

“‘Troops’ are forces that come from the military and obviously that is not what is needed in Chicago,” Lightfoot said in a statement shared to Twitter last summer. “I have made it clear that we do not need nor want troops – or any unnamed federal officers that we’ve seen in news reports from Portland.  I am confident that I’ve made that point crystal-clear on your behalf.”