This is coming down to be a ‘personal issue’ than a’racist police’ one.

George Floyd, Derek Chauvin “Bumped Heads” Working at Nightclub, Says Former Coworker

Derek Chauvin and George Floyd not only knew each other, but also “bumped heads” working security together at a Minneapolis nightclub, a former coworker of the pair has told CBS News.

“They bumped heads…It has a lot to do with Derek being extremely aggressive within the club with some of the patrons, which was an issue,” David Pinney, a former coworker of the two men, said in a recent interview.

Pinney reportedly once became upset by the amount of a paycheck from the club, which Floyd handed to him, and took that out on Floyd.

Pinney said he does not doubt the former police officer knew Floyd and believes Chauvin knew him “pretty well.”

Members of Floyd’s family said they believe the May 25 incident which killed him was partly personal. The family’s attorney, Benjamin Crump, has asked for Chauvin to be charged with first-degree murder. The highest charge against Chauvin currently is second-degree murder.