Long Beach police find 2 men dead after resident reports shooting burglar

Officers found two men dead after a resident reported shooting someone who had broken into his Long Beach home, police said Tuesday morning.

The Long Beach Police Department said the officers responded to the 1000 block of Almond Court, near 11th Street, after receiving the resident’s call.

Upon arrival, police found a man down inside the resident’s home, police Lt. Robert Woods told KTLA. Long Beach Fire Department crews tried to revive the man but eventually pronounced him dead at the scene.

The resident was taken to a nearby hospital for an injury, Woods said. The lieutenant did not have information on how the resident got hurt.

Woods said moments later, officers discovered another man down on the street in the 1100 block of Gundry Court, about a block away from the resident’s home. Police believe that person was also a suspect in the break-in.

He was also pronounced dead at the scene. Woods did not confirm how he died.

Neither man has been identified yet.

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    1. Homeowner should be okay. For all their idjitry on gun control laws, California happens to have some of the best self defense law and case law in the U.S..

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