Now we know why Kamala Harris endorsed Joe Biden

A demoncrap a hypocrite? Cue the meme.

Kamala Harris’s endorsement of Joe Biden served a very specific purpose: She wants a prominent role in his administration.

Some have speculated Harris is vying for Biden’s vice president pick, but confidants of Biden are privately discussing the possibility of making Harris attorney general. This would be a disastrous decision on Biden’s part. One of the reasons Harris’s presidential campaign failed was that she couldn’t reconcile her progressive posture with her past as a criminal justice hardliner. The California senator’s record as a prosecutor was and still is problematic to most Democratic voters, and Biden’s vote of confidence is unlikely to change that.

Regardless, this is exactly what Harris wanted. She made the calculated move to endorse Biden instead of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who carried her state and whose policy positions arguably align more closely with Harris’s stated positions in her presidential run. It’s all because Biden is on track to win the Democratic nomination, whereas Sanders is not.

What’s more, Sanders would not give Harris the same consideration Biden now offers. Her tough-on-crime record risks enraging liberals, the bloc of voters upon whom Sanders relies.

Harris did not endorse Biden because she believes in him, which is what she’s now saying. Indeed, she made her thoughts about Biden’s candidacy very clear throughout her presidential campaign, and few of them were positive. When given the chance, she all but accused him of racism in the first debate. Funny, since Biden had more credibility with black voters than she ever did.

The only reason Harris is endorsing Biden is that the former vice president offers her the best chances at future political success. Harris can frame it however she likes, but it’s clear this was a self-serving and insincere decision. But then again, that’s just politics.