44 Americans on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship Diagnosed With Coronavirus

Nice laboratory experiment they’ve got going there.

Another 70 cases of the coronavirus infection have been confirmed aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, currently quarantined in Japan, according to Japanese health officials.

This brings the total number of cases aboard the vessel as of Sunday to 355, the largest confirmed cluster outside mainland China. People with confirmed infections have been taken to hospitals in Japan.

After the ship’s two weeks of quarantine at sea, officials from various countries, including Canada, Italy, Hong Kong and South Korea, are in the process of extracting their citizens from the vessel. The Diamond Princess is reported to have around 3,700 passengers and crew members.About half the passengers are from Japan, according to Reuters.

Approximately 400 U.S. citizens are aboard the Diamond Princess. According to Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, 44 Americans on the cruise ship have been infected, though not all are sick.

Taiwan Confirms First Coronavirus Death

Taiwan on Sunday confirmed its first coronavirus death — marking the fifth fatality outside of mainland China.

The man, a 61-year-old taxi driver, was living with diabetes and hepatitis B when he died of the virus, according to Health Minister Chen Shih-Chung.

There’s an investigation underway to determine how the man, who had not recently traveled outside of Taiwan, contracted the illness, Chen said.