American Overseas

“This crisis has clearly distinguished the two parties and their attitudes towards America. With the people hurting, many sick and dying, many others with the stress of having lost their jobs, businesses, or livelihood, President Trump has stepped up and done his best to help. Whether he has always said and done the exact best thing is problematic–there is no perfect human. But he has put forth an unrelenting effort to help the American people through these hard times. That’s what good people do.

On the other hand, the Democrats and MSM have done nothing but play politics. They have incessantly criticized everything the President has done, Pelosi has twice delayed needed financial assistance to Americans, the Democrats have unfailingly served as lackeys to defend our enemies, denounced the President for not being prepared with enough tests, masks, ventilators, etc., while never once lifting a finger to help….I think one can be excused if one does, indeed, think that Pelosi and the Democrats do not care about the American people, but only care about using this tragedy to take down the President. THEY LOVE THEMSELVES FAR MORE THAN THEY LOVE AMERICA!!

In a crisis, good people with character rise above the petty and mundane things like politics to help their fellow man. Uncaring, selfish human scum with no character use a crisis to benefit themselves–looters in a storm. If the American people, collectively, have any character at all, they will re-elect Donald Trump in November and massacre the Democrats. If Biden and the Democrats win, it says only that, at this point in history, the American people are a sorry, debauched group of people who will probably end up as a Third World sh*thole nation. Some parts of the country, like the part Pelosi represents, already are, which is the only reason she is in Congress in the first place. Sh*thole nations elect sh*thole people.”