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Shots fired in self-defense after car crash on North Sunrise

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – On Friday, May 8, Bowling Green Police responded to shots fired complaint in the area of North Sunrise.

Multiple officers responded to the area to help after receiving multiple calls.

When one officer arrived, he saw two vehicles in the middle of the roadway – a yellow Camaro and a black SUV that had collided in the 1400 block of North Sunrise.

Police spoke with the driver of the Camaro, who explained that when he was at a friend’s house, an unknown vehicle sped through the area and an unknown male got out.

The driver says the unknown male screamed at a female saying, “Where is Cholo? Where is he at?”

The driver of the Camaro explained the man seemed to be waving a silver firearm in the air, and then got back into his car and drove in the direction of Glen Lily.

The driver of the Camaro circled the block a couple of times to possibly see where the other car went. When he headed back to his friend’s house, the car came back around the corner at a high rate of speed.

The Camaro driver said he threw his car in reverse to avoid a collision but that the other car was accelerating towards him and was going to hit him. The cars collided.

The driver of the Camaro said he feared for his life and pulled out his gun and shot the unknown male, using all three rounds in the magazine.

The driver told police the male said, “One shot got me, and you’re lucky.” The subject then fled the scene on foot.

The unknown subject was later found at a nearby house, identified as William Green. He was taken to the Medical Center after being found to indeed have a gunshot wound.

After further investigation, police believe that the driver did shoot Green in self-defense. Officers went to the hospital to receive a statement from Green. It was determined that Green never pulled a handgun but did have a ratchet on him that could have appeared to be a firearm.

Nearby surveillance footage captured the wreck taking place where the black SUV hit the Camaro, though it’s hard to tell about the shooting incident.

Green has been arrested, charged with Assault, 2nd degree and Criminal Mischief, 1st degree.

Homeowner shoots accused robbery suspect, 3 others arrested

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) — Three people are in jail and a fourth is in the hospital following an attempted robbery in Laurel County.

It happened Friday at a home in the Keavy community.

Deputies with the Laurel County Sheriff’s office tell WYMT the group attempted to rob the homeowner, who ended up shooting one of them.

Deputies charged Nathan M. Myers, 20, of London, with first-degree robbery, Logan Simpson, 19, of Williamsburg, with first-degree robbery and Andrew D. Myers, 23, of London with first-degree robbery.

The suspect who was shot was taken to the UK Medical Center. Police have not released any information about them except that they are getting warrants for their arrest.

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